RadhaKrishn 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha Searches Krishna’s Idol

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Balram wakes up and fumes seeing Sam there. Tulsi also wakes up and seeing Sam frozen asks what happened to him. Balram says as if Sam became an idol. Radha wakes up next and asks what happened next. Balram says Sam came for some heinous act and became an idol. Radha sees her idol missing and asks where did it go. Balram says it was here sometime ago. Tulsi also says same. Radha says Sam must have stolen it. Balram says Sam cannot as he is standing froze. Radha says she imagined Krishna in that idol and wants it back. Balram says he will search it. Laxmana takes Sam home, calls vaidya and requests to treat him. Vaidya checks Sam and says he is frozen as if he is dead. Laxmana pleads not to say that and do something. Vaidya says Sam may not wake up at all. She asks what should she do. He suggests to take Ishwar’s name and Krishna is Dwarka’s Ishwar now. She fumes hearing that and thinks she will complete Sam’s incomplete task.

Radha searches idol and tells Balram that she will be in peace only if she finds that idol. Balram promises to find it somehow for her. Mahadev smiles seeing that. Devi Gauri asks how can he smile seeing Radha in pain. Mahadev says Radha will experience immense happiness soon. She asks if Radha will get back her idol. He says no and asks her to look at the earth. Shuracharya sees earth’s climate worsening and thinks why Sam didn’t return yet with idol. He calls Sam, but when he doesn’t emerge thinks Sam has to pay for his arrogance. Radha reaches dark cave searching idol nd finds idol there, thinks someone must have stolen it, but why. She feels there is life in idol and nobody can snatch it from her. She sees idol’s eye blinking and thinks if its her imagination, then runs calling Balram seeing it blinking eyes again.

Shuracharya reaches Sam’s room and asks where is the idol, seeing him frozen thinks he must be ill. Laxmana returns and asks who is he. He says he is asur guru Shuracharya. She apologizes for not identifying him and says she is Sam’s wife Laxmana. He asks what happened to Sam. She says even Vaidya couldn’t find out what happened to Sam, maybe Krishna did something to Sam. He tries to revive Sam in vain and thinks his plan will fail and Krishna will return. She says she will complete Sam’s task. He says he ordered Sam to steal Krishna’s idol, can she steal it. She takes oath that she will complete it even if she dies.

Balram continues searching idol. Radha informs that idol is in cave and its blinking eyes. Balram says there must be some magic involves and searches idol in cave, but doesn’t find it. Radha says she saw it here for sure. Balram says he is sure Sam must have stolen it. Laxmana hears their conversation and thinks who must have stolen it. Balram tells Radha that she need not worry as he will send his army to find cave, she should return to Dwarka and rest as she is imagining things. She says she really saw the idol here and determines to find the idol at any cost. Laxmana things where did the idol go. Radha searches idol and thinks if she carved it by heart, she will find it for sure. A bright light emerges, and gods hide their eyes unable to bear it. Shuracharya also looks confused. Gauri asks Mahadev what is happening in earth. Mahadev says Krishna will return to Radha. Gauri says Krishna went invisible. He says Krishna stays in each atom of the universe and never goes away. She asks him to be specific. He says she should see herself and shows Krishna emerging in a dancing pose. Gauri asks who emerged in such a divine form. Mahadev says Krishna. Radha senses Krishna’s presence around her and feels good. All gods greet Krishna. Gauri asks which is this Krishna’s new form. Mahadev says she will get answers to all her questions and they will watch Krishna’s new divine form.

Precap: Radha sees a person emerging from idol and asks who is he. He says he is not a stone and is a human, his name is Bake Bihari.

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