RadhaKrishn 18th September 2020 Written Episode Update: Duryodhan tricks Yudhisthir and defeats him

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The Episode starts with Duryodhan telling that he has lost everything, his Kingdom, Palace and Soldiers. Yudhisthir asks him to end this game right him, you have nothing now. Duryodhan tells that he has lost everything, but not trust. He tells that he will risk his Rajya and Mukut. Pita Maa asks him not to risk his Kingdom and Mukut. Yudhisthir tells that he will return him everything. Duryodhan tells that he will win and get it back from him. He says if I bet my kingdom then you have to bet your kingdom too. Shakuni smirks. The Dushasan sitting in the court provokes Yudhisthir if he is scared. Yudhisthir says ok and tells that he will bet Indraprastha and all that which he has won from Duryodhan. Shakuni asks him to start gambling game. Duryodhan wins and laughs aloud. Shakuni smirks. Duryodhan tells that I have won everything. Radha asks Krishna to interfere. Krishna tells that it was Yudhisthir karma, he should have thought. He says now I have to wait and have to protect whom I have promised as this is my karma. Pita Ma tells that this is not right. Duryodhan tells that whatever Pandavas has lost is mine… Yudhisthir says everything is yours, I accept the defeat, let me go now.

Duryodhan asks where you will go as Indra prastha is not yours. He says let’s play for last time. Yudhisthir tells that he has nothing now. Duryodhan tells that you have 5 ratans with you, who can win the world, assures that he will return everything. Yudhisthir asks you are talking about whom? Dushasan says bet one of your brother. Duryodhan tells that he is saying right. He asks Yudhisthir if he will bet his brother. Radha asks Krishna how this can be possible. She tells that they are talking about betting a brother for a game. Pita Ma says this is wrong. Duryodhan says Yudhisthir will decide and assures that he will return everything if he wins. He says one last bet…Nakul comes infront of Yudhisthir and asks him to bet on him. Yudhisthir refuses. Nakul insists. Krishna says Yudhisthir thinks that he is a good player. He says this game was such, we feel that we are winning until when we lose everything. Yudhisthir bets on Nakul….Shakuni, Dushasan and Duryodhan laugh.

Gandhari tells Draupadi that she is happy to know that Pandav takes care of you. Draupadi says yes and tells that she has a good friend Krishna. She feels that whenever she is in danger, Krishna will protect her respect. Radha gets teary eyes hearing this and says your husbands got tricked in a big game. Krishna tells that Yudhisthir will be called as Dharm Raj for his karma in future.

The gambling continues. Duryodhan tricks and wins Nakul. He says I have won and Nakul is my Das now. He asks Nakul to stand as his Servant and says from today, your knowledge, weapon etc are all mine. He asks Yudhisthir if he is ready to leave his brother here or ready to play the last game. His brothers come forward and asks Yudhisthir to bet on them. Pita Ma asks them to stop it and says this will bring the destruction of Hastinapur. Yudhisthir tells that he is trapped badly and have to play this game to save Nakul. He bets Sehdev..next. Duryodhan wins again and says Sehdev is my Das now. Raj Guru Dronacharya asks them to stop this game right now. Duryodhan tells that only Yudhisthir and I can stop this game. Dronacharya asks him to end this game. Yudhisthir ends the game. Duryodhan thinks I will not let you go from there, my revenge is remaining with Draupadi. He asks him if he is leaving his step brothers with him. He asks Nakul and Sehdev to remove their crowns and jewellery. They refuse. Other brothers tells that they can’t leave their brothers here. Yudhisthir tells that he will bet himself. His brothers ask him not to do this. Yudhisthir bets on Arjun. Radha asks what is he doing? Duryodhan wins again and says Arjun is my Das now. He asks Arjun to come and tells that he is happy to make him as his Das and asks him to stand with his brothers.

Krishna’s Message: He tells that humans do all possible means to get victory, if it is right to bet everything to get something. He says there is only one mean to achieve something. He tells that one shall not risk their loved ones for the bet. He says we shall keep our loved ones with ourself and asks the viewers not to repeat this mistake.

Precap: Duryodhan drags Draupadi while her husbands look on helplessly. Draupadi asks Krishna to protect her while Duryodhan pulls her saree. Radhe asks Krishna to protect her modesty. Krishna protects her modesty.

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