RadhaKrishn 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Kutila Stirs Trouble

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RadhaKrishn 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha asks Jatila and Kutla not to inform Krishna’s truth to Yashoda and Nand as she has to inform them. Jatila doesn’t agree. Kutila asks Jatila to lock Radha in a room while she reveals truth to Nand and Yashoda. Jatila holding Radha’s hand drops her in room and locks it while Radha pleads not to. Yashoda serves special dishes to Krishna and Balram and says she is very happy seeing her sons returning victorious. Balram thinks how will maiya tolerate when she will find out Krishna is not her son. Balram and Krishna ask her to feed them from her hand. Yashoda happily agrees and feeds them..

Kutila walks to Yashoda and seeing Yashoda feeding Balram and Krishna even now. Yashoda says why not. Kutila says she needs to tell her a big secret which her sons have hidden from them. Baalram gets tensed hearing that and Krishna feels sad. Radha locked in her room prays Narayan to do something that Kutila doesn’t inform Krishna’s truth to Yashoda. Krishna says friend’s wish is order for him. Kutila tries to speak, but forgets and says she forgot what she wanted to say. Yashoda asks what she forgot. Kutila says she now remembers and says Balram knows Revathi from before. Yashoda twists Balram’s ears and asks why did he hid it from her, she is happy for him and he should have informed her beforehand. Krishna says Kutla brought sweets for them and feeds her. Kutila walks away confused. Balram asks Krishna if he erased Kutila’s memory as he wants Radha to reveal truth. Krishna says Radha prayed him, so he had to fulfill her wish; only Radha can reveal the truth to his parents.

Kans asks Akroor to go and bring Krishna to Mathura. Akroor says he will not follow his command, then reminisces Krishna telling him that he has to remember that he is Mathura’s mahamartya and not only Kans, so he will come to take him to Mathura once he realizes that. Akroor agrees.

Krishna enters Radha’s room. Radha asks how did he come in, did he make Kutila forget. Krishna says he fulfilled her wish. She asks when did she wish. He says she must have desired at least. She says yes. He asks her to inform his parents that he is not their biological son. Radha says it is very difficult for her. Krishna says then he cannot go out of Barsana at all. She says she will dance and celebrate when he goes and will see him off with celebration. Their discussion continues.

Precap: Radha informs Yashoda and Nand that Krishna is not their son and his biological parents are in Kans’ prison. Krishna takes Yashoda’s oath and says it is true.

Update Credit to: MA

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