RadhaKrishn 18th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Rukmini Is Helpless

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Radha gives letter to Balram aand asks him to give it to Krishna and tell him that if Krishna values Radha’s tears, he should immediately go and help Rukmini. She continues that Krishna should fulfill duty of his love and its her promise. Krishna hearing that says her belief on their love saved Jarasand and Sishupal; by asking him to help Rukmini, her respect has increased a lot and friend’s wish is order for him. Radha returns Balram’s invitation saying until Krishna fulfills his promise, she will not attend Balram’s wedding. Balram promises that Krishna will fulfill each promise and asks if she will attend his wedding then? Radha nods yes. Balram leaves and rides horse towards Mathura. In Mathura Ugrasen orders Akroor to bring Balram and Krishna as without groom’x presence, Kukudmi and Revathi will get suspicious.

Rukmi asks Sishupal to get ready for his wedding with Rukmini. Sishupal asks him not to bore as he knows it is wedding today and he will not stop with just this wedding. Maid informs that Balram’s tilk ceremony is starting soon. Jarasand orders to get the army ready as they will leave for Mathura after Rukmini and Sishupal’s wedding. Wedding ceremony starts. Sishupal taunts Rukmini that she should be thankful that he spared her father’s life as a gift of wedding and asks her to call him Sishupal. Rukmini denies. Sishupal asks Bhismak to perform his tilak. Bhismak says he would rather die than doing harm to his daughter.

Balram reaches Krishna and says he needs to talk. Akroor with soldiers walk to them. Krishna says he is rejoiced to see Akroor himself coming to call him. Balram insists Krishna to speak to him. Krishna says he will speak to him only after tilak as he is bound with devar’s duty and cannot hurt his Revathi bhabhi’s feeling. They both return to palace. Revathi and Kukudmi enter. Devaki and Krishna greet them and Krishna jokes. Ugrasen says let us start tilak ceremony. Kukudmi performs Balram’s tilak. On the other side, Bhismak extends his hand to perform Sishupal’s tilak when Rukmini prays that only Krishna’s tilak should happen for her. Krishna hearing that says he cannot reject Radha’s request and will help Rukmini. He claps his fingers. Poojari drops pooja thali. Sishupal shouts why did he do this abshagun/inauspicious act. Rukmini says it happened as Sishupal did not let her pray at her kuldevi’s temple. Rukmi suggests to let Rukmini visit kuldevi temple. Sishupal says he will accompany Rukmini to temple with his whole army. Rukmini thinks if he goes with army, how will Krishna gave him.

After tilak ceremony, Balram searches Krishna. Revathi via letter asks him to meet her in garden after sometime. Krishna walks to Krishna with Radha’s letter and says Radha told he has to fulfill Rukmini’s demand as per Radha’s wish. Rukmini thinks Krishna should come at any cost.

Precap: Rukmini hopes that Krishna will meet her forgoing
Sishupal’s army. Krishna enters temple and holds her shoulder. Sishupal orders soldiers to go in and bring Rukmini out.

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