RadhaKrishn 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update: Devi Parvati’s Advice To Radha

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Krishna gets sad reminiscing Radha’s words. Satyabhama tells family that tomorrow is Basant Panchami and how can they celebrate it when Krishna has announced his death. Balram says its king’s duty to look after its citizens’ happiness, so celebration will happen like every year. Nishant and Ulmukh asks how can they when their heart is sad. Balram says they are Dwarka’s yuvrajs and forgot what he taught them. They say citizens’ happiness is most important. Balram says they should make arrangements for festival celebration. Satyabhama says he is right, they should cheer up citizens. Balram says they will perform mata Saraswathi’s pooja tomorrow. Nishant and Ulmukh make announcement and they all chant Dwarkadish ki jai. Balram thinks everyone are taking Kanha’s name, Kanha has to be present tomorrow, but he has to console Radha and be with her, he doesn’t know how will Kanha do that.

Laxmana sees Sam’s temple decoration for Devi Saraswathi’s pooja and says its better than Dwarka’s decoration. He says he will prays Devi Saraswathi and make her stay in this place forever. She asks what will he do. Raja sits in jungle reminiscing guru Shukracharya and Krishna’s words. Satyabhama walks to her and says they need to perform Devi Saraswathi’s pooja and everyone is waiting for her. Radha says she is in deep sorrow after hearing Krishna’s words. They say they cannot explain citizens who are waiting for her, so she should come for them. Radha says she cannot even hold pooja thali with her trembling hands. Satyabhama insists. Radha holds thali in her trembling hands and drops it. Satyabhama asks why did she do that. Radha says she has to find herself going away from Krishna as she was always with Krishna and never tried to find herself. Devi Gowri seeing that asks Mahadev what will happen to Radha. Mahadev says when Krishn has made announcement, he must have thought something. She says if he had, he wouldn’t have let Radha cry. Mahadev says he trusts his respectable. Krishna walks to Satyabhama and sees pooja thali on floor. Devi Gowri asks why Radha has to go through all this. Mahadev says even Gowri had gone through this many times as Sati by sacrificing herself and as Parvati; now Radha will seek her friend’s help. Mata Gowri asks who is Radha’s friend. Radha prays mata Gowri for help as a friend. Mata Gowri agrees. Mahadev asks her not to make any promise which will not put her dilemma in the future.

Mata Gowri emerges in front of Radha and says there is no use of getting sad. Radha says its easy to say, but this moment is very tough for her. Mata Gowri says she knows and came to help her, what does she need. Radha says she cannot say it by words, but as s friend she should show her a a way. Mata Gowri says if that is the case, she will show her a way; today is Basant Panchami and out of 8 pahars, devi Saraswati comes on people’s tongue for 1 pahar, she can get whatever she asks then. Radha says her mind is unstable and she is unable to trust anyone. Mata Gowri starts a story and says long time ago, Bhramadev created the world and it was just a globe of ice; Brahmadev wasn’t happy with it and wanted to destroy it. Narayan emerges and says his creation is beautiful. Brahmadev says it doesn’t have life and movement in it. Narayan says when he has created it, he should fill life and movement in it. Brahmadev says he can, but how to fill movement in it. Krishna says he has to sacrifice his arrogance and agree that woman power is more superior and even he takes devi Laxmi’s help to do toughest taskjs, so Bramhmadev should take Devi Saraswati’s help. Brahmadev requests Mata Devi Saraswati to complete his creation. Devi Saraswati emerges and smiles. Brahmadev asks why is she smiling. Devi Saraswati says Narayan knew that Brahmadev’s creation is incomplete without her help, even then he pranked Brahmadev. Brahamdev requests her again to fill life in his creation. Devi Saraswati creates rivers, lakes, greenery, etc. Out of flashback, mata Gowri says Devi Saraswati’s power is in love, she will tell her a mantra which will make devi Saraswati happy and teaches it. Radha thanks mata Gowri for her help and showing her a way.

Radha prays Devi Sarwasti and says its better to die than going away from Krishna. Krishna searches Radha and requests her to come back to her love. Radha says Krishna’s death is her death and by announcing untimely death, Krishna separated her from herself. Krishna continues searching Radha.

Precap: Radha prays Devi Saraswati that 4 pahars have passed already and she wants to die before Krishna. Krishan stops devi Saraswathi. Devi Saraswathi says Radha prayed her and she has to fulfill her request.

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