RadhaKrishn 18th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Gandhari’s Outrageous Act

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Bhisma organizes family gathering/sabha and says he is happy to see Pandavs and Kunti back in the palace. Krishna smiles hearing that. Shakuni tells Duryodhan its the right time to execute their plan. They both walk into sabha, Duryodhan apologizes Bhisma and Krishna and says he forced Dhritarastra to coronate him. Dhritarastra says good he apologized. Duryodhan seeks blessings as he is leaving place. Dhritarastra asks where is he going. He says he is going to North jungles to hunt lions as they are troubling citizens. Dhritarastra worried says North jungles are very dangerous and he cannot hunt many lions at once, it is very risky, so he cannot let him go. Gandhari also says same. Duryodhan says he cannot be a burden on his father for a long time, so he wants to take up his responsibility; seeks permission and blessings from Bhisma who permits and blesses him. Duryodhan leaves with Shakuni. Gandhari yells at Bhisma and says he cannot know children’s love as he is not a father, he took a wrong decision. Bhisma apologizes her and walks away.

Krishna says since Dhritarastra gave him right to speak he wants to say that Gandhari spoke wrong, Bhisma is the father of whole Hastinapur and bought up all children; they are all safe under his protection. He is pitamaha/godfather and enemies don’t attack them because of him; Duryodhan, Arjun, Bheem, etc., are nothing for enemies, they are just afraid of Pitamaha; there was, is and will be no person greater than him, etc. Gandhari says he is right, she spoke wrong in anger. Dhritarastra says he did right by requesting Krishna to stay back and guide them, he spoke right; they both will go and apologize Pitahama and is sure Pitahama will show his kindness as usual and forgive them. Krishna says Dhritarastra asked him to stay for 2 days, but these 2 days look very long to time, he wants to go and spend some time in peace.

Arjun stands tensed in garden. Draupadi walks to him and asks reason. He says he is unable to take a decision and is confused. She suggests him to take Krishna’s help. He says it is not the right time to meet Krishna and will take Pitamaha’s help.

Krishna walks to Pitamaha. Pitamaha greets him and says he heard how Krishna supported him in sabha and is thankful for that, he wants to spend more time with Krishna. Krishna praises Pitamaha. Pitamaha says Krishna understood who he is, but who is Krishna; he is brave like a warrior, fierce like a king, divine like saint, and humble like devotee, who is he. Krishna says he is all of them and even no one. Bhisma says he is old and wants to leave the world with pleasant memories of Krishna. Krishna says he has seen a lot and will see a lot. Bhisma asks if there will be untoward events happening in the future. Krishna says what they can do at present to stop the events is more important and he is trying his best. Bhisma thanks him. Krishna says he came to meet someone else and shows Arjun coming. Arjun greets Bhisma and Krishna and says he sensed Krishna would be here. Bhisma asks how can he help him, he is most dear one, but he cannot help him in deciding the future king, he is sure Arjun will find a solution himself; he excuses and leaves.

Arjun requests Krishna to sit on chair and himself sitting on floor requests to guide his devotee. Krishna asks him to sit on chair. Arjun asks why is he testing his devotee. Krishna says he is helping him, he should close his eyes and ask his inner voice, he will get the answer for sure; Krishna can see everything, but he wants Arjun to take the decisions himself now and in the future as he has a long way to go. He continues his moral gyaan and leaves.

Balram meets Krishna and says he told he doesn’t need devotee charioteer, but he can see Arjun is getting blind in his devotion. Krishna says that is the problem, Arjun has become blind devotee, he was searching krishna and when he got him, he is forgetting his duty. He will establish dharma which will be very higher than anything and Arjun has to break all the barriers and relationships to become a charioteer, and if he cannot, he has to go through a lot of pain to break the barriers, etc…

Precap: Krishna gambles with Krishna and says he neither is supporting Kauravas or Pandavs, he is supporting dharma. Krishna says he wants both humiliation and destroyal. Dhritarastra asks Yudistra what he needs. Yudistra says he wants Hastinapur to be divited into 2 parts between Kauravas and Pandavs. Dhritarastra then asks Arjun what he needs.
Krishna urges Arjun to seek his right.

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