RadhaKrishn 18th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Tricks Radha

RadhaKrishn 18th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha excitedly tells Krishna that Vrishbhan and Nand will be his charioteers of his big chariot. Balram hiding behind tree laughs on Krishna. Krishna thinks his jokes are getting overboard. Radha continues that she will present him with a special secret gift. Krishna nods okay. Radha says she will present a special dance number for him, is in it he excited. Krishna nods yes. Radha says she is eager to see him speak at night and leaves from there. Balram walks to Krishna and asks what is happening, Radha told she is presenting secret gift and herself told about her dance presentation. Krishna says he is seeing a big upcoming trouble. Radha returns to Krishna’s house at night. Yashoda says it is not morning yet. Radha nods yes, but she.. Balram taunts that Radha came here as all work in Barsana must have finished. Radha stares at him in anger. Balram then says she came to meet Krishna, Krishna meets her, and she says she was eagerly waiting for night so that he can break his moun vrat and she can hear her name from his mouth. She asks him to call her name. He says Radha. She says she was waiting to hear her name from him and says even she will do moun vrat tomorrow till sunset and walks away. Krishna gets more concerned.

Ayan goes to Kans and informs about Radha’s plan to honor Krishna and building a chariot for him. Kans says he will give horse or chariot and calls his monster horse Keshu. Next day, Radha’s moun vrat starts. Ayan shows Keshu to everyone and says he brought Keshu from Mathura and it is not well trained, but can be managed with skills. Nand and Kans say they did not see such a beautiful horse and say they are skilled horse riders and will manage. They ask Radha about her idea of chariot. Radha signals them. They say they cannot understand. Radha gets frustrated. Vrisbhan says he understood and was just joking.

Radha signals Krishna and other friends to do as she says. Krishna says he will understand what Radha will signal. Radha signals that she wants to dance. Krishna says Radha wants us to dance and dances with everyone. Radha signals again. Krishna says she wants us to change their dance moves. Radha signals them to stop. Krishna says if Radha nods yes, it is no and if yes then its no.. Vishakha asks if she should get decorative flowers. Radha nods yes. Vishaka says then it is no and walks away. Another friend questions and when Radha nods no, she thinks it is no and walks away. She then signals Balram. Balram asks if he has to. Krishna says he should go soon. Radha gets frustrated and breaking moun vrat calls Krishna. Krishna thinks nobody can copy other’s nature, if being silent is his quality, it is not necessary that Radha also can copy him. Radha praises Krishna that she could be silent even for an hour, but he can keep silent for days, he is full of so many qualities… Krishna thinks speaking is Radha’s nature, she should not change it..

Krishna gives moral gyaan watering a mango plant and says he wanted to have mango and saw there is no mango tree in orchard, so he thought of sowing a mango plant and then by evening it will grow and bear mangoes; they must be thinking he is taking senselessly; mango tree bears fruit only after it grows up and during season which will take time, similarly they should continuously perform good deeds to repeat its benefits and live a peaceful life.

Precap: Radha sees Keshi trying to attack Krishna and gets tensed. Krishna says Keshi’s end is for sure today.

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