RadhaKrishn 17th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha Feels Mystical

RadhaKrishn 17th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha runs behind Krishna with stick. Krishna stoops in temple. Radha asks where will he go now and raises stick. Krishna smilingly hods her hand. Tum Prem ho…song…plays in the background. Radha gets mesmerized into Krishna and sees Krishna braiding Radha’s hair in Golok. Holy cloth red falls on them. Krishna stands smiling. Radha frees cloth over them. Ayan fumes watching that.

Yashoda tells Kirtida that her Kanha/Krishna is always jovial. Kirtida says with his presence whole environment has gone lively. Yashoda praises Radha and says whoever she marries will be lucky. Kirtida ways whoever marries Krishna will be lucky instead. Jatila hearing their conversation hiding walks in and says Kirtida let us go and check if cook has prepared feast well. Kirtida asks Yashoda

to accompany them. Jatila gets jealous. They walk inside home. Vrishbhan says Radha’s friend’s marriage is fixed and asks Kirtida to prepare lots of sweets. Kirtida walks into kitchen. Yashoda follows Kirtida, but Jatila stops her and says guests should rest.

Radha tells Krishna that she saw something in his eyes. He asks what. She says something good. He asks to look again then. Ayan angrily calls Radha. Radha leaves thinking what did she see in Krishna’s eyes, looks like she has seen it before. Ayan asks Krishna what is happening, why is he behind Radha. Krishna says she is behind him. Ayan warns Krishna that he loves Radha since childhood. Krishna says he loves Radha don’t know from when.

Jatila walks to kitchen and sends all servants away. Kirtida asks what happened. Jatila asks if she is thinking about Radha and Krishna’s marriage. Kirtida smiles. Jatila warns not to think about it. Yashoda enters. Radha thinks Krishna is a magician and is tricking her.

Ayan warns Krishna to back off, else his love will die in his heart itself. Krishna smilingly says he is getting angrily unnecessarily and provokes if he will tell about his love for Radha to Vrishbhan, Kirtida and whole Barsana. Ayan says he will not. Krishna asks how to trust him. Ayan takes his mother’s oath and says he will never tell that Krishna loves Radha.. Radha walks back and calls Ayan.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that in the world, they would be thinking biggest power is muscle power, intelligent, wealth, etc., it is friendship instead, friendship is the biggest boon for humanity and if they succeed in

Precap: Radha asks Krishna what did she see in Krishna’s eyes. He asks to see again. Jatila says Ayan that she wanted to talk about Ayan and Radha’s marriage, but Krishna is posing a hurdlce, they should kick out all Golkul vasis out of Barsana. Radha fees butter to Krishna.

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