RadhaKrishn 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Balram Learns The Truth

RadhaKrishn 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Yashoda feels sad hearing about Krishna dancing with stranger girls. Nand requests Vrishbhan to forgive Krishna. Vrishbhan says he has to as Krishna is marrying Radha. Krishna says he did not do anything wrong by dancing with girls and after all he is Barsana’s future mukhiya/chief after marrying Radha. Vrishbhan shouts to mind his tongue, instead of being sorry for his sin, he is boasting about it. Yashoda takes Krishna aside and giving her promise asks him to tell truth. Krishna says he cannot lie to her, this is not full truth, but she should not question him further as he cannot reveal her much. Yashoda says he should think many times before taking any decision as it is a question of his lady love Radha. Once she leaves, Krishna cries.

Vrishbhan returns home and fumes that how

dare Krishna is to announce that he will be future mukhiya. Kirtida asks him to calm down. Radha says only Dhama can be future mukhiya. Vrishbhan orders Dhama to gather a sabha/meeting to announce future mukhiya.

Balram walks to Krishna and says he knows Krishna and Radha’s plan, they both are acting as trying to break their wedding, but he will not let that happen and will reveal their plan that they are just playing around. Krishna says if he wants Radha to not follow her daughter’s duty, he can go and inform everyone. Balram asks what he means. Krishna reveals about Ugrapath’s demand and Sridhama coming to remind him about his curse, so in this human life, he cannot marry Radha. Balram says Krishna is sacrificing big as he is Narayan, but Radha unknown about all this is sacrificing a lot, so he respects Radha more now. Krishna asks him to announce in all neighboring villages that Krishna has called a maha sabha/meeting to announce that he is Barsana’s future mukhiya. After sometime, Radha meets Krishna and cries reminiscing Vrishbhan’s anger on Krishna. She offers him butter. They both share emotional moments.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that Balram asks repeatedly what is love, it is difficult for Kanha to explain what love is in detail as love is great, but he can explain different shades of love; love is the one which blossoms flowers, brings smile on face, unites souls, etc…

Precap: Krishna challenges Radha that her name is linked with him, so nobody will marry her. Ayan says he will marry Radha. Ugrapath asks Radha if she accepts Ayan’s proposal.

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