RadhaKrishn 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Bholenath Accuses Sudama

RadhaKrishn 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna asks Krishna if she got sleep last night. Rukmini says when her husband slept well, even she slept well. Krishna says that means she got deep sleep. Rukmini reminisces unable to sleep on bed whole night. Krishna asks Sudama that he wants to talk about upcoming Mahashivratri’s arrangements. Sudama accompanies him. Rukmini thinks Sri Krishna must also be feeling pain sleeping on floor like her.

Parvathi asks Mahadev if Krishna and Sudama’s friendship will set an example to the world. Mahadev says they already met and Krishna always remembers everything and his act is very unique.

Sudama is served chappan bhog. He praises Radha’s culinary skills and says he doesn’t now which dish to start. Rukmini serves chappan bhog to Krishna. Krishna says he is full and cannot have anything. Mahadev with Parvathi disguised as Bholenath and Uma enters into Dwarka escaping from guards. Ugrasen and Balram ask who are they. Bholenath introduces him and says he came here as Krishna’s friend stole his precious thing. Ugrasen orders guards to call Sudmama. Guards informs Sudama who fumes and thinks he will not let Bholenath stay in Dwarka. He with Krishna meets Bholenath aand asks when did he steal from him. Bholenath explains and says for Mahashivratri they should get belpatra from the other side of market. Rukmini says she chose belpatra tree carefully. Bholenath says nobody can know about belpatra better than him.

Krishna asks what can he do for him. Bholenath asks him to accept Uma as maid in kitchen. Krishna agrees and asks Rukmini to take Uma to kitchen and let her work with Radha. Krishna via telepathy asks Uma if she wants to spend time with Radha. Uma nods yes. Rukmini takes Uma to Radha who gets along well with Radha and decides to attend Radha’s pooja. Their chatting continues.

Precap: Radha and Rukmini eat Sudama’s gifted rice. Krishan thinks if Radha eats it, even she will be satisfied. Rukmini lies Krishna that he was right and she is full now, but tries to eat hiding when someone enters.

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