RadhaKrishn 17th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Nand Tells Krishna’s Story

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RadhaKrishn 17th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha informs Krishna’s family that Krishna killed yesterday’s snake. They all laugh, and Nand says Krishna tricks everyone. Yashoda says how can Kanha kill such a big snake. Krishna says Radha troubles her a lot, so he tricked her. Radha says she herself saw Krishna killing snake and disintegrating it into light. Nand says even Kanha confused him many times in childhood and tells Krishna’s childhood story where Krishna plays hide and seek with Nand and Nand getting late for panchayat ties him to a tree and leaves warning not to escape until he returns and frees him. He returns thinking how can he tie his small kid to a tree and sees trees fallen, he picks Kanha and pampers him. Out of flashback, Nand asks can she think a small kid breaking trees. Krishna says Radha prayed Mahadev with

empty stomach, so she is imagining things in hunger.

Balram asks Krishna why did he show Sudarshan’s mukti Radha and then denying it, what is he up to. Krishna says he wants to make Radha realize how much she loves him. Radha cries thinking Krishna lied to her in front of family and proved her wrong. Krishna walks to her with teary eyes. Radha asks why is he crying. Krishna says Radha’s tears will flow from also from Krishna’s eyes. Whatever he does is always related to Radha. Radha says she heard Nand baba’s story but cannot believe it completely, she would have found out truth via prem sarovar but it is not here. Krishna says her each tear can create prem sarovar and shows her that bay Radha walks to Krishna and asks if he will not play with her. Krishna walks to her breaking trees. Two trees turn into yaksha who greet Bal Krishna and reveal they are Nalkuwar and Manigriva who become tree due to Narad muni’s curse, today devi Radha and Bal Krishna gave them mukti. Radha smiles at Krishna and waves goodbye.

Radha asks Krishna if that even happened because of her. Krishna tells each event of his life is related to her and she didn’t accept that she loves him since ages and until she accepts how will she understand him. Radha asks him to explain his complete truth to her, until then she cannot understand him. Krishna says he will reveal his truth after returning to Barsana and she will know who is Krishna. Radha says she is eager to go to Barsana, let us go. Radha smiles and says when he can cry for her, why can’t she smile for her; they will reach Barsana by evening and he will reveal his truth to her. Krishna says he cannot guarantee her whether they will reach Barsana by evening or not.

Guru Shukracharya does yagna and creates high tide in Yamuna angrily shouting Yamuna insulted him, so she has to get storm in her. Kans thinks Gurudev will complete his task and will send Krishna to Mathura for sure. Yamuna gets tensed realizing someone is controling her flow. Shukracharya says Kans he can use his powers and stop Yamuna’s flow. Shukracharya says once he breaks this high tide, Yamuna unable to control herself will flow everything on her way.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that we fly high in life and falling down is essential to know who are our well wishers and enemies, one who holds hands to lift them are well wishers and one who laugh on them are enemies.

Precap: Radha tells Krishna that they need to reach Barsana soon. Krishna says they should reach Barsana late. Kans says Yamuna should flow away Krishna to Mathura and Krishna’s end should start.

Update Credit to: MA

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