RadhaKrishn 16th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Srinivas Confronts Padmavathi

RadhaKrishn 16th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhargavi asks Padmavathi how can their fates be same as she is a brahmin’s daughter and Padmavathi is a princess. Padmavathi says their fate is same as she knows Bhargavi loves prince Vasu. Bhargavi says there is nothing like that. Padmavathi says she knows her intentions as she accepted the precious gift from Vasu. Bhargavi says she will leave as she is getting late. Srinivas thinks he cannot let Bhargavi feel humiliated and informs Padmavathi that he has promised Bhargavi to make her the world’s best dancer. Padmavathi says she will compete with Bhargavi and asks what will she gets if she wins. Srinivas promises to give her whatever she wants. Padmavathi to remember his promise.

Srinivas agrees. Padmavathi thinks his promise will make them get closer, she will not let Bhargavi interfere between them. She tells Bhargavi that she will wait for the day to compete with her and asks Srinivas if they can start dance practice again and walks towards the stage holding his hand. Bhargavi runs crying from there. Srinivas feels bad for her. Bhargavi cries recalling Padmavathi’s close proximity towards Srinivas and runs away from the place. Padmavathi also cries recalling Srinivas’ promise to Bhargavi. She thinks she is a princess and Bhargavi is just a brahmin girl, she can never compete with her.

Bhargavi slips on stairs and is about to fall when Vasu holds her. She frees herself. He asks why did she free herself. She says she shouldn’t have come here. He notices her feet injured and offers treatment. She says she wants to go right and walks away. Vasuthinks something must have happened between Bhargavi, Srinivas, and Padmavathi vor sure. Maids remind Padmavathi that she has a meeting with king. Padmavathi says she will go in some time and thinks she will defeat Bhargavi and will ask Srinivas to marry to marry her. She imagines Srinivas in the mirror who says he cannot marry her. She angrily breaks the mirror, and the glass pieces injure her hand.

Bhargavi returns home and cleans her feet injuries recalling the incident again. Srinivas walks to Padmavathi and confronts her for her rude behavior towards Bhargavi. Padmavathi says she started dancing since her childhood and is the best dancer of Venkatgiri, but he wants to prove that Bhargavi is the best dancer; she will prove him wrong. Bhargavi’s friends notice her frustrated and asks reason. Bhargavi ventous out her frustration on them. Padmavathi shows her importance in the palace to Srinvias and says he wants to make her feel low, but she will not let that happen.

Precap: Bhrigu prays Mahadev to signal him Narayan reached to take back Bhargavi. He gets a positive signal.

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