RadhaKrishn 16th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha’s Coronation Ceremony

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Krishna confronts Radha why did she say yes to come mukhiya/chief flowing under emotions. Radha says she can go to any extent to fulfill her baba’s wish. Krishna says situation is not so easy as she is thinking and asks to handover responsibility to Ayan. Radha asks how can she disobey her baba. On the other side, Kans laughs and says Krishna is trapped now, nobody can stop Radha from coming here. Akroor asks their problem is Krishna, then why he needs Radha here. Kans says he knows what he is doing. Krishna tries to explain Radha that Vrishbhan did not mean to make her mukhiya, he was signalling something else. Radha says she wants him to support her and accompany her to Mathura. Krishna says when she is taking a wrong path, it is his duty to stop her instead. Kans tells Akroor that

if Krishna is shiv, Radha is shakti/power, that is the reason Krishna is trying heard to purify Radha and once she purifies, Krishna will regain his powers to attack Kans, he will not let that happen. Radha continues insisting Krishna to accompany her to Mathura and Krishna rejects her request saying he wants to protect her.

Ugrapath announces Radha’s coronation ceremony as mukhiya. Balram requests Krishna to stop Radha, but Krishna says he is helpless. Radha is given royal bath and decorated like a queen. Radha walks out, and people chant Barsana ki mukhiya Radha Rani Ki jai. Ugrapathy asks Radha to take oath. Radha thinks how can she without Krishna’s presence. Ugrapath insists her to accept designation letter. Radha picks it reminiscing Krishna’s words that Vrisbhan uncle just took her name and did not mean to make her mukhiya. Radha takes oathes and accepts sword. Ayan chants Barsana ki rani Radha rani ki jai. Radha says though she is mukhiya now, she will be Barsana’s daughter forever.

Balram angrily says Ayan’s sins have increased, so he will end him today. Krishna says Kans thinks Radha is my power and it is true, but one more fact is his powers are to end Kans also. Balram says he will end Ayan right now. Krishna stops him.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that a milk’s shelf life is 2 days, if it is boiled and made curd and it will last for 1 week, and if curd is churned it becomes butter which will last for 1 month, and if it is boiled more and made ghee it will last for many years; similarly one has to go through hardship to gain success in life.

Precap: Radha before leaving for Mathura hopes Krishna to support her. Kans eagerly waits for Radha.

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