RadhaKrishn 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Gopadevi, Baldevi Fool Ayan

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RadhaKrishn 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna turns into Radheshwar. Mahadev says he named his poorna nareshwar avatar, now he will name his Radheshwar avatar, he looks like Gopi and Radha, so world will know this avatar as Gopadevi. Krishna meets Balram. Balram laughs seeing Krishna’s woman avatar. Gopadevi says it is time for Balram to turn into Baldevi. Krishna returns home and seeing Yashoda calls her maiya. Yashoda searches him and seeing a girl coming thinks her as Radha, but when she sees different girl asks if she saw her kanha, he is very mischievous and is playing hide and seek with maiya. Krishna asks if she is talking about a boy who sticks peacock feather on his cap. She says yes. He then speaks as Krishna and surprises her. She is surprised. He says he took this avatar to go to Barsana. She gets concerned. He says Baldev is accompany him. Balram walks in disguised as Baldevi. Rohini walks in. Balram holds his cheek seeing her. Rohini asks who are these girls. Yashoda says they are like our daughters. Rohini blesses to keep smiling always.

Vrisbhan gets Nand’s letter that he does not want Vrishbhan to allege his sons, so is sending Krishna and Balram to their grandparent’s house. Radha imagines Krishna in her room and angrily asks why did he come here. He says she called him here. She says she does not want him even in her dreams. Krishna says he will return only when she calls and disappears.

Vyomasur tells Jatila and Ayan that at last Krishna is going far away from them. Ayan says Krishna is stubborn and will not go so easily, so he will follow Krishna and Balram and see where they go. Krishna and Balram travel to their grandparent’s house on cart. Once they reach home, grandparents happily hug them and they take grandparents’ blessings. Grandmother goes to get butter for them. Ayan peeps at them hiding behind tree. Balram asks Krishna how will they go to Barsana. Krishna says on horse. They both disguise as Gopadevi and Baldevi and run seeking help while their friends act as trying to catch them. They reach Ayan and plead him to save them from these goons. Balram pulls sword and they all run away. They both plead to take them along as they don’t have their own house. Ayan hesitate. They convince him with their sugar-coated talks. He says they will go to Barsana first. Krishna smiles.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that river water is sweet, ocean water is salt, drain water is stinky; river gives water, so its water is sweet; ocean takes water, so its water is salt; drain gets all waste water, so it sticks; so one should be doing their deed continuously like river and share whatever they have.

Precap: Krishna reaches Barsana. Radha thinks why she is feeling weird and runs towards door and sees Gopadevi.

Update Credit to: MA

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