RadhaKrishn 16th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha is Infuriated

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RadhaKrishn 16th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna tells Balram that when a person fears of losing his/her love, he/she grips love so tightly that love suffocates, he/she tries to rule on love, that is when jealousy and insecurity develops and it happens to even oneself. Balram asks if it was necessary to make Radha wait to know all this. Krishna says yes, when he went to met Radha, Radha was trying to make him realize that it is his mistake, even he believed for sometime, but when he was about to go, he heard Radha telling she acted as Vishaka’s plan; Radha wants to control him and is getting insecure. Balram asks what will he do now. Krishna says even he does nnot know. They hear a lady pleading for help, run towards cliff and see a chariot losing control and its passenger calling from down under cliff holding tree vein. He jumps

down and saves girl and brings her up, girl falls unconscious. Balram helps injured driver. Driver says this girl was going to meet her relative Barsana’s chief Vrishbhan. Balram says they know Vrishbhan uncle and will take her to his house.

Radha returns home sadly. Vishaka asks if Krishna did something again. Radha says Krishna did not bother at all and made her wait so long. Vishakha says she told her to act as told, but she did not listen at all. Radha says soon Krishna will realize his mistake and return to her. Vishakha says till not happen and shows Krishna lifting a girl and bringing her. Krishna walks in lifting girl and makes her life on bed. Vishakha identifies her as Vrishbhan’s elder brother’s daughter. Radha says her name is Chandravali. Vrishbhan with Kirtida walks in and gets worried for Chandravali. Balram says she had a big cart accident and fell from cliff, but Kanha saved her. Radha asks Krishna can go home as Yashoda aunty and Nand uncle must be waiting for him. Krishna says he will not go anywhere until Chandravali gets well.

Vaidya comes and treats Chandravali. Krishna shows his fake concern for Chandravali, looking at Radha. Radha stands jealous holding Vishakha’s hand in anger tightly. Vaidya comes and treats Chandravali. Chandravali opens eyes. Vrishbhan and Kirtida get happy seeing her fine. Chandravali greets them and tries to get up, but her hand pains. Vaidya says it must be sprain. Krishna says he will fix her sprain as he is expert in it and fixed Radha’s sprains many times. Radha gets more jealous seeing him holding Chandravali’s hand. Krishna fixes Chandravali;s sprain. Chandravali excitedly says pain is gone, who is this boy. Kirtida says he is the one who saved her, Krishna. Chandravali says she heard about Krishna. Krishna says then she must know about Balram Dau. Chandravali greets Balram.

Chandravali touches Vrishbhan and Kirtida’s feet and takes their blessings and then hugs Radha. Radha asks why did she come without informing beforehand. Kirtida asks Chandravali to get into kitchen, she will serve her food. Krishna says yes, Chandravali must be hungry, she needs feast. Kirtida says first Chandravali can go up to room in first floor and freshen up. Krishna says he knows that room and will drop her there. Chandravali asks how does he know. He says he knows every corner of this house. Radha stands more jealous seeing Krishna’s attention towards Chandravali. Krishna continues showing his interest in Chandravali to make Radha jealous.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that everyone have to go through exam; in childhood a few children study whole year and give exam and some just copy and pass, one feels bad how can one without any effort pass exam, they just pass exam but not succeed; similarly we try to copy people and don’t success happiness because we forget that each person is different

Precap: Radha tells Krishna that he is very luck that she loves him, nobody else can value him more than her. Chandravali asks Krishna to play bansuri as he plays most melodious music.
Krishna says he will. Radha gets jealous.

Update Credit to: MA

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