RadhaKrishn 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update: What is Krishna Up To?


RadhaKrishn 15th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ayan promises Krishna that he will give whatever Krishna asks as rent. Krishna says he will come after war ends then. Ayan asks him to take it right now as Karn is entering battlefield tomorrow and Krishna may get killed. Krishna says if that happens, he can handover rent to Radha. Ayan says he hates Krishan to the core and will handover whole rent to Radha. Krishna thinks its sunrise and he needs to meet someone. He walks to Kunti who is praying Suryadev to protect her sons and asks if she is praying for all her sons. Kunti says she is praying for all her 6 sons. Krishna says she left a new born Karn in river and did injustice to him, will he not repent for her sin. Kunti asks how. He says she should reveal Karn that he is her son and apologize him. Kunti agrees.

Radha thinks Krishna is doing good by uniting mother and son. Karn does surya namaskar in river and sees Krishna standing. He greets Krishna and says Krishna is Arjun’s charioteer and shouldn’t meet Arjun’s opponent like this. Krishna says he came for Karn and free him from all questions and get him peace of mind. Karn says if he clears his questions, he will touch his feet and thank him. Krishna takes him to Kunti. Karn asks if he brought Pandav’s mother to plead for their lives, he will not stay her for a second and walks away. Kunti requests Krishna for help. Krishna says he can’t further. Kunti calls Karn addressing him as son. Karn stops and asks if she is using emotions to save her sons. Kunti reveals that he is not sootputra, but Kunti and Suryadev’s putra; he is surya putra. She reveals that she gave birth to him before marriage and fearing society, she put him in a basket and left him in river. Karn shatters hearing that and asks how can she ransack a new born baby. Their discussion Kunti pleads to forgive him and hugs him. Karn forgives her. She requests him not to fight against Pandavs as she wants all her 6 sons alive. Karn says he promised Duryodhan and will not back off, but since she is referred as mother of 5 sons, after war either he or Arjun will be alive, so she will have 5 sons alive. Kunti walks to Krishna and requests him to change Karn’s decision. Karn says he can’t do that, she should leave it on time, he is happy that Karn met his peace. Karn meets people and asks them to ask anything in charity as he is going for a war and this is his last charity.

Krishna reaches sky and calls Suryadev and Devraj Indra. They arrive. He says he wants them to help Karna. They both agree. Krishna asks Devraj Indra to go as beggar and seeks Karna’s havach kundal in charity. Suryadev says it is adharma, Karna has to bear injustice since he is born. Devraj Indra asks if it is dharma. Krishna says he is doing this to establish dharma and they should trust him. They both agree.

Precap: Devraj Indra as beggar asks Karn to give his kavach and kunal in charity. Ayan tells Krishna that war will continue for years, should he have to wait till then. Krishna informs that war will end on 18th day.

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