RadhaKrishn 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha saves Krishna’s family from Rishi Durvasa’s curse

Episode starts with Maharishi Durvasa waiting with banana leaf laid in front of him in the Guest Area & Nand Baba, Yashoda Maiya, Krishna and Balram in the kitchen. Yashodha maiya worries that, if they have invited Maharishi Durvasa for feast and not providing him with food, will result in huge insult of the sage and in turn will yield them his curse. Balram requests Krishna to do something to save them all through his mind-voice. A guy rushes to the kitchen and informs them that, Maharishi Durvasa is waiting for food. Krishna pacifies his mom and dad that, everything will be alright and asks them to go to the guest room. He says that, He and Balram Dau will take care in the kitchen. Nand Baba tries to say something but, Krishna cuts him in the mid-sentence and asks him to trust. Yashoda then holds Krishna from nearing

the oven and says there is only one option left – “Show up infront of the guests and Maharishi with folded hands and plead for forgiveness”. Krishna and Balram feels dejected..

In the guest area, Maharishi Durvasa gets angry somewhat, but he says nothing. Jatila plays her game. She tries provoking the Rishi by saying to Vrishbhan as “Keeping the guests waiting for food after inviting them for a feast is wrong. While the guests is a great rishi like Durvasa, then it is a crime. Why these people are mocking at the reverence of the Maharishi?”

In the kitchen, Yashoda maiya convinces Nand baba to surrender to Maharishi. Nand baba says, it will be fine if he forgives us, else let us accept his curse as divine order. Then, Yashoda maiya holds the hands of Krishna and Balram and moves towards the guest area. Balram and Krishna converse in mind-voice. Balram asks “why are you silent Krishna?” He replies, “I can’t use my powers in front of the crowd or Maharishi Durvasa. Then they might recognize us as divinity in human form resulting in our Avatar getting useless”.

Jatila keeps provoking, asks Vrishbhan to do something, else Maharishi Durvasa will curse your friend’s family. Maharishi’s anger increases. Kirtida offers to look out for them. But, the whole crowd sees Nand baba and Yashoda maiya approaching with folded hands. While they stand infront of Maharishi, both the boys remain in the crowd to hide from Rishi Durvasa.

Maharishi Durvasa pours water from his kalash and starts chanting mantra to curse. Everyone panic. Jatila and Ayan smirk. Yashoda maiya shivers.

“Please let your hand down as it is time for your feast” heard a voice. Everyone turn around to see Radha entering with a large plate of food. Nand baba, Yashoda maiya, Vrishbanji and Kirthida maiya feels saved. Jatila and Ayan look shocked and fume. Balram shakes his head with joy towards Krishna and Krishna feels shy. Maharishi Durvasa opens his eyes and gets astonished to see Mata Srimat Radharani serving him food. Water in his hands flows out, so does tears from his eyes. He brings his hands together slowly feeling the eternity. Then, Krishna enters from behind Radha and shows his form to Maharishi. He is about to close his hands together but, Krishna shakes his head not to.

Krishna and Durvasa rishi converse in mind-voice. Krishna says, “If you get your hands together and bow infront of either Radha or me, then our destined cause of this birth cannot be reached”. Rishi then makes up the situation as he was about to bless them. He then eats food eagerly. Radha’s friends Vishaka and Lalitha serve food for the other rishis who accompanied Maharishi Durvasa. Krishna and Radha together serve fruits for Durvasa rishi. He eats them eagerly. He says, “Prabhu, I feel blessed that I have received the greatest boon of my birth as I am eating food prepared by Devi maa Radharani”. Krishna smiles. After finishing the meal, the rishi smiles broadly. Krishna says that, he can understand his happiness but, the rishi should help them not to get caught in front of the public. He signals the rishi to reduce his smile as people might find something different with the food served, as the rishi who always remains agitated is now elated so much. Maharishi comes to his normal face.

Kirthida asks Radha to get blessings from the great rishi. Radha advances towards the rishi. Confused, Durvasa looks at Krishna and thinks, “Prabhu, why are you pushing me towards, Dharm-sankat.. I am no one in front of you. How can I bless the Devi Matha who is mother of the universe”. Krishna convinces him with a blink and “She is in her human form without knowing the divinity inside herself. Feel as if she is your daughter and bless her. It is one’s duty to bless anyone who seeks for it”.

Radha touches his feet. Durvasa rishi blesses her and offers her a boon. “Putri Radha, I am very much delighted and contended to have food prepared by your hands. So, I bless you that, anyone who eats the food prepared by your hands will live a long and happy life”. Radha and her parents feel happy. Yashoda maiya feels excited. Jatila and Ayan get irritated as their plan has failed.

Radha beseeches Rishi Durvasa for accept her request. “Today is a very auspicious day – Deepavali and Gokul vasis have planned to perform Grihapravesh today. Also, it has become more auspicious as you have ascended your presence here. Please light the first lamp of Deepavali with your hands”. The rishi accepts it. He orders “Then, you should help me light it with your hands Radha and…” his hands point Krishna. “… this Boy should lend his hands for the same”. Krishna smiles at the rishi. As he sees everyone’s eyes looking at him, acts as his he is excited very much. Rishi Durvasa holds the lighter. Radha adds fire to the lighter. Krishna, Radha and Rishi Durvasa hold the lighter together. They light the large lamp together.

The rishi and his allies leave. Vrishbanji and Nand baba accompany them towards the entrance. Ayan leaves from there towards the forests fuming. Jatila follows him. Jatila stops him and asks What happened.. Ayan fumes that, he trusted Radha as his Sakhi but, he she cheated on him by helping his enemy Krishna and says that, he should talk to her about this. Jatila asks him, “Whether he is her son?” Ayan is shocked. She says, “I thought that, you love Radha and want to marry her. But, you are a fool who prefers to end their relationship by provoking Radha just because a single plan failure”.

Radha comes running towards Ayan. Jatila orders Ayan to speak with Radha with love and she will take care of the rest and leaves. Ayan walks aways seeing Radha. They both reach the riverbed. Radha asks Ayan to come back. He says, you cheated me by aiding his enemy Krishna. Someone deep inside the water hears them talking and moves towards the shore. Radha advocates that, Krishna is a mayavi, but his family and Gokul vasis are not bad. They should not be punished at all. She was about to say something but, a gigantic shadow falls on them. She falls down in shock. Ayan is taken aback and shouts at Radha to run away. She feels nothing in shock. The Giant serpent Kaliya (Kaalinga) shows up from the river. The screen ends with Radha closing her face in fear and the zoomed face of the serpent.

Krishna Vaani: Krishna asks – How is a person identified? What is his/her identity ? And upto how long is that valid? Most people think that, one’s identity is the reason for his karmas. Because, tasks done without that will not withstand for a long time. But, the identity that you get through your karmas will remain for yugas. For that, do your karmas whole-heartedly and bind it with your identity. Radhe! Radhe!

Precap: Krishna and Balaram walk in the Yamuna riverbed. Krishna says, This Kaliya has done a very big misdeed. Attacking on anyone is a misdeed by itself. But, he tried to attack on my Radha.. I will not leave him. He yells “Come out Kaliya”. Kaliya shows up gigantically.

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  1. What time does it come on tv

    1. Kamalanayani

      Monday to Saturday – 9-9.30 pm IST on Star Bharat channel

  2. Thank you for such a detailed update! 🙂

    1. Kamalanayani

      Glad you liked it… It has each and every dialogue and incident..
      It is my style of writing.. allowing the reader to visualize everything..

  3. Kamalanayani ur detailed update was superb bt why u have u stopped writing. I couldnt get the 16 nov update. I wish I get ur detailed written updates soon

  4. If detailed update was superb bt Why u stopped writing I could nt get 16 nov update. I wish u will wite all the episodes. Its a request from me

    1. Kamalanayani

      Glad that you liked it dear.. and even I wish if I could regularly update all episodes but the fact is that, due to my hectic schedule, I will have to continue as substitute..
      And, now I am admitted in hospital.. My doctor is afraid as it might by dengue fever.. Waiting for laboratory reports.. I regret that I couldn’t make up nov 16 – 19 updates…
      The regular writer MA will be continuing from Nov 20..
      Hope you will understand dear..

      Also, If you are interested about Lord Krishna then, you can read my other story on Lord Krishna’s daughter–>
      https://www.wattpad.com/story/112300798 — cumulative wattpad book
      https://www.tellyupdates.com/user/10123/?profiletab=posts — Checkout for posts titled Kamalanayani

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