RadhaKrishn 15th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Radha To Play A Game

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RadhaKrishn 15th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha gifts butter to Krishna and gets mesmerized in his face. Vishakha calls her, but she continues staring at Krishna’s face. Vishakha drags her to friends. Radha watches Krishna finishing whole butter pot. Balram tells Krishna that he told this butter is Radha’s infactuation, then why is he having it. Krishna says it is his love and Radha’s infatuation. Balram says let us see and calling Radha and Krishna’s friends addresses that Radha and Krishna’s enemity has turned into friendship, let us celebrate it with hide and seek game.

Ayan shows a tied man to Vrishbhan and says he is the one who destroyed grocery and slapping him asks to tell truth. Man lies that he did it for money on Nand’s order. Jatila smirks at Ayan. Vrishbhan says his friend

cannot do that. Ayan’s people chant mukhiya Nand ki jai ho. Jatila brainwashes Vrishbhan that Nand is doing this to take over Vrishbhan’s place. Ayan frees man and makes him run, then shouts he escaped and runs behind him. Dhrupad says Vrishbhan that they have to confront Nand why did he do that.

Radha and Krishna’s teams’ hide and seek game starts. Krishna tells Radha that she may not be able to find him and hides. Radha gets tired searching him. Krishna plays bansuri/flute. Radha sees Krishna’s feather and gets happpy that she found him, but finds only feather behind tree. Krishna again plays bansuri. Radha runs towards him. She then finds his bansuri and not him. She searches him again and thinks he is very clever and left bansuri, how will she find him now without bansuri. Krishna comes from behind and blows on her ear. She turns and says she caught him and won. She offers his feather looking at his face.

Vrishbhan sends grocery carts to Kans and asks Dhrupad if culprit is caught. Dhrupad says no. Culprit asks Nand Mathura’s route. Nand shows his way, and culprit man leaves. Vrishbhan walks to Nand and asks who was that man. Nand says he does not know, he was asking route. Once Nand leaves, Dhrupad asks Vrishbhan why did not he question Nand. Vrishbhan says he still believes his friend and someone else is trying to separate them.

Radha fixes Krishna’s feather in his cap and returning his bansuri says he should never lose them. Radha’s friends enter saying Radha won. Balram says when it is Radha and Krishna’s magic/leela, Radha wins always. Krishna says Radha and Krishna are one, so Radha’s victory is his victory.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that there is nothing wrong falling, they should fall like a droplet which gives life to earth, like seed which brings life, but what is the use of destroying someone and giving life to other, there is no difference between good and bad, one does on right time is good and wrong time is bad.

Precap: Radha dances around Krishna while he plays bansuri. Lord Shiva smiles at them.

Update Credit to: MA

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