RadhaKrishn 14th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Arjun Kills Bhisma

RadhaKrishn 14th October 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Krishna tells Radha that Duryodhan has all great warriors with him. He has Bhisma, Dronacharya, Karna, etc., but Pandavs have dharma on their side. Radha says Bhisma pitamaha has boon of deserved death. Krishna says sometime that would be trouble for him. Bheem kills many enemies including Duryodhan’s 8 brothers. Sanjay informs same to Dhritarastra. Dhritarastra shouts this cannot happen. After day’s war ends, Duryodhan blames Bhisma that because of him, he lost his 8 brothers. Bhisma says he lost his 8 grandsons because of Duryodhan and asks why did he order his 8 brothers to attack Bheem. Duryodhan and asks if he cannot do anything. Bhisma says why don’t he understand that dharma is on Pandav’s side, Sri Krishna is on their side. Duryodhan says war is won by power and not dharma.

Krishna further discusses with Radha and says today Duryodhan will lose 17 more brothers, Arjun and Bhisma will face each other for the last time. War starts. Arjun and Bhisma’s fight starts. Bhisma is about to attack Arjun when Krishna points him towards Shikhandini. Bhisma reminisces Shikhandini’s promise that whenever he is tired, she will come in front of him and will end him. He drops his weapon down. Arjun showers arrows on him and make him fall in a bed of arrows. Krishna says a person may be a great warrior, but cannot escape death. Sanjay informs same to Dhritarastra. Dhritarastra cries hearing that.

After day’s war ends, Arjun tells Krishna that he followed his order and showered arrows on Bhisma Pitamaha’s body. Krishna asks him not to feel guilty as Bhisma was destined to and giving him a lengthy gyaan says upcoming day would be more tougher as one who were afraid of Bhisma will be boundless now, kavacha kundal dhari angraj Karn will fight against Arjun now. Duryodhan calls Karna and says after Bhisma’s death, soldier’s will power is dull now and only Karn can make him win this war. Karn promises him.

Ayan gets angry hearing people praising Krishna for leading Pandavs. He yells at them that Krishna just rides chariot and does nothing. Krishna walks in and asks him to forget about Krishna, if a charioteer doesn’t risk his life, doesn’t make a way and enter risky places. Ayan continues yelling. Krishna says he came to talk about rent, what if he runs away to Barsana without paying rent. Ayan says he will pay him right now. Krishna says he came to just remind him. Ayan promises that he will whatever Krishna asks.

Precap: Kunti informs Karn that he is Surya putra and not sooth putra and she is his biological mother. Ayan asks Krishna if he will stay here if war continues for years. Krishna informs that war will end on 18th day.

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