RadhaKrishn 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Kans’ Unusual Demand

RadhaKrishn 14th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha cries hugging Krishna and says she is shocked seeing her father’s condition and says her father wanted to talk to her sometime ago, but she was busy, now she wants to talk and he is in coma, who must have done this. Krishna says whoever has done this will be punished soon. In Barsana, Ugrapath tells his team that seeing oil on floor and Vrishbhan falling from balcony, it is proved someone wants to kill him, did they find someone hiding suspiciously. Ayan says he did not find anyone at home. Balram angrily says did he really check, he can see culprit in front of him. Krishna enters with Radha and stops Balram. He says they need to find out who the culprit it. Radha enters home and asks Vaidya if her father will get well soon. Vaidya says his father is breathing, but his body and mind

are not responding.

Ugrapath sees Kans’ soldiers coming and gets tensed. Kans’ soldiers call Barsana mukhiya/chief Vrishbhan to hand him over king Kans’ letter. Krishna says mukhiya Vrishbhan is ill, so they can handover letter to Ugrapath, Ugrapath reads letter and informs that king Kans’ has increased 100% taxes and invited all mukhiyas to meet him, and whichever village’s mukhiya does not meet him will be levied 200% taxes. Ayan says they are ready to pay 200% taxes. People oppose that if they even pay 100% taxes, they cannot feed their family. Krishna takes Balram aside and informs that Ayan is supporting Kans who has made all this conspiracy at the right time.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that who is scholar in the world, one who byhearts holy scriptures, one who knows death and life’s secret, or one who is expert in 64 skills; scholar is one who knows the difference between accepting or opposing; if they accept, it is defeat and if if they oppose, it is victory.

Radha returns to Vrishbhan’s room and consoles Kirtida. Outside, everyone discuss that they should make someone as interim mukhiya and send him to meet Kans. Balram says Nand baba should become mukhiya. Jatila says one from Barsana should become mukhiya. Krishna suggests Ayan’s name. Balram opposes and says anyone from family should become mukhiya. Krishna says Ayan bhaiya is brave and powerful, so he has capability to represent Barsana. Balram via telepathy warns Krishna that he will not let Ayan become mukhiya and asks Krishna to come aside. Once they walk aside, Krishna informs him that Ayan is conspiring big with Kans’ help, so Balram should not have opposed, now he will see Ayan’s true motto. Ayan addresses people that Balram is right, they should make Vrishbhan kaka’s family member as mukhiya. Jatila brings Radha and says Radha is the right contender for mukhiya’s position. Everyone back her.

Precap: Krishna informs Balram that Ayan is conspiring with Kans and wants Radha in Mathura, he has to go there to protect Radha. He suggests Radha to not accept mukhiya’s position.
Kans laughs and thinks if he has decided to call Radha here, then she has to come for sure.

Update Credit to: MA

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