RadhaKrishn 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Performs Mahadev’s Pooja

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Narad in sleep feels Radha will select one among Krishna’s asthabhari/8 wives to sit with Krishna in yagna. Krishna asks if he thinks so. Narad wakes up and asks if he can hear him in sleep, he will not think anything now. Krishna smiles. Radha walks to Krishna, and he acts as sleeping. Radha loudly asks him to wake up. He acts and asks when did she come here. She says her mind is restless. He says he already told her not to take up the responsibility. Radha says he is going to fast for the first time, but he can keep himself hungry; how will he manage. He says he wants to become an emperor from king, so he has to fast. She says she doesn’t know how to select 1 wife for yagna. Krishna says she should select the one who has 3 qualities, thinking, promise, and deeds and one who can fulfill all 3 equally should be selected. Radha says he is right, but she doesn’t know if she can evaluate ashtabharis. He asks her not to think much and rest now. She walks away fuming. He thinks she need not worry as she will get a chance to evaluate ashtabhari.

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Krishna will fast for him tomorrow. Mahadev says Krishna is leeladhari and his real intention is something else and they will know only tomorrow. Next morning, Krishna asthabharis gather. Narad thinks his plan is working at last. Krishna asks him to be patient and asks Sam what is he doing among ashtabharis and sends him away. Balram leaves to make food arrangements. Krishna says let us head to temple and perform shiv pooja. Narad says Radha has not come yet and its not right to leave her. Radha walks in apologizing for being late and says let us go to temple. Krishna asks her not to accompany them as he wants to break the fast in the evening with her prepared food. Balram tells Krishna that he did wrong. Radha says Krishna is right, she is fine here. Krishna leaves with his asthabharis. Radha asks Narad not to get as Krishna has stopped her with some reason. Narad says as she wishes. Radha asks him to bring back Krishna by afternoon as he never fasted in life and she will keep the food ready for him. Narad agrees and thinks Radha loves Krishna immensely. Radha prepares food thinking she will also fast with him.

Krishna performs Mahadev’s pooja with ashtabharis. Mahadev tells Gauri that Krishna didn’t come to perform pooja, but to inform that he is planning to get out of the promise Mahadev imbibed on him. Devi Gauri asks what will Krishna do. Mahadev says let us see. Krishna asks Narad to leave for lunch as he will fast till evening. Radha angrily waits for Krishna. Narad says Radha is waiting with food for him and he should think at least for his ashtabharis as they are not fasting. Krishna says they are free to go. Ashtabharis say they will fast with Krishna and would manage if they get curd, milk, and some wheat from a nearby village. Narad sends Sam to get food from palace. Sam goes to get food and lies Radha that Krishna didn’t want to come here and wanted to pray Mahadev, hence ashtabharis are searching food for him from nearby villages. Radha goes to pack food. Ashthabharis get hungry searching food and decide to return to palace Krishna sits in meditation. Narad thinks Krishna is neither going nor letting him go.

Radha packs food and asks Sam to serve milk to Krishna if he feels tired. Sam says she forgot that even ashthabharis are fasting and must have finished her lunch. Balram enters and scolds him to stop his hatred as Radha is also fasting and will break it with Krishna. Radha asks him to calm down and asks Sam to take food to temple. Balram checks food and says only she can prepare such a large quantity and asks her to have food. She says she will break her fast with Krishna. Balram agrees and leaves. Sam watches hiding and thinks Radha is melodramatic. Radha thinks Krishna cannot keep himself hungry for long and thinks if he can get at least some milk, so she drinks milk to calm his hunger remembering them feeding each other and Krishna telling they are one and if she eats, he will be satisfied. Milk flows out of Krishna’s lips.

Precap: Sam boils Radha’s milk. Radha’s throat burns drinking hot milk. Krishna feels pain and thinks if Radha is hurt, even he is.

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