RadhaKrishn 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Radha Decides To Test Krishna

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Balram returns home from market and tells Nand that he sold all butter pot and gives money bag. Nand gets happy hearing that, checks money and scolds that he had to get silver coins and not brass ones, he ruined Vrindavan women’s hard work and his mother Yashoda’s, he is fit for nothing. He scolds even Krishna that Balram does not know calculation, he was with Balram, then how did this mishap happen. He continues that he thought of resting after handing over business to Balram, but Balram disappointed him. Balram stands sadly. Yashoda asks why did he do such a big mistake and asks to come in, she will give him food. He says he is not angry and walks away. Krishna walks to Balram with food and tries to console him, says if he had been with Balram, this would not have happened. Balram

says he is happy that Krishna spent whole day with Radha, though he is a bit sad seeing Baba disappointed because of him. Radha plays bansuri and calls Krishna. Krishna shuts bansuri, but she plays bansuri again. Krishna walks aside and tells Balram that Radh is calling him. Balram asks why at midnight when she spent whole day with Krishna. Krishna says Radha is getting more possessive, and he needs to stop her somehow.

Radha continues playing bansuri and gets disappointed that Krishna did not come yet. Krishna reaches there. Radha holds his hand, takes him towards her made painting, and showing it says she made her and Krishna’s painting on swinger and whenever she closes eyes, she sees this painting and whenever she opens eyes, she sees Krishna, she feels his love allover. Krishna says love is good, but getting overpossessive is bad as excessive love destroys the purity of pure love. Radha shouts he finds defect in her always. He says he does not mean that. She angrily walks away. Krishna walks behind calling her. Ayan who fumes in anger seeing that stops Krishna and invites him for food at his home. Krishna says not now, some other time and walks away. Ayan stands fuming shouting how dare he is to ignore his offer. Jatila calms him down saying he has to bear all this as he has to befriend Krishna.

Radha returns to her room angrily. Vishakha asks what happened to her. She says Krishna is ignoring her. Vishakha asks what.. Radha says she and Krishna love each other. Vishakha says that is a good new then. Krishna on the other side tells Balram that they are born in human womb now and need to go through overpossessiveness, jealousy, hatred, etc.. They cannot escape all this; he sees Radha’s possessive nature will take her towards jealousy and other human defects. He continues explaining his perspective. On the other side, Radha tells Vishakha that Krishna has started to ignore her and is finding faults in her. Vishakha suggests her to act as she does not need Krishna anymore and see how he comes back on tract. Radha says what if Krishna totally ignores her really. Vishakha assures nothing of that sort will happen, Krishna will be mad behind her again.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that what is life; they are born by their parents who bring them up, then we get married and bear children, become old and die one day; water evaporates from lake and becomes cloud, then falls back on ground as rain and fills oceans and lakes, it quenches thirst and helps humanity, but never questions about its life; similarly one should never question about their life and continue doing good deed.

Precap: Radha sees Krishna carrying an unconscious girl and confronts him that he proved that does not love him anymore. Balram asks Krishna what is happening. Krishna one of the biggest hurdle of love, jealousy.

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  1. Yes my guess was write abb ye show radha ki jealous per jaa raha hai promo me jiss ladki ko krishn utakar barsana lekar aa raha hai shaayad o ladki chandrawali hai radha ki cousin ya kis aur be ho sakta hai

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