RadhaKrishn 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Shukracharya Takes Sam To Rishi Durvasa

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Jara kneels down in front of Krishna. Radhika asks what is he doing. Jara says he did a big sin of tricking his guru, he wanted to seek a boon from Devimaa to be with Krishna always by becoming his minister and learn archery from him. Krishna asks why he wants to be with him. Jara says he wanted to become a competent archer like Arjun and Karn, but seeing Radha and Krishna’s immense true love, his heart changed. Krishna says a true love can change anyone’s love. Sam seeing his plan failed angrily breaks things in his room. Laxmana stops him and asks reason for his anger. He says Shukracharya’s plans always failed, its better to change a failed guru than being stuck with him, he will go and make Shukracharya that he is a failure.

Krishna breaks Jara’s bow and says to become a competent archer like Arjun and Karn, he needs to have a special weapon like them. Jara asks how will he get it. Krishna says he needs to search weapon and work hard to get it. Jara takes his blessings touch his feet and leaves to search a special weapon for him. Sam reaches Shukracharya’s cave angrily. Guard stops him and says Shukracharya ordered that he doesn’t want to meet anyone today. Sam kills guard and reaching Shukracharya provokes him to get up from meditation as his plans failed. Shukracharya angrily punishes him and says he cannot kill him as he is Mahadev’s ansh/part. Sam asks him to do something. Shukracharya says Jara cannot search his weapon easily, now they have to concentrate on provoking a person whose anger can burn the whole universe. A rishi is shown meditating.

Krishna searches Radha. Rukmini says Radha is in jungle. He reaches jungle where Radha recreates Golok there. Krishna asks if she is remembering Golok and wants to go back. She says no, she made golok to pray him. He asks how is it possible. She says when he can pray her, why can’t she pray him. She make him sit on his swing, prays him, and offers him bhog. Krishna asks her reason for bhog. She says with a desire. He says he will finish butter soon to find out her desire. Shukracharya takes Sam to a meditating rishi and says this man can burn even gods with his anger. Sam asks who is this man. Shukracharya says he is rishi Durvasa and if he gets angry on Krishna, their mission will be accomplished. Krishna finishes butter and asks what is her desire. She says just like this butter ended, their lives will also end, so she wants their love to be remembered forever. He says he will leave 5 evidences of their love. She asks what are they. Radha says this universe is made of 5 elements, earth, air, water, fire, and sky; similarly their love is made of 5 evidences and will be found on earth forever; he promises that all 5 elements will be a sign of love in Dwarka. She asks how is it possible. She says via love and says let us make their love memorable. She asks what is he going to do. He says something which will make make their memories immortal.

Precap: Radha Krishna mark their steps on a stone. Sam thinks Durvasa will visit Dwarka and will burn Krishna with his anger.

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