RadhaKrishn 13th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Duryodhan Accuses Bhism


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Radha takes Ayan to her friend’s shop and says he can do business here and earn loyally. Ayan says shop is good, so rent would be high. Radha asks him to forget about rent and do business loyally. Ayan says he will pay appropriate rent to her friend and will decide after meeting him. Krishna walks in saying he is not only Radha’s but also his friend. Ayan gets angry seeing him and says he should have realized that wherever Radha is Krishna will be present there. He starts blaming Krishna that he creates rift between people and make them fight, wherever he goes he makes people fight, he is wicked, cruel, etc. Krishna silently hears him and walks away saying he doesn’t need his shop. Krishna says if he taking about rent, can he really pay rent. Ayan warns him not to challenge him, he will get whatever and how much ever he wants. Krishna says he will ask rent when he will return from here and Ayan has to pay whatever he asks. Ayan says he will not keep anyone’s debt. Krishna sys he trusts him and says before leaving he wants to reply for his allegations that he makes people fight wherever he goes, to establish dharma one has to fight and even Ayan has to fight his inner arrogance and once he defeats his arrogance, he will be able to get out of it.

Arjun walks to Duryodhan who is busy enjoying alcohol with maids and says today’s war was fierce and tomorrow he doesn’t know what will happen, but his friend busy enjoying alcohol with maids. Duryodhan He requests Duryodhan to request Bhisma to permit him to participate in war and fight with Arjun as whole world is waiting to watch Karn and Arjun’s fight. Duryodhan asks him not to worry as Pandavs almost lost and will accept defeat tomorrow. Karn says Sri Krishna who defeated Jarasand 17 times is on Padnav’s side and he will not let Pandav defeated. Duryodhan says Krishna is not fighting and is riding chariot, his own Narayani sena is fighting against him, so tomorrow Pandavs will submit themselves and accept defeat.

Krishna tells Radha that Ayan’s arrogance made him insult himself and a person who insults himself will never win; he wants to give a chance to Ayan like Duryodhan and Ayan has to pay a huge price. Radha says Ayan lost his first chance and foolishly decided to pay rent to Krishna. Krishna says he is the best businessman in the world and will take full rent, she has to wait till then.

Next morning, Sanjay informs Dhritarastra that there is a fierce war going on between kauravs and Pandavs and Krishna took Arjun’s chariot towards Bhisma pitamaha. Dhritarastra asks if Arjun will fight with Bhisma pitamaha now. In battlefield, Arjun asks Krishna if he really has to fight with pitamaha. Krishna says there is no other go and asks him to pick his weapon and fight. Arjun seeks pitamaha’s blessings and showers arrows towards him. On the other side, Radha shows concern that Ayan didn’t change even now and arrogantly wants to pay rent to Krishna. Krishna says Ayan has to search truth and change himself, he can only show way to Ayan and its up to Ayan whether to change or not. He asks her to go now as Ayan is eagerly waiting for her.

Ayan is busy selling weapons and making profits when Radha walks in and asks how is he. He says he made huge profit and will pay Krishna’s rent soon. He says he earned money with hard work and brought a gift for her. He shows her clothes and asks to accept it. Radha says she is his childhood and will accept his gift. Ayan gets happy. Krishna walks in and says his gift is very beautiful. Ayan says he was thinking why didn’t Krishna interfere between them, now he will try to convince Radha to return his gift. Krishna says he always doubts him and says he is Radha’s childhood friend, so she will accept fit and wear it right now. Ayan says it is his love and asks Radha if she will wear his gift and accept his love. Krishna signals her to accept. Radha says yes. Ayan boasts that he defeated Krishna today by making Radha accept his love. Radha says she will wear dress after the end of war. Ayan taunts Krishna again and leaves. Radha asks Krishna why did he make her accept Ayan’s love. Krishna says Ayan wouldn’t have stayed back, he is with Arjun to make him stay and fight. Radha says whatever the reason is, their love is increasing each day. Krishna says definitely. Radha asks how will he guide Arjun. Krishna says Arjun has to fight undefeatable Bhisma.

Sanjay informs Dhritarastra that Bheem along defeat a big army. Dhritarastra asks if Duryodhan is fine. Sanjay informs that all his 100 sons are fine. Dhritarastra says Bhisma loves Pandavs, so he is not attacking them with full force. Duryodhan alleges Bhisma similarly. Bhisma says he will see his rage tomorrow.

Precap: Arjun showers arrows on Bhisma and makes a bed of arrow in his body. Ayan tells Krishna that this war will continue for years, so should he stay here for years. Krishna says war will end on 18th day.

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