RadhaKrishn 13th July 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna on a Path of Establishing Dharma

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Radha and Krishna meet again.. Krishna plays bansuri and Radha dances. The both then perform raas/dance and get engrapsed in each other. They both then sit on swinger. Radha resting her head on Krishna’s shoulder tells Krishna that she thought he wouldn’t come again. He says when the whole world takes Radha’s name before him, how can he not come when he calls her. She says he told he will not play bansuri/flute again. He says he told he will play bansuri for his loved one and nobody has right on his love and bansuri than Radha. He continues its time for darma sthapana/establishing religion and he is related to a pious family whose charioteer he is. She asks what about their love story, will it end here itself. He says their love story will not end until they me et in eternity. She says her intuition says a new chapter is beginning in his life, but how will Radha be part of it. He says the basis of his each deed is love and Radha is the basis of his love. He continues that everything will change, adharma’s powers will increase and dark clouds of adharma will hover over the whole universe, then Radha will be the ray of hope; if Krishna will fight against adharma, Radha has to right for dharma; Radha has to follow the path which Krishna will follow; Radha and Krishna together have to complete the task of dharma sthapana with the power of their love. She says she is ready. He says even he wanted the same, he would be stuck in a dilemma while fighting against adharama and though whole world will be wit him, he would be alone and he would be sharing his dilemma only with her. Radha says whenever he needs her, he can remember her in his heart, she will reach him wherever he is. He says whatever problems come, Radha and Krishna will face it together. She says they both will defeat any problems may occur.

Balram from Dwkara calls Krishna and asks him to come right away as he found out the reason for Kunti putra/son’s anger. Radha tells Krishna its time for their separation and she will perform dharma’s vijay tilak via Krishna. She performs krishna’s vijay talk. Krishna says there wouldn’t have been better start for the dharma sthapana than this. Radha asks him to go and finish his task and she would wait for him to return eagerly. He says even him and walks away from her. Balram continues calling Krishna. Krishna walks to him and asks what happened? Balram says he found out that Pandavs are their aunty Kunti’s sons and they are facing huge injustice via their paternal cousin Duryodhan; asks how could Krishna let this happen. Krishna says whenever adharma peaks, only then Krishna enters. He asks what did he find out via his superpowers? Balram says Duryodhan sent Pandavs to a new palace and burnt them by burning the palace, but his superpowers hint him that they are alive and present somewhere here. Krishna asks where are they then? Balram says they haven’t returned to Hastinapur, it means they are in exile; he couldn’t find out their hiding place, but there is nothing hidden from Narayan, so Krishna should find out where they are? Krishna says he will not do that, but rather Pandav’s janak pitas/fathers (Kunti prayed 5 gods and got 5 sons with qualities of them) will find them; Indradev is bringing them.

Indradev emerges with 4 other devtas and greets Krishna and Balram. Krishna says one more devta is missing. Indradev says there are 5 pandavs and 5 devtas are present here. Krishna describes its time for dharma sthapana and he needs 5 gods and their 5 sons’ help in it. He refers Vayudev’s son Bheem who is powerful like Vayudev; Dharmaraj’s divine son who practices dharma like earth; Ashwini Kumar’s sons Nakul and Sahadev, Nakul who is fierce swordman and Sahadev who is expert astrologer; Indra’s son Arjun who is tough and sharp warrior. He asks them how can they not follow their duty and save their songs. Devtas apologize and ask why did he call them here. Krishna says Kunti putras were tried to burn alive via lies and tricks, but they escaped and are in exile; he is worried for their mother Kunti and wants all 5 gods to find them soon. Gods promise to find Pandavs and disappear.

Balram asks Krishna if he is sure these 5 gods will find Pandavs. Krishna says they are surrounded by darkness and won’t be able to find out as they don’t have light with them. Balram asks what does he mean. Krishna says the universe will see Krishna’s new avatar, which is not only a lover, but a fierce warrior and charioteer and will steer the chariot of dharma.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that what we see is not necessarily the truth, he is searching a charioteer who will become his friend and help him the task of dharma sthapana.

Precap: Krishna says a biggest event is going to happen where both Pandavs and Kauravas will participate and a new story of Krishna and charioteer will start.

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