RadhaKrishn 12th October 2020 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Infinite Incarnations

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Krishna in Vishwaroop avatar tells Arjun that his each word should be considers Brahma’s words as he is Brahma who created this universe, he is also great destroyer Shiv. Krishna continues he is creator, he runs the universe, and he is the destroyer; he is Krishna, he is Ram, he is Narayan, he is Narasimha. Arjun sees all his avatar. Krishna says he is the battle, he is the battlefield, he is each weapon of the universe, he is the peace, he is all 5 elements of life, he is ved; he is all devtas, gandharvs, asur, yaksh, all 3 worlds. He knows all yugs as he is yug, he is time, he is kaal and mahakal, he is in bhakti, he is in whole universe and even Arjun is in him. Arjun says he is elated to see all his forms; he thought Krishna is divine, but he is the whole universe and immortal; his geeta will everything; he called him Madhav, friend, what not unknowingly. Krishna asks him to lift his bow and start dharma yuddha. Arjun lifts bow asks him to take him back to his side. Krishna does. Arjun pulls arrows and says without Krishna’s shank naad, this war will not start. Krishna plays shank while Arjun shoots arrow in air. War starts and Kauravs and Pandavs fight each other and kill each other’s soldiers.

Radha worriedly tells Krishna that war stared and it will bring destroyal. Krishna says this war will start a new beginning and says like he became Arjun’s charioteer, she has to become Ayan’s charioteer. Radha sees people chasing Ayan to kill him. Radha asks what happened to Ayan. Krishna says Ayan lost everything after she left him, his father disowned him and then he started weapon shop and due to his wicked natured fooled people, now people want to kill him. Radha says Ayan is her childhood friend and she needs to help him. Krishna says as he told, she needs to guide Ayan and asks her to go and bring him here. Radha says his words are her order and leaves.

Sanjay watches Kurkshetra war via his superpowers and informs Dhritarastra that dear ones are fighting with each other, Bhisma and guru Dronachaarya are showering arrows on Pandav’s soldiers and soldiers are backing off. Dhritarastra gets happy hearing that and says Bhisma has boon of expected death and as Duryodhan said, they will win.

Ayan hides in shiv temple and thinks his parents, sister, and whole Barsana are against him, even Radha left him, he lost everything, etc. Radha enters and says his friend is with him. Ayan says he lost everything trying to do business. She says he is a warrior and can get a job in kurukshetra war. He says he doesn’t need her help. She says she never asked him anything, now she wants him to accompany her. He agrees.

After day’s war, Pandavs in their camp feel sad discussing that king Virat helped them, but lost his sons Uttar and Shwet in today’s war. Bheem says Bhisma and guru Drona’s arrows are killing soldiers and Duryodhan interferes in between warriors illegally. Nakul asks if they cannot cheat like Duryodhan. Krishna says they are not Duryodhan and needs to follow dharma. Arjun says they all should follow Madhav’s advice.

Precap: Krishna tells Ayan that even he is his friend. Ayan blames Krishna for Kurukshetra war and wherever war happens. Krishna says he should realize truth.

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