RadhaKrishn 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Bhargavi Meets Padmavathi

RadhaKrishn 12th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bhargavi gifts a chain and pendant to Srinivas and goes to return Vasu’s precious gift. Srinivas thinks Vasu may not like it. Princess Padmavathi tells her friends that if Vasu gets busy with Bhargavi, then Bhargavi will not meet Srinivas, so he needs to help Vasu. Bhargavi raaches palace to return Vasu’s gift. Bala informs Vasu that the king and rishi Bhrigu are in a sabha to discuss some important issue, so he should meet them and express his desire to marry Bhargavi. Vasu heads towards sabha while Bhargavi gets lost while searching for raj sabha.

Padmavathi gets ready to meet Srinivas with gifts thinking he will be happy seeing her presents. Srinivas looks at Bhargavi’s gift and thinks he will wear it until Bhargavi realizes she is his Laxmi. Bhargavi notices princess Padamavathi’s procession passing towards Natraj temple and follows her. Padmavathi prays Mahadev that everything should be as per her wish. Bhargavi calls her excitedly and walks towards her. A kumkum thali falls down due to a gush of air. Bhargavi walks on kumkum and walks towards Bhargavi. Padmavathi asks who is she, her footsteps look like Devi’s footsteps. Bhargavi says she looks more divine and she is elated to meet her.

Padmavathi asks again who is she. Bhargavi introduces herself. Padmavathi recalls the recent events and thinks she wanted to meet Bhargavi and god sent her. Bhargavi says she came to meet Vasu. Padmavathi says she will not interfere between them and asks her to go and meet Vasu and meet her again while returning home. She thinks she will show her that there is no place for Bhargavi between her and Srinivas.

Vasu tries to enter sabha, but guards stop him on the king’s order. King seeks Bhrigu’s opinion regarding Padmavati’s marriage as he had promised Padmavati to get her married to man of her choice. Bhrigu says king took a right decision and says he is sure Padmavathi will find her desired match soon. King says he will coronate Vasu after Padmavathi’s marriage. Vasu interferes them and says he wants to discuss something important. Bhargavi walks in just then. Bhrigu asks her to take king’s blessings. King blesses her and says he is happy to see her after many years. Vasu says its the best time to talk about his and Bhargavi’s marriage.

Bhargavi says she wants to talk to Vasu and takes him aside. He says he is happy to see her in palace. She returns his gift, irking him. Padmavathi happily checks the perfumes before meeting Srinivas. Maid informs her that Srinivas is coming. Padmavathi rushes to Srinivas and requests him to close his eyes and walk with her. He agrees. She walks holding his hand and thinks Bhargavi should be ready to be separated from Srinivas.

Precap: Bhargavi feels disheartened noticing Padmavathi with Srinivas.

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