RadhaKrishn 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Ingenious Plan

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RadhaKrishn 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha tells Jatila that she will find a new friend, looking at Krishna, and asks her to go. Once she leaves, Radha warns Krishna to dare not speak to her. Krishn asks how can he be silent in front of her. She says as a guru dakshina she wants him to be quiet and walks away. Krishna thinks she herself will speak to him soon.

At Kans place, Akroor requests Kans to start good deeds as his time is ending soon as per Krishna’s forecast. Kans angrily shouts and tries to behead him, but stops on his plea. Akroor says Narayan is protecting Krishna, so Kans should beware. Kans says then he will get a special lethal weapon which can kill even Narayan. Akroor asks is it, where is the weapon. Kans says it is in Patal lok and he will go there and bring it.

Krishna calls Shuka and tells

Balram that Shuka will help now make Radha speak to him and asks Shuka if he understand his plan. Shuka chants Radhe Radhe and flies away. In the morning, Shuka chants Radhe Krishna in front of Ayan. Ayan angrily tries to kill it with sword. Radha walks in and stops him saying Shuka is not speaking since yesterday. Ugrapath interferes and says Radha never lies. Ayan continues yelling and says he will kill shuka right away. Ugrapath warns killing an innocent bird is a sin and walks away with Radha and Shuka. Ayan tells Jatila that he is not lying. Jatila says she knows. He says he will not work. She says okay and thinks she has Radha maid to work. Radha gets busy in household chores. Shukha chants Radhe Radhe and speaks some more words. Radha excitedly smiles and asks if he will not chant Krishna. Shuka says he hates Krishna. Radha gets more happy. Krishna notices it and thinks Shuka’s purpose is fulfilled, now Radha smiled at least.

Radha goes to fetch water froom lake and joins her friends. Krishna asks Balram to accompany him with water pots and starts emotional blackmail. Balram agrees. They both walk near lake. Radha seeing him asks what is he doing here. He says he came to fetch water like her. Their nok jhok starts. Radha leaves with her friends. Krishna tells Balram that in the future Shuka will become Shukhdev bhagvan and teach Bhagvatam puran to people spreading stories about Radha and Krishna’s love.

Precap: Krishna plays bansuri saying Radha will herself come to him. Radha gets mesmerized hearing his bansuri and walks towards him.

Update Credit to: MA

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