RadhaKrishn 12th January 2019 Written Episode Update: VYOMASUR REVEALS IT ALL

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RadhaKrishn 12th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Radha requests Vyom’s father if she can take her father aside. He agrees. Vrishbhan walks aside with Radha and asks what happened. Radha says Krishna is in her room. Vrishbhan shouts in anger how dare Krishna is to come back and walks towards Radha’s room. In jungle, Vyomesh pleads Ayan not to kill him, what is his mistake. Ayan says not his mistake, it is Krishna and Balram’s mistake, they troubled him till now so much, he will Vyomesh and blame Krishna and Balram. Balram reaches there and warns Ayan to stop and warns how dare he is to think of harming Vyomesh. Ayan reveals that he and his mother planned to call Balram and Krishna there and after killing Vyomesh to blame them. Balram angrily punches Ayan, and Ayan falls far away. Balram lifts Ayan holding his neck and warns he will finish him and his cruel schemes. He is attacked by someone and he falls far away. Krishna sitting in Radha’s room thinks who attacked seshnag’s avatar and leaves Radha’s room. Radha reaches there with her parents and does not find him. She tells that Krishna wants to stop her marriage.

Vyomesh turns into Vyomasur rakshas and says he attacked Balram and says he got boon from gods that he cannot be identified by either gods or evils unless he wants to. Balram says he will finish him today and attacks. Vyomasur says nobody could harm him yet. Their fight starts. Vyomasur overpowers Balram at first and then Balram retaliates. Ayan suggests Vyomasur to attack Krishna and Balram’s friends to punish Balram. Vyomasur attacks Krishna’s tied friends. Balram runs and bears attack and freeing friends sends them away. He then warns Vyomasur he will not spare him now. Krishna reaches there and stopping him says when they can use brain, why he wants to use power, Vyomasur himself will reveal his intention.

Ayan asks Vyomasur who is he and what is his intention. Vyomasur says he posses immense black powers and came here to marry Radha and take her to Kans, then Krishna will helplessly come there and then Kans will kill him. He lifts Ayan by neck and warns if he does not do what he says, he will be killed before Krishna. He acts as severely injured. Ayan takes him and cries that Krishna and Balram brutally assaulted Vyomesh as they want to stop this marriage. Vrishbhan shouts how dare they are, gathers his people and says let us go to Nand. Ayan and Vyomasur smirk.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that when a mother gives birth to her child, she bears labor pain which his so severe that a mother is also born along with child, but after pain, there will be long happiness of child whole life; similarly we get tensed with a small pain that we forget the endless happiness it brings.

Precap: Vrishbhan warns Nand to dare not to enter other side of wall into Barsana, else there will be a big war. Mahadev thinks he has to go on earth once again to reunite Radha and Krishna and disguises as woman again.

Update Credit to: MA

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