RadhaKrishn 11th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna Describes Mahalakhsmi’s Superpowers

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Radha in the evening thinks its already evening and don’t know where everyone have gone, so she will light the lamps. Krishna walks to her and says she herself is light, so let him light lamps. She asks him to move aside as she needs to light whole palace’s lamps. He says he knows she doesn’t like darkness and is angry seeing everyone still sleeping. He silently blows off lamps. She asks him to help her light lamps. He says everyone eat and sleep at the right time when she serves them food, but when Jestha served food today, everyone are still sleeping, if Jestha did something. Radha says there is nothing like that. Alakshmi standing aside thinks wherever she says, there would be only darkness and not ight. Krishna follows her and asks her to stop stooping so low. Alakshmi says she will win for sure. Krishna says Radha is Mahalakshmi with 8 superpowers and explains each superpowers in detail. He says its duty is to alert her as she cannot fight against Mahalakshmi. Alakshmi says she has come here prepared and first she will destroy Dhanlakshmi and Dwarka’s wealth and grocery bank.

Royal family gathers, and Revathi tells Radha that don’t know what had happened that they slept for so long. Radha says yes. Alakshmi walks to Radha and says she is her elder sister and cannot see her in tension, so she will celebrate with all ladies to cheer her up. Nishant and Ulmukh ask why only women and not men. Alakshmi says women should repeatedly get a chance to be happy. Radha thanks and hugs her. Alakshmi says she is her jestha/elder sister and its her duty to keep her happy. Sam noticing a grin on her face thinks she is up to to something. He follows her and gets afraid seeing darkness. She calls him. He asks who is she, she should come in front of him. She says he came behind him. He says he wants to follow her path and help her. He says whoever follows her path will always be in sorrows, how can he help her. He says he knows she hates Radha and even he does, so enemy’s enemy is friend. She says she needs his mother Jamvati’s help to gather all women as she promised Radha for celebration. Sam says his mother will definitely help her.

Radha is in a deep thought when Krishna walks behind her and closes her eyes. She says she is not in a joking mood. He says let us play a game, he will hide a clamshell in his palm and if she identifies in which hand he has hidden it, he will tell her one bitter truth of the world or else she will. She says he will trick her as usual. He says he will not. She identifies camshell hand. He says women like clothes and are fond of it. He then says women like gold and he wants to cover her in gold. She leans on his shoulder and relaxes.

After sometime, Radha with other ladies gather and tells Jestha/Alakshmi that they are all eager to find out what she wants to say. Jestha tells a story that long ago she was in deep love with someone and after a lot of devotion, she got a boon which she hasn’t used yet and will use it today. Revati asks what is her boon. Alakshmi says gold, she has got a boon of immense gold, so she will give them how much ever gold they want and they should be more greedy and not hesitant. Women get excited hearing that. Radha says they don’t need gold as they are all happy. Jamvati say all women desire gold ornaments, so they will seek gold. Jamvati asks them to close their eyes and think howmuch gold they need. Revati desires 1 kg gold, Jamvati desires her room filled with gold, Lakshmana desires trunks full of gold. Alakhsmi asks Jamvati to find out if Radha doesn’t need gold. Radha says she doesn’t want gold. Alakshmi thinks why Radha is not getting greedy.

Precap: Jamvati and Lakshmana see their gold disappearing. Krishna tells Alakshmi that because of her, there is increasing greed in Dwarka, so she should stop her evil acts. Alakshmi says she will make Dhanalakhmi/Radha helpless by making everyone greedy.

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