RadhaKrishn 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna Accepts Ayan’s Friendship

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RadhaKrishn 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Balram tells his parents it is time to get bahu in this house. Radha coughs nervously. Yashoda and Rohini get worried for her and asks if she is fine. Radha says yes. Krishna tells Balram is signalling about his marriage; if they had stayed for some more time in Barsana, Dhama would have married Dau/Balram. Balram says he is talking about Krishna’s marriage. Krishna says it is obvious until Dau’s marriage does not happen, how can his marriage happen. Rohini twists Balram’s ear and orders him to do all household chores. Balram agrees and pleads to leave his ear, it is paining.

After sometime, Yashoda tells Nand that they should discuss about Radha and Krishna’s alliance with Vrishbhan before Radha’s alliance is fixed somewhere else; they can get Balram married

first and later Radha/Krishna’s married. Kirtida tells Vrishbhan that they should get Radha married soon seeing a monster trying to marry her recently, she is worried about Radha’s future. Vrishbhan says even he is worried about Radha’s future, but does not Radha to go through same turmoil again. Nand tells Yashoda that Barsana and Vrindavan have gone through rough time and are not ready for this yet, so he will speak later and if Radha and Krishna’s marriage is in fate, nobody can stop it.

Radha searches Krishna and hearing him playing bansuri follows it excitedly thinking even Krishna wants to meet her.. She goes and sits next to Krishna leaning her head on his shoulder. Krishna stops bansuri and smiles holding her hand. Radha says everything is so beautiful around like everyone is smiling. Krishna says when Radha smiles, even nature smiles. Radha asks what is in his mind, why did he twisted Dau’s marriage proposal. Krishna says marriage holds 2 people, but love keeps 2 lives united for years. Radha asks what he means. Krishna says even now they are together, love teaches being together fearless of the world and exploring each other; this cannot be achieved via marriage and they have not yet attained marriage age. Radha says forget marriage and play bansuri again. He says he played just now. She requests to play again. He plays bansuri again. Radha leans on his shoulder again and says she wants to spend day and night and whole life with him. He stops and says his music is complete and he cannot repeat it like feelings. Radha asks if his feelings for her will also change. Krishna says sometimes repetition is boring. Radha says he is bored of her. He picks bansuri again when his friends call him and ask where was he, they are waiting for him. Krishna asks them to go, he will follow them. They walk away. Radha says good he sent them away, let us go to some peaceful place and play bansuri. He says he sent them away so that he can go behind them. She angrily says go then. He asks if she is sure. She says yes. He walks away smiling. She gets more angry.

Krishna walks to market and sees someone following him. He turns and sees Ayan behind. Ayan apologizes him for troubling him in lieu of getting Radha. Krishna says he is elder and should not apologize. Ayan starts emotional blackmail that his prior bad deeds is forcing everyone not to believe him, he has realized he is not made for Radha; offers friendship to Krishna. Krishna hugs him saying there is no room for sorry or thank you in friendship. Ayan emotionally thanks him and grins behind him.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that to build bridge on ocean to reach Lanka, vanar sena had to work so hard; they could not achieve it before with a lot of effort, but when they wrote Ram on stone and threw it in ocean, it floated; Ram’s name’s power made it float; similarly their name’s power is developed by their good deeds.

Precap: Radha asks Krishna to give evidence that he loves more than anyone else in this world and asks to promise that he will come to her whenever she calls. He promises, and she plays bansuri at night to call him. Krishna tells Balram that Radha’s love is taking extreme end, he has to do something.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. I didnt understand this present track phichili bar tho radha ka krode aur radha ki bhai ka samhar abb kya hai kya ayaaan sachh me badal gaya kya ye koi natak

    1. Natak hi Hailey. I wonder if Krishna finds out

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