RadhaKrishn 10th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Devotion For Radha


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Rishi Durvasa returns to palace with Radha and Ayan. Jatila asks Ayan if everything is fine. Ayan nods yes. Rishi Durvasa announces that Radha and Krishna will start this time’s guru vandana/pooja and Radha will make arrangements. Radha agrees, looking at Smiling Krishna. Everyone greet him and walk away except Krishna. He greets Krishna and thanks him for letting him be part of him teaching love to this world, he would always help him and be thankful. Krishna blesses him. Later Radha and Krishna perform Rishi Durvasa’s pooja. Rishi Durvasa says when he was meditating, Balram offered him flowers and requested something and today he is blessing Radha with that request, but there is still time to know his goal.

Radha gets busy in packing her clothes when Krishna walks in. She

asks him to go away from here. Krishna says he came to now if Rishi Durvasa gave any punishment. Radha reminisces Rishi Durvasa cursing Ayan that if he touches Radha with lust, he will be burnt alive. She lies that Rishi Durvasa just explained Ayan. Krishna says he cannot believe, but anyways let Rishi Durvasa and even them teach Ayan as a new phase has started. Radha asks him to stop him tricks and move on as she is already married. Krishna says his duty is to love her and teach love to this world. Radha says enough now and walks away. Krishna thinks how he will not do anything but just explain.

Ayan finds Krishna in jungle and says he was searching him all around, but he is here. Krishna asks why. Balram says he took a big risk at Rishi Durvasa’s meet, he should not repeat it; Ayan
got curse, what will Krishna do now. Krishna says he realized that Ayan’s curse is his life’s biggest boon. Balram asks how. Krishna says over time he will understand that a way from curse to boon is amazing. Balram asks what will he do now. Krishna says what Radha calls him, trickster, magician, he will do tricks; soon a moment will come where he and Radha will experience a new phase of life.

Radha walks to Rishi Durvasa and asks if he called her. Rishi Durvasa says he wants to explain her something, guru is not selected by duty but by heart, whoever is in heart is guru. Student thinks he/she chose guru, but in reality guru chooses student. Radha says guru poornima has finished, she did not understand what he means. He says she should listen to her heart. Radha says she is a common woman and cannot understand all this. Rishi Durvasa says she is not a common woman and over time she will understand everything. She leaves. He greets Radhe Radhe.

Balram walks to Radha and says she needs to meet Krishna as he does not want to return to Barsana. Radha says let him sit in jungle, she does not care if he returns to Barsana or not. Krishna prays Radha’s idol and thinks Radha came at last. He starts drama that he wants to give guru dakshina, but Radha did not come at all. Balram returns and asks to stop acting as Radha did not come. Krishna says he cannot do even a single task. Balram says he acted well, but Radha did not come. Krishna says Radha will come for sure as he knows her well; she must be thinking about her for sure. Radha keeps her belongings in cart and thinks she will not go to Krishna, but thinks if he does not go, Nand baba and Yashoda maiya will feel bad, so she has to go. Krishna explains same to Balram. Balram says Radha will not come. Krishna starts actinng again. Radha walks to him. He asks if she will not let him follow his student dharma. Radha asks to do whatever he wants to soon. He asks to take a seat and washing her feet does her pooja.

Precap: Krishna breaks Radhha and her friends’ water pots.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Translation is bad. There are so many grammatical errors.

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