RadhaKrishn 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Yashoda Suspects Krishna

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Krishna tells Balram that for a new thinking, one has to forget old traditions, Vrishbhan trusted someone else and did a mistake, Radha crossed 2nd barrier and headed towards 3rd one. Balram asks when Krishna and Radha are not human, then why he is worried so much. Krishna says they are born in this world now, so they have to follow this world’s rule. Balram gets tensed seeing Yashoda and tries to convince her. Yashoda asks why did Kanha do that. Balram asks her to question kanha well.

Radha gets ready for her engagement/fruit exchange ceremony reminiscing Krishna telling he does not love her. Kirtida enters and asks if she is fine, she should forget Krishna and marry Vyomesh. On the other side, Krishna tells Yashoda not to doubt him as he did not do anything. She gives her promise and asks to repeat then. Krishna backs off. She asks what did he do. Krishna thinks how to explain her, it is a difference between human and god. Radha tells Kirtida that she does not love Krishna now and is ready to marry whoever his parents choose. Yashoda tells Krishna that Radha must be having some issue, else she would not have kept quiet; because of Krishna, Radha is insulted and rift created between Vrishbhan and Nand, she will not speak to him until Krishna clears Vrisbhan and Nand’s differences. Once she leaves, Balram laughs and says what will he do now as Radha’s fruit exchange ceremony will start soon, it is marriage’s first step.

Radha’s fruit exchange ceremony celebration starts. Vrisbhan asks Vyom’s family to start ritual. Radha imagines Krishna in front of her and thinks if she is dreaming. Ayan fumes that he had to marry Radha, but in lieu of taking revenge with Krishna, some fool is marrying Radha. Krishna sends Sudama to misguide guards and jumps wall into Barsana. Radha’s fruit exchange ritual start. Ayan sees Krishna and follows him to jungle. Krishna hides. Ayan searches him and thinks he must be crying somewhere.

Krishna watches ritual. Vyom’s mother tires to fix bangles in Radha’s hand, but Radha stops. Krishna thinks he knew she would do that and seeing her sad thinks she has to be happy as it is goal of his love. Radha returns to her room angrily and finds Krishna there.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that they all believe there will be love in life, be it parents and children’s love, sculptor and sculpture’s love, the difference is attraction, some parents tie their children and don’t let them play due to fear, it is attraction; one should experience things and develop their own identity; with fear, attraction is born and with love, peace is born.

Precap: Krishna challenges Radha that he will stop her marriage. Radha walks out to bring Vrishbhan.

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