Radha Mohan 2nd July 2022 Written Episode Update: Kadambari hears Ketki revealing the truth

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Gungun calls Radha who is still praying, she wipes off her tears and Gungun asks if she is once again crying, Radha replies she is not crying, Gungun thinks her hand would be hurting but Radha refuses however Gungun places the food on the bed asking her to eat it, Radha sits trying to eat however she keeps on struggling because of the hand, Gungun asks if she can help her eat, she sits beside Radha making a bite for her so she can eat. Mohan standing at the door is looking at her daughter along with Tulsi, Gungun is helping Radha eat with a smile, Tulsi asks Mohan to see their daughter is growing as she has learnt to take care of others, Mohan exclaims that his relation is of hate and pain, the hate because Tulsi died after burning and pain because he was not able to save her, Mohan exclaims what if anything happened to her, he exclaims even Damini burnt her hand while trying to save Radha.

Tulsi exclaims that she is glad he is giving some respect to Radha but she is sad as he thinks that his Tulsi died so he was not able to give the punishment to the real culprits, she exclaims she was not able to protect her but will not let those who have harmed Radha get away with it all.

Damini exclaims she wanted to show what she is capable of doing when Radha wrote the name of Mohan on her hand, Kaveri asks what did she get in return as her own hand got burnt because of it, Damini exclaims she is protected because of her burnt hand otherwise Radha would have spilled the entire truth as soon as she woke up, Damini exclaims she just attacked her one time and is going to do it again tomorrow, she is going to give her a lot of pain. Kaveri is stunned seeing the vase moving so takes the name of Tulsi, Damini explains she is the one who saved Radha but would not be able to do it every time, Damini is suddenly slapped, Kaveri exclaims she is present here. Tulsi is standing in front of Kaveri and Damini, she is really frustrated and in anger causes all of the things to move in the room, she even breaks the photo of Damini with Mohan, she stands up when Tulsi moves the chair which Damini stops, she challenges Tulsi to stop this act as she should end her life if she can otherwise must leave the room since she is not scared of her. Tulsi once again slaps her, Damini exclaims is this all that she can do to her since she would have scared Tulsi even more, so Tulsi thinks she cannot cross her limits like her so leaves. Kaveri asks if she has also lost her mind and started quarreling with the ghost when Damini exclaims this is not the time to be scared and she knows how to get rid of both Tulsi and Radha.
Radha is walking in the hall when she feels as if someone is following her, she immediately starts to scream seeing Ketki, she very politely asks Radha how did she end up in the carpet and what had happened to her, Radha replies she doesnot know what happened as she just went to Damini with the food, she feels Damini would have told the truth, Ketki exclaims there are only two people who are nice in this house, one is Radha and the other Damini, Radha gets tesned questioning what is she saying as she was just so polite with her, Ketki exclaims she knows Dmaini is planning something as she is miussing from her room.

Damini is with the guru maa exclaiming she was right as the ghost of tulis teases her but never intents to kill her, Guru maa replies because she is a nice ghost and only is stukc in this world because of her husband and daughter, Damini asks then why does she not talk with them, Guru maa replies because she has been bound by a vow, Damini replies she knows Mohan gave her a vow when she was leaving the house, guru maa suyggests that she would not be problem when Dmaini gets married with Mohan. Damini replies that Tulsi is not her problem but she is worried about Rada, Guru maa stands questioning why did she not tell her before, Damini replies because she thought of taking care of Radha herself since she belongs to a village, Guru maa exclaims that the place where they live, Radharani is the most powerful so she must be worried about Tulsi but rather Radha who is in her way. Damini doesnot understand.

In the morning Radha is with Gungun in the mandir, she shows Gungun the way to pray and Mohan standing in the back exclaims he never thought that his daughter would be listening to anyone and even accept their advice, he knows that the day is not far away when she would also understand that her father did not kill her mother. Radha asks if she light the Diya alone yesterday, Gungun replies she did it with the help of Mohan, hearing this Radha turns back and is stunned seeing Mohan standing, he feels awkward and turns to go back but Radha replies he cannot leave like this, she asks if he prayed for her when Mohan replies he just helped Gungun. Radha keeps on smiling but Mohan threatens to even punch her before asking her to come inside and have the breakfast, Radha refuses mentioning she would have to go to the mandir and that too barefoot. Mohan calls her with a half mind when Damini comes from behind questioning why is he questioning the religious sentiments of anyone. Mohan agrees to let her go, Damini exclaims that she cannot drive because of her hands so would he drop her to office as even the driver is on leave, Mohan questions then why does she also not stay back home. Damini replies that she has an important meeting. Mohan agrees to drop her at the time when she feels like going to office.

Damini asks Radha to take care of herself when she even requests for the mobile, she mentions she has set her number on the speed dial so Radha can contact her any time she feels like, Gungun gets worried wondering since when did she become so nice.

Damini enters the house with the bags when Ketki stops her so tries to look in the bag, Ketki questions what would the people say that the daughter in law of tivari family stayed out of the house the entire night, Damini replies she is taking the things to send her back to the in laws house, Ketki mentions she saw her with the carpets that reached the tempo which caught fire with Radha inside it, Ketki exclaims that just because Damini had to apologize she tried to kill Radha. Damini replies she has a detective mind so can write books but Ketki replies she may not be able to write books but there are a lot of things which happened in this house which they are not able to explain, like Tulsi Bhabhi committing suicide because of a small quarrel. Tulsi exclaims Ketki is going in the right direction since she is clever while Radha is a simple girl.

Damini threatens to throw Ketki out of the house as soon as she gets married, Ketki replies she would see who leaves when she reveals that Damini was pulling the carpet, Kadambari hears Ketki and so starts connecting all the clues which she had, she remembers when Damini pointed to the carpet which was in the hall and she even brought the mobile from under the sofa, Kadambari is furious thinking when she was trying to ask Radha, Kaveri started the act and even Damini exclaimed Radha takes care of everyone but not herself. Kadambari starts getting furious.

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