Radha Krishna (eternal love) 34

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The episode starts with Radha serving ladoos to everyone. Krishna jumps in between.. For me? Radha says yes yes, take this, for you. Krishna eats it and says so you took my name while making it, didn’t you? Radha says no no. Krishna says this is the special taste of my name. Radha says it isn’t. You’re mistaken. Krishna says you’re lying. Lying is a bad habit. Radha says I’m not lying, okay? Krishna says are you sure? Radha says ye…sss… What’s the doubt. Krishna takes the Laddoo to her ear and the sound Krishna, spoken by Radha echoes in her ear. Radha stares Krishna in disbelief. Krishna smiles. Radha says okay okay, I took your name. Happy? Krishna says hmm, won’t you eat Laddoos of my special taste? He feeds her a laddoo..

Sudama knocks at Nanda bhavan. Aghasur says finally Krishna came. Yashoda says oh no… Sudama comes and says Yashoda kaki, kanha is in Madhuban and he said he’ll be a bit late in coming home so he sent me. Okay bye… He runs back to the forest. Aghasur laughs and says Krishna’s death is certain now. Yashoda says noooo, don’t harm him.. Aghasur goes.
Krishna and his friends are having food. Krishna tastes Vishakha’s Gulab jamun and sys they are yummier than Radha’s Laddoos. Radha says what? You are such a big… Krishna says ooh yes, I’m sorry I forgot the taste of your Laddoos. Radha picks up two Laddoos and pushes them into Krishna’s mouth. Now remember their taste. Krishna says hmm yum yummy.. They all laugh.

Aghasur opens his mouth as wide as a cave and thinks when Krishna will come with his friends he’ll step inside and I’ll kill him.

Sheetal beats raj and asked where’s my son? Bring him back to me otherwise I curse you you won’t find your daughter Padma. Raj says no, don’t do that, we’ll leave to the forest right away, there we’ll bring both kids back.
Radha says nothing sounds more pleasant then your flute Kanha.. Balram says yes, after all he’s my brother. By the way we should go and explore Yamuna bank now, we’ve ample time. all of them leave. Radha looks at aghasur cave like mouth and says, this cave? When did it come here? It wasn’t there yesterday. When we made the pools. Sudan says yes, lets go and see inside the cave. Everyone enter the cave except Krishna. Balram says it seems like this is the mouth of some demon. Madhu says where’re we trapped now? Radha says where’s Krishna? Everyone gets unconscious by the demon’s heat. Aghasur is about to close his mouth, while Krishna enters inside the cave. And it shuts down. Krishna looks around at his unconscious friends and says hmm, so time for one more mission.

You made them unconscious by your heat, I’ll kill you by heat only now.. He takes fireballs and starts hitting them inside the demon’s stomach. Aghasur opens his mouth and Krishna jumps out with his friends. Krishna kills aghasur.
All the villagers are waiting for their kids outside the forest. Krishna comes with all his friends, Radha and Raghu. All the parents hug their kids but raj is devastated. Padma isn’t there..! He asks Krishna, Kanha where’s my daughter, where’s Padma? Krishna says kaka, actually I couldn’t save her. Aghasur ate her.
Kansa laughs and says what if Krishna killed agasur, guru Shukracharya must have made Krishna’s kaal, the one with the power of five elements/ panchbhuta.. Now his death is certain.

Precap:-arrival of ‘Krishna’s kaal’

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