Radha Krishna (eternal love) 33

The epi starts with the cart leaving with Krishna and his friends.. Madhu says I can’t wait to eat. Krishna says calm down Madhu, we’re not going to eat as soon as we reached the picnic spot. Every one laugh. Padma is moving towards her home with Raghu. On the other hand raj founds Padma missing and gets tensed. Sheetal thinks if both kids are missing then maybe they are together..

Aghasur goes to Nanda Bhavan in search for Krishna. Meanwhile Krishna and his friends reach the picnic spot. Balram says lets play for a while before enjoying the scenery. Radha says dau, remember we had actually planned a race on Yamuna bank but it was delayed because of Krishna’s kund/ pool making? Lets do the same again. Krishna says okay then. From here to Yamuna bank and back again.. Sudan says we planned everything but water, I’m thirsty. Radha says I’ll bring some water. Lalita says I’ll come with you radha. Prabha says me too. Krishna says she’s going to fill water, not on a war, let her go alone. Radha says yes yes, I can go alone. And I’ll bring water from our pools only. I’ll be back..!
Padma and Raghu are stopped by some thieves in the way. Thief says snatch their ornaments and other things if they’ve any. Padma says leave us. Thief pulls of her necklace, ear rings and bangles. She shouts. Radha is on her way back. She wonders from where the sound came and arrives on the spot. She throws the pot full of water at the thief’s head. She shouts go away from here, and don’t come here again. The thieves run away. Radha says I’m Radha, I’ve come with some of my friends here, you should come and join us, you’re unsafe alone. Padma says thanks for saving us Radha didi, we were very afraid. Radha comes with Padma and Raghu and narrates the whole incident to everyone.

Krishna says you’re very brave Radha, that’s very good quality of you. I’m impressed. He forwards his hand to her and says sakhi, will you do Raas with me?? Krishna plays his flute melodiously and the gopis along with Radha dance around him..

It turns out to be Radha’s imagination and Radha was dancing madly deeply involved in her thoughts and everyone was laughing at her. Vishakha says ooh Radha. Did you get mad? Krishna takes his peacock feather and tickles it gently on Radha’s face. She comes out of her imagination and looks at the chuckling faces staring at her. Oh my Narayan, what’s happening with me, what am I feeling? She thinks. Vishakha says if yours is over then I suggest you to kindly eat something so that your mind stays inside your skull ? and doesn’t wander. Radha says what’re you saying Vishakha, at least you not tease me please..! Everyone laugh..

Aghasur asks Nanda Yashoda where is Krishna, I’m looking for him, tell me otherwise I’ll kill you. Nanda says we don’t know. Yashoda says what has my son done that you and your demon friends keep troubling him? We don’t know where he is and nor will we tell you. Go away..! Kill me but don’t think of harming my son.
Krishna tells Balram that three important motives will be fulfilled today. Balram asks what? Krishna replies first, Radha’s Laddoos will be mine, second, Aghasur will get the punishment for his agha(sins), and thirdly, Sheetal kaki will get justice dau.. ?? Balram says ooh then its okay.. Going to be fun.

Raj says our daughter don’t know what’ll happen to her, don’t know where she’ll be, seems like Narayan is punishing us for leaving Raghu in the jungle. Sheetal hears his words and says what? So I was right? You only vanished my Raghu, my son.! I won’t leave you. She takes a stick kept around and attacks Raj.! Krishna smiles ?. Balram says let the race be aside, we’ll explore this place more, we’ve hardly been here.. Sudama nods. Krishna calls sudama and says you’re my best friend na,? Sudama nods. Krishna says do one thing then… He whispers something in his ears. Sudama runs away. Krishna says hmm, two missions are going good, third mission.. He turns to Radha with a mischievous smile..

Precap:-. Krishna says hmm,you took my name while making this. Radha says no. Krishna holds the ladoo near Radha’s ear and the sound Krishna comes from the ladoo. Aghasur opens his mouth as wide as a cave..

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