Radha Krishna (eternal love) 24

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The episode starts with Dhanu bringing the saint to Vrindavan n says this saint is gr8 he’ll help us finding the thief. Krishna tells balram their plan is working well. Balram nods. Saint gets ladoos in his hand n says whosoever will eat this Prasad if he is the thief his ears and nose will enlarge.. Everyone have d Prasad.. Yashoda says nobody’s ears enlarged that means they’re not d thief. Saint says this Prasad has Haldi mix in it whosoever has eaten this Prasad his tongue ? will get orange, the thief hasn’t eaten d Prasad his tongue wont get orange. Saint checks everyone’s mouth wile Radha tries to go away from there. Krishna sees her n stops her. Where’re you going? Radha says I’m going… Woh.. Actually I’m going to…
Krishna says show ur mouth ?. Radha opens her mouth her tongue isn’t orange. Krishna says Radha u r d thief…? Radha says noooo Kanha I’m not d thief, bt I’ve stolen the gold.. Krishna says if you’re not the thief hw come u stole d gold? Radha says I don’t know Kanha it’s not my fault, trust me u know I can’t steal anything, bt wen i had freed the butterfly given by u, don’t know what happened to me, I got greedy for gold, I know Nanda raj has been arrested cos of me, I was going to get the gold, I’ll return it… Plz forgive me… Krishna asks where did u hide the money? Radha sys in d forest. Krishna says don’t worry we’ll all go n get the money.. Radha nods n takes Krishna to the place where she hid d money. Whole Vrindavan praja searches for d money. Krishna tells Balram dat he isn’t able to find the gold by his divine sight. Wen ever i try to find a clue I try to look fr the new prob by my sight all I see is bright light blocking my sight. May b radha help us gt a clue. Lets go n ask radha.

But to their surprise Radha is nowhere to be found in the whole forest..
Kriti says Radha isn’t anywhere to b found.. Balram looks at Krishna. Is there no way to know what’s going on?? Is there no one who can see that dev particle?? Krishna smiles. That’s it dau.. I know who can help us. Everyone in SwargLok can see that particle. I’ll have to go. Till then u hv 2 distract Vrindavan praja. I’ll b back in a whack..
Krishna goes to lord Ganesh.
“Pranam Narayan.. U here, what’s d matter?”
“u know very well ganpati, plz tell me who is behind all of it”
“? Years ago it came to u fr d same prob , n now u urself can’t identify it? It’s kuber Putra, lobhasur”
“LOBHASUR..! again! Oh my god!”
“bt aren’t u d god?”
“no, I m bt dis tym u r d 1 who’s gonna save us.. Thnx”
Krishna back to Vrindavan..
“dau all of it has been done by lobhasur. He’s kuber son”
“kuber son, a demon?”
“yes dau.. He was always wanting more and more, he was never satisfied, one day he went to demons n den…”
“Den wat”
“what all demons do.. He attacked SwargLok n even won. Bt his greed defeated him”
“That means we’ve to defeat him asap otherwise he’ll turn all of our Vrindavan praja into thieves..!”
“YES!! He’ll come wen he gets to know there’s gold here…”

Krishna clicks n d chariot gets full of gold..
“Kanha couldn’t u do it long ago?”
“No dau, mamashri will get his gold only, this is a gift for lobhasur”
“Gift ?? N that too for that greedy demon.. God knows what u r upto”
“I know what I’m upto dau, u enjoy dis game”
Krishna calls al the Vrindavan ppl n tells dem he has found d gold. Al d Vrindavan praja gt happy. A swarm of butterflies come flying around and sit on al d ppl. Everyone’s eyes get Red n they fr very crazy For the gold. They start stealing all the gold as much as they can gather and rush to their homes…

Precap- 25th epi.. Mahaepisode-Lobhasur gone…. KriDha fyt on.. Vishaka pushes radha n she fall straight on… On Krishna ????.

Plz leave a comment dears.. Hope u liked it. Nxt epi will b full of KriDha scenes..

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  1. Astra

    Super dooper dear…loved it a lot…… I want some funny incidents of krishna with friends and Radha…. when will be nxt part

    1. Vanshika

      Hey thank you so much ? next epi I’ll b posting soon perhaps Wednesday or Thursday.. N that epi I’m assuring u ll make u at least smile cos that’ll b full of funny scenes n from next epi there’ll b very exciting and fun adventures a rest to demons for sum tym n full toooooo KriDha enjoyment and fyt n romance… Lobhasur story I’ve not made up fully it’s creation only I created the name and dialogs, my gran had told me dat there was a demon who came in Vrindavan n turned everyone into demons to take their gold, so I jus modified it a lil bit n that’s it!!!! ? love you ?

  2. Astra

    Is this lobasur is true..or u created it..?

    1. Astra

      Hey..got it… lobha means greedy.. from that u kept the name right.. hats off dear… ur amazing really… love u

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