Radha Krishna (eternal love) 23 (Radha turns evil)

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The episode starts with d butterfly sitting on Radha’s hand. Her eyes turn red n she says I want gold..!
Kansa laughs n says its tym to engulf Krishna in such a maze from which he cant get out ever.. He calls his army chief and tells him something.. D army chief goes..
Sum tym later….
D same army chief comes with sum soldiers and chariots full of gold in Vrindavan. Nanda asks him d matter. He says we’ve to wait here for some time after dat we’ve to go to sum odr kingdom, bt we its going to b nyt in sum tym, ee need ur help we’ll rest here fr the Nyt and then we’ll leave in morning, till then we want u to guard d gold fr the nyt. Nanda says don’t worry everything will be Fyn, we’ll guard d gold fr d night ?. He asks Yashoda to arrange food fr the travellers n soldiers. She goes wid d soldiers.

Nanda tells all d villagers that they’ll have to guard the gold together. He divides dem into groups n asks dem to go and guard the border of Vrindavan, he asks the kids to guard one chariot, he says i, Vrishbhan n Upananda will guard the second chariot and the third chariot will b guarded by the remaining ppl. The females wil cuk food fr all the ppl to stay awake the nyt… Radha looks at d chariot n smirks ?

Nanda says gud job we’ve guarded the chariot successfully. Krishna says b4 returning chariots to army chief we should check out the money. Nanda agrees and unveils d chariots. One of d chariots is empty.. D army chief comes jus den n arrests Nanda raj. He says you’ve cheated us Nanda how cum d money got vanished in front of ur eyes.? Yashoda cries n says how cn u imprison him lyk this, gv us sum tym to find out the money. Kansa says they cannot find it even in a thousand births.. Army chief says no.
Krishna says how cn u do this wat kind of king is Kansa n wat type of senapati r u? Under whose orders cn u do dis?? If u don’t give us tym it’ll be injustice n we wont let this happen. It’s not PitaShri’s mistake, nobody needs a king lyk Kansa who………… Army chief says OK OK ?, you’ve tym till sunset ?..

The messenger brings a letter n says that it’s maharaja’s order if u don’t return d money till sunset ? Nanda will b killed… Everyone get shocked n senapati takes Nanda raj away..
Evry1 think of a plan to find d thief, meanwhile Krishna goes away from there..
A thief wid his face covered enters Dhanupati’s house. Dhanupati is talking to sum1. D thief steals money ? from d safe n goes away. Dhanupati notices him n runs behind the thief shouting THIEF THIEF, CATCH HIM CATCH HIM… Balram comes there n runs behind thief. The thief holds balrams hand n brings him behind the wall. Balram unveils d thief n shouts KRISHNA YOU….!!! NO YOU CAN’T B D THIEF ?????… Krishna says no dau I’m Not at all d thief, it’s jus a plan.. “……”

A saint comes to Dhanupati’s house ? asking for alms.. He says give me sum alms.. He looks at Dhanupati carefully n says sahukar Dhanupati, it’s ur name.. Dhanupati says u r gr8 sadhu ji. Saint says I know everything already. I know ur money has been stolen by a thief. Dhanupati says help me in finding the thief. Saint smiles n nods ? ? ?..

Precap:- Radha tells Krishna that she has stolen d money ?. Kriti says Radha isn’t anywhere to b found.. Krishna gets shocked.

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  1. Astra

    now let’s see how krishna is going to get back normal radha…. and, when krishna and kamsa are going to have final war?

    1. Vanshika

      There’s much tym in Krishna Kansa war abt 100 episodes to go ??? first I’m going to put many KriDha scenes n love then only final war against Kansa lets see what more he can do. ???? thank you dii n I’ve also to see how Krishna will make Radha normal ????? love u ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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