Rachana Parulkar got replaced by Asha Negi in EMA, who will Kalpi remain for you?

The gorgeous and superb actress Rachana Parulkar made Kalpi/Kalpana a house hold name and many became her fans post the generation leap in the show. She was loved by everyone and her chemistry with Ashish Chowdhry hit the milestones and their romantic scenes were the USP of the show Ek Mutthi Aasmaan. We have seen the exit of Rachana Parulkar, as she has been replaced in the show by the beautiful and talented Asha Negi, the very famous Purvi of Zee tv’s Pavitra Rishta. Rachana will be starring in any new project.

Rachana started her acting career at the age of eighteen as character Sawri in well known Zee TV show Saat Phere – Saloni Ka Safar . She was further seen as Akruti in Star Plus show Sapnon Se Bhare Naina. Rachana also did a cameo in show Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil and made episodic appearance in TV Show Gumraah. Her dusky looks and expressive eyes added to her girl next door looks and instantly connected with the audience in the show EMA. Rachana was nominated for Zee Gold Awards for her role as Kalp for the same show.

Asha Negi shared the screen with Rachana before as Madhura in Sapnon Se Bhare Naina. She won the Indian dance reality show Nach Baliye 6 along with her partner Rithvik Dhanjani. She starred in Bade Acche Lagte Hain as Apeksha which was a cameo role and now doing Kalpi’s role, named Suhana, post Kalpi’s accident and getting into the Diwaan family as Sanjay’s daughter. We wish to see Asha in the sweet role of Kalpi/Suhana and wish her all the best for entertaining us by her acting skills.

  1. Aysha kwankwaso

    I dont think you should change kalpi shes the best actress in ek mutthi asman


  3. Hal Nalini girl we can beg we can beg until we eye ball, drop out we head, we can get what we ask for all the times, so friends we just have to think what next with EMA.

  4. I m just damn happy ! Now i have a strong reason to watch EMA coz i didn’t liked to watch this show when rachna parulkar was in this show but i know ASHA NEGI will rock this show . Luv u ASHA

    1. Nothing to comment on it as it is ur personal Opinion. But very soon u also realise the pain of RAGANA fans, when your favour will kicked of from EMA . No one can beat Rachna ‘s acting talent. Our prayer and blessings r always with her.

  5. Afreen Patel

    this is supper news becouse the show needed a change of story and happy it happen to looking forward to see ASHA in her new avator
    all the best ASHA

    1. Working with illogical and shameless people can not be good news for anybody. Not for your Ms Negi also. Very soon she will realize it

  6. Lovely news as the show need new story and hopping to see Asha [Suhana] new story in ek muthi aasmaan

    1. Wht lovely news??????/ they failed to do justice with earlier story and leave it incomplete and now ur hoping to see Negi in New story. God only knows what the hell they are going to do. All hopes are destroy here. All the best for ur hope

  7. ok wishing Asha [Suhana] a supper happy journey in the show

    1. Very soon she will realize what kind of journey it is

  8. it is all rubbish i hope zee tv will show rachnas new project

  9. Wishing that Asha will do justice for her role 🙂

    1. dis role was tailor made for rachana & she did full justice to it… pls check & watch previous episodes of EMA… if u r honest enough u ll realise d story went wrong … EMA could ve rectified d storyline but dey replaced Rachana … u r a fan of Asha so tomorrow bcoz of d story if she is replaced without any rhyme or reason R U going to like it…. so Asha shouldnt ve taken dis role she doesnt fit into it….she can never do justice to d role of Kalpi as u cant beat d ORIGINAL….

    2. go to hell with her role and justice completely bycotted

  10. People are really getting happy for asha but rachna was also great

  11. i think rachna suits this role and they replace her because Asha is more popular and a well known actress when will u people give the smaller actress a chance to step into the spot light

  12. i hope she make Kalip’s role more interesting as she has replaced her there must be something better about her

  13. We want rachana back


  15. I’m agree with u nlini.It’s our right that we can take a objection abot the show.The tem of ema mst be take ragna on ema.

  16. All the best Asha for this crap show..hv no problem with u..u r gd actress…dancer bt nvr can accpt u as kalpi…our kalpi is only 1..datz rachna parulkar..some jealous pple were bashed her..bt fact is fact no one can replace rachna..NO ASHISH RACHNA NO EMA…END EMA

  17. so cheap thoughts who commented on rachna’s skin color…

  18. Hello all,

    This is true no one can replace rachana Pulaker as our Kalpi and Ashish Choudhary as our Raghav we loved ths show because of them otherwise no one has that much talent that can get our attention. and we keep watching in wrost situation in hope that one day they will together and fight for their love and prestige which is distroying by their family members and will teach lesson to Pakhi(b*t*h) but see creative team changed our hero and heroien and now if story line will be good that nothing intrest of us o watch this show i wish trp wil go very very down so that the dj creative team go to them back and beg to them to come back then this show will rock its true…..but i know no one listen us this is disgusting really ashish always praise our comment and us rachana as well but creative team due to pakhi’s relative they changed main charcater to get her popularity no way it will not happen …kisi ko neeche girakar apna khud aage badna cheeting ke saath never get successfull even thought ashsih and rachan got lots of love and fan followingand welove to watch them again in movie as well they are rock stars…

  19. we all love only ashishs and rachan as our raghave and kalpi please come back like FIR maine chotala had came back by directors…

  20. Dd u don’t know english or what ? Ur very bad in english!

    1. EMA fan with broken heart and tears

      She maybe bad in english but very good person /human from heart which u r not

    2. well said. we r not here to learn english phinglish.who cares?keep ur english lession with u.only emotion matter . to whom i am saying this., grab show EMA.

  21. Why do people judge others about colour?Everybody is beautiful in their own way. @ZeeTV ,Cvs & Ph their all hippocrates they don’t need to replace Rachana they need more Brain bec their storyline was all rubbish…Rachana is an amazing actress and no one can replace her she is 1 of a kind. Cvs,Ph and Zeetv need to realized Rachana S Parulkar she is all natural beauty. Rachana and Aashish love chemistry was magic on screen. I hope God punish Cvs,Ph and Zeetv and let them go off air with them rubbish show ‪#‎Ema‬.

  22. we want our aashish choudhary (raghav) & rachna parulkar (kalpi) back.

    1. i agree nobody can beat d chemistry between Ashish & Rachana….

  23. Rachana is the only Kalpi for me…
    we want Rachana back as Kalpi…

  24. actually i prefer Kalpi though Purvi is also gud. but if i may b ryt,plz director hav a twist in ur story n send Purvi to Canada for plastic surgery so Kalpi n Ragav will back to EK Mutthi Aasmaan again pleasssssss.

  25. Our kalpi is only one and only Rachana Parulkar. Let asha be suhana. No rachana no ema. Ema is a crap show and cvs and ph of ema and zeetv are hypocrites

  26. Rachna is best no1 can replace her anymore…

  27. Rachana was kalpi & nobody can beat dat …. she did full justice to d role…. bcoz of a bad storyline after 9th may d show got bad but still it was watched by viewers bcoz of d superb acting & on screen chemistry of Ashish- Rachana which was mind-blowing , sizzling…. nobody can replace d original Raghav-kalpi….if dey noy in EMA together then hell with EMA….no to EMA

  28. None other than RAchana Parulkar..can be the Kalpi for us….I wish she will get her best in her life..Thus she met with unjustice..this time..But my heart will always prey for her best.. till my last… #Gud luck Rachana Parulkar

  29. Rachana is best as kalpi…no 1 can replace her

  30. asha looks old.she looks 30 yr nd is hefty.she doesnt suit the role.its a story of teenager girl bt asha looks 30.nd her face lack innocence plus her voice nt gd.rachnas eyes speak volumes

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