Rabba Ve Episode 1

A boy is seen standing near a valley.His hands are inside his pocket.His eyes are closed.


A man is standing with a gun in his hand and aiming towards the boy who is Arnav.They are near the same valley.

The man shoots him but someone pushes Arnav.She was Khushi.She gets shot and falls off the valley.


End Of Flashback

Tears roll down his cheeks still his eyes are closed.

Arnav:The worst day of my life.Khushi will never come back.

He wears his sunglass and sits inside his car and leaves.While driving he remembers the time spended with Khushi.

Arnav:It has been 2 years after she died but I cant forget her.

A beautiful village is shown.The sunflower field are shown.The village looks beautiful in rainy season.Everywhere is greenery.

A girl is seen running in the fields of wheat.Another girl is following her.

Girl:Khushi wait!

She stops and turns towards the girl.

Khushi:Come one Geeta you are so boring.

Geeta:Sometime ago you were talking about romance and now you are running between the fields.

Khushi:Running between the field is so romantic.

Geeta:I see.But when will you marry and to whom?

Khushi:I will marry that person who is not like others,who will love me very much,who will respect everyone even the juniors,and the most important thing I want the who accepts me what I am.

Geeta:You will never get a person like this.

Khushi:This world is so big,someone will must be there.

On other side Arnav enters inside his office.The employees are talking with eachother when he shouts and all get alarmed.

Arnav:I dont give you salary for gossiping.Get to work now!

Everyone go to work.

Arnav goes to his cabin and sits on his chair.He takes the photo of Khushi which was on table.He stares at the photo.

Precap:Khushi and Geeta to come to Mumbai for beauty contest.Arnav as a judge in beauty contest.

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