Episode:50.. golden jubilee ??????

Finally reached till here thanks you all .. I’m so happy my happiness cause you all.. ???. Really means lot. I don’t have words for you all. Never thought I’ll  get so much love. ??????.

Take the episode.. here let’s starts


Twinkle and Kunj kissing each other’s while Kunj fully become mad he didn’t take name to leave twinkle lips.Twinkle get tired with kiss now.she push him in side.

Kunj:twinkleeee yaar..

Twinkle:what twinkle yaarr Kunj.. 

Kunj: what is this let me kiss..

Twinkle:you get kiss enough for today now sleep.. sadu sarna behaving like mad… 

Kunj: you siyappa queen very bad. Last please.

Twinkle:no past from 30 minutes you doing this only.We have whole life for this kiss Kunj ek din me you wanna do.she touched her lips which become puffy due to kisses.she get up and throw cushions on Kunj.She tied her hairs and went towards wardrobe taking out their night dress while Kunj lay down straightly. And looking at twinkle with a smirk..

Kunj:by the way siyappa queen you doing lots of drama while coming back haa.she chucked and bite her lips.

Twinkle:because everyone is surprised na you come for the very first time to take me otherwise toh Rudra Omkara comes.he get up and went towards twinkle she take out their night suits. Kunj give backhugged her and nuzzles his face in her neck from back.She turned towards him.Kunjjj stop now go and get freshen up and let me.She handover his clothes to him she takes her went in washroom. 

Kunj:this girl will kills me one day surely badi cute hai.Kunj changing his clothes after get freshen up twinkle come out of the washroom her eyes went on Kunj. Who struggling with his shirt she laughs out and went to him pat in his back Kunj and look at her who making irritating faces.

Twinkle:kunjj I’ll do it.She opening his buttons.You know Kunj you are really cute sometimes feels like I have to take care of you like a baby.Can’t do anything.

Kunj:huhu??. Siyappa queen I can do my work it just that I can’t do this only otherwise no one can beat me.. 

Twinkle:bas bas stop praising yourself. She take out his shirt about to go. 

Kunj:ab you help me in this than why not you only made me wear this?. She look at him who making puppy faces 

Twinkle:hmm okay day by day you becoming very naughty Kunj.She take the T-shirt and made him wear.Happy. 

Kunj:very much making pouty lips?.He winked at her.

Twinkle:don’t dare to think of it Kunj. 

Kunj:you are very bad twinkle last kiss. 

Twinkle push him. 

Twinkle:nope.She went towards the bed and arranging the bed.They both lay down dim the lights of room.She rest her head on his chest.Kunj lock his arms around her waist. Acha kunjj I give your kiss also what you give me haa. He look at her she too him. 

Kunj:means what you want tell me. 

She thinking how she tell him little bit shy.Making circles on Kunj chest. Bolo. 

Twinkle:woh yeh I want perfectly you proposed me. 

Kunj: what??? 

Twinkle:no what Kunj this isn’t good I’ll not take this.I want whom I love and he too me so he proposed me give me surprise I fulfilled your all demands now it’s my time.If you not propose me in different style than don’t come to me for anything get it.. 

Kunj:you are you mad that day I proposed you twinkle. 

Twinkle:acha that wasn’t Kunj I want something different huhu I know you can’t do this for me everyone is right you are just workaholic anything else. She crying fakely. Kunj laughs out on her cutest demand.. 

Kunj:bas bas okay I’ll Think of it. 

Twinkle:sadu ek number ka… she turned and Kunj give her backhugged. 

Kunj:acha twinkle I’ll propose you in what way you want now don’t be sad. She open her eyes and smile.They both didn’t said anything they both sleep..

#Next day..

Sunlight coming on twinkle and Kunj face Kunj cuddling fully twinkle.Twinkle wake up and open her eyes see Kunj she smiled.She look at Kunj face who looking so cute she caress his face kissed on his nose tip.Twinkle try to come out of  his clutched.

Twinkle:kunjj please let me go. 

Kunj:hmm let me sleep.

Twinkle:haa you sleep baby.She come out of his clutch and she get up take her clothes and went in washroom.Soon twinkle get freshen up she come out and see Kunj even time too.She went towards Kunj and sit beside him.Baby wake up you’ll get late for your office. 

She smirked she take her wet hairs in her hands and sprinkle water on Kunj face due to this Kunj sleep getting disturb while twinkle giggles to see him.

Kunj open his eyes and see twinkle. 

Kunj: what is this..??.

Twinkle:this is my new way to wake up my cute husband ji now wake up fast Kunj you’ll get late afterwards don’t blame me. 

Kunj:acha twinkle huhu.Now see my way.He pulled and take her beneath him 

She get shocked.. 


Kunj:ab Bol.Hold her hands fully messing with me haa.He smells her wet hairs you smelling awesome she smiled. He moving his nose on her face.She closed her eyes due to his touch. Kunj look at her lips. She understood his intentions before he do anything twinkle push him and get up. Twinkleee..

Twinkle:what twinkleeee I know you very well get up now.. 

Kunj: give me my morning kiss??

Twinkle: hoo bade sapne dekh rahe ho. She went towards dressing table and sits in front of mirror and drying her hairs.Kunj get up and look at her he went towards her. She about to fill her hairline with vermilion. Kunj stop her. Haa

Kunj:may I.. she smiled.

Twinkle:haa.Kunj take in his hand and filled twinkle hairline with his name of vermilion. I ready each and everything of yours Kunj go fast.

Kunj:haa ja raha hu meri Maa.he take his towel and went in the washroom. While twinkle get ready fully she went downstairs.Everyone was come for breakfast she is lil late before her usually time. She went in kitchen and see everything is ready. 

Twinkle:because of this Kunj I get ready everyday in morning he doing drama. Kunj too get ready he wear T-shirt along with blazer on blue jeans looking hot usuals he come downstairs.Twinkle come towards everyone they all see her and get surprised to see her..meanwhile Kunj come take his seat beside Omkara and Rudra.. 

Avantika:Arey twinkle beta tum yeha..

Lata:you was toh at your house na.when you come back??

Twinkle:last night only dadi.she give Kunj his coffee. 

Usha:hoo who went?? She stop and look at Kunj they all see and understand.

Rudra: hoo first time bhaiya went to take back bhabhi quiet surprising me mummy. 

Avantika:shut up.Good you come back Leela ji told me she will send you after a week.Twinkle look at Kunj.

Anjali:Arey badi Maa what she’ll do if your son went there so she can’t stop her??.Our Kunj only knows how he stay without his wifey these two days they siblings giggles Kunj didn’t said uff ?. 

Prithviraj:without twinkle puttar feels so lonely.Well done Kunj.. 

Omkara:he improving at least now he went and bring his wife.. ??.Kunj pass death glares to Omkara. 

Usha:now bas bhi karo mere bête ko kitna tease karoge he didn’t do any crime just bring his wife??.

Avantika:acha Usha last time when I told him go and bring twinkle that time mummy I’m Not going anywhere it feels so awkward ?.. 

Kunj:in mind uff this all teasing me like this on this small thing man.they are really mad. Just than Kunj phone ring he excuse and went in side attend his call and get shocked he had meeting in 10 minutes. Kunj went upstairs bring his bag and all finished their breakfast. 

Rahul: why you are in so hurry..?

Kunj:I have meeting you come I’m going before Rahul say more Kunj run outside. 

Lata: yeh Kunj bhi na kaam ke alawa Kunj dekhta hi Nahi hai see he didn’t have his breakfast too properly. 

Tej:okay bye tej and Manohar along with Rahul bid bye and left for office.Twinkle was in kitchen Anjali come there.

Anjali: what happened bhabhi ji thinking about your husband ji?

Twinkle:kya di aap bhi na you all teasing Kunj so much. 

Anjali:aww I’m blushing to see this ?. They went from there goes in twinkle and Kunj room Anjali sits while twinkle see her room condition Kunj mess all things. 

Twinkle: I’m tired with this Kunj he did this only uff man.

Anjali: this men’s are like this only. 

Twinkle:haa itself he wanted everything perfectly I didn’t like his one bad habits always throw wet towel on bed only. Numbers of time I told him still didn’t listen to me.She clean her whole room. 

While Kunj fully busy in his work didn’t get time to call his wifey.. 

Yuvi message Avni she see his message and smile. 

Message( hey Avni you know today i give presentation and everyone like my work. So I wanna take you for lunch will you become part of my happiness) Avni read the message and smiled.. 

(Okay mr yuvraj Luthra let me attend my  patient than we’ll go for lunch haa congratulation do work like this only Avni replies him back) both smiling like anything.Avni removed her glasses.

Avni:this yuvi isn’t that much bad.. 

Avni finished his work and yuvi as well he went to Surjit cabin. 

Yuvi:dad I’m going.

Surjit: okay beta.yuvi left he sit in his car and message Avni he is coming to pick up him.She see his message and went in washroom correct herself.

At [email protected] Rudra was standing his friends and a new girl is come in their camps.All boys eyes was on her only. She was passing from there.Rudra friend Varun.. 

Varun:what you planned bro. Another one aahan. 

Aahan:let bet if you get success to make her your gf for this valentine day. 

Rudra: acha bet with Rudra sarna than you should remember Rudra sarna kishi se haar ta nahi and by the girls roaming around Rudy.. raise his collar proudly. 

Aahan:acha first let her ThAn we’ll talk. 

Rudra:Okay.They all went in garden.The girl name is ziva. Rudra went towards her .hii.. 

Ziva:what?? Hi.. 

Rudra:acha drama I like it.she get up while Rudra smirked and look at his friends who gigging at him.He started singing the song.. kya baat ay❤️❤️. He run behind ziva..Tera mukhda chand da tukda Ni tere ainak, tere shoe Kya baat ay!

Kya baat ay! Ni tera kajal Karda ae pagal

Hypnotize kare jatt nu Kya baat hai!

Kya baat hai!.he hold her hands and started dancing with her all students of college seeing Rudra he winking at his gang.Ziva get impressed with Rudra he give her flowers just than Priyanka and Soumya or Mahi comes there they see Rudra and get surprised Priyanka and Soumya is used too but not Mahi.. 

Soumya:here also this cry is like this only huhu.Ziva take flower from Rudra hand give her hand in Rudra hand. Priyanka make Rudra video.! 

Yuvi reaches Avni clinic he presiding horn.She come down and see yuvi car she rushed outside and went towards his car yuvi see Avni and get so happy she looking so beautiful. She come yuvi open the door for her she sit beside yuvi.Hiii.. 


Yuvi:looking beautiful today. 

Avni:thanks.You also not less. Let’s go.

Yuvi:yeah sure.Yuvi start the car and they drove off. Avni looking at outside while yuvi busy in her more than driving. 

[Mujhse door kahin na jaa Bas yahin kahin reh ja Main teri deewani re Afsos tujhe hai kya Teri meri kahani nayi ban gayi

Tu mera ho gaya, main teri ho gayi

Jahan jaaye tu sang mujhe leja

Leja leja leja leja Leja leja re] play in bg?.

Soon they reached restaurant yuvi come out of the car and went and open the Avni side door she come out. 

Yuvi:lets go.

Avni:hmm they went inside.manager come and show them their table.They both and take their seats Avni see the ambiance it was so beautiful at day candles lit in side. Hehe din me candles.

Yuvi:yup when we can have candle light dinner why not candle light brunch ?.

Avni:logic hai superb.they both chit chat with each other’s.Than waiter come for take their order. Yuvi give Oder Avni get surprised to see his Oder everything was her favourite.. how you know about my favourite things. 

Yuvi: hmm since the day I saw you from that day I’m just researching about you only smiling sheepishly she too. 

Avni:sometimes I thought you are really

Crazy man. 

Yuvi:yes I’m ?but Behind you murmured she heard. Soon their food comes waiter about to severed but yuvi stop him you go I’ll.. he went and yuvi served Avni and himself. 

Avni:smells yummy. Let’s starts. 

Yuvi:yup.They started the lunch Avni really enjoy the food.While yuvi just admiring her( piano love them play in bg avneil one)… hoo hoo.

Avni:where are you Lost yuvi have your food.He come in sense. 

Yuvi:haa.He have his food, just than he chocked so badly Avni get shocked she get up take water glass and make him drink.

Avni:are you mad haa.. yuvi.. 

Yuvi:ah I’m.. fi..ne coughing she patting on his back everyone see them and smiling.She come and sit. 

Avni:now fine. 


Avni:tumhara Diyaan kaha hai..

Yuvi:Arey bas bhi Docter ji. 

Avni:very funny.than they have Their  dessert yuvi offer Avni his spoon.She happily have with his hands she too.  After yuvi pay the bill they went outside there nearly some festival is going on it’s so colourful. 

Yuvi:lets go Avni I’m damn sure you never seen this you’ll love it. See Amritsar beauty. He hold her hand and take her in side Avni get mesmerising to see the festival so many peoples are there kids playing and enjoying the rides. 

Avni: it’s so cool I never seen in my life at London.. 

Yuvi: do you wanna try. 

Avni:why not.They both went and sit in ride Avni hold yuvi hand ride starts all hooting yuvi hold her hand.They both enjoying lot. 

At Sarna Mansion.Evening Priyanka come back from college she pick up Aayat from school as well while Soumya went out with her friend.They both get tired and sit on couch. 

Aayat:I’m get tired.. 

Priyanka:even I’m too.While Anjali and twinkle come there along with Usha and Avantika Priyanka rest her head on Usha lap while Aayat cuddles Avantika.

Aayat:mamma I’m tired today you know I play so much. 

Avantika:acha.Than my doll why you play so much.Avantika wipes sweat on Aayat head. 

Priyanka:I’m hungry give me something. 

Avantika:okay go and get freshen up first.And you also Aayat come with me why you dirty your uniforms.

Twinkle:I’ll Make something for you both what you wants??

Priyanka:cheese noodles bhabhi? 

Twinkle:okay.She went in kitchen while Avantika take Aayat and Priyanka.

Twinkle prepare everything for noddles she make cheese noodles.Till the time Priyanka and Aayat come down they went towards dinning area.Twinkle with noodles and give them.They both sits and having their noodles just than Rudra and Omkara along with Kunj or Rahul they come back from outside. 

They see Priyanka and Aayat they too went towards dinning table and see them they having cheesy noodles. 

Aayat: see O and bhaiya bhabhi cooked yummy cheesy noddles for us??. In teasing manner.

Rudra: not fair bhabhi I also want. 

Twinkle: but you were not here so I made for them only Rudra. Rudra sit  and started eating from Aayat plate. While Omkara sit beside Priyanka having from her plate. Aayat and Priyanka see them rolling their eyes. Kunj see his both brothers enjoying their all favourite cheesy noddles why he’ll left he too sit and joint Omkara in Priyanka plate.. 

Kunj: even I want to eat.. so he eating as well. Now Priyanka and Aayat get irritates while Anjali and twinkle or Rahul enjoying them. Both girls fully get irritates because they don’t wanted to share their noddles with anyone. Both sister side their plates Usha and Avantika come there. 

Aayat:see mamma the are eating my noodles huhu..

Rudra:thoda sa de degi toh piddi tera kam nahi ho jayega …wese bhi tu itti si toh hai or ittu sa tera tummy …??

Priyanka:why we will not give and both tease them by their tongues. While Rudra take her plate and run Priyanka shocked even Kunj and Omkara too joint

Rudra happily they trio having noodles. 

They eating turn by turn Priyanka fuming to see them. Bhabhi see na bhaiya and O bhaiya they too supporting Rudra bhaiya.I want my noodles back mummy started crying. While Aayat hide her plate under the table ???. 

Kunj:pinku you’ll not get back.

Rudra: haha ? because they all noddles going in our tummy ?very delicious haina o and bhaiya they nodded in yes.Usha and Avantika Just watching them:??.Just than tej and Manohar come back tej heard Priyanka crying sound. Tej went towards them.

Tej:what happened pinku haa while they three of them get shocked this noodles will get very costly for them??. Priyanka: pa see them they trio eat my noddles. 

Aayat:even mine too pa?.Now Usha and Avantika twinkle or Rahul and Anjali standing in side together now know they knows there situation.They three of them turned their back facing towards everyone now they are in very big trouble.Lata and Prithviraj come there in mean time they see them run toward their dadu and dadi hide behind their backs.. 

Tej: don’t worry my dolls me batata hu inhe toh. He went towards them while they trio get scared today tej will not leave them they cuddles their dadu and dadi hide their face under dadi palu?. Other’s enjoy lot. While twinkle went in kitchen and prepared noodles again for them.

Tej:Rudra why you make my dolls cry haan. 

Aayat:pa even O bro and bhaiya was also involved.

Rudra:chip ho ja chuhiya. 

Tej: tell me Rahul.. he get surprised now what to do if he tell truth than tej will not leave them.

Rahul:I don’t know anything bade papa?.

Tej:acha let me see this boys.. 

Lata:Leave na noddles hi toh hai tum toh mere poto ke piche hi Pade rahe tej. 

Twinkle comes with more plates or noddles.

Twinkle:now stop fighting lo I cooked more for you all.Priyanka and Aayat get happy. 

Tej:Maa and papa you both always comes and save them.. he said and went from there: as soon as tej went they all jumped on noodles take their plates Prithviraj and Lata see them and get so happy. While Omkara and Kunj pulling Priyanka hairs slightly tej stand in side he saw and smiled and went.. Kunj stand beside twinkle. 

Kunj: while having bacha liya tune nahi toh aaj pa toh nahi chodha tha humhe.

Rudra:thanks bhabhi for this love it. And you both little chilli flakes. 

Aayat:you want chilli flakes let me bring for you???..

Rudra: see mummy haa.while Rahul or Kunj and Omkara laughing at Aayat. 

Kunj:very funny Aayat. 

Avni and yuvi roam in fair festival fully having cotton candy gola enjoy all rides with lots of fun playing games there yuvi buy jhumke for Avni she take it after yuvi dropped near Sarna Mansion so no one get to know about them.she was with him since the afternoon. She went inside and come everyone see her.

Kunj:Arey Avni where were you till now. 

Avni:she stuck now woh Kunj bhai. 

Rahul:haa Avni.. 

Usha:so many questions you both showers on her you go beta and get freshen up.She get relief and went from there.While Kunj gesturing twinkle let’s go she ignores her.Everyone was busy in themselves Kunj hold her hand take her in room. 

Twinkle:kunjj what are you doing haa.

Kunj:shut up they entered in room while Kunj closed the door twinkle get

confused why he closed the door. 

Twinkle:why you closed the door??

Kunj:why I’ll tell not but I’ll show you he

Smirked.And went near her she understood his intentions.Kunj pulled her closer himself keep his hand on her back. You enjoying lot I saw you.

Twinkle:you are really bad Kunj. You three of them matlab even you too behaving like them. Bichari pinku.?.

Kunj:koi Bichari nahi hai woh I know behan meri haina??. 

Twinkle: acha than why you all hide behind dadu and dadi. 

Kunj:woh toh pa come that’s why leave about this all things where I’m.He tucks her hairs behind her ears.Both looking at each other’s having blushing smile on their lips.So twinkle.

Twinkle:haa.Caress her lips.He leaned for kiss twinkle get shy turned.kunjj. 

Kunj hold her waist and make turner pinned her at side wall. 

Kunj: Kya kunjj always. 

Twinkle:where were you haa ab me yaad aai tumhe haa.. 

Kunj:where I’ll go my jaan.. 

Twinkle:haa hoge apni woh sadi hui

Office me.. 

Kunj:yes ji?.Kunj caress her cheeks bones. He rubbed his face on her face.

Twinkle:aha kunjj tumhari stubble chubati hai mujhe. 

Kunj:acha.she nodded in yes.Kunj

Kissed on her cheeks she closed her eyes her hands resting on his chest. Gently Kunj bite her cheeks.She slightly moaned.twinkle push him about to go. Kaha jah rahi hai. He hold her hand and pulled her towards him and immediately lift her in his arms didn’t give her time to think for a while.he take her toward bed and place her on bed his three upper buttons already opened started opening more. 

Twinkle:kunjjj no this isn’t time for your romance.He didn’t listen her come upon her. 

Kunj:Tera toh koi time Nahi Hota hai twinkle today I get free early so let me spend some quality with my wife. Two days I stay without you so penalty toh indeed. It’s your punishment leave your

Lovely innocent husband alone. She listen him.

Twinkle:hoo someone totally changed I mean Kunj you even giving me surprised when I see you now and that my old sadu sarna who just give me answer in yes and no. ??now see him didn’t left any single way.. 

Kunj:hehe funny don’t try to divert me I’ll not come in your tricks twinkle Kunj Sarna.No one can do with me.He take out her earrings keep it on bed kissed on her earlobe.Take her duppta let falls on bed. 

Twinkle:kunjj anyone will come.he didn’t care about anyone.he open her hairs taking out her hair pins.He nuzzles his face in her neck.Started giving her wet kisses her hands went on his nape hairs caressing.At the same time she moaning his name kunjjjj AHA.Kunj give her love bites on her neck and soothe the pain sucking that part.Grab her other side neck did same with that also. Bite her collar bones she wearing sleeveless anarkali he kissed on her shoulders.Than he look at her kissed on her forehead both look at each other’s. 

He bite corner of her lips.Sealed her lips with his taking out her few bangales both kissing each other passionately deepest the kiss more and more twinkle Kunj try to entered in her while she teasing him didn’t let him Kunj hands moving on her belly her dress slightly front opened Anarkali she wearing it. He moved his finger on her belly sensually due to this she giggles and opened her mouth Kunj clear his way and entered in her.She pinch on his arms Both exploring and dominating each other playing with each other’s tongue.

Twinkle hands moving on Kunj back.She nibbling his upper lip while Kunj biting her lower lip slightly pulling with his teeth’s.Blood oozing slightly Kunj suck twinkle blood. His hand moving on her lower part.They break the kiss lack of oxygen.Both breathtaking heavily twinkle get blushed hide her face under Kunj chest.Kunj held her chin kiss on her chin.Kunj fully turn on.That twinkle can see him. His hand travelled on her dress on zip. 

Twinkle:kunjj no na please.

Kunj:what no.You should write some book how to bajo band baja of romance he side her hairs she slightly lay on her waist Kunj side her hairs and kissed on her nape she clutched bedsheet.He slightly open his zip before he opened full twinkle turned and hugged him.Both hugging each other passionately twinkle kissed on Kunj cheeks.While Kunj kiss

On her cleavage. 

At downstairs everyone sitting and having tea and snacks.

Twinkle:Kunj now let me go I have to make tea for papaji. 

Kunj:whatever entangles their legs. 

Twinkle:you are really sadu sarna never listen me always turned on. 


Twinkle:see my condition. 

Rahul:where is Kunj.

Lata:haa twinkle bhi.. 

Avantika: I’ll call them.She get up and went towards upstairs goes to twinkle and Kunj room. While Kunj playing with twinkle hairs and bangles ticking her 

She giggling.. 

Twinkle:hehe kunjj.Kya kar rahe ho. Avantika about to knock at door meantime she heard giggles voice of theirs.Chodho mujhe Baba..

Kunj:kyu chodhu me.. Avantika smiled at Leave from there while twinkle see someone shadow passing from window.

Twinkle:bas Kunj now you romance enough someone at door I have to See dinner I’m going do your remaining romance with your laptop and files. Mess up my hairs and everything see my face.Sadu sarna she push him and get take her duppta and went towards dressing table look at herself her hairs

All mess up and her lipstick smudge Fully Kunj eats because of kiss. ??. She went in washroom correct herself changed her dress get freshen up and again get ready nicely till than Kunj take pillow covered his face and sleep. Twinkle come out of the washroom and see him.Murmured now this Sadu sleep if now I’m going to disturb him than toh. Don’t disturb me twinkle huhu.She off the ac and smirked ?? and hide the remote as well went downstairs.

Everyone was sitting in living room only twinkle directly went in kitchen and prepared tea and potato ke pokora.?. 

She make filled tea in cups and pokora in plate take the tray went in living room she severed tea everyone. 

Tej:twinkle you know when what I need perfect. 

Twinkle:yes papaji?.. 

Aayat: it’s so hot. 

Rudra:haa Teri toh jaban jalegi hi chuiya ??.Tej pass him death glares.See dadu pa always behind me and bhaiya huhu.Soumya come back already. 

Rahul:very tasty twinkle this pokora yummy ??.They all enjoying.

Usha:where is Kunj?? This his favourite.

Tej:haa when he is small he that time he want this only every times even not

pronounce name properly hehe.. 

Avantika:you remember still.

Tej:what do you mean obviously I remember each and everything of Kunj after all he is my son twinkle admire this.

Twinkle:in heart papaji just showing fake anger see he loves Kunj lots.. 

Rudra:bhaiyaaa giving voice..

Twinkle:Rudra Kunj was sleeping.. 

Rudra:at this time.Bhaiya bhi na free hue nahi sleep waiting for him ?.

Manohar:let him sleep he work so much. 

Soumya:haa uncle not like someone they just running behind girls?.Rudra look at her while Omkara and Soumya hifi.They laughing while Kunj phone ringing continuously his pa calling him. He didn’t pick up his call while she come at Sarna Mansion went in side. Kunj sleep get disturb already he open his eyes and see sara miscalls. 

Rahul: you. 

Sara:haa sir woh Kunj sir didn’t picking my calls he give me work I completed just want to show him tomorrow he have to report it anything is wrong than you know na.. 

Rahul:great. Doodh ka jala, chhaachh bhi phook phook kar peeta hai(Once bitten twice shy).. ???.

Rudra: matlab??

Rahul:I’ll show you na he see Kunj coming down rubbing his eyes.Kunj come down and sara see him rushed towards him. 

Anjali: he get dream she coming haa.. 

Sara:sir file. He rubbing his eyes. 

Kunj:ha done or not.. 

Sara: haa. Kunj Leave his eyes he checking her file work so faster than any scanner Kunj look at her closed the file. 

Kunj: I told you I want all details.

Sara: sir I give all details.

Kunj:acha than see this where I already told you every details means nothing left and you saying Done ✅ what done take your file when you get successful to find all details than come to me. While others seeing them Rahul knows Already this will happen??. He give her file.

Sara:sorry sir she turned and went from there. 

Avantika:you making him like you fully. 


Rahul:still bade pa toh calling us useless ???.. Usha calls Kunj. 

Kunj:haa Maa. 

Usha:Maa ka beta come to me.Kunj went towards her sit beside usha.kunj who still sleepy. See twinkle make your favourite aalo pokora. 

Kunj:hmm he rest his head on her shoulder. 

Anjali:Maa aapka bets busy in sleep ??.Rapidly he rubbing his due to irritation he make his eyes all reddish. 

Avantika:Kunj why you doing this making your eyes reddish. 

Rudra:put your eye drops bhaiya ?. 

Avantika:Priyanka bring his eye drops from my room. 

Kunj:Naha I’ll put later. 

Tej:see your eyes become red all. Go Priyanka. She get up and went bring eye drops from her parents room and give to Avantika.She went towards him Kunj rest his head on head on couch Avantika went behind and Kunj opened his eyes.

Kunj: jalega na iss ab. 

Avantika:that you should think before rubbing your eyes so when you know Kunj.Avantika put eye drops in his eyes kunj immediately closed his eyes.Stay in that position only at least for 5 minutes than he open his eyes feels much better.now??


Twinkle:murmured sadu not less than Aayat ?. After Kunj went in his room take his night dress went in washroom get freshen while twinkle making free and hot pokora for him Kunj come down after get freshen up he went downstairs went near pool side take his laptop and busy in that twinkle see and went there only she keep tray on table and sit beside again you busy in this nonsense. 

Kunj:what nonsense yawning.. 

Twinkle:what happened to your eyes she touch his eyes.Twinkle kissed on his eyes. 

Kunj: you should this before only na.

Twinkle: matlab??

Kunj: fully get relief. He raise his eye brow twinkle chuckles and hit on his arms playfully.

Twinkle:tu bhi na Kunj.. see this.. she take pokora and feed him with her hands.

Kunj:tasty you know this also before toh you don’t know anything ??.. 

Twinkle:hehe I’m learning now if I need any help for that mummy ji and Maa Anjali di here na. 

Kunj:hmm taking sip of his coffee.Just than Kunj got Rohan call he talk to him tell come at his place.Both ends the call.Acha listen twinkle Rohan is coming so he’ll have dinner with us so make something delicious with your hand he take her hands kissed on her hands. 

Twinkle: buttering ??.

Kunj:tu kaun shi bread hai than I’ll buttering you already I’m slipping by your looks afterwards toh can’t stands??.Twinkle and Kunj

Laugh out twinkle pulled Kunj cheeks. 

Twinkle:kaha se shikh rahe ho aeshi baate haa kaha kaha se aati hai tumhe.

Kunj:Pothi Padh Padh Jag Mua Pandit Bhaya Na Koi ! Dhai Aakhar Prem Ke Jo Padhe so Pandit Hoye !!??. Twinkle get surprised to listen this kind of words from Kunj mouth.. 

Twinkle: what is this. 

Kunj: what is this?? Twinkle you don’t know this Kabir ke doha.. 

Twinkle:I know this but how you know this I mean.You toh don’t know na.. mr NRI.

Kunj: acha for your kind of information my dearest wifey I know each and everything.

Twinkle:still Kunj.

Kunj: haa I grown up in London so what my dadu and dadi teach us each and everything don’t compare us with Rudra ?. He is like this only since birth. 

Twinkle: very good but my coolest devar is very cute. Went near her face. 

Kunj:me ???


Kunj:pati ke time me itna socha padta hai Kya.She peck on his lips.

Twinkle:hope you get your answer.. 

Kunj:yup. Just than there Rudra and Omkara come twinkle slightly shifted from Kunj. 

Rudra: what’s going on bhaiya and bhabhi ahem. 

Kunj: Kya ahem ahem. 

Omkara: haa.

Kunj: what happened to your exhibition.. 

Omkara: cancel due to some work process next to next is paka.. 

Kunj:hoo good you get more time you know what om I had one client her daughter is too wanted to come in your exhibition I invited her if she likes than you take work with her. 

Rudra: see bhaiya client daughter he stretched daughters word more ?.

Twinkle: haa Rudra I’m listening. Kunj look at Rudra about to hit him while he hide behind twinkle.

Rudra: bhabhiii.

Kunj: Kya nonsense bolta hai tu.. 

Twinkle: he is right absolutely. 

Rudra: hehe. 

Kunj: bhai mera hai na.. think before only.Om that new bike comes na. Kunj winks at him he understood.

Omkara: haa that one na hildebrand & wolfmuller. 


Rudra: acha that latest one na. 

Kunj:hmm I’m thinking to take but now what we’ll do.

Omkara: true Kunj. Because you and me toh not I think we have this our baby Rudra. 

Kunj: na he don’t want.They knows where is Rudra weak nerves ?. 

Rudra:how much??

Kunj: just $3.5 million.?.

Twinkle:Rudra don’t comes in their tricks they just kidding with you.

Rudra: Bhaiya I want. 

Kunj: shakal dekhi hai na aayne me haa for last time I didn’t maintain my eyes in front of pa that car we get for you. 

Rudra:usually konsa aap pa ke shamne bolte hu you went on flight mode??no communication network working in that area ??.. I’ll tell pa he will get for me. Omkara and Kunj laugh out. 

Kunj: what a joke Rudra.

Omkara: really Rudra bade papa aur koi nahi I mean are you drunk. Rudra think ans smells himself.

Kunj:see this idiot itself confused pagal. 

Maareg if you went towards him for bike.

Without bike whatever you have that also take under his custodies ???.

Omkara: haa aur kabhi toh pure kapde pehan liya kar Rudra.

Rudra: I’m Rudy so I’ll not. 

Kunj: acha Rudy ji go ans study I’m going in your rooms only to see you how much you studying in your classes or

Else just roaming behind girls.. 

Omkara:humhara family ek number ek lota flirter.

Kunj: yup.. 

Twinkle: what about you both.

Rudra:girls run after see them bhabhi both laughing at them.While Omkara and Kunj hitting Rudra with cushions. Twinkle get up went from there she told her mother in laws about Rohan coming 

So they get busy in dinner preparations. 

After sometimes later Rohan come he searching Kunj and Rahul while they were not at down.Just than Priyanka come down Rohan eyes went on her. Her hairs flying in hair.Making puppy faces Rohan get lost in Priyanka cuteness feels like numbers of violins playing in his heart after see her always don’t know why????

.Tum Bhee Ho, Mai Bhee Hu, Pas Aao, Toh Keh Du Aakhir Kyun Pal Mein Yu Diwana Mai Ho Gaya Tumhe Jo Maine Dekha, Tumhe Jo Maine Jana 2) Jo Hosh Tha,Woh Toh Gaya play in bg.Priyanka see Rohan she went toward him.She went towards him. See Rohan so fully lost in his own World she snaps the finger. Rohan come in his sense and see Priyanka.

Priyanka: aap.. 

Rohan:haa hi pinku.. 


Rohan:how’s you??

Priyanka:fine.I’ll call bhaiya aap beto. 

Rohan lost in her simplicity still.Feels like just adore her whole day.Rohan sits while Kunj and Rahul come down see Rohan get so happy they both went towards him. 

Rohan:saalo where are you I come no welcome haa. For the very first time I come.

Rahul: haa tu koi iss ghar ka damad ji nahi hai jo we’ll stand at entrance for your welcome??.

Kunj:Kya falut baate karta hai. They both sits Kamini you come on time today.Priyanka come with water

Rahul:very good pinku.she give glass of water to Rohan while giving and taking their hands touch.She give and went. Omkara and Rudra come and joint them. 

Rudra:hi Rohan bro.. 

Rohan:hu rudy.While others too come Rohan take elders blessing while his condition was too same in front of tej like Kunj and Rahul since childhood. ?.

Rudra:even you are too same like your bestie waha pa?. 

Lata: how’s everyone at home beta.

Rohan:everything is good dadi.. 

Avantika: your mom. 

Anjali: Arey you tell me where is your sister Rohan I wanna meet with her she is so crazy man.. 

Priyanka: haa di.. 

Rohan:right now she is in Australia with her husband and baby.

Rahul: haa she will come in his wedding haina Rohan hehe??.

Lata:haa see your both bestie get  


Rahul:haa our Kunj babu unexpected ne bhi karli tu toh school time se ready in low voice enough audible for them.?. 

See our Malika rani.. 

Rohan:meri kismet Teri jeshi nahi hai na bhai?indirectly give him back.elders sit in side while all youngsters alone.Aayat playing alone with her dolls. Kunj and Omkara laughing on Rahul And Rohan conversation both giving each other back.. 

Kunj:you guys become mad seriously. 

Anjali:pagal this Rahul. 

Rohan:what you like in her Anjali.. 

Rahul:acha.come with me I’ll show you?. 

Rohan:you got very shameless husband.She nodded in yes making helpless face.All laugh out.After

sometimes later twinkle check all dinner things all set she called everyone she arranged everything so beautiful slightly decorated dinning table.All come take their seats.Smell coming yummy,, twinkle severed them along with

servants. Mah favourite. 

Twinkle:haa Kunj told mummy ji make this for you specially. 

Rohan:awww.(friends for life..)??. 

Avantika:true.. Rohan taste. 

Rohan:still tasting same aunty after years I eat this made by you on one can beat your hands in biryani.Me and Malika used to finished Kunj and Rahul lunch box when they brought ?. Thanks for this .

Avantika:my pleasure.Twinkle sit too and having her dinner while Kunj have little bit suddenly having sweating in his hands. Omkara gesturing him what happened he gestured him back nothing drink water lot. 

Usha:Arey Kunj firstly have something you just filled your tummy with water only.Aayat come 

Aayat: mamma I’m hungry. 

Avantika: come I’ll feed your food. 

Aayat: I’ll have while watching my cartoons.. 

Kunj:I’ll feed her you have your dinner. 

Lata: Arey you have first yours na.

Kunj: nahi dadi I’m done Kunj take little bite for Aayat take her in room. While others enjoying the dinner. 

Aayat sitting on Kunj one lap. And watching cartoons while Kunj feeding her food.

Kunj: finished fast Aayat.

Aayat: haa. I’m done now.

Kunj: you just have 2 and 3 morsels

Aayat: my tummy is very small na bhaiya.

Kunj: acha at evening for noddles time. Complaining about me. Not fair sister. 

Aayat: woh toh I’m kidding bhaiya kissed on his cheeks.

Kunj: very smart. 

Aayat:after all I’m ka doll being in his company.

Kunj:great.And rest her head on Kunj chest while he caressing her hairs. Within no time Aayat sleep Kunj check she slept already she smiled and kissed on her forehead changed his night suits and make her lay down on bed properly. 

While others finished their dinner and having dessert.Kunj went towards them. 

Rohan: Arey Kunj come na. 

Kunj:hmm: he sit beside them.Elders went in their respective room. Rohan see the time his father sahib calls him. 

Rohan:okay thanks guys for amazing dinner.

Rahul:don’t worry me and Kunj find wife for you who making yummy foods for you?. 

Rudra:you become marriage matcher.

Kunj:Rudra why you always first use your mind than.. 

Rohan:haa you try bro.he hug his bestie and bid bye to others and left. 

Avantika and tej entered in room they see Aayat. Get so happy they went toward bed and lay down beside. 

Avantika: see Kunj who perfectly he handles her if he is there I never cared about my kid we’ll handle his siblings.

Tej:true Avantika.kissed on Aayat forehead.

Twinkle get busy in her work while Kunj in his conference calls.While Rahul and 

Anjali sitting at poolside Rudra and Priyanka or Avni and Soumya was there they sitting Rudra busy in his phone. Rahul holding Anjali hands in his both quietly chit chatting.Twinkle too come and joint them she adorning love birds Anjali and Rahul. Anjali eyes went on glass wall she see Kunj and Omkara coming towards them.

Anjali:leave my hand.. she slightly moved. 

Rahul: why??

Anjali: you are shameless in front of my little siblings at least have some shame in front of my two brothers Kunj and omkara.They comes and sits. Rahul again hold Anjali hand tightly.she passing death glares to him.

Rahul:sharam or inse dost plus Saale hai inse kesi sharam mrs Malhotra..

Anjali: tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta.

Kunj: sahi Kha di aapne iska kuch nahi ho sakta kamina. Kunj get up and sit beside twinkle. Kunj started ticking her by hiding his hand in her duppta twinkle chuckled slightly. 

Twinkle: in low voice. Whispers Kunj ye kya kar rahe ho abhi just now jiju ko toh tum besharam Bol rahe the.. ab khud hi shuru ho gye sharam karo Sare siblings yahi hai. Rahul see kunj. 

Rahul: Kunj kya kar rahe ho. Kunj immediately in full seeps take his hand out from her waist and duppta. 

Kunj:innocently kuch bhi toh nahi tu karna jo kar raha hai mujhe kyu dekh raha hai. In droll tone.??.

Rahul:saale apne guru ko hi fasa raha hai. 

Rudra: with curiosity Kya hua G.

Rahul:in mock. Kuch nahi Rudra Naye naye ashiq ko ashiqui aa rahi hai. Mean while Anjali, Avni, pinku, Om , Soumya giggling ? twinkle turned red.. Kunj ruffling his hairs.

Twinkle:mai abhi aati hu. She knows they will not stop as she was avoiding the situation still Rudra didn’t get it what Rahul said what does mean of it?

Rahul: G what are you saying please explain me.

Rahul: na Rudy baby rahne de tu game khel Abhi..twinkle leaves.

Kunj: mein bhi chalta hu bhut neend

Aaa Rahi hai. 

Rahul: haan haan ab toh neend aayegi hi biwi jo room me gyi hai.. ?.

Kunj:chup raha samjba na. 

Anjali:chod do bichare bhai ko mere khud ko dekho besharami ki hadd cross kar rakhi hai.he make pouty lips all laugh out loudly while Kunj throw

cushion at him.And he went others too twinkle was in balcony busy in her phone she was talking with Natasha her went for her honeymoon Bali.Kunj entered in room. He finding twinkle where she is??

Kunj: now where this siyappa queen went. Babaji.. than he heard voice coming from balcony kunj went in balcony she see.Murmured this phone queen uff. He went towards and give her surprisingly back hugged she scared.

Twinkle: ahah.. than see hands around her waist understands. Kunjj tu bhi na jaan leke chod do ge meri. He rest his chin on her shoulder. 

Natasha: what happened babes. 

Twinkle: nothing you tell me. 

Natasha:what you should visit Bali twinkle it’s so beautiful me and Purab enjoying very much our honeymoon. 

Twinkle: ab sab ki kismet Teri jeshi nahi hoti hai na behan??. Kunj understand she telling at him only.He didn’t said anything because he knows if he said anything than he will only in trouble ??. 

Already propose to twinkle madam in different style for him like so impossible thing possible ??. Kunj listening her and Natasha conversations quietly near sea waves sound echoing and cool breezes hitting on their face slightly twinkle hairs coming on Kunj face.After twinkle and Natasha ends the calls. Kunj busy in sea moon light flashing in sea making more beautiful ambiance prettiest view from their balcony. Some hearts understand each other, even in silence. 

Twinkle:Kya hua why you went On silent mode haa. 

Kunj:hmm nope your were busy.. 

Twinkle:hoo. She rest her head on his chest. It’s so beautiful na Kunj. See this moon I love it. 

Kunj: hmm but my moon isn’t less than. He must be get jealous to see my moon she didn’t get it. 

Twinkle: yours moon??. Kaun in curiosity.

Kunj: I’ll tell you. He kissed on her cheek from back. Here is my moon. She get it and smiled.She turned and look at Kunj. Her hairs flying Kunj tuck them. 

Twinkle: very cheesy Kunj 

Kunj:this moon must be beautiful for everyone but for me you are only?.

Kissed on her forehead gently. She smiled and closed her eyes. 

Twinkle: Kunj you’ll love me na like this only.

Kunj:nope.She look at him in worried way. 

Because I love you today but can’t say like same but I’ll love you more than today you twinkle my love will increase very passing seconds for you so. So I won’t say this.She smiled and find herself so blessed. Our love is unconditional na twinkle.I love you like anything. Itself I can’t say how much I love you in words. 

Twinkle:even I love you too Kunj lot. She hugged him I’m blessed with best. Like gold, real love is difficult to come by and that’s why I feel so blessed to have you with me.Thank you for making me the happiest woman in the entire universe.The happiest day of my life was when I found out that you also love me. Kunj smiling she look at him their face just inch apart. They share quick lip lock twinkle blushed so badly. 

Kunj: now don’t blushed so much afterwards don’t blame i can’t on myself. 

Twinkle:pagal.She hit on his chest. Both joint their foreheads. Chale sone.. 

Kunj: hmm I’m ever ready winked at him. 

Twinkle:great.They went in room Kunj went to lock the door twinkle lay down he come beside her both talk for few minutes than don’t when sleep took over them. 

Another day.. Kunj wake up due to Rahul calls he open his eyes and finding his phone he got it and put on his ears while twinkle sleeping peacefully while cuddling him. 

Kunj: in sleepy ? voice..haa.. 

Rahul:abey oyye wake up mr Sarna.

Kunj:Kya hai Rahul let me sleep. 

Rahul:what sleep come fast. I’m waiting for you at garden. End the calls.

Kunj: this man huhu. Than he look at twinkle who looking so beautiful he smiled and tucked her hairs and caress twinkle face. See her sote hue kitni cute lagti hai and shant bhi after wake up fully battery charged.kissed on her forehead. Come out of her clutch and get up went in washroom get freshen up wear his jogger’s and went downstairs take his sipper goes outside Rahul waiting for him he went and pat on his back.. 

Rahul: finally come great. 

Kunj: good morning.. why you disturbing me haa because of you my wife sleep get disturb.

Rahul: hoo listen Omkara he too come. What about you till now you disturbing my wifey sleeps don’t forget your days aavara aashiq..

Kunj:what was that.. ??

Rahul:Prem piyala so piye shish dakshina deya.Lovi shish na de sake

nam prem ka leya..

Omkara:hehe let’s go.they went in back side and doing their morning exercise than they sit bear water side and taking  view of morning.. 

Kunj:feel so good.

Twinkle wake up and moving her hand on bed didn’t feel anyone she opens her eyes and see Kunj wasn’t his side was empty.

Twinkle:kunjjj washroom me ho no reply get back.uff this Kunj bhi without in forming me where he went.she get up and sits there only.Abhi Batati hu.she get up and went in balcony finding Kunj just than her eyes went on him see this man went for his jogging and didn’t wake up. She calls him from there only. Kunj phone ring. 

Rahul: itni subhe who calling you ahem should I tell twinkle.

Kunj: bas bas she is already very much fast ever ready you guys support her more.First let me see he take out his phone from his pocket and see the caller DI and smiled.She is only show them. He pick up her call. Hello??

Twinkle: what hello where are you??

Kunj: at garden. 

Twinkle:that I know. He turned and see her she standing in balcony Kunj waving towards her. 

Rahul: hoo hoo.. waiting for hubby.. romantic.. 

Twinkle: you come than I’ll see you.. she end the call still standing.. they went back in garden side Kunj give twinkle flying kiss. 

Rahul: we are here only. 

Kunj:so what?. Rahul push him. 

Rahul: acha saale what about me last night.tu kare toh rasleela…main karoon toh character dhila. . Haa kamine.. 

Kunj:yup you doing in front her brothers I’m not doing in front of Kabir ???.

Kunj run while Rahul behind him.Twinkle see them and laughing she went in room.She take her clothes and went in washroom get freshen up. She come out and went towards dressing table getting ready just than Kunj come and see her he went and sit on the bed and looking at her taking water from his bottle.. hi good morning. She look at him and ignore. Kunj make pouty lips. Kya hua. 

Twinkle: kuch nahi.. you went and didn’t wake up me haa.

Kunj: woh you sleeping peacefully and I don’t want to disturb you sleep that’s why. She get melted. Give smile.

Twinkle: itni care meri??

Kunj: more than my life.. ?.

Twinkle: stop this go and get ready. I’m doing she about to go Kunj held her hand.Kya??

Kunj:he said something in mute which make her blush like anything.socha..

Twinkle: Kya tum bhi kunjj.. first remember what I told you to do.

Kunj: that I’ll do after that you’ll Not get any chance to escape from me. 


Kunj: I didn’t show let time come I’ll show you fully both laugh out.Kunj Leave her hand but her saree palu stuck in Kunj watch.. 


Kunj: I didn’t than he see and take out her palu she run immediately. He went inside and get freshen up within no time. 

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Prithviraj bring flowers for Lata and give her she smiled and give him too.

Lata:you never forget??

Prithviraj:why I’ll be.This kids celebrating this all we too.twinkle was in kitchen making breakfast. 

Twinkle:in heart I know he remember today what is?? And blushed after get ready Kunj come down and see his dadu and dadi give each other’s rose and in other side in corner tej give huge bouquet to Avantika.Same with Usha and Manohar. He get confused to see them..

Kunj:wHat happens to this house why they all giving flowers.he went towards them.Dadi and dadu why you giving flowers before he said more twinkle come there with his coffee.Anjali come there Rahul come and give her so many types of roses ?.. she blushed while all admire. 

Rahul:happy rose day to my life rose.. 

Rahul hooting.. 

Kunj: even you too man. 

Rahul: what even you too??

Kunj: giving roses to di. Did anything is simple.. twinkle look at Kunj and get surprised why he saying like this.. 

Rahul:what..??. You don’t know what today is ?? Hold his head and roam.. heyy Babaji he don’t know what type of husband you are today you gone.. 

Kunj: means?? Than he see everyone giving him death glares worse this twinkle expression. What??

Twinkle:nothing aaj toh Wednesday haina you have meeting. 


Twinkle:huhu sadu.he keep his coffee on table and went in kitchen. 

Kunj:what happened to her so suddenly.

Rahul:she is right you deserve this only. 

You forget today.. today is rose day Kunj..

Kunj: yeh bhi Hota hai.. 

Prithviraj: haa rose you don’t know.?

Kunj: nope I’m not getting say clearly na. Than Anjali tell him.

Anjali:Very first day of the Love Week celebrated every 7th of Feb is called ROSE DAY Kunj..  and today is rose day.. 

Avantika: that’s why we giving each other’s rose.. Kunj.. 

Rahul:and you muffed your wife on very day of the love week shit.. 

Kunj:in cute voice I don’t know about this really.aww all like..

Lata:koi na give her rose she’ll be okay. 

Kunj:murmured she is so tough dadi.. he take his coffee and enjoying and thinking what he do now than they all sit for breakfast Kunj looking at twinkle while she ignoring him.she sit beside him having her breakfast Kunj hold her hand under the table she look at him he lipsing..sorry she jerk his hand have her breakfast Leave from there Kunj hold his head other’s enjoying this.. 

Usha:that’s why I telling you Kunj leave your books learn something from your fathers and dadu rather then business if

you know than today this wouldn’t happened.Kunj give her helpless smile. 

Twinkle went in her room and sitting. 

Twinkle:see this sadu he saying me loves me he forgot rose day it’s our first valentine day week.I’ll not talk to him now. Kunj entered in room he see twinkle with scare he went towards her and sit beside twinkle. 

Kunj: sorry na. 


Kunj: acha Baba I really don’t know about this all things. You know this na.

Twinkle: acha Ji you only know how to do romance nodded in yes making this more angry twinkle ??. Sadu go. Stand.

Kunj: sorry held his ears.She get up and went in washroom shut the door with jerk.you have to do lots of thing Kunj. But I don’t know about this.you have to now Kunj you love her she felt bad na see my parents and dadu and dadi he take his bag and left for office.. 

Rudra was standing in college waiting for ziva so he can give her rose firstly. But Soumya come and snatch rose from his hand. 

Soumya: hi happy rose day cry baby thanks for this. 

Rudra:sumo this isn’t for you. 

Soumya: okay take your back. She giving but Rudra look at her face. 

Rudra: naha naha take this you only by the by happy rose day hippo..and run. 

Soumya:you empty Brain.. she see the rose and smells and get happy. Pagal.. 

Omkara went in library due to pinku.He was finding books for her.Mahi was too there but both didn’t see each other’s they take their books and went near cafe.Omkara see their everywhere just roses and smiled too see.. 

Omkara:why people need one specific day to express their love they can make everyday special for their love once he smiled while Mahi admiring couples they giving each other roses.Waiter distributing roses to everyone. 

Mahi: so beautiful.. than he went to Omkara and give him rose.. 

Omkara:asked him.. why are you distributing roses to everyone.

Waiter: today I’m very happy. I like someone from many days but because of shyness I wasn’t telling her. So I pray to god if she will accept my proposal than I will distribute roses to everyone.

Omkara: so she accepted your proposal man.??

Waiter: yes sir I’m very happy. I fact she also like me because of her shyness she wasn’t expressing me Omkara take rose from him and think about Mahi.just than Mahi eyes went on Omkara she saw him and immediately bright and beautiful smile appears on her lips. Rudra and Priyanka come there while Rudra cheeks drenched with girls lipstick marks??.They both went towards Omkara Priyanka calls mahi.. 

Rudra:Arey O what will you do with this rose. Give to me I’ll impress any girl for time pass ???.Mahi also listen their conversation. Rudra went in washroom while Omkara look at Mahi than he went 

In side to florist he went and take multicolours of roses all type..  bye a bouquet ? write a nice poetry on it and 

And went to Mahi see Priyanka busy in her phone.. than he give bought to waiter and tell him give that girl waiter went to Mahi and give her she get confused. Than she see Omkara who gesturing she understands without saying anything she take bouquet and give smiled and went from there. 

While Kunj busy in work but his mind just thinking about twinkle.what he’ll do for her now.he get done with his Work went in his cabin try to calling her and sending her sorry messages she didn’t reply him back even not receiving

calls.this making him more guilty.Rahul and Rohan come there Rahul giggles at Kunj condition Rohan having rose in his hand. They both sits.. 

Rahul:Kunj babu guru guru hi hota hai aur sishya sishya in mocking way ?. 

Kunj:acha than we sishya always far than guru after all he teach him than his 

Shiksha ??much be.. winked at him. 

Rohan:hehe amazing guys.. 

Kunj: by the way you having this roses. 

Rahul:bhai saab finding someone to give kasht on his roses and take them ?. 

Rohan:don’t worry saalo I’ll find girl for them. Huhu. 

At other side in cafe.

Priyanka:bhaiya you both go I’m going our office I have work with pa.. 

Omkara:acha I’ll drop you pinku.. 

Priyanka:I’ll manage na you both go. She take taxi and left for sarna empire.. 

Within no time she reached and went inside. At Sarna Mansion dadi and both mother in law telling twinkle their stories what their husbands doing for them without valentine day also.. she get jealous and happy for them get angry on her husband.

Twinkle: see dadu and both papaji’s is so romantic and look at your pota and son sadu.. Anjali laughing.. 

Yuvi sends numbers of roses for Avni servant place in her cabin she get confused and get message and read and understand. Smiled.(With this rose, I am sending all my love to you along with my soul; keep it safe.Happy Rose Day. By yuvi) she smells roses.. reply him back happy rose day mr Luthra very cheesy.to send rose a girl without her permission. 

Yuvi see and giggles than. 

Yuvi:hoo even patient don’t wanted doctor gives them injection but you people girls whether they want or not same with me you know our betterment and I yours ?. She see and laugh out.. 

Priyanka entered in office and she finding tej..Rohan was standing in side he was busy in himself than walking Priyanka too both busy in themselves 

Both coming from opposite direction both bumped with each other’s Priyanka about to falls down before Rohan hold her she closed her eyes in fear. Rohan see Priyanka and think may be he seeing some dream than realised she is in his arms uff again that violins playing in his heart he admire Priyanka face she opens her eyes and look at Rohan his hands around her waist while her hand around his neck both looking at each other without blinking Their eyes others seeing them they come in sense composed themselves. Pinku look at awkwardly she went from there went in tej cabin while Rohan ruffles his hairs.

She entered in tej cabin he see him and get up she went to him and hugged him firstly Rohan standing near window and see them. 

Tej: you here pinku.. 

Priyanka: yeah pa. Woh I have work with you she told him. She just babbling Rohan admiring this also. 

Rohan:uff this rose got perfect person. 

Tej:okay I’ll sign.he sign on papers Priyanka get happy. 

Priyanka: thanks pa. 

Tej:anything for my princess.Kiss on her forehead. After she went outside. 

Rohan:hi pinku here. 

Priyanka:haa woh I have work.. Rohan.. ba.. 

Rohan: no???. Don’t call me Rohan only. 

Priyanka:acha Rohan.. 

Rohan:just I’ll get heart attack???. Think. He went near her give her white and yellow roses for you. Today is rose day na. 

Priyanka: has but.

Rohan: even friends can gives. So.. 

Priyanka: okay like this one by one Rohan give Priyanka all type of rose and she taking it and confusing but smiling. Thanks.

Rohan:your pleasure.You are still same didn’t change for a bit.

Priyanka:hmm just than tej come Rohan get scared and look at other side. 

Tej: Arey pinku you will go gone haa. See Rohan Rohan??

Rohan: I’m shivering voice.. haa sir. 

Tej:please drop Priyanka at home na. 

He get hell happy.. 

Rohan: sure sir.. chale..

Priyanka: haa bye pa.. 

Tej: bye.. they both went while Rohan thinking. 

Rohan: first time this hitler did something good with me uff thanks tej uncle. I get Time.this journey from office to Sarna Mansion not less than any long drive for me??.Rohan bring car and Priyanka sits he starts and left. Just than Rahul call him asked where he is??

Rahul: where ??

Rohan: I got perfect person for my rose in low voice.

Rahul: what??. Tere toh maze Arey aaj kish ki behan Mili hai tujhe bichara pagal bhai uska??. He will make your face colour like rose??.

Rohan:shut up saale I’ll call you later. 

He looking at Priyanka while she looking at other side. Just than he think something why not let’s celebrate chocolate day phale hi aisa moka nahi milega he take out chocolate from his pocket pinku.. chocolates??? Offer??

Priyanka:hmm. She take and having he smiled like anything and soon he drop her and went back. Priyanka cuddles roses no one give her till now.She went inside and keep roses in bag.. and went toward everyone. 

Usha: come back??

Priyanka: yup.. 

Avantika: twinkle puttar Kunj is like this since started he don’t have any interest in this all things he just buys in his studies in starting than now in his business that’s it.. 

Twinkle: haa true. 

Usha:now toh he is married na. 

Lata: don’t worry woh apne dadu ka pota hai don’t underestimate him.. ?. Twinkle get up and went from there get busy in her work.after sometimes later all come back home Kunj looking for twinkle she come and give everyone Their tea and tell Rudra give Kunj his coffee and give him roar look he closed his eyes.. she went from there.

Rahul: today tea is very tasty ??. Rosy.Kunj pass him death glares.. 

Than Kunj went in poolside and think something. After some much time he get  idea.and smirked.

Kunj:kunjj you are the best yup no one can’t beat you are smart in everything praise her himself.And raise his one eye brows.And call someone get his things

Within no time while others busy in their things Kunj went in his room and shut the door..  

#While downstairs Anjali and Rahul sitting playing with rose other side Kabir and Malika as well.Avni busy in yuvi dreams soumya and Rudra fighting. After sometimes later they all get freshen up and sit for dinner they all having their dinner.Kunj smiling inside in his heart.Rahul hold Anjali Hand tej and Manohar cough he immediately leave her hand Kunj and Omkara giggles while hiding their faces??. After dinner all went in their respective rooms didn’t wasted their times much wanted to spend with their own roses ??. Twinkle finished her work.Went towards upstairs she went near her room. 

Twinkle:sadu.she open the door as soon as she opened the door suddenly flowers started showering on her.she get confused she covered in flowers and 

She entered inside and one by one lights starts she stunned to see the ambiance of her room.Everywhere candles lit bit of room corner floor covered with flowers petals bed decorated lights she hold her mouth. What is this.she twirl to see the beauty. And laughing loudly.All types of roses bouquet was there. Just than Kunj come from back he closed the door and give her backhugged she very well known who he is??

Kunj: happy rose day.. twinkle Kunj Sarna kissed on her cheek from back.. she smiled.. did you like it.. she turned and look at with him sad look. WhAt happens. Happy rose day.. 

Twinkle:you remember very late Mr Sarna.Kunj take out roses all types of.. 

he give her she take and look at other side like this he gives her all 14 colours 

Of roses. She take and smells Than Kunj hold his ears. 

Kunj: sorry..??. She hugged him 

Twinkle:aww my cutie pie it’s okay.I love you.. break the hug and look at him. Happy rose day.. Kunj but when you did this all.. 

Kunj:when you are busy in your Anger how’s it??


Kunj:you cry for one rose see I brings whole garden or rose for you in your feet’s..whole room smelling so beautiful. 

If I know than.. I never did this with you. 

Twinkle:hmm it’s okay it’s first time na. I love this all set up you are very good in this also..she see each and everything. Twinkle read note and get

Happy Rose Day.

My rose is red,

Your eyes are blue,

You love me, And I love you.

Happy Rose Day!

fully happy. He kiss on Kunj cheeks.

Kunj:here also pointing on his lips.. ?.

Twinkle:acha ji but she kiss on his lips. 

She running whole room and smelling. Kunj clicking her photos and get happy to see her so much happy.It’s so easy to make her happy.Kunj bring pastry for them. 


Twinkle:aww..she went near him Kunj feed her she too him.Slightly pastry suck near her lip Kunj went near her lips and stuck that she blushed.She clutch his shirt. He held her chin. 

Kunj:now don’t blush you know me. And by the here set up is also that you think of it winked at her let’s do it??.. 

Twinkle:acha no ji.she went toward bed and Kunj run behind she too run both climb on bed and lay down straightly and smiling like anything. Uff lovely Kunj I don’t have words for you.

Kunj: hoo. He slightly come on her. Resting his head on his palm his elbow resting on bed while. Between you got your rose what about my rose??day 

Twinkle:boys give girls idiot.

Kunj:is it written somewhere. 

Twinkle:hmm what you want??

Kunj: yeh bhi batana padega kya? Tu aur me..?.

Twinkle:tumhari needle just stuck here only. Kunj ruffles his hairs. Move his hand on her tummy. 

Kunj:think about me also. I control enough.

Twinkle: till now you have control on yourself what so hurry. 

Kunj: ab Kya sab buddhe ho ke karege Kya twinkle??

Twinkle: hehe learn from others see dadu and dadi.. 

Kunj: haa still didn’t satisfied huhu. She Lock her arms around his neck. 

Twinkle:who told you. You make me feel so blessed Kunj. 

Kunj:you.. hmm..

Twinkle:take this rose.?. 

Kunj:my rose smells amazing smell her ahhmm??. 

Twinkle:pagal let right time come.Kunj showering flower Petals on her face. 

Kunj:my rose is only you.. you girls is cute get happy in small things.kissed on her cheeks.Linked their fingers tightly Kunj kissing on her neck deeply.She enjoyed his tortured.Share a liplock. 

Scene turned Omkara standing near his room balcony and looking at moon.. Mahi who laying on bed she smells bouquet. 

Mahi: aww Omkara gives me this I feel so happy. She see note and take out

Read..{Jo na mila tha ab tak zindagi gawa ke,Wo sab mein paa liya ek tujhe paa kar.} 

She smiled get confused but happy she cuddles the note and lay down on bed smiling like anything. 

{I am like a flower, which cannot live without the sun:even life is too same we can’t live without love it’s give us thousands reasons to live.Pyaar us ran ki nemeet hai.He makes best thing is love ?.  alcohol hangover will be vanished after sometimes but pyaar ka Nasha never ever once drink love till your life you can’t even didn’t vanished just raising more and more in your heart) 

Kunj and twinkle laying in each other’s embrace.

Twinkle: you know what tomorrow??

Kunj:hmm propose day??

Twinkle:very good.. now let me sleep. 

Kunj: my good night kiss.

Twinkle:just now you leave me again demanding become greedy for romance Kunj. He pulled her nose and both smiled Sajna ve play in bg❤️❤️❤️❤️..Kunj peck on her lips. Both covered under the blanket and sleep happily. 

Anjali and Rahul tucking and laughing while Rohan seeing Priyanka photo in his phone which he click secretly At Natasha and Purab wedding time.. 








All sleep with happily.A new day come and bring new hopes for them.They all remember what is today.?? Like as usually all wake up had their breakfast and leave for their works kunj Leave from office early.He knows what to do. He get busy in his work.Like this whole day passed very quickly like heart beats ?.Kunj message everyone in their group send..)while twinkle didn’t see Kunj not message she get tensed went in her room and her eyes went on one parcel she went toward and take in her hand. See note..Roses are red violets are blue and I’m waiting for you.she didn’t get it open the parcel and see one saree was there she take in her hands. 

Please wear and come.. at address.. 

twinkle take saree went in washroom she 

Take bath and come out of the washroom in bath robe love is in air and dancing she went near dressing Table drying her hairs wear the saree and she imagined Kunj everywhere she struggles in her back dori just than in her imagination Kunj come and tie her dori move his finger on her lower back she chucked and turned and didn’t find Kunj.Than doing her make up Kunj come from back give her thumps??. 

{Kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya ha

Kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai

Do chaar din se lagta hai jaise

Sab kuch alag hai, sab kuch naya hai

Kuch to hua hai, Kuch ho gaya hai song play in bg.. she dancing along with Kunj. 

While otherwise Kunj busy in preparation he imagining twinkle everywhere and hitting playfully on his head.smiling like anything he went inside stand in front of mirror finding his things. 

{Cheezein main rakhke bhool jaati hoon

Bekhayaali mein gungunaati hoon

Ab akele mein muskuraati hoon

Badli hui si meri ada hai

Kuch to hua hai, Kuch ho gaya hai}…

Kunj combing his hairs twinkle come and make him wear his blazer he dancing with her..twirl her.at same time both get and leave. 

While others too after see Kunj message they get ready fully.. 

He calls everyone because they thinking he is less in express his love.. even twinkle too think he is shy he also want to show that he can do publicly she always had complain him you are too shy look at Kabir and Rahul they are so romantic. They didn’t leave any single chance to impress their partners.But you are toh sher in room 

Only and become bhiggi billi in front of others ??. So he planned something for all. Just than Kunj come outside and see the preparation get impress. 

Kunj:today my siyappa queen will be impressed by me fully.He calls her.. 

Twinkle:Kunj where are you.

Kunj:you just come..

I’ll tell you.he see the time and all lights went off. Everyone reached twinkle went towards beach side she hide darkness everywhere. While Rahul and others reached together they too went find whole beach.. vacant he asked manager and he tell Kunj Sarna booked whole place for tonight.. they all get confused while twinkle giving voice to Kunj. Suddenly she heard some voice it wasn’t voice but someone singing. Suddenly lights one turned by turning twinkle see something in sky.It was not fully darkest.lights was enough and their love to brightness.. Kunj was on hot air balloon he standing earring headset ear headphones and singing.

Zara sa..song..

{Zara Si dil mein de jagah tu

zara sa apna le bana

Zara sa khawbon mein saja tu

Zara sa yaadhon mein basa Mein chahun tujhko Meri jaan bepaanah Fida hoon tujhpe Meri jaan bepaanaha wooow OooO}

His face fully see twinkle and get surprised cam shocked to see him on hot air balloon in sky.he singing and his voice echoed everywhere’s others come there and they see the scenario and stunned.. 

 Twinkle see down and find red carpets and balloons flowers laying under feet.

{Zara Si dil mein de jagah tu

zara sa apna le bana

Zara sa khawbon mein saja tu

Zara sa yaadhon mein basa Mein tere mein tere Kadmon mein rakh du yeh jahan

Mera ishq deewangi.. 

Rohan: what is this..??

Mahi:see jiju all see at sky see Kunj their mouth got opened Kunj showers flowers petals on twinkle she overwhelm just holding her emotions.her eyes just stuck at Kunj other side lights on twinkle see with lights written (I LOVE YOU)..

Rahul:amazing man.slightly Kunj balloon coming down while one hot air balloon come for twinkle she went and stand and look at Kunj balloon going in Kunj he gives her his hand while she just freezes at that moment Kunj pulled carefully take her in his balloon hold her protectly she see him.. they flashing in screen which was in side all just see them. 

Kunj: so Mrs Sarna you wanted I proposed you in different style. She blinked and I’m shy in front of all so here in front of all’s this moon land sky water all witness of our love.. he sit on his knees. Twinkle I love you like anything and till now people propose their love on land see us hum zameen and Aasam ke beach me hai. How romantic is it??. She blushed and nodded in yes and look around just lights and twinkle and Kunj photos hanging. Moon light flashing on them like spotlight. I’m waiting for you.. 

Rahul: haa twinkle.. 

Malika: gone mad man..??.. she give her Hand in his hand. 

Twinkle: even I love you too Kunj.

Kunj:I found the reason of my smile, the day I found you. Will you let me be the reason for your smile?

You are the one I wanted to find, to tell that I need you all my life.

Only you, you’re the only thing I’ll see forever. In my eyes, in my words, and in everything I do.Kuch kehnay ko dil karta hai Jisay kehtay huey dar lagta hai
Aj Propose Day Hai. Keh Hi Dalte Hai
Hum Tumhein Dil o Jaan se Zyada
Muhabbat Krte Hai.Happy Propose Day.

Tears escaping from twinkle eyes. Each words echoed so loudly hitting with sky. 

Twinkle:I miss you when I’m not with you. When I’m not with you, all I do is think about you. When I think about you, I just want to be with you.When I’m with you it’s like all of my dreams have come true.

If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you too Kunj Sarna.Kunj kissed on her hand and take out ring box.

He make her wear ring in her ring finger and kissed.

Get up than on her forehead. 

Kunj:wait I have something for you more than he take out locket..and adore in her neck she touch the locket don’t think it’s normal locked inside in this locket I love you written in 100 different languages ?.

Twinkle see deeply really it’s flashing. They both where standing between sky and water.She hugged Kunj. All clapped for them.. 

twinkle you fully changed me yaar seriously even I never think I’ll be do something like that for someone just bring this smile on her face.You teach me how to love and yes this love is best thing ever happens Cuddles her. 

(Hai nahi hai nahi

Ashiq koi mujhsa tera

Tu mere liye bandagi

Mein chahun tujhko

Meri jaan bepaanah

Fida hoon tujhpe

Meri jaan bepaanaha).

More hot balloons ? comes .

Kunj:guys you wanna get treat take.. celebrate our love happiness and yours propose day as well ??.They all climb in balloons in according to their pairs.. they all laughing feeling so cute far from land.

While too hugged their partners Mahi and Omkara look at each other’s and Rohan and Priyanka as well Kabir holding Malika carefully. Rudra and soumaya fighting Rahul kissed on Anjali cheeks. They all hooting all around twinkle admire Kunj with love eyes. 

Kunj: what happened?? 

Twinkle:nothing peck on his lips.they all give titanic pose.. 

Zara Si dil mein de jagah tu

zara sa apna le bana

Zara sa khawbon mein saja tu

Zara sa yaadhon mein basa

Keh bhi di keh bhi de

dil mein tere hai jo chupa

Khwaish jo hai teri

Rakh nahi rakh nahi

Parda koi mujhse aye jaan

Kar le tu mera yakin

Mein chahun tujhko

Meri jaan bepaanah

Fida hoon tujhpe

Meri jaan bepaanaha

All dancing there only and Rahul balloon slightly near Kunj he throw flowers on him. 

Rahul:Kunj best thing do here only ?. Nature air conditioner.Anjali and twinkle blushed and laugh out. Hide Their face under their husbands chest. 

Kunj:hatt pagal I’ll give you back but my sis.. huhu. 

Anjali:shameless. Between Kunj I really love this.Thanks twinkle because of you we get this.Spend enough In balloons than they come out of the balloons.. 

Kabir: woo nice.. they all get shocked to see Kunj this shade his new side.. 

Rahul:ye majnu toh hum se bhi aagye Nikal gye..

Omkara: why all of sudden.

Kunj: my wifey Ji wants I propose her in front of everyone.. in her style. So I’m fulfilling her wish.

Rudra:bhaiya you are superb.. aap toh G se bhi aage nikal agye. While twinkle blushing like hell.  Kunj pulled her closer to him. All where surprised. Because this is the first time they are seeing this loving shade of Kunj. completely unexpected and never imagine. While all like aww twinkle was hiding her face in the chest of Kunj. 

Anjali:twinkle why are you blushing this much. Haan. 

Kunj: this my tamatar is like this only pulled her cheeks. When I leave my shyness mode her shyness mode on.. ?.

Yuvi: twinkle I don’t believe you are same twinkle who win miss Amritsar punjabi pataka..

Twinkle: chup bandar khin ka.. 

Malika: whatever is it Kunj I really love how you do this all i mean this all far from your knowledge.

Anjali: haa.. 

Kunj: kuch kuch hota hai he winked Rahul. You’ll learn everything di.. 

Soumya: hehe true.

Avni:till now we thinking only bhai is damn romantic and can do such things for bhabhi but now today history changed ??Kunj bro in further than your ??.

Kunj:hmm see bhai sab Rahul ji.Teri story old ??. Like movie.

Rahul:haatt me and Anjali love is ever green. 

Omkara: sab ka pyaar and sab ji kahani apni hi jaga best hoti.


Kunj: now happy now don’t blame me afterward I’m not like Jiju.. 

Twinkle:hmm..she isn’t that condition said anything. Lack of words. 

Kunj:now guys take your exit cards. 

Rohan:you said you give us treat.. 

Rahul: haina treat for couples those are single see for you all.. 

Kunj: haa see this sea for jumped you’ll get many fished ???. Both hifi.. 


Kunj:chalo I have something for you go and celebrate your nights.he planned here only for them individually.They all going while Rahul go back to Kunj.. 

Rahul: acha everything is best if not than I’ll not leave you like you can do anything ?. 

Kunj: go and see. 

Anjali:comeeee na pulling his blazer he go near Kunj ears.. 

Rahul: I’ll planned for little Anjali and you too ???.Twinkle drenched in blushed he said many naughty things to him calls I’ll help you. 

Kunj:Kya aadmi hai pushing him. ??. 

Anjali: shameless come she taking while Rahul winked at them. 

Rahul:enjoy your night guys have great night clear all ways.. both went. 

Twinkle:pagal he is really.. they all went Kunj take deep breath and moved few step back and


see twinkle head to toe she looking truly amazing in this saree send my him.Twinkle wearing black net saree with sleeves blouse looking stunning.. ?. 

Kunj get mesmerising to see her fully. Why you looking at me like this haa??

Kunj:I’m shocked you looking fabulous twinkle she smiled he pulled her towards himself.She resting on her hands on his chest.. ??. He caress her cheeks. Happy propose day again. 

Twinkle:hmm I never ever forget this day Kunj till my last breath. I seriously don’t know you’ll take me so much seriously you do this.

Kunj:hmm ab tujhe propose nahi karta and this all’s than you’ll put banned on my kiss. 

Twinkle:??are you mad.. 

Kunj:because you always bring my kiss. Bichari innocent ?.she hugged him.

Twinkle: thanks.. really I’m overwhelmed no one did this for me kunj look at little anger. 

Kunj: possessive way why anyone ha no one dare to do only I have right.you are just mine.

Twinkle:haa mere possessive husband I’m just yours??. Now what.

Kunj:chale I have more for you.. he hold her hand and take her. 

While rest of them get date types setup tent candles.they all get happy thanks to Kunj…Kunj blindfolds twinkle eyes. 

Twinkle: where are you taking me Baba.

Kunj:wait na.. he reached and removed blindfold twinkle open her eyed. Again he shocked her. 

Twinkle; today you are fully turn on..

Kunj: I’m always woh toh tu hi hai didn’t concentrate on me??.

Twinkle: acha. They stand Kunj did date set up for her he pulled chair on her they both sits Kunj holding her hands. Let’s have something I’m hungry.

Others too same..

Kunj:sure bhukd.. kunj open the lid twinkle see her favourite she get happy make pouty lips: you have Kunj and I’ll eat you?. 

Twinkle:hehe.They both having from one plate and feeding each other’s.Others enjoying as well. They have cake Kunj open the champagne pour in one glass they leave the hairs twinkle resting her head on his shoulder walking on cold Sand.Both taking sip from one glass only. 

Little far Kunj did tent type step so they relax they went both lay in sitting position Kunj holding twinkle hand.But you did so much alone??

Kunj:yup use my mind.. I know I didn’t give you much time so this love week for love once but for me my all weeks months days years for you only just love you.ab blush mat kar,. peachy.. 

Twinkle: what was that always giving me new names.. tamatar now this peach.. 

Kunj: haa ab you blushing like them so I’ll call you this only.. bite her cheeks.. 

Twinkle:ouchh.. sadu.. behaving like new born babies ??.. 

Kunj: acha babies lets bring them??. Slap him playfully on his cheeks.

Twinkle:fully becoming like jiju..no now I think you are Same to same him just making everyone fool. Kunj ruffles his hairs. 

Kunj: ab..


Kunj:kuch nahi Unromantic lady.they both lay down while twinkle resting her head on Kunj chest.Kunj keep screen so they entertained themselves.He play movie they see just for some minutes than both admiring stars and moon. 

Twinkle: it’s so peaceful na.. Kunj.. 

Kunj:hmm that’s why send them little far from us noise pollution she pinch on his nose Kunj leave everything aside he look at twinkle both looking into each other eyes deeply,Their eyes speaking their love for each other’s. Kunj kissed on her forehead slightly moved and half come on her. Kunj hand travel on her bare hands she feels his hand cold.and closed her eyes.He moved toward her cheeks he them all over on her face bite her chubby cheeks.Than he take out twinkle earrings and kissed her earlobe’s she was on fire. Her cleavage moving in ups and down motions. Kunj side her hairs and kissed on her neck.giving her wet kissed make her neck wet.She moaning his name. 

Twinkle:kunjjj.. he takes her hand kissed on her bare hands.. both looking at each other’s twinkle kissed on Kunj cheeks he smiled she tortured him today. Their Face Is just inch apart..

Than Kunj push her his hand travels on her bare back open her back dori.


twinkle open her eyes. Kunjj yeh nahi.

Kunj:hoo okay sorry.She feels good Kunj warped his blazer on around her shoulders Kunj lift her in bridle style her arms around his neck. She rest her head on his chest Kunj smiled and pulled her closer to himself. Chale.

Twinkle:hmm she peck on his lips in that position both kissing each other’s  bite his lips Kunj break.

Kunj: my position is wrong nahi toh I’ll show you. She chucked. Cuddles him

pyaar koi karne wali cheez nahi hai pyaar toh wo feeling hai jo har kisi ke liye nahi aur JISKE liye aa jaye uske liye kabhi nahi jaati hai?

{love just increased positivity bring lots of happiness and gives your reasons you didn’t need things to get happy just love feeling is enough to make you happy. Love is like karo pure dil se till your last breath just her name on your tongue and last heart beat for you only}Episode freezes.. 


pheww finally I’m done with episode so it’s my golden jubilee I’m so happy for this 50?????. Mere valentine day this only.. pretty single we all are so happy people no tension like them??.. happy valentine weeks fully late kya Karu.?: so my second ff second jubilee it would be possible without you all guys thanks for supporting me in every time and showers your unconditional love my team you all❤️❤️. At love ka hai Intezzar I got bestie like Sameera here again with this ff got yashika di thanks yaar you are the best feels like I’m blessed with the best even you all. Thanks once again friend cam sister anjali❤️❤️❤️???.My real Anjali  sweet jhali ???.. and I completed more than 200 articles uff thanks..my writer idol ??tej ji, hope you all like episode. Guys I didn’t posted because I’m having high fever cause I’m only because had nonsense things which always gives me troubles that’s why late sorry.. more this edits to episode I’m done ???meri love si story.. gives your precious views please. No proofs

50????????. Finally Kunj propose his lady love.. ???.. their all love will raise ?

bye love you all thanks again allahafiz?..

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