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Sameera uff(Raj+Kamini but amazing ?.

I feel so lucky to have you as my friend. Hope your birthday is as special as you are.May all of your dreams come true. Thanks for being such a great friend. Happy birthday.I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you. Have a fantastic ?????????????babes love you. Raj

At morning.

Mahi wake up and look at Omkara who sleeping peacefully she smiled and see the time.

Mahi:I should get ready now today is my first here can’t be late.She immediately get up and take her clothes and went in washroom.She quickly get ready and went downstairs she was hell nervous she is new.

She entered in kitchen and see nobody was there.I toh don’t know where everything. Just than there Usha and Avantika come and see Mahi.

Avantika:heyy good morning Mahi beta. She went near them.

Mahi:good morning badi Maa and mummy ji she take their blessings.

Usha:Khush raho beta looking so beautiful she smiled.

Avantika:wake up good.Chalo we will help you.Because you don’t know na everything is new here for you.

Mahi:nahi I’ll do I know each and everything just nervous.

Usha:why nervous beta we are here if you okay than good I’ll send servant she nodded in yes.Usha and Avantika leave the kitchen and send servant.Servant come and tell Mahi each and everything and help her as well.Mahi firstly made something sweet halwa because it’s a ritual for a new Bahu at her first day and first kitchen.Even she made whole breakfast.

Rahul and Anjali was sleeping suddenly Anjali feel her baby kick she screamed in sleep.

Anjali:ahah Rahul..?.

Rahul: in sleeping tone Kya Hua Patanjali ??..

Anjali: what Patanjali haan??she push him.

Rahul: ahah baby why you disturbing my sleep what happened tell karo Mujhe come back to her.

Anjali: Huhu because you I’m bearing thus kicks everyday specially at morning you are enough in my life Rahul.now this too and you making fun of me like Kunj and Rohan. ?see Kunj how he treat twinkle and you.

Rahul:he open his eyes.Acha baby I’m far better than him.Baby kick Acha sorry for that. Keep his hand on her belly now baby don’t kick mamma we will kick her afterwards together ?.

Anjali:argh?…and push him he falls down from the bed.

Rahul:ouch Anjali this isn’t good I’ll see you afterwards Huhu.He get up and went in washroom.Anjali too get up both husband and wife teased each other’s and their Rahul and Anjali wali cute nok jhok.

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully in each other’s embrace.Twinkle resting her head on Kunj chest.Kunj sleep over so he wake up and open his eyes and see twinkle sleeping having cute pout.

Kunj see and giggles.

Kunj:see this girl sleeping so peacefully Meri Jaan kissed on her cheeks.Caress her hairs she is sleeping before only but now she get reason to sleep Abhi bolo lets go for walk madam bhi fever hai yeh headache excuses ki limits toh Dekho siyappa queen. Chalo jethani ji wake up we have do your devarani ki ragging.. tickles her.

Twinkle: ahah Kya Hai Kunjj let me sleep.

Kunj: wake up baby it’s too late Mahi ki ragging nahi karni hai kya?.

Twinkle:no mood nahi afterwards baby wanted to sleep.

Kunj:wake up fast I’m going in Washroom you will take 2 hours.Kunj pecked her lips and get up and went in washroom.

Kunj take shower and twinkle snoring sound coming till washroom Kunj heard and giggles.Pagal ladki he wrapped towel around his waist and went out of the washroom and found his wife still sleeping. Ahha twinkle wake up.

Twinkle:Kya Hai..??she wake up and laying down in Sitting position.Kunj getting ready and looking at her.

Kunj:good morning jaan..

Twinkle:Kya good morning kunjj.

Kunj:what happened??She making puppy face and pouting lips.He went near and peck at her pout.Ab bata what happened are you okay? He sit beside her cupped her face.

Twinkle:Kuch nahi just body aching get tired na.

Kunj:acha that’s why I’m saying you twinkle don’t run here and there didn’t listen to me now bear this..

Twinkle:whatever Shadi ek baar aati hai. So I should enjoy leave it.

Kunj: great than bear chal let’s get ready

I’ll help you.

Twinkle:na I can manage naughty head.

Kunj:yes for my wifey samji.Kunj make pouty face twinkle grin and pecking his pout and bite as well his lips he arching his eyes both giggles out loudly.Than Kunj went downstairs while twinkle get up and went in washroom.

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Lata and Prithviraj went to Guruduwara to prayed and all relatives which come from village in Omkara and mahi wedding so they see off the to railway station after went to Guruduwara to prayed for Anjali and twinkle baby.they come back.

Mahi come out of the kitchen she bring tea for each and everyone.Meantime everyone come downstairs expect two soon mommies.Mahi served everyone tea and take everyone blessing all smiled Omkara smiled to see her.

Kunj:nice tea Mahi..

Rahul:yeah now Kunj will forget his wifey coffee ?.

Kunj: acha tujhe bada pata hai murmured kamina..

Om: suna hum ne??.

Avni: yeah..

Rahul:biwi aate hi sab badal gaya very soon Omkara see Rudra and Kunj.. bhai hua paraya dan?..

Kunj:acha what about you.And let him na. Rudra yawning..

Rahul: haan true tum toh biwi ke chamche ho and definitely he will too follow your footsteps ?.

Kunj: less than you..

Om:haan huhu Rahul not fair.. Mahi giggles even others as well.Soumya and Priyanka teasing Rudra.He making faces. Just than Aayat come with her teddy bear ?pooh.Rubbing her eyes.

Usha: chalo lets have breakfast we have lots work for reception..


Avantika:even Mahi pag phera as well..

Kunj: but twinkle toh went next day ?

Avantika:haan because we don’t have time na that’s why now she is free at your time all relatives at home only that’s why.

Kunj:hmm this siyappa queen so special he murmured.

Om:by the way where is jethani ji and elder nanadji..?.. Anjali come downstairs and went towards them.

Anjali:good morning making irritated faces

Even twinkle too come same her condition of her due to vomiting..

Mahi:what happened di and Anjali di..

Kunj:nothing is new in this she making this face whole day.

Rahul:so true.Twinkle feeling nauseous she hold her mouth and went in side washroom all understand.Kunj get up and went behind her he went in washroom she throwing up he rubbing her back.

She look at him tears comes in her eyes.

While all sit for breakfast.

Kunj: are you okay now?

Twinkle: hmm kunjj. This vomiting kills me one day..

Kunj:don’t worry Chal.He wiped his face with napkin and hold her hand they went towards dinning table.Omkara pulled chair for twinkle she sit beside Avantika Aayat give her flying kiss she too.

Rahul: smell coming yummy let’s try my taste today your di toh already drooled us for her food.. she smiled and started serving each and everyone she serving twinkle.

Twinkle:nahi mahi I don’t want I had so much during your wedding days now punishing me.

Avantika: kyu everything is fine.see her face Kunj take her to dr immediately okay.

He nodded in yes. She just have her halwa than sit beside Priyanka. All taste her halwa.

Kunj: yummy halwa Mahi..

Tej: yeah.

Avantika:she did everything alone impressive.

Kunj: OMG see this siyappa queen during starting days she burned her hands and cut fingers look at her see twinkle learnt something from Mahi.

Twinkle:whatever she knows because she helping Maa and I don’t know she is interested in this all things.

Kunj: and you only interested in siyappa’s how to create m I right.

Avantika: bas karo always fighting..

Lata:very nice Mahi beta they call her towards them and give her sagun she take and smiled.They all enjoying breakfast Omkara gestured Mahi.?awesome he murmured enough audible for her she smiled.

They all finished the breakfast happily and praised Mahi lott even Kunj and twinkle or Anjali ,Rahul give her too gift. She get happy.Anjali and twinkle teased Mahi and Omkara secretly they just blushed and all giggles.Just than Kabir come to take Mahi for her pag phera.. he meet with each and everyone Mahi get happy to see her brother she served him halwa he praised as well and seeing twinkle cuteness.

Kabir:Yeh jethani kam laughter queen jada lag Rahi hai. ?.

Twinkle: huhu bhai you too like Kunj. She is my sister why I’ll become her jethani Haan I’m her I’ll used my power when it’s needed ?..

Kunj: channt ek punjabi..

Twinkle:you have brother gang up and I have as well poor brothers huhu.They trio brothers give her Tashan look.

Avantika: mahi puttar now you go with Kabir..

Kabir: aunty can I take twinkle I’m?

Kunj: Kabir right now I’m taking her hospital she isn’t feeling well.

Kabir:hoo bimar queen.Twinkle make weird faces.Mahi went in her room twinkle went behind her she get ready.

Twinkle: can I come. Mahi turned.

Mahi: yeah di. She went inside.

Twinkle: my mahi looking so beautiful acha I forget to give you this bangales. Choti Maa give me for you.

Mahi: it’s so pretty.

Twinkle: yeah even mine one too which dadi give me??.

Mahi:haan.Twinkle made her wear and check on her hands it’s looking beautiful along with her Chuda.. twinkle hugged her. Missing Maa di.. ☹️.

Twinkle: acha calling me cry baby of papa what about you.

Mahi: ahah you toh went here and there but I never leave Maa that’s why.

Twinkle:yeah I can understand your condition is far better than me asked anyone here I was crying whole day. Your jiju teasing me till now for that. Mahi giggles. Acha Chal ab you will get late and give my love to Maa and khansa.

Mahi:hmm they both sister went.Usha and Avantika send all gifts for Taneja with servant so he will keep in Kabir car. Mahi and twinkle come down all smiled.

Kabir: sister goal?.

Twinkle:yes any doubt ?hold Mahi hand tightly and show Kabir. Mahi take everyone blessing.

Anjali: acha hai Mahi com Soon.

Kabir:haan she toh going but twinkle she toh didn’t moved till when Kunj didn’t allow her haina ??.Twinkle looking here and there.

Twinkle:bhai Shadi mahi and Omkara ki hui hai kal not our get it.Omkara isn’t sadu na he is..?.

Kunj:acha lets see him too.if I’ll not like this than tu toh flying at 9 cloud.

Twinkle:huhu khadoos..

Usha:you go they will continue like this.

Mahi:bye.. Omkara went to leave her till car Kabir and mahi they went.

Om: acha come soon.

Kabir:first let her go jija ?.Mahi palmed her face and they both brother and sister sit in car and drove off for Taneja mansion while Omkara went inside.

Rahul and Rudra or Omkara get busy in reception preparation which arranged in hotel..

Twinkle was in her room keeping talking with her baby and having raw mango.. Kunj entered in room.Because tej give him Oder leave everything first take his bahu for check up.He smiled each and everyone was so possessive about twinkle health .. he entered in room and see her she happily busy in her mango.

Kunj:ahah twinkle he went towards her. Let’s go and leave this kachcha aam meri Maa. He snatched from her hands.

Twinkle: Kya Hai always irritates me Kya kiya hai mene tumhara.

Kunj: acha sun I have a good new for you.

Twinkle: what?

Kunj:my baby is so lucky see my project stuck in middle I get client call now they get ready to deal with us it’s totally amazing. He is lucky twinkle keep his hand on her belly.

Twinkle: haan woh toh Kunj.

Kunj: now chale meri Maa pa and mummy will strangle my neck. If I didn’t take their bahu..

Twinkle:yeah.I can’t take any risk this time kunjj.

Kunj:hmm don’t worry she get up. Both hold each other’s hand and went downstairs informed Lata and Prithviraj and went to hospital..

Mahi and Kabir reaches Taneja mansion.She went inside and calling everyone they all come as soon as she see her Maa and rushed towards her and cuddles leela. She smiled others giggles Kabir come.

Bebe: Ram ki doll nahi Aai???

Kabir: na bebe papa ji doll ko check up ke liye jaana hai.

Rt:why everything is fine na.. ?.

Kabir: haan papa everything.Mahi meet with each and everyone they all sit and she tell them her first day.They all get happy their another daughter get same love and respect feelings so lucky they must have did some good deeds in last birth.mostly a parents sad because of their daughter if she isn’t happy than their whole life send in pain.If she is Than they don’t want more..

Twinkle and Kunj sitting in front of dr.

Kunj: everything is normal na dr??

Dr: yeah Kunj everything vomiting is normal na give her liquid good for her. Rest twinkle last time as well I told.

Twinkle:yeah dr I’ll do..

Kunj:I’m here na.She give her medicine do her sonography twinkle hold Kunj hand.They see baby in monitor photo not coming it’s fully blurred.They get happy.After this they went out of the washroom.

They both went back to home and tell everyone nothing is worried about her she is fine they get relief Kunj Tell Avantika dr just recommend her do rest.

Avantika:this girl didn’t listen to me. Now wedding is over go in your room and rest there only Priyanka go with bhabhi stay there only I’ll send fruits and juice..

Twinkle: sorry.. ?.She went in her room along with Priyanka .she lay down while Priyanka pressing her hands she having cramps problem in during pregnancy days.She feeling Good. You know pinku everyday I’m thanking babaji he give me so lovely family who loves me this much.

Priyanka:Haan even we too get bhabhi likes you.. both smiled.

Mahi having great time with her family bebe made her favourite food she play with khansa lott she blabbered in her baby language.

Khansa:lolaahhahaha.. ahah.. all giggles.

Mahi:your elders bua send you lotts of love.

Malika:acha she didn’t come fully busy your jethani huhu?.

Mahi:hehe acha but my jethani is so cute and lovely..

Leela: behan hai Teri..

Mahi:Maa they are really nice they take care of di so much each and everyone behind her.

Leela: haan beta that’s why your papa so stress free from twinkle side nahi toh you know na.

Mahi: haan huhu papa just love di not me ☹️.

Rt: acha bachu I toh love you all same

But you know twinkle iss ghar Ka sab se pampered bacha hai..?.

Kabir:even papa ji jaan Humhari toh Maa hai show him tongues both of them

Bebe:in both families she is favourite of everyone centre attraction?. All nodded in yes.

Omkara looking at clock back to back Rohul,kuru come and sit beside him they all boys see his condition

Rudra:see O he is so desperated for Mahi and just checking time.

Rahul:haan yeh kambakkat ISHq hai Aeshi ??.

Kunj:don’t worry Omkara she will come you are toh desperate than me..

Rahul:acha he is too same likes you?. They just teasing each other’s pulling each other’s legs Priyanka come and give them cold drinks.Rohan see her.

Tum Bhee Ho, Mai Bhee Hu, Pas Aao, Toh Keh Du Aakhir Kyun Pal Mein Yu Diwana Mai Ho Gaya humming the song.. Priyanka looking here and there she went from there why this effecting her. Don’t know why??!

Usha and Lata come and tell Omkara he have to go Taneja mansion to bring Mahi back and even meet his in laws as well.

Om: okay dadi he get hell happy all laughs out he ruffles his hairs.

Kunj: no more zulfi?. He run outside and sit in his car and message Mahi he coming to take her she read and giggles. She tell leela they all arranged lunch.

Omkara reached he went inside and take everyone blessing.

Leela: Khush raho beta.

Om:haan aunty..

Leela: acha I’m Kunj Maa and yours as well he nodded in yes.

Om:maa he murmured.he sit everyone Mahi come and see both share eye locks. They chit chat each other’s Than they all sit for lunch leela and Malika didn’t leave Omkara. Malika take her revenge from Omkara.

Kabir:Leave him take revenge from Kunj your besties not him baby??.

Malika: nahi nahi damaad of this house his hospitality in huge way he will remembered ?.

Om:don’t worry I’m happy..

Rt:great beta yeh hui na baat.They finished the lunch happily.Than Mahi and Omkara take a leave they have to get ready for reception as well.So they left for Sarna Mansion.

Kunj went in his room and see twinkle she taking nap he smiled and take out their outfit and set his and her all things perfectly at last moment he will not teased her she will not get irritate already she is enough..

Mahi and Omkara went in their room Usha give Mahi today outfit and Avantika her all jewelleries which Lata and Prithviraj select for her..

Avantika: get ready on time okay now we don’t have time lott.

Mahi: yeah sure. They both went Omkara closed the door..

Om: aha you don’t have time for me kal hi Shadi hui phir bhi not good.

Mahi:acha husband ji ab me kya Karu he hugged.Today sit together and spend some cozy moments. Rudra was passing from Omkara room. Room window was opened. Mahi resting her head on Omkara chest he caressing her hairs.

Rudra:see them Arey O closed khidakee?he said loudly and run from there Mahi and Omkara both heard and both giggles.

Mahi: pagal he is.

Om: totally it just start wifey pulled her cheeks..

Mahi: acha excited husband ji..

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Everyone was getting ready for reception.Twinkle wake up she went in washroom take bath and get freshen up even Kunj too.Twinkle was in her bathrobe. She closing Kunj shirt buttons.

Kunj:looking hot let’s cancel reception enjoy here.

Twinkle:haan karege ek din.kunj playing with her wet hairs.

Kunjyou ready to bite me always Junglee Billee pulled her cheeks..

Twinkle:whatever sadu.. ?chalo now let me get ready. Kunj nodded in yes and sit in side. Kunj turned na I have to changed it.

Kunj: so karle I’m not stranger..

Twinkle: acha please turned other side I feel shy..

Kunj: it’s your mistake baby I’ll not do or not Than go in washroom.

Twinkle:impossible aadami huhu.She changed Kunj didn’t look at her. She went towards dressing table and getting ready.

Kunj: not too much up it’s not your reception twinkle ji..

Twinkle: see kesha pati hai apni hi biwi se jealous ho raha hai.He went towards her give her backhugged her she looking totally divine in red gown Kunj too not less.they both always grabbed everyone attractions.

Kunj:because you are mine na so I don’t want anyone look at my wife.

Twinkle: every time same line you were jealous this much think about later when baby come 24/7 hours he was with me and I’m all his than??.

Kunj:acha after me only my baby nobody else than us.Why I’ll  jealous with him he was because of me don’t you know winked at her she made O face.. ?Kunj kiss on her cheeks from back.They get ready fully. Chalo today my wifey is tired lott he lift her in his arms she smiled and peck his lips. They both went for down..

Meantime each and everyone get ready while getting ready mahi and Omkara Romancing lott.. they too come down and everyone praised them.Twinkle and Kunj was in their own world.Twinkle was in Kunj arms they coming down. They didn’t see everyone because both lost in each other’s. Rahul eyes went on them.

Rahul: lo in ko dekho jo bolta nahi ta baat baat pe sharmata aaj usko dekho openly Romancing ?. All see them and giggles.

Anjali:true both of them didn’t leave single moment..?.

Avantika: so happy for them they stay like this babaji she prayed in her heart and smiled others as well.

Soumya: so romantic this Jodi is iconic Jodi in our families..?.

Priyanka:Haan like dadu and dadi.. they both come down.

Rahul: bhai Kunj Leave her now down we are here now you wanted we will closed our eyes itself because you become shameless ?. They come in sense and see them and shocked cum awkward. Kunj immediately put twinkle down. She looking down.

Twinkle: this sadu humesha meri izzat ki lassi karta hain. She murmured.?..

Anjali: Kunj babu And bhabhi kal hi Shadi hui hai Kya ??.

Lata: bas karo stop teasing my both twinkle and Kunj.They love each other’s so much that’s why. Taking care of his wife he lift her. Kunj nodded in yes.

Rudra: acha dadi save bhai..

Kunj: issko Kya Hua kal issko Shadi karni ti nobody will get ready to marry you bro ?.

Twinkle: acha tum bade sure ho..?

Kunj: yes look at him.

Twinkle: even I’m thinking same about you phar mili na tumhe bhi??..

Kunj:you siyappa queen I’ll see you later.

Twinkle:my Rudra get beautiful wife. Winked at Soumya she blushed and look down Rahul see.

Rahul:aahaa ??..

Lata: chalo now. They all nodded and left for hotel.

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Each and everyone reached yuvi missing Avni as soon as he see her went towards her and complained her lott why she leave him.

Avni:acha not now again happy.He kissed on her cheeks and hold her hand.

Omkara and mahi meeting with all guest and receiving gifts.

Rudra hold Soumya hand and pulled her in side.

Soumya: Kya Hai cry baby?

Rudra: Kya cry baby.. I asked you something you didn’t answer me.

Soumya: Kya Rudra I mean you proposed me in bathroom it’s so weird man?.

Rudra: because you were not listening me that’s why I take..


After Omkara and mahi Shadi and all rituals end post marriage ones.. Soumya was going in her room. Rudra was behind her since two days at least listen him once but she throwing tantrums so he pulled her and take her near washroom.

Rudra: kaha madam fatso..

Soumya: whatever.

Rudra: I wanna talk to you why you ignoring me.

Soumya: acha what was that haan at cocktail party you flirting with somi here with me time passing do I look you idiot.

Rudra: nodded in no fully in fear..??.

Ab tak me ghost se darta ta suddenly Ab iss sumo se ??he murmured.

Rudra: woh I did because I wanted to jealous you nothing else after you leave all girls and cut their numbers as well swear of mummy.

Soumya: liar huhu. Hold her hand fully and pulled her towards himself.

Rudra:yes I’m lady killer and flirter as well but not a liar and cheater toh not probably Soumya ji maana hai toh maan.

Soumya: cool bhi kishi ko shadi karni ti.

Rudra: haan karni ti but tere se.

Soumya: what.

Rudra: Kya what.. ?I love you sumo dekh Teri and meri kismat fighting like anything now see I fall for you. Now you looking me cute in every way ??. She blushed.

Soumya: acha ji Than again no now I’ll gained 200 kg happy think once again. ?.

Rudra:meri dadi kehti hai pyaar kiya toh darna Kya Hai become I don’t mind..?it will be difficult for me to lift you in my arms I’ll call JCB for you cool na??.

Soumya: kamina.

Rudra: i said I love you what about you madam?

Soumya: kaun kishi ko washroom me propose karta hai Rudra see the place I’m going she said and went.

Rudra: arey meri somi Reena Meena hi achi ti she toh throwing tantrums ab Kya kare pyaar hua hai ab jehlo issko bhi?. He ruffles his hairs and went

Flashback end..

Rudra: now we aren’t in washroom anymore 7 star hotel madam what you wanted more.

Soumya: lemme think Rudra she said and went from there.Each and everyone looking so beautiful giving each other’s tough competition ?.they enjoying reception fully Than they wear mask and dancing with their partners.

Avantika see Rudra and Soumya she smiled.{And Sumit and Misha Rohan parents} Aayat playing with Alia and Ranveer daughter.

All couples busy in each other’s enjoying romantic dance.each and everyone teased Omkara and mahi they get reddish fully.This too over.a week passed way mahi was fully mingled with her new family she was already but now it’s totally different matter.During this week they get together because Anita and Rohan family, Natasha and Purab family as well invite them for dinner, lunch at their place because of newly wedded couples. And Soumya and Rudra confesses each other’s how much love each other rudra already just Soumya answer in pending ?.She think than tell him even she too love him and both tell each and everything to twinkle she get happy for them.Twinkle tell Rudra she will talk to Avantika about them for sure and soon.Soumya parents come India and they too shift at Amritsar for sometimes and side by side they trio pinku and Soumya or Rudra doing their studies trio study together submit their all assignment online as they are here.so but doing great even in office as well. Rohan become Priyanka good friend she share her all problems with him without any hesitation and he helped her as well. Rohan parents admire Priyanka lott they had a girl in their sight for Rohan but not sure for that when think about his marriage always end up on Priyanka. Kunj scold Priyanka many times she busy in her phone at late night and he caught but twinkle come and save her told she is girl why he always become possessive brother. She get relief. Rahul teased Rohan for that lot Abhi Yeh haal hai kya hoga aage.he said I can’t do anything raise his hands yeh Hitler and Kunj ji behan or beti kill me for sure tujhe yeh pyaar kiya not less than any world war agar baat manngi toh nahi toh boom ??.. he get sad..

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They all siblings sitting at poolside Rahul doing Anjali champi..and she relaxing..

Twinkle:arey Omkara and Mahi you both didn’t decided till now where you wanted to go for your honeymoon. Mahi and Omkara look at each other’s she blushed.

Kunj:first time my siyappa queen mind work out.. yeah you should go tell me where you wanted to go.

Rahul: Haan om you get privacy here you will not get ever ?.

Rudra: O you take Mahi Mexico.. what’s say.?

Om:hmm asked her only.

Twinkle:Chal Mahi tu hi bata de.,

Mahi: me kya bolu..

Anjali: Kyun nahi.You blushing this much look our twinkle Bhabhi..

Twinkle:hoo so I’m not shy asked your brother he scared me so much show me his eyes nobody likes me here.following him this much.

Kunj:woh toh hai.Chalo batao bhi na..

Twinkle:hmm take bali perfect place for honeymoon..

Kunj:yeah great place Omkara.

Om:okay what about other things.

Twinkle: you both husband and wife do your packing we will see other things haina na Kunjj?. He nodded in yes.

Priyanka: without Soumya get bored.

Rudra: yeah.

Rahul:Acha aaj kal tu aur woh sugar candy bane hue ho… ??.Twinkle laughs out.while Rudra looking here and there.

Kunj:shameless.. lets sleep twinkle it’s getting late already.

Anjali:me too sleepy thanks Rahul for your chumpi ?.

Rahul:anything for you.all smiled.Mahi and Omkara went in their room.While Priyanka and Rudra or aayat sleeping together Rudra can’t sleep alone so he disturb Kunj and his parents middle of nights so now trio brother and sisters sleeping together.Rahul and Kunj hold their wife’s hands and went for their respective rooms.They went in their respective rooms.

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Twinkle take her medicine lay down Kunj come beside her and lay down.

Twinkle:everything going so well Kunj no tension Mahi and Omkara become one I’m happy for them.

Kunj:but one thing I should say nobody beat my twinkle pulled her towards himself.Tucked her hairs behind her ears I mean you don’t know anything and still handle each and everything.This made me proud always you are my wife.

Twinkle:same she needs time but she will too as well as I told you na she is little different from me get emotional soon and even angry as well?.When bhai teased her na she didn’t talked to me and bhai till when we didn’t apologised her and me one chocolate enough for us.Kunj smiled and pecked at her lips.

Kunj:hmm.Kunj bring laptop he and twinkle check each and everything about Bali and than booked honeymoon suit for them in Bali sea resort other things as well they set.than both sleep.

At morning.

Kabir was behind his baby Khansa she crawling and making her papa run behind her she don’t wanted to have her baby food and Malika didn’t leaving her. She giggles.

Leela: Kabir give me she will not have like this.

Kabir:Maa she is just 6 months old Abhi se yeh haal hai socho what will happen when she started walking.

Bebe:Haan woh toh hai makes us run behind her in whole house.Than she tell him about himself and twinkle or Mahi time how they teased them when they started walking and crawling most of the time twinkle hide behind table and she sleep as well there afterwards everyone worried about where she went end of the day she found behind the table ?.

Kabir lift her in his arms and made her sit on his lap.

Kabir:baby open your mouth.She nodded her head in no. She open his mouth Kabir immediately put in her mouth and she make faces but have her baby food.

Leela: bebe she went on twinkle totally na

Kabir:yeah sleeping beauty like whole night disturb me and Malika we get tired and falls into sleep but she wouldn’t at all.

Hansh:Haan. Somehow she finished her baby food with lots so drama. Malika come down and see her baby and Kabir.

Malika:my doll finished good girl finally she had I get tired she didn’t having just pushing Huhu.

Leela: done everything?

Malika:yeah Maa:Kabir making faces.see Maa Kabir I’m going after a months mom and dad come that’s why nahi I wouldn’t you didn’t send me London because of your doll now let me here na..

Leela:Haan Kabir it just the matter of some days only..she will come even her Parents miss her look at me after Mahi this house become so lonely first twinkle than she is now my baby Khansa as well.

Kabir:call your daughters maa?.Why sending my baby kissed on her cheeks.

Acha go baba but send me her videos what my cutie pie doing there.Haan baby don’t leave your nanu and nani.. ?.

Khansa:Haan in her baby language all giggles.Than Malika lift her in her arms and take everyone blessing Kabir take her they left for Kapoor mansion.

Today is Sunday so everyone wake up late and come late for breakfast as well. Twinkle made all things they all sitting.

Mahi:di you sit I’ll do na.

Twinkle:arey I’ll na today you have okay. She served them and they all started having their breakfast than Kunj break the silence.

Kunj: Dadu and dadi we plan Omkara and Mahi honeymoon all look at them.

Lata: hmm good where you sending them.

Twinkle: Bali we fixed each and everything the place is totally awesome.She show them few photos of Bali each and everyone like it..

Tej:beautiful place but when?

Kunj:we don’t have enough time so tomorrow they have to leave pa..

Avantika:good now everything is done here.Omkara and Mahi nodded in yes.

They finished the breakfast.All girls went in Mahi room and helped her in her packing teasing her as well.Mahi and Omkara packing done fully.Very next they left for Bali both of them was hell excited.

Twinkle:see they enjoying there good na.

Kunj: don’t be jealous twinkle after baby I’ll take you there:


Kunj:yeah pinky promise both giggles. Lata calls twinkle so she went in her room.

Rudra was eating Avantika head and Aayat playing in side.

Rudra: ahah mummy listen to me na. I wanted to talk to you.

Avantika: Bol na..

Rudra:woh.See bhai Shadi hogi O ki bhi ab Meri turned. Avantika look at him.

Avantika:nowadays you were very excited for weddings and all’s what’s the matter.Acha leave do you have any girl no I wouldn’t permit your girlfriends not for our family lemme talk to your pa he will find a girl for you?.Okay now let me talk to Massi. Rudra looking here and there.

Rudra: ahah this mummy nobody listen to me Bhabhi ??.He went out of the room. Twinkle was in living room he saw her and went towards twinkle. Bhabhi?

Twinkle:Kya Hua ab again Soumya fight with you Haan. You did something??

Rudra: no Bhabhi I told mummy Meri shadi karo she said she will talk to pa for girls can’t allowed my girls ?.Twinkle laughs out.

Twinkle:devar ji very desperate very funny how can you say this Haan..

Rudra:Bhabhi do something na I can’t tell Bhaiya.

Twinkle:hmm I’ll talk mummy ji as well before your bhaiya you know him if something went wrong he leave everything just come at me..

Rudra: okay but I leave everything on you.

Twinkle: okay devar ji Tell devarani ji handle my devar for something now toh Omkara and mahi wedding done me get tired let me give rest so I can enjoy fully in your wedding even baby too wanted to enjoy Chachu and chachi wedding?. Rudra pulled her cheeks.

Rudra Arey meri bhabhi Maa me kaunsa bol raha hu kal hi karni hai at least fixed with each other even I wanted my champ will enjoy as well my wedding after chachu ki wedding hogi rocking ?.Both giggles.

Mahi and Omkara fully enjoy their honeymoon in Bali Romancing sinking in beaches. After one week they come back from Bali both of the looking very beautiful twinkle teased them.Like she will become badi Maa soon like Avantika ??. Everyone doting with utmost love.The love in our family flows strong and deep leaving us memories to treasure and keep.

Malika and khansa had great time with Yash and Sapna both grand parents enjoy with their little grand child.Kabir used to meet them but Malika sending him khansa videos and become more naughty as well.

Rudra take Soumya for dates and dinners both enjoying fully.Sumit thought to talk about Priyanka hands for his son Rohan to tej every time he stop.

Time was passing so speedily Kunj and Rahul doing their best in for their dream project.Twinkle mood swing increasing day by day and spoil Kunj sleeps Lot.

Twinkle pregnant starting months went so well each and everyone careful towards her. Lata and Prithviraj tell her stories of Kunj birth how he was naughty in starting she enjoyed lott.

After 3 months later..

Anjali was now 9 months pregnant become fully panda but looking so beautiful.Rahul bear all mood swings and fulfil her all wishes before her demands like a perfect loving caring husband even Kunj too.She is now in her last month of her pregnancy dr give her time of her delivery everyone get happy.Twinkle is 4 months pregnant her little belly come out.

Anjali and twinkle Both were enjoying there pregnancy.as both were totally free no one let them do any work specially their husbands.they strictly said to their wives no need to come out from room…

Even they had connected a bell so that they can call servants by ringing the bell..

Because of these things anjali and twinkle were hell irritated.from.their over possessiveness..

In midnight. Twinj room.

Twinkle:kunj …suno na .While kunj was in deep sleep :kunj utho na she bite her cheek…

Kunj:woke up with jerk what happen twinkle.

Twinkle:meko chaat khani hai.

Kunj:what ? Tune chat ke liye mujhe itni gandi tarike se uthaya.

Twinkle:tum sun ni rahe the toh kya karti Mein.

Kunj:toh tu aise karegi haan ..

Twinkle:haan karungi…jaldi se jao mere liye chaat leke aao ni toh i will bite your second cheek as well…

Kunj:syappa queen khin ki.

Ek baar baby ko aane de tab dekh lunga tujhe..

Twinkle:haan dekh lena ..wese shadi ko itna time ho gya abhi tak dekha ni tumne mujhe thek se haan sadu sarna.

Kunj:teri toh mai ..

Twinkle:kya haan ..papa ji ko bataun.

Kunj:bas tu humesha ye papa ji wala trump card use karna janti hai..?

Twinkle:tum jaa rahe ho ya mai khud se jaun.

Kunj:ja raha hu ….huh.

He went to kitchen for preparing chaat .as avantika had arranged all the things so that twinkle and anjali doesn’t eat outside food …

After few minutes rahul too entered in kitchen…

Rahul:kunj tu yeha kya kar raha hai.

Kunj:wahi jo tu karne aaya hai..

Rahul:hmm yaar ye dono na pata ni aadhi rat ko hi inko kyn kuch khana hota hai.

Kunj:haan …wese teri wali ne kya demand ki hai.

Rahul:chocolate brownies….

Kunj:meri wali ne chat …chal lets prepare for them.Duo started making chat and brownies…After a few minutes…

Uff finally done ..

Kunj:haan chal …ni toh again in morning they will compain to paa about us ..

Rahul:haan inka kuch jayada hi ho raha hai baat baat pe hitler ka trump card use karte hai.

Kunj.koi na we will see them later ..


While twinkle and anjali came outside from room.

Twinkle:kunj lao na kitna wait karwa rahe ho ..

Anjali:same rahul you too ..

Twinkle:di you too ..

Anjali:haan me too ..giggles..

Rahul and kunj :aaya Both went their room…..

Kunj:le have it ..

Twinkle start having like a child enjoying the taste of khatta meetha and spiciness. And making cute expressions..While kunj was admiring her.

Twinkle:lo you too have na.She made him eat ..

Kunj:pata ni tujhe kya mazza aata hai isme….

Twinkle:huhh bandar kya jane adrak ka swaad..

Kunj:tune mujhe bandar bola.

Twinkle:maine toh khawat boli hai tum apne pe le rhe ho toh isme mai kya karun .

Kunj:acha bachu..?


After having chat sleep cuddling each other…

At morning.

Twinkle wake up she went in washroom Kunj sleeping peacefully.She get freshen up and come out of the washroom find Kunj still sleeping.

Twinkle: kunjj wake up na you have a meeting..

Kunj:hmm in sleeping tone. She smirked and went towards him and sit beside him and sprinkled her wet hairs water on his face and giggles to see his expression. Kya Hai twinkle.. yaar.

Twinkle:wake up na kunjj.She moving her finger on his face sensually he closed his eyes more tightly and open his one eyes and look at her.

Kunj:huhu didn’t let me sleep if I disturb you na than you kill me not good twinkle.

Twinkle:whatever kunjj babu.

Kunj: today you wake up before me Haan.

Twinkle:baby and mummy ki nini ?puri hogi that’s why.

Kunj:acha good caress her face he raise his face and peck at her lips.

Twinkle:eww I don’t know what will happened with you after baby than your romance fuss..

Kunj:acha not at all.You enjoy and you are save till when he will not come out. ?.

Twinkle:okay ji.Chalo get up.She get up and went towards dressing table started getting ready Kunj smile and he get up and went in washroom.She get ready fully than take out his things.Kunj come out of the washroom twinkle handover him his things than she closed his shirt buttons.

Kunj:you looking Extra cute with this little baby bump..?.

Twinkle:I know look at di after some months later I’ll too look like her..

Kunj:hmm mera chubby panda haina ?pulled her cheeks.

Twinkle:yup cute one.he kissed on her cheeks.twinkle went downstairs everyone come for pooja.Twinkle starts the pooja Kunj too joint them twinkle do morning pooja nicely and give everyone aarti and parshad.They all sit for breakfast.Twinkle bring Kunj coffee and medicine.Ye Lo Kunj.He take and having his breakfast twinkle sit beside Avantika and she feeding her breakfast healthy with her hands.They all finished the breakfast men’s along with Priyanka left for office.Mahi get busy in work slightly twinkle help her as well.Than they all sit and having fun just than leela calls Lata and asked her send twinkle and mahi along with their husbands for lunch at their place. Lata agree she get happy. Even Mahi and twinkle as well.

Kunj meeting start everyone fully engrossed in work.While Rudra and Soumya teasing each other’s fully. Twinkle message Kunj even Mahi to Omkara.Usha take Anjali for yoga classes.After meeting get over.

Sumit and tej sitting in cabin.

Sumit:work going so well.Our kids working really hard after handover Rohan under your eyes really he become matured and devoted towards his work.

Tej:hehe hmm trio was with each other’s since starting even now too it’s good Sumit.Just than Priyanka entered in cabin with files.

Priyanka:sir flies I checked..

Tej:good Sumit look at her and smiled she went from there.Aur did you think about Rohan marriage age hogi hai Abhi toh.they enjoying their coffee.

Sumit:hmm his mother finding do you have any girl in your sight tej.

Tej:arey kaha.Rudra Ka toh you know I’m sure he will find itself for himself and now just Priyanka left let’s see if any good guy come in my sight I’ll definitely think about her alliance as well.

Sumit:hmm she will get great like partner she is so mature and

hardworking girl.Tej nodded in yes.

Kunj went in his cabin he see twinkle messages immediately call her she pick after 2,3 calls. Aha kaha hai tu.

Twinkle: Kaha hogi tum bhi na acha how’s your meeting?


Twinkle:good now free Kunj?

Kunj:hmm wanna go at Maa place?

Twinkle:hmm we didn’t went na even you didn’t let me go as well now at least take me with yourself.

Kunj:bas bas I’ll come you get ready and for a change tera taam jhaam mat karna okay..

Twinkle:huhu come cut the calls.Kunj in formed tej and left for Sarna Mansion. Meantime Omkara too come back.Kunj went upstairs goes in his room and see twinkle sitting fully get ready and talking with her baby while keeping her hand on her baby bump. Kunj giggles and went ahead.

Kunj:tu Yeh keshe kar leti hai I mean man tu phale hi full talkative ti now more don’t know what will happened after baby you eat my baby ears and brain like me crying faking ?.

Twinkle:kuch bhi ab me kya karu tum toh office chale gye I get bored.

Kunj: acha teri behan hai gang up with her ?.

Twinkle: she busy with her husband.

Kunj:tu bhi hoja ?.

Twinkle:chalo fast I’m hungry my Maa made my all favourite things. Kunj giggles he get freshen up and they both went downstairs and tell Avantika.Mahi and Omkara too come.Chale devar ji.

Om:yes bhabhi ji.They four of them went outside and sit in car Mahi and Omkara sit backseat while twinkle with Kunj.They drove off for Taneja mansion.Kabir and rt take half day from office.

Kunj:aur Om how’s your work going on?

Om:good.twinkle enjoying her candy ?they trio see her and giggles.

Twinkle:don’t put your evil eyes on me huhu?.

Om:humhare baby Ka Kya hoga after baby we will not give you.

Twinkle: acha I didn’t leave my baby. And small baby didn’t went anywhere away from their Maa hehe?.

Kunj:see her chalu she will just made you all do her baby work that’s it..?

Twinkle:yes any doubt Change his nappy

Play with my baby..

Mahi: di do you want baby girl or boy even jiju??. Kunj and twinkle look at each other’s.

Kunj:hmm didn’t think about this whatever it will be good boy or girl humhara toh dil ka tukda hoga just want healthy and happy Mera Bacha.. ?

Twinkle:yeah girl hogi tab bhi same love and boy hua toh bhi. Maybe more when girl come haina Kunj when he see little little things for baby ?than girls things come he loved it lott.

Kunj:haan. They don’t know when they reached Taneja mansion. Kunj parked the car and they come out of the car and went inside. Leela was busy in kitchen while khansa teasing her dadu and great dadu and dadi they see them and smiled. Hi baby khansa went towards them.

Rt:Kunj beta come they take elders blessings and sit.

Twinkle: where is MAA.

Leela: yeha ab yaad aai tujhe teri Maa ki huhu twinkle bite her tongue ??.

Twinkle:sorry Maa don’t tell me tell your damaad he didn’t let me come.. she cuddles leela.

Kunj:sorry Maa some more months than I’ll send her for long holiday and me enjoy with my baby..?.Kabir come.

Kabir:my both jiju uff.Hey mahi ji..

Mahi:hey bhai.Malika too come twinkle play with khansa who pulled her cheeks.

Bebe. Good she call you all for lunch today.

Kunj:haan even we missing Maa food.. ?.

They talk for sometimes than they all sit for lunch.They all take seats Malika serving them food smell coming awesome tempting everyone twinkle sit beside Kunj. They all start the good.Kunj feeding her with his hands.All smiled and admire them.

Kabir:aww we are here only..

Kunj: so what forget your time..

Kabir: nope?..

Om: food is really delicious Maa.

Leela: thanks beta.

Twinkle: bas Kunj I cant.

Leela: arey tune toh Kuch kha ya hi nahi why?

Twinkle:MAA I have before coming here mummy ji feeds me something she and dadi made for me which beneficial for me and baby that’s why I’m full now.

Leela:kuch bhi acha koi Ka.Twinkle get up and wash her hands.She went in living room and feeding khansa milk from bottle everyone finished lunch and again they sit and chit chatting. Twinkle sit with rt and tell her each and everything he get happy while Mahi with leela.

Kunj:yeah toh team hai Maa and papa?meri wali kitni channt hai always papa?.

Om:acha.. ?.We aren’t not mamma’s and papas boys na..

Kunj:hmm.. twinkle her rest on rt lap.

Twinkle: papa what you will give when my baby come Haan?

Rt:hmm you tell me what my twinkle want.

Twinkle:hmm lemme me think kuch nahi just want my papa ?kissed on his cheeks and rest her head on his chest and closed her eyes rt caressing her hairs she slept in his arms rt kissed on her forehead.All smiled.

Mahi: ale she again sleep here too? Why di sleeping this much?

Kunj:she taking medicines na that’s why. Good for her if she do rest more.After sometimes has evening tea with them and than they back for Sarna Mansion.

Twinkle and Aayat playing together in garden after sometimes later they finished their dinner. twinkle and Kunj sitting near pool side.

Twinkle:kunjj I wanna talk to you about Rudra?

Kunj:what he done now?.

Twinkle:nothing kunjj bas aise Kunjjj Rudra and Soumya..

Kunj: what dating each other’s haina she get shocked how he knows?

Twinkle: haan no?I mean how you know.

Kunj: you are smart and he is but I’m extra na Mrs Sarna ?I saw them many times and even in office both of the stay together that’s why. Twinkle closed her eyes.

Twinkle:sorry I wanted to tell you from long time but Kunj I just caught them normally than Rudra asked me for his feelings so I suggest him he should first spend sometime with her than we will think.So they both loving each other’s and I knew it from Start.

Kunj:hmm that’s why bhabhi and devar always khushpush.. ??good na I’m happy she is good.

Twinkle:yeah even me too. Everyone faster than us..?.

Kunj: whatever but one can beat us?. She cuddles him.Than they all went in living room each and everyone sitting. Anjali sitting and drinking her milk.

Twinkle:mummy ji and dadi now she should do di baby shower na see dr too give her due date.All look at her.

Lata:Haan twinkle you are right.

Anjali: it’s important ?.

Twinkle: yes let’s enjoy na.

Anjali: bhabhi we will do yours in great way.

Twinkle: Haan woh toh ?I have dadu and dadi for them even yours too now what’s say everyone all nodded in yes.

Anjali: when you at your last time than you will don’t like first this baby bump can’t walk and this Rahul and Kunj send me for yoga ?.

Twinkle: hehe.

Kunj:soon yours too baby..

Twinkle: huh?..

Avantika: when we will keep her baby shower?

Twinkle: I’m toh hell excited do tomorrow na.. she making cute faces.

Tej:ab meri bahu wanted Than tomorrow only ?.


Twinkle:love you papaji..

Rahul:itne short time me keshe I mean.

Om:we will do jiju..

Twinkle:yes.. ?Anjali too smiled see twinkle excitement..

Lata: how’s your lunch today with Tanejas.

Kunj: fabulous dadi aap ki bahu toh sleep there also..

Twinkle:haan taking yawn ?..

Kunj:impossible.. Avantika take Aayat in her room twinkle went with her as well.

Usha: this saas and bahu Jodi is so famous and great bonding ?.

Anjali: Haan Maa.

Kunj: chamchi hai..

Twinkle and Avantika sitting together Avantika applying oil on her hands.

Twinkle:mummy ji I wanna talk to you about Rudra.

Avantika: yes bolo beta.

Twinkle:mummy ji woh Rudra loves Soumya In fast voice ?..

Avantika:what? That’s why he was behind me Shadi karo meri because of this matter twinkle nodded in yes and giggles she narrated her each and everything.

Avantika:good you handle them on time.

Twinkle: are you okay?

Avantika:haan soumya is much better than his that girls gfs time pass..

Twinkle:yeah so now we should tell everyone.

Avantika:hmm let me talk to tej first wait a second.Avantika call tej and Kunj in room tej get confused while Kunj understand. Tej look at Avantika she tell him each and everything.


Kunj:good na pa we know Soumya from childhood even her family as well not like that other Kapoor’s..

Tej:hmm but let me think.

Avantika:Kya tej did you think at your time.

Tej: arey you wanted tomorrow I’ll keep their roka haan give me time..

Avantika: if both kids is happy with each other’s what more we wanted tej.

Kunj: mummy ji right.

Tej:what about Shilpa and raj.. Soumya parents..

Avantika: we will talk to them. Right now only na.

Twinkle:Haan papaji.

Tej:go and tell I don’t want like Manohar.

Avantika:hmm I’ll tell mummy ji and daddy ji first.They went in Lata and Prithviraj room and tell them as well even they too get happy hell.

Prithviraj: it’s good news tej and I’m agree with Avantika I toh wanted to see my kids settled in their life before my eyes closed.

Kunj:ahah dadu huhu again.

Tej:okay than you talk to soumya parents as you know I can’t.

Prithviraj:okay I’ll.As a good elder bahu of this family she even tell Usha and Manohar they too get happy. All siblings don’t know they keep in secret Prithviraj talk to soumya parents that time only when they get to know about this.They were surprised and happy their daughter didn’t get best family than them.Than raj puttar what you think?

Raj: me and her mom happy we have only one daughter and she will going to in your family what else we wanted more than this haan.

Tej:acha raj even we too she is our daughter for us if she become our bahu we toh blessed.let do one think tomorrow we keeping Anjali baby shower after that we will do their roka and you know nowadays kids.

Raj: yeah great tej

Shilpa:yeah congratulations Avantika ?.

Avantika:same to you… they all smiled.

Kunj: Kya siyappa queen ek or love story fixed kardi?.

Twinkle: haan competition Hona chahiye na ??tough..

Kunj:true smart soon mommy after having almonds great..

Twinkle: very funny. I’m smart since birth you only making fun of me,

Tej: chalo very quickly this too set.

Kunj:yeah keep it in secret pa when we will do their roka they get surprised hell.

Twinkle: yeah?.

Tej:okay.They all smiled and went in their respective rooms Kunj and twinkle see Rudra busy with his phone they understand and murmured premi?.And went in room.they talked for sometime than twinkle and Kunj sleep in each other’s embrace.

Soumya heard her parents all conversation with Sarnas she get hell happy she too decided will not tell anyone about this ?.Even not Rudra as well.. whole night she just turning sides in happiness.

Another morning.

Omkara and Rahul went for morning walk

Now Kunj didn’t went mostly because of twinkle she started crying when He wasn’t near her..

@twinj room….

Because of her pregnancy now days her mood swings were changing.She went to washroom for shower then something naughty came into her mind..

She came out from washroom in her bathrobe only.At that time kunj was getting ready in front of mirror as he was having a meeting in 1 hour. Twinkle came and back hugged him.She started kissing on his neck ..

Kunj:kya bat hai wifey aaj subh subh bada pyar aa raha hai pati pe…

Twinkle:haan toh !kya apne pati ko pyaar bhi ni kar sakti huh…

Kunj:ni ni ..kar sakti hai but .abhi i m going for meeting please you can shower your love on your husband later…

Twinkle:no way i want to love my husband now only..

Kunj:no baby please try to understand na .this meeting is very important.

Twinkle:she started crying huh logo ke husband toh sochte hai unki wives unhe pyaar kare…ek tum ho tumhe apni biwi ki padi hi ni kuch i think tumhe pasand ni hai mera pyar karna.

Twinkle: kunjjjjj..khin tum ab kisi or se toh pyaar ni karne lage …l

Kunj:haan tumne sahi pkda…

Twinkle:what ? She started crying..pata tha mujhe huhh…tabhi tum mujhse door bhag rahe ho.Babaji ab mai kya karungi ….mujh abla nari or mere bache ka kya hoga..Kunj gigles at her dialogue..

Twinkle went to couch and sit with grumpy face.He looked at her.

Kunj:twinkle you want to know whom i love the most ??

Twinkle:no i don’t want to know.

Kunj:sun toh le ..woh hai mere hone wale baby ki mumma.

Twinkle:she going to say something….but then realises…he said mere baby ki hone wali mumma She smiled.


Kunj:muchi ?He was going to kiss her.

Twinkle:kya haan ?.

Kunj: kuch ni bas apni biwi ko kiss kar raha hu or kya??

Twinkle:no way you are getting late for your meeting.go.

Kunj:but now only you wanted to love your husband…

Twinkle:acha.but now i don’t want.so go.

Kunj with puppy face

Kunj:what kind of wife she is .dil.ke arman jaga ke bol.rahi hai ab mood ni ..??.

Twinkle: jayada time waste mat karo and go for your meeting ..

Kunj:fastly peck her lips You and your mood swings.Acha bye and take care …

Twinkle:hmm come soon please today is baby shower and ?.

Kunj: haan.

After sometimes later Priyanka and Kunj left for office they had immediately important work.While rest of them get busy in baby shower all siblings. Avni too come along with yuvi they enjoying while planning everything they keep baby shower in garden in today style but keep their traditional way as well and elders in Rudra and Soumya roka they too set all sagun things after baby shower at night they will do roka rasam and give everyone surprise.Rudra send each and everyone Anjali baby shower invitations while twinkle seeing Anjali today outfit.

Kunj was in meeting while Rohan and Priyanka. ..

Rohyanka were going for a meeting which was in the ground floor by lift.Both were passing smile to each other.Suddenly light went off.they got stuck in the lifts

Priyanka:lift ko kya hua .i m scared of darkness..Hello is there anyone please open the lift .help started crying.

Rohan:calm down priyanka i m here na please stop crying.Still prinku was crying and she was breathing fast and sweating..

Rohan got panicked..

Rohan:prinku look at me Prinku look at him.now look at into my eyes .she does as

he said.

Rohan:now calm down i m here relax.He was making her calm down.Slowly slowly she  become normal Now both were lost in each other.She totally forgot about the lift.Both were so lost .leaning towrards each other lips.They were very close to each other.They were going to kiss each other.Light came Immediately they leave each other.Both were so embarrassed that they were looking at here and there.

Rohan:woh.i m.sorry and immediately ran from lift as lift got opened. Priyanka was smiling.don’t know why but she was blushing. She too went. Kunj come and see Rohan and Priyanka eyes were red he went near him.

Kunj:what happened to you did you cry haan?? Cupped her face.

Rohan:arey lift nonsense.

Kunj:okay don’t worry he kissed on her forehead and she hugged him.She and Rohan share small eye locks.Chal lets go home and Rohan come tonight okay.

Rohan:yeah bye they trio left together. Kunj and Priyanka reaches they see all arrangements done beautifully. Twinkle apply heena on Anjali hands fully Kunj and Rahul see them.

Kunj: this girls just wanted chance to do their paint drama.

Aayat:see bhabhi bhaiya said something about you.

Kunj: huhu doll change party?.

Twinkle:yes she cuddles her all smiled..

At kapoor mansion as well they do all things..

After sometimes later Mahi and twinkle take Anjali in room and made her get ready beautifully.She looking like a bride than they leave her Rahul come and Admire his wife.

Rahul:today our wedding day made me reminiscing Me you looking Same to Same kissed on her cheeks she smiled hold his hand tightly.

Twinkle too get ready even made Aayat Priyanka come and tell even get ready her.

Kunj: good why don’t twinkle you open beauty shop ?.

Twinkle:tumhari kitni jalti hai if I give importance more than you.

Kunj: not at all very funny busy she is great painter ???twinkle throw

things at him he catch and giggles..

Priyanka:thanks bhabhi.Both sister in laws get happy and went down.Twinkle too get ready fully Kunj clicks her photos many..

They all went in garden where all arrangement done for baby shower.All relatives and friends comes tej and Avantika welcomes their new Samdi. Avantika caress Soumya she looking so beautiful she blushed and take their blessings.Rudra winks at her she blushed tej and Avantika see them. Soumya went towards everyone.Twinkle holding Kunj hand.Rahul and Anjali come together mahi and Malika made her sit on swing.Which decorated beautifully.

Rudra:wow di looking hot?.!

Kunj:acha any one else as well?. Rudra look down.Twinkle giggles.

Lata: lets start.All ladies started give Anjali gifts fruits and some other things and whispered something in her ears which made her giggles.

Kunj:why di giggles haan? What they said?

Twinkle:how I know Kunj just good things for baby I think. I’ll tell you when my baby shower come okay.

Kunj:hmm.Each and everyone give her gifts Guruji give her and her baby his blessing.

Leela:everything done so beautifully. Avantika and tej from Rahul side because they are his parents and do all duties as well they give many gifts to Anjali all in laws give their bahu’s that’s why. He get happy they never failed and let them miss their parents absence.

Rahul:aww badi Maa how can you manage.

Avantika:acha ab I’m like this because I’m Maa na. I’ll get double happiness from Anjali side Become nani and from your side become dadi?.


Rahul:yes saasu mom??.they all giggles and happy as well.Give every guest sweets.Than they went inside.

Avantika:one more things is left today double celebration time..


Tej:we will tell you na.each and everyone sit

Prithviraj: I’ll tell why double celebration?

Rahul: yes dadu..

Lata:because we fixed Soumya and Rudra alliance as soon as everyone heard this get shocked. They all like what even rudra too his mouth got opened.

Kunj:muh band kar samja.

Om: I mean how.

Tej:this Rudra will tell you all because he was very much desperate for his wedding since yours done?.Soumya giggles.

Rahul:ahah finally matter out that’s why cry baby behind sumo ??. He is no more cry baby she too.. all giggles. Twinkle made Soumya sit Kunj Rudra he get confused but happy.

Kunj:Rudra ke maze.He look at twinkle. She winked at him Rudra understand and make pouty lips.He look at soumya Both share eye locks . ?.

Avantika:you do twinkle you are his elder bhabhi.

She smiled take veil made Soumya wear and Rudra covered his head with handkerchief.Twinkle do their aarti and do Rudra tika. All clapped Lata and Avantika give soumya sagun. And raj and Shilpa to Rudra something Guruji he said their roka is done.. all smiled.

Avantika:now happy he was behind me you should tell me she is the girl he giggles.

Yuvi:waha Rudra.

Twinkle:likes you na?.they both take elders blessings.

Shilpa:happy for soumya Usha and Avantika.

Usha:we too. Rudra went near twinkle.

Rudra: waha happy bhabhi.

Twinkle:bas If you take her side after Shadi I’ll kill you ???.

Rudra:swear ?. I’m not like bhaiya just biwi??.

Twinkle:haww so bad roka hua hai Shadi nahi push him.They tell each and everything to everyone.

Kunj: this bhabhi knows everything. Teri romi and Riya Piya Ka Kya hoga.

Twinkle: acha you know everyone names.

Rudra:because I give them bhaiya number ??.

Twinkle: what ??. Sadu..

Kunj:what you see in him Soumya haan. You are so intelligent and he huhu your and my condition was Same to same ?two intelligent got this moronic ?. All laughs out.

Twinkle: huhu don’t talk to me Now I’m moronic na.. don’t know what Maa see in you.

Kunj: she toh every day thanking to babaji get damaad likes me who handling their siyappa ?..

Rahul: true.

Twinkle:Kya true chamche ke dusre ke..

Anjali:night.Rohan and Priyanka gazing each other’s.Twinkle sit with Asha and Chinki Natasha their girly chatting going on.

Kunj: MAA this mahi talk so less why you fulled her talktime haan ?.

Everyone was surprised as they got to know about Rudra and Soumya.

But twinkle make all understand that they both love each other so they decided to done their roka Prithviraj was so happy as his trio grandsons are now finally going to settled.Kunj was so happy now his little brother is also going to marry.

Rahul:arey rudy ab toh tumhe sone me darr ni lagega na after all now you will also have your life partner.Rudra blushed..

Kabir:see how he is blushing.like he is the bride..

Rahul:very true.

Kunj:now Rudra you have to be very serious in your work.after all now you are getting married…

Rudra:what ?? No bhaiya abhi toh mere ghumne firne ke din hai. ?

Rahul:haan haan or khelne kudne ke ni.

Rudra:true G..

Omkara:so i think kunj humhe iski shadi ni karni chahiye afterall ye toh abhi humhara baby bro hai.

Rahul:haan sahi kha chalo Soumya i ‘ll talk to your father..

Rudra:he hold saumya hand no G.i want to marry Soumya.

Rahul:so desperate huhh.See kunj your cry baby become despo sarna now.

Twinkle:acha leave my cute devar why you all are behind him haan.

Rahul:boli rudy ki bhabhi boli.tumhare bolne ka hi intezar tha.Wese twinkle tumhe toh sub starting se pta tha.

Twinkle:haan after all he is my chotu sa cute sa devar.

Kunj:huhh bhabhi or uska chamcha..

Twinkle:tum kyn jal ho rqhe ho.Tumhe bhi toh omkara and mahi ke bare me pata tha …

Kunj:haan ye toh hai now i m free my 3 bro are now settled just prinki left.

Rahul:kya pata prinku ki bhi koi love story ho just like om and rudy.

Kunj:no way my prinku is not like this.

Rahul:kisi ka kuch ni pata bhai..

Kunj:no not at all..paa will find a boy for her. Rohan got scared…

Rahul:sanka toh ho gya ab tera kya hoga rohan babu .ek taraf hai tej and dusari taraf hai kunj babu.??.Rohan make faces.

Rt:chalo we should take a leave now..

Anita:yeah me too.They all bid bye each other’s. Rudra look at soumya.

Rahul: ja teri bidaai ki??.

Twinkle:ab you will realised how it feel when someone pulling your legs..?. Soumya blushed she too left with her parents.Anjali too get tired..

Kunj:yeah you must be tired after all..

Rahul: haan he hold her hands and take her in room carefully.

Mahi:di I’ll bring your milk.

Twinkle:nooo in loud voice.

Kunj:what no mahi you bring you come with me.


Kunj:I’m coming go and changed this fest..

She make faces and went in her room. She throw her jewelleries here and there and went in washroom she changed her clothes wear comfy half nighty.and went in room.Kunj take milk from she added dry fruits in milk and Kunj add a pinch of chocolate power in milk.Thanks.

Mahi:acha jiju..?.

Kunj:okay.Kunj take milk glass and went in his room and twinkle cuddles blanket act like she slept ??.kitni chalu piece hai..

but baby I’m too smart. Kunj didn’t said anything quietly he went ahead and switch off lights and stand behind curtains. Twinkle open her eyes and finding Kunj she see darkness and get shocked Kunj making noise horror.??she scared ??.

Twinkle:ahah kunjjj kaha ho.. Kunj giggles he went on the lights and laughing.

Kunj:Arey twinkle tu sohi nahi ??.

Twinkle:huhu it’s your drama not good she get angry. Kunj sit beside her.

Kunj:acha less than yours what did you think you will act like you sleep so escape from me and milk haina.but your husband darling knows you every well.

Twinkle:??go don’t talk to me.

Kunj:okay drink this milk and sleep.

Twinkle:kunjjj no i don’t like okay.

Kunj: acha Mat pe he said and keep the glass in side table and lay down in anger. She look at him.

Twinkle:Kunj this isn’t good every night you made me drink this why now I’m fine dr too said. He roll his eyes. Twinkle think and think lastly she drink the milk. Happy don’t talk to me she lay down and cuddles blanket.Kunj smiled.

Kunj:babaji 4 months me yeh haal hai mere aage Ram hi rakhe ??. He turned and give her backhugged.

Twinkle:huhu leave me. He nuzzles his face in her neck and bite her.She moaning his name.he teased her.

Scene freezes..


How was the episode?

You all enjoy episode??

Rudra and Soumya roka done?fast like them hehe.Patanjali baby shower??.

Once again happy birthday ?babes?????????SAMEERA..

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