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Started 2 days later Kunj was behind twinkle for to fulfilled his wish while she just teasing him and enjoying lot. Because of his irritation behaviour tej scold him and twinkle laughs out on her only that’s sit which make more angry so he get himself busy in his work moreover he was pissed off because of darsh he stop requesting twinkle.

Kunj finished his work he went Sarna Mansion he didn’t went inside goes to poolside and tell Priyanka send coffee for him.She went in kitchen and make coffee for Kunj and give to him and went outside with Avni and Soumya. Kunj taking sip of coffee and think. 

Kunj:twinkle jesha maza nahi Leave if I went near her that she doing her drama huhu.twinkle is so conscious whenever I try to go close to her she always get shy and run away from me.This type of intimacy is normal right.Than why she don’t take steps towards me today I will ask her.. he went in living room others went to Guruduwara so All silence.Kunj sit in living room and thinking about his work don’t know when he falls in sleep and sleep on couch in sleeping position. 

After sometimes later when everyone come back from Guruduwara they sit and see Kunj.Twinkle was at home only but she don’t know about Kunj.

Meantime tej and Manohar or Rahul too come back they too went Guruduwara along with others directly from office just Kunj come back at home.Twinkle come down and her eyes went on Kunj. Who sleeping in side on couch.His hands folded over his chest. 

Lata: Arey kunjj he sleeping here??

Rahul: he didn’t come with us come home directly here only. 

Twinkle:but I toh don’t know about him.

Prithviraj: Leave it don’t make noise why he sleeping in so uncomfortable position. 

Avantika:Rahul he is fine na. I m worried about him nowadays don’t know in what he is busy Rahul giggles twinkle see it.. 

Rudra and Aayat come back he went to bring her back from school both making


Avantika:shhh don’t make noise see bhaiya is sleeping na. 

Rudra:here why.. 


twinkle look at Kunj face she find

dullness in his face.She leave it and went in kitchen bring water and tea for everyone.Aayat caressing Kunj hairs while Kunj in deep sleep.He take the cushion and covered his face. 

At outside Avni and Soumya went outside theirs they met with Mahi four of them went for chaat they went and having chaat Avni and Priyanka really enjoyed Lot. Rohan car was passing from same road his eyes went on Priyanka he stop his car and look at Priyanka she laughing and looking so cute he click her pictures.

Rohan:hayee Kunj sister is so cute he’ll hit me If get to know about this?.He adore hers while because of him traffic happen behind him those cars giving hone he come in sense uff Rohan are you mad he start the car and left from there. All went in their respective rooms 

Kunj wake up and see everywhere he find Lata was sitting and reading book. Kunj get up and rubbing his eyes. 

Lata:wake up are you okay haa??

Kunj:haa dadi don’t know kab I sleep. I’ll come Kunj went in his parents room he see Avantika who sitting and busy in phone he went towards her and cuddles her rubbing his head. Avantika see him and cupped his face. 

Avantika: acha Siya I’ll talk to you later Aayat and Rudra playing games in iPad in side.. Kya hua everything is fine haa. 

Kunj: haa mummy why you asking this. Avantika cupped his face.

Avantika: I don’t think so to see my son. See become so dull. 

Kunj: you thinking too much about me now I’m grown up don’t worried about me after marriage your tension is over that’s why toh aapne meri Shadi karwadi because I teased and always make you worried about me.. in low voice Avantika chucked tej was standing near window and listen Kunj words while Kunj don’t know about him he hiding his face under Avantika palu.Avantika caressing his hairs. 

Avantika: something bothering haa. 

Kunj: how you know always haa??

Avantika:because I’m your mother that’s why and I know what going on in my Kunj mind when he is worried I don’t need words to understand I can understand by his face.

Kunj:hehe sometimes I think everyone is philosopher in our family ..??. 

Avantika: now tell me..?

Kunj:nothing just thinking about my next project if anything happened wrong than pa will not leave me.Avantika look at tej and gesture him. Look at him and listen as well. 

Avantika: why this.. 

Kunj:that I don’t know.Don’t say anything let me stay like this. 

Aayat: mamma see this Rudra bhaiya doing cheating in game.. 

Avantika:this both uff.

Kunj:aapke Buddha pe ke bache do?. 

Avantika: acha Jii what about you.Tej come and sit beside Avantika. 

Tej:he is toh our younger times baby. Kunj raise his face and see tej

immediately correct himself..  

Kunj:Me aata hu.. 

Avantika:Arey Kya hua.. 

Kunj:kuch nahi.he get up and went from there. 

Tej:running away from me like always. 

Avantika: hmm don’t know you had done always scared him.He become like this didn’t sit when you around.. 

Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle was sitting in front of the mirror and combing her hairs. While just than Kunj enters into the room. And see twinkle who sitting in front of mirror like always he murmured Mirror queen.. ?.

Kunj went towards her and give her backhugged.Twinkle see Kunj through mirror and blushed he rubbed his face on her neck. 

Twinkle: finally sleep is over haa you calling me sleeping beauty what about you.. 

Kunj: what sleeping beauty I get free getting bored don’t know I falls in sleep and where were you are haa??

Twinkle: what do you mean in toh here only na Kunj you didn’t come to me.. 

Kunj:what I’ll do. Think sit here only you get irritates with me so,. She turned and look at him. 

Twinkle: hoo good you understand push him Kunj make puppy faces she blushed, and move away from him. Kunj goes behind her.. 

Kunj: twinkle yaar sun Idhar aa. He told her hand both sits on the bed, 

Twinkle: haa bolo Kunj. ??

Kunj: twinkle are you okay na. 

Twinkle: haa why you asking this.

Kunj: I mean tumhe girls me interest toh nahi hai na..??. Twinkle listen this and get shocked. 

Twinkle: what are you saying Kunj. 

Kunj: or Kya bolun mein Haa. Me itna try karta hu romance karne Ka or Tum Zara

 bhi romantic nahi hoti.. ??

Twinkle: shut up sadu??.. I am normal. 

Kunj: in sad voice.. ??. Toh tumhe kisi or me interest hai Kya twinkle?? Twinkle eyes pop out.. 

Twinkle: what are you saying Kunj kesi kesi baatein kar rahe ho.. Mujhe tumhare Me ji interest hai and you know na I love you. 

Kunj: acha phir tum romance me react kyun nahi karti phir?.Twinkle chuckled.

I’m try to get romantic with you but you just running away from me try to getting excuses.. sometimes I thought maybe you didn’t like me:I’m not your types na?. Twinkle smiling she cupped his face.

Twinkle: sometimes I thought you are very good but you are really very much innocent kuch bhi sochte ho.You are best for me.Now I understand that’s why from yesterday you staying away from me without me you sleep haa.Very bad huhu. 

Kunj:you didn’t come I wait for you than sleep. Twinkle push him on bed Kunj get confused and as well shocked. Twinkle move towards him.. 

Twinkle: I’m absolutely normal and only interested in my lovely husband she move her fingers on Kunj chest sensually. Kunj closed his eyed Than twinkle went near his ears she bite Kunj earlobe. And kissed on his neck started unbuttoning his shirt buttons.Kunj just see her. I’ll show you even I’m too romantic.She bite his lips smooch him. Kunj hold her hand take her under him. 

Kunj: wow Kya baat hai tum toh wild cat ho. Twinkle blushed. 

Twinkle:tumne hi iss wild cat ko wake up kiya hai.

Kunj:but I love this wild cat.Kunj and twinkle laughs out.Just than Kunj phone beep he take out his phone from his pocket. And see caller ID.. shitt why this man calling me.. ??. Twinkle get confused. Kunj received his call and Bol. 

Darsh: heyy kunjj hows you bro.??

Kunj: you call me to ask this haa. ? in cold voice.. twinkle playing with his buttons. 

Darsh: why you getting hyper I kept party so inviting you.. 

Kunj: sorry no thanks me parties nahi karta.. bye cut his call. 

Twinkle: Arey Kya hua why you get so frustrated. Who call you,. 

Kunj: hai koi idiot eating my head always.

Twinkle: acha kaun hai.. who Eating my sadu head I thought only I have copyright of this?. Kunj giggles .

Kunj:tujhe toh mere upar share rights hai ??.Smells her.Aur??

Twinkle:aur Kya?? Kuch nahi.Freshen up ho Jao.. 

Kunj:hmm.Twinkle take out clothes for him.Kunj take out his shirt and take his clothes and went in washroom to get freshen up.He come out of the washroom twinkle take his towel and wiped his hairs. 

Twinkle:you know Purab and Natasha come back. 


Twinkle: you didn’t take me anywhere.

Kunj: Abhi toh I’m busy don’t think of it if anything happens wrong slightly you don’t know my boss.. 

Twinkle:hehe you working with papa ji and chote papa still.. 

Kunj: they are father at home not in office we are too same like others no partiality samjhii. 

Twinkle: haa jiii.. but why you staying so chup chup. 

Kunj:I’m like this only.If I talk Lot my head spinning like anything. 

Twinkle:sadu.everyone is so cool you just love your work. 

Kunj:hmmm. Servant come and tell Kunj tej calling him. 

Servant: Kunj bhaiya tej sir is calling you. 

Kunj:mujhe coming. He went.Acha I’ll see why pa calling me.He get up and run downstairs he wearing his slippers walking on staircase in hustle suddenly he about to falls down twinkle coming down only.Kunj hold the handrails on perfect time tej see Kunj. He rushed toward him.

Tej:kunjjjjjj. Are you mad haa all come after listen tej voice. 

Prithviraj: what happened. 

Tej:why you walking in so hustle haa just now he about to falls down where is your mind. 

Lata: tejjj

Tej:what Tejjj Maa he knows about himself still so caress about himself. 

Numbers time I told him Kunj don’t be Hurry. Where are you going??

Kunj: looking down Aap ne hi bulaye na. 

All understand hold their heads. 

Tej: if I’m calling than you will do this haa. 

Manohar:Kunj come we have work with

You aap bhi na bhai Saab tension bhi loge and scold him as well.Kunj went with Manohar. 

Avantika: bas tej don’t say anything to him go and do your work.Tej too

Went Rahul bring files they sit in meeting room which they had in their house only. 

Tej:now show us your works. 

Kunj: sure they all sits together and Kunj and Rahul explain their work to tej and Manohar they liked their ideas and than tej explain them more so beneficial for them only.they discussing and fully engrossed in work. 

 Priyanka and Avni or Soumya back from Taneja Mansion because Mahi take them with her. 

They all went Taneja Mansion and sits Kabir and Malika was sitting Kabir was behind Malika have this and that. 

Kabir: baby just finished this milk na. 

Malika: na baby I can’t. They all girls laughs out. 

Avni: you are so cute Kabir bhai.. 

Kabir: haina??. Look at my wife calling me bad. 

Malika: ahah you don’t know about him Avni he just making me elephant and because of my buddies call me more jumbo.. ??. 

Kabir: you leave about them Kunj and Rahul or Rohan your hubby is here haa. My cutie pie you know baby is hungry. I’m making my baby golu molu??. 

Malika:acha ji.Kabir feeds her she have.. 

Kabir:good girl. Aur girls today here how.

Soumya: we all girls went out for chaat.. 

Malika;even I too want baby tempting?.  

Kabir: afterwards you have this only. How’s your studies is going on??

Priyanka: superb.You know Mahi I had doubts in some chapter my bhaiya solved all’s.. 

Soumya: haa he is so intelligent. 

Kabir:phir bhi twinkle mili???. All laughs out.Their yuvi come by chance he don’t know about girls.. he went inside playing with his hat. 

Yuvi:Arey Kabir bro where are you they turned and see. Yuvi eyes went on Avni he get surprised to see her. Than no no yuvi she can’t here now you started dreaming of her in day also??.He rubbed his eyes. While Rishi come behind him. He bumped with him.

Rishi:abey oyye why you standing here did you see any ghost haa.Yuvi see him. 

Yuvi:shut up.Whispers see Avni. 

Rishi:so what Avni??

Malika:boys come here why you all standing  there. 

Yuvi: haa they went towards them and take seat beside Priyanka..  

Kabir: here??

Yuvi: haa I have work with you dad told me to take Mehra’s files from you. 

Mahi: you started working very good.

Yuvi: battery long back don’t know where are you busy nowadays ??. Mahi look down. 

Malika:acha what about you. Kabir you know nowadays yuvi is too much busy last night I saw him online till 4 clock of Morning,yuvi look at Avni while she too. 

Kabir:ahem kish ke piche mareez ho raha hai yuvi ji?while yuvi teehee ?

Yuvi: nothing I’m just busy with my dear Rishi who will else than him.give him side hug. 

Malika: what type of conversation is going on haa between you two boys. 

Soumya:can’t say anything Malika didi?. 

Yuvi: hehe very funny sumu. Rudra is right about you huhu. 

Soumya: even Avni too right about you are very much Fevicol ??. Yuvi look at Avni who looking other side .

Avni:(in mind) mar gye uff.. 

Yuvi: look at this girl she laughing at me I’ll see her later. 

Kabir:you sit I’ll bring file.Just than Leela and rt along with Hansh and Bebe come back from relative house.They all settled down Mahi went in kitchen to make tea for all. 

Lata: where is my girls??

Avantika:they went for out didn’t come till now.Just than Omkara was passing from there. Arey om he look at Avantika and went towards her.. 

Omkara: Yes badi Maa.. 

Avantika:please call and asked pinku where they all are and pick up them. 

Omkara:sure haa Maa. 

Avantika:fast before Kunj and tej get to know its late na. 


Omkara take his car key and went outside call Soumya and asked her she tell him they are at Taneja Mansion.He sit in his car and left.Soon Omkara reaches and went inside Omkara coming inside Mahi entered in living room with tea and snacks her eyes falls on Omkara he looking so hot his hairs flying Mahi lost in her she stand and holding tea cups tray.Yuvi and Malika see her and giggles . 

Leela: Arey om beta.. 

Omkara:namastey uncle and aunty. Let’s go.. 

Priyanka: haa. 

Bebe:Arey sit na you both brothers always in hurry ek humara damaad ji hai he too like this lets. Rudra is good. Om smile he sits.

Yuvi:Mahi aaja chai thandi ho jayegi?. Omkara ji aaye hai.. she come in sense and went towards all and severed them tea she giving to Omkara their eyes meet and both pass smile to each other’s. 

O Jaanaa..

O Jaanaa..Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai

Dil Tadap Ye Kehta Hai Tu Hai Mere Jeene Ki Wajah O Jaanaa.. O Jaanaa..

Khoya Khoya Rehta Hai Dil Tadap Ye Kehta Hai Tu Hai Mere Jeene Ki Wajah

O Jaanaa..( background song) 

Mahi give everyone and stand in side and looking at omkara. Kabir bring file and give to yuvi. They enjoy tea than Leela. 

Leela: how’s your work is going on??

Omkara: good aunty. 

Yuvi:you are artist. MAke for me too!?.

Kabir:don’t give to him he give someone by his name ??.. 

Omkara: lets go now. 

Hansh: go after dinner beta.. 

Omkara:do dadu everyone is waiting for them at home. 

Soumya: Haa Kunj bhai and tej uncle will scold to pinku..


Omkara:chAle.bye everyone he gestured to Mahi.They left for Sarna Mansion while yuvi and Rishi too left.  

Twinkle and Anjali working in kitchen both chit chatting while making dinner. 

Anjali: Kunj bhi. 

Twinkle:papa ji did right he about to falls down in very badly way good he hold handrails on time.As soon as servant tells him papa ji calling him he runs like metro.Anjali giggles Rudra and Aayat come in kitchen Aayat pass her milk sipper. Anjali and twinkle look at her.What baby??

Aayat:choco milk.??. 

Twinkle:okay just a minute I’ll make it for you. Avantika come there. 

Avantika: twinkle don’t give her anything she didn’t have her food last night she trouble me and tej whole night having pain in her teeth’s. Due to this chocolates.

Rudra: why you spend your whole night behind her haa take stick and hit her ?. This bhaiya make her like this fulfilled her all demands.Avantika pass death glares to Rudra. 

Avantika:not funny Rudra you think about yourself. 

Aayat: mamma I’ll have na. 

Avantika: no means no. 

Aayat: I’ll complain about you to my pa. 


Aayat give Avantika Tashan look and went from there all laughs out.Rudra went towards refrigerator and open take out chocolates munching went outside.

Priyanka and Omkara Avni,Soumya come back.Aayat went to meeting room. 

She open the door and went inside. 

Aayat: I have a complain about someone. Tej and all look at her leave Their work. 

Tej:what baby?? 

Aayat:about Mrs. Sarna ??.All giggles tej lift her make her stand on desk.  

Manohar: bhaiya saab after Aayat Leave his work. 

Tej: my doll is more important for me. 

Aayat: only you love?..

Tej:acha.Tell me who off my princess mood. Aayat making face tej laughing Kunj admiring tej. 

Kunj:in mind: pa is so cute with Aayat become kid with her same to same like with me those days are best days of my life.Now toh he don’t have time for us good for Aayat. 

Rahul: tell us??

Aayat: mumma didn’t let me drink my choco milk..???.tej hold his head. 

Tej:acha lets take mamma class together.Let’s end here only. 

Manohar:haa.They all went out of the room and went in living room.Tej went in kitchen along with Aayat and call Kunj. 

Aayat: bhaiya make awesome.

Tej: okay bhaiya will make.. 

Kunj: mummy. 

Tej:leave your mummy.First promise me if you drink this than you have to take injection as well.Nurse will come anytime you having pain in your teeth’s na.Aayat look at tej and get scared. 


Tej:Kunj make.she is ready.Kunj started making milk shake for Aayat. He make and fills in her bottle and give to tej they went in living room and sits Aayat enjoying her milk and showing to Avantika.

Avantika: tej isn’t good. 

Tej: she is ready to take injection that’s why I give her.

Aayat: haa but I didn’t said today only I’ll take injection ??. Kunj and tej look at her. 

Tej: what just now. 

Aayat:haa it’s right I said yes but koi time frame thodi hai pa??.Kunj giggles others as well. 

Lata:tej she is your daughter only??. 

She get up and sit on Prithviraj lap. 

Tej: very smart Aayat. 

Aayat:went on you only. Rudra snatch her Bottle.

Rudra:pidhi stop afterwards took whole house on your head. I’ll call doctor. 

Aayat:you leave and give my bottle. Aayat stand on couch and pulling Rudra hairs. 

Rudra:mummy ??.. 

Avantika:do whatever you all wanted to do. 

Aayat:I’m not pidhi you protein powder, 

Rudra:bhaiya see na this girl. 

Omkara:maar Aayat He needs.She used her nails.Kunj snatch bottle from Rudra hands. 

Kunj:Leave Aayat and take your bottle. 

Aayat:huhu you always save him.She leave Rudra hairs with jerk and both giving each other’s Tashan. Rudra hit on Kunj arms playfully.

Kunj: Arey why me. 

Rudra: you didn’t stop her. 

Kunj:acha: he too him now three of them started hitting each other’s with cushion all look at them get surprised and laughing like anything.Marega Rudra.. 

Usha:uff for namesake you all grown up still fighting like small babies.

Avantika:what you think about them four of them is like this only when tej isn’t around them doing this only. Just than nurse come. Kunj see and laughs

Kunj:Aayat nurse???. She look at nurse and screamed. About to run Kunj grab her waist. Kaha sista enjoy mike.

Rudra:now enjoy injection to?. 

Twinkle:sadu.haste hua kitna cute lagata hai.. 


Tej:yes come. 

Kunj:give her injection. 

Rudra:big wali.. 

Aayat:noo please I’m fine???. 

Nurse:come.. tej gestured to Kunj he nodded his head in yes.. 

Kunj:you come with me.He lift Aayat and went in room. Kunj hold Aayat hands tightly don’t worry you’ll not have pain.

Nurse: haa. 

Aayat:nahi na bhaiya ??.He told her tightly nurse give her injection she screaming loudly Rudra closed his ears.

Rudra:uff noise pollution.Nurse give injection to Aayat and leave her.She went outside and Omkara leave her till door while Kunj cuddles Aayat and patting on her back who crying like anything. He went outside with her. 

Aayat:I’ll not talk to you all,, 

Kunj:sorry Baba now.You stop your pain will go quickly. 

Tej:haa you know Kunj I saw big doll collection I’m thinking to buy for Aayat now I think she don’t want. 

Kunj:haa even I have chocolates boxes for her. Leave all wasted. 

Rudra:I’m here na??. 

Omkara:pagal sab se bada bacha..  

Usha:lets have dinner.They all went towards dinning table.They all sits for dinner.Kunj wiped Aayat tears. 

Rudra:Arey I have more chocolates balls.Servant served them food. Twinkle take seat beside opposite of Kunj.While Rudra and Kunj or Omkara sitting together in one line.Made Aayat sit on table. 

Kunj:lets have dinner.

Omkara:smell coming yummy.Kunj tore morsel take near Aayat mouth she make faces Rudra tickles on her tummy she open her mouth Kunj put in her mouth. She eats all smile. Aayat nose flowing. 

Rudra:eww nosy.

Omkara:so what.Omkara wiped her nose.She happily having her food and feeding her bothers too with her little hands they siblings enjoyed. Rudra bite Aayat finger. 

Ayaat:Ouchh hoo.Aayat chocked. 

Kunj:hogaya.Kunj make her drink water with his hands. 

Lata:my pote knows everything see tej and Manohar you always scold them. 

Rahul:haa true dadi in future its helpful for them..??. 

Rudra: first we’ll try on your babies G?. Anjali closed her eyes. 

Rahul:acha koi na mammu will changed my baby nappies ??. 

Rudra:hehe.I didn’t do this.This o and bhaiya did of Aayat. 

Kunj:so what.. 

Aayat:acha I’m done now She yawned. Twinkle look at Kunj and make pouty lips he get shocked and laughs slightly and gestures her back blow the kiss?.She murmurs sadu and looking at other side. 

After dinner they all men’s went in their rooms Kunj making Aayat sleep on his lap.. 

Lata:Avantika and Usha tell twinkle each and everything about karwa chauth. 

Avantika:haa mummy ji.We had done everything. 

Lata:it’s her first karwa chauth so it should be special. Avantika call twinkle and Anjali. 

Twinkle:haa Maa and mummy ji.. 

Avantika:twinkle tomorrow is karwa chauth so sit I’ll tell you all things. She sit. 

Twinkle:karwa chauth.Usha and Avantika tell her all important of karwa chauth all things which she have to remember.



Anjali:my favourite this.dadu and my both fathers pampered them lot. 

Avantika:even my Anjali Rahul too?.. 

Lata:so wake up at 4 clock for your shargi. Now go and sleep.twinkle went and finished her so work.Than she take milk for Kunj he have little bit just.She went in room and see Kunj and Aayat.She closed the door and went towards him. Keep the milk glass on the table. Kunj see her and milk. 

Kunj:milk but she fell asleep.She sit beside Kunj. 

Twinkle: haa I know but I didn’t bring for her but for you mr Kunj.. 

Kunj: for me why??

Twinkle:why?? Haa I notice nowadays you didn’t having your food properly today also.Look at you become so dull. 

Kunj:hehe I m not like you foodie whole day munching this and that.I’m fitted man. 

Twinkle:acha sadu.. fitted man whom you going to show now your fitness.

Kunj:girls drooling for me ??I’m only didn’t give them gaze.. motu.. 

Twinkle:hoo calling me wait. She started hitting him. I’ll not talk to you and now let me sleep I have to wake up early at morning.


Twinkle:for Sargi.tomorrow is karwa chauth na so.I have to wake up and kept fast for you and you look at yourself. 

Kunj: you going to kept fast for me haa did you know na in this fast you can’t drink and have anything Madam.

Twinkle: haa I know this. 

Kunj: he laughs out. And you’ll kept. Pagal don’t do this it’s really difficult what’s the need of this.

Twinkle:what you mean by this it’s my first karwa chauth after wedding. I’ll kept fast for your longevity. 

Kunj: but twinkle you can’t stay without having anything Leave this. Even I didn’t like this all things. 

Twinkle:why I’ll do I want you for 7 births if is this difficult than also I’ll keep for my love for you. Pinch his nose and smiled. Kunj pulled her near to him.

Kunj:are you made haa whole day how mean no no I wouldn’t let you do this. 

Twinkle:Kunj all married girls keep for their husbands.Why you stopping me haa .

Kunj: I don’t want you trouble yourself just because of me. 

Twinkle: who told you this infect I love this I’ll do something for you than I’ll get gift from you kunj smile on her cuteness. He pulled her cheeks. 

Kunj: sometime you made me more crazy for yourself twinkle why are you so cute. 

Twinkle: because I have you in my life. 

Kunj: I can give you my life no need of this all things.. 

Twinkle: whatever I’ll keep fast for you. 

Kunj:hehe yeha ek chua tere pet me gaya aur tu shuru??. 

twinkle:shut up. Don’t teased me. 

Kunj:Me mara nahi hu twinkle do you doing this all she covered his mouth with her palm.

Twinkle:kunjjj kitni baar mene bola hai aisi baate mat kiya karo mare tumhare dushman samje.( Tashan e Ishq play?)

Kunj:itna pyaar kati hai Kya mujhese.. 

Twinkle: apni jaan se bhi jada.. she hugged him and rest her head on his chest. Ek tum ji ho jo mujhe tease karte ho.Kunj I wanna do each and everything for you like a perfect wife. Never ever give you single chance of complain always fulfilled my all duties being as a wife or bahu of this family I promise you remember both recalled their conversation take promises for Their families always stand for them. Both look at each other’s. 

Kunj:haa I know he cupped her face. That time I wasn’t so sure you’ll be stand on my dadu and dadi exceptions. 

But when I see you I felt you’ll be. And today when I m seeing you lagti kitni stubborn but matured so much understand all ups and downs. 

Twinkle: and darti bhi hu tumse.?.

Kunj: acha ji darti hai mujhe se kab?

Twinkle:haww you don’t know how you show me your eyes when everyone talking about something show me your anger eyes and send me from there. 

Kunj:haa I’m happy you understand my gestures I didn’t let when elders discussing something we learn this since starting and I too want my wife too like this it’s their matter what we’ll do.Arguments I didn’t like at all. 

Twinkle:haa that’s true get irritates so easily. 

Kunj:and you are the best wife for me fully. Leave this karwa chauth.

Twinkle:nope.I had work let me see I’m going down and you drink this milk and sleep my baby.Twinkle get up Kunj take the glass and run behind her.Ladies still sitting Rahul and Anjali as well.Kunj and twinkle went downstairs and sit with them. 

Lata: didn’t sleep??

Twinkle: na dadi.. 

Rahul: Arey milk kunjj.. 

Kunj: haa take this.

Twinkle: drink this.. 

Kunj: I didn’t like this. 

Twinkle:what you like haa.I said drink. They forget everyone is here both started their old time Tom and Jerry fights they were enjoying Rudra and Omkara come. 

Anjali: bas karo Kunj and twinkle. They both stop Than realise everyone is here. 

Kunj: sorry. 

Twinkle: sorry see dadi he didn’t drink milk. 

Lata:Acha Kunj your wife is saying drink na. 

Kunj:dadi I’m not baby she forcing me. 

Twinkle:murmured than you’ll not get kisses.enough for Kunj he listen this and get shocked.Twinkle gesture him think. 

Kunj look at her. Give me this milk. 

Kunj:nahi I’m drinking na. He didn’t wait for anything immediately gulps the milk in one go and get shocked. Started coughing. 

Rahul: Arey bhai aaram se. 

Omkara: waha Kunj what happened which Make you drink this milk so quickly ??.

Rahul: twinkle ji jaane??.. Kunj wiped his mouth and show twinkle empty glass of milk.. 

Twinkle: good.. she take the glass and went in kitchen Than they all sit and see ladies discussing about karwa chauth importance. All were happy as this was twinkle first karwa chauth.boys were sitting in side so they were also listening what dadi was saying. 

Rahul: Kunj see wife’s are so innocent na means they get ready to do anything for their husbands.. they keep fast for their husbands long life but didn’t think about themselves.

Kunj: kunj look at twinkle right yaar I toh told twinkle leave this but didn’t ready to listen me she said she’ll do this fast for my long life.. 

Rahul:I’m going to kept fast for my wife. 

Kunj: hmm. Even men’s too do this for their wife’s like pa and dadu or chote papa did for their wife’s. 

Rahul: true. But you can’t you have to take your medicine na. Kunj look at Rahul but didn’t said anything.. Chal Leave I’ll keep fast for my Anjali. After Kunj and Rahul went in their rooms. 

Kunj sit and thinking about Rahul words and twinkle. 

Kunj:why I can’t keep fast for my twinkle even I too want her for 7 birth. I’ll too keep fast for twinkle.Twinkle also going for me.I can miss my medicine for one day.It will not effect me. Kunj smiling. Twinkle entered in room she see Kunj and get confused. 

Twinkle: didn’t you sleep haa. 

Kunj: how can I without you tune meri neend sukoon sab leliya hai??. 

Twinkle:bas bas mere romantic sarna she went near him.Let’s sleep Kunj hold her hand. 

Kunj: where is my kiss haa. 

Twinkle: what kiss. 

Kunj:acha playing with me twinkle I drink milk for you. And what did you said I’ll not give any kisses haa in her voice. 

Twinkle:I know how to handle you. Kiss is naam suna like a good boy drink milk. 


Kunj:wait when I show you my shamelessness than you’ll know what is real shameless??.Cupped her face. 

Twinkle:before sleeping you did huhu. 

Kunj:my goodnight dose ??.Kunj captures her lips.Both started kissing each other’s passionately.Chewing each other’s lips. While Aayat blabbering in sleep due to her twinkle break the kiss. 

Twinkle: kunjj Aayat we totally forgot this. 

Kunj: she sleeping it’s okay. 

Twinkle: acha what if she saw us.. what she think about her elder brother. 

Kunj:I know my baby.she push him and lay down on her side of bed Kunj come and cuddles Aayat.

Aayat: in sleep bhaiya.. 

Kunj:haa sleep..twinkle smile. 

Twinkle:I love the way you all treat I’m impressed Kunj you know how to handle kids???.. 

Kunj:yes.it’s not tough I love to do her all works my little baby. 

Twinkle:hmm… good night twinkle set the time in Alarm clock. 

Kunj:goodnight.. twinkle and Kunj sleep..

At early [email protected] at 4 clock.Lata along with her both daughter in laws wake up and went in kitchen making sargi for their bahu’s twinkle alarm ringing but she didn’t wake up Kunj wake up and see twinkle who still sleeping.This siyappa why she set when he can’t wake up huhu Arey twinkle wake up you’ll get late for your sargi.  Kunj shake her slightly open her eyes. 

Twinkle: Kya hai Kunj.. 

Kunj: wake up your karwa chauth.. she remember and wake up with jerk.. 

Twinkle: mera karwa chauth.. ha. 

Kunj:haa wake up. 

Twinkle:hoo thanks you wake up me. 

Kunj:haa.Twinkle get up and went in washroom she get freshen up get ready In hustle. 

Twinkle:Kunj you sleep I’m going.She went down and see her mother in laws waiting for her she went towards them good morning. 

Lata:good morning meanwhile Anjali too come. 

Avantika:lets have sargi they take and went towards dinning table.Lata give sargi to her both babu’s while Avantika and Usha too twinkle.And Avantika give to Anjali she and tej doing Rahul upbringing as a their son so.they all set for having sargi.Rahul come there and wish them good morning even tej and Manohar and Prithviraj as well. 

Twinkle:you people here.. 

Rahul:haa we will too keep fast for our wife’s. 

Twinkle:really in surprising way.. 

Tej:yes.. they too sit and having with their wife’s.. Kunj see them from far.. 

Kunj:if I went pa didn’t let me do he already behind me I miss my medicines Kunj beta good go from here he went in his room and drink water and sleep beside Aayat again.While after sargi they went in their rooms twinkle come and sleep again. 

At morning.. 

everyone wake up twinkle was downstairs making breakfast for Kunj. She make his coffee and take for him in their room she entered in room and see Kunj getting ready. 

Twinkle: good morning Kunj see her she looking so beautiful. 

Kunj: good morning my moon already come haa.. 

Twinkle: yes your coffee I’ll bring your medicine Kunj get shocked now what he’ll do..twinkle bring his medicine. Take Kunj take the medicine and looking here and there. 

Kunj: he think twinkle see cockroach.

Twinkle: kaha she get scared while Kunj take the advantage and throw his diabetic medicine in side.. Kunj kaha hai.. 

Kunj: when twinkle. 

Twinkle: what?? Acha medicine.

Kunj: I had baby.. 

Twinkle:hmm you making me mad. Come down he get ready and caress her face. 

Kunj: looking hot.. 

Twinkle:hmm everyday you saying this ??. 

Kunj:So what did you think.. 

Twinkle: I’ll fulfilled your wish Kunj tonight she said while blushing Kunj get surprised his eyes pop out. 

Kunj: what really?.. 


Kunj: waha.. no force are you sure. 

Twinkle: yes.. today I’ll fulfil your demand Kunj.Kunj take her hands in his while twinkle is in fully shyness. Your wait is over tonight. 

Kunj: than I want one more thing?

Twinkle: what. 

Kunj:I want my twinkle look same to same like my bride when she become bride of my Ready?? No cheating.

Twinkle:okay.. Kunj caress her cheeks and kissed on her cheeks. Looking for her lips. About to kiss her. Kunjj noo.. 

Kunj: what.. noo. 

Twinkle: today not at allow you aren’t allowed to do anything full stop on your romance for today fast haina.. 

Kunj: what who made this nonsense rule.. 


Twinkle: go and asked to mummy ji and dadi they only told me about this. 

Kunj: huhu. I’ll see your tonight on one can stop me,, ??.

Twinkle:hatt.. they went downstairs. 

Kids sitting and having their breakfast. 

Their twinkle and Kunj come. 

Anjali: Kunj come have your breakfast na. He stuck now.. 

Rudra: haa bhaiya delicious dadi kheer,. 

Kunj: I’m going I have work.. 

Rahul: Arey but we don’t have work today very much. 

Kunj:I have work I’ll have later Maa. I’m going he went from there. 

Rahul:I have too go okay I’m going too. He too run behind him. 

Anjali:this both always work and work.. 

While Kunj sit in his car about to go while Rahul waved him and he too sit beside him and they left for office.Kunj didn’t said anything while Rahul observing him within no time they reached office and went inside Kunj went his cabin and get busy in work Rahul send coffee for him with servant. 

Servant; sir coffee. 

Kunj: take back I don’t want.. he went. 

Rahul:why I’m feeling like he kept

Fast. Kahi Kunj ne fast toh nahi rakha hai I have to find this.after sometimes later. Twinkle and other all ladies busy in karwa chauth preparation while Kunj think about her. 

Kunj: I should call her and asked how she is I’m sure she isn’t fine.He call her after so much rings twinkle pick up his call. Hello.. 

Twinkle: haa why you sounding so low.

Kunj: Me toh nahi you look hows you fine. 

Twinkle: Kunj I’m absolutely fine why you worried about me haa and come back soon today also you went office huhu. 

Kunj: don’t worry just for some time than I’ll not go anywhere remember ??. 

Twinkle: bas bas everyone is with me I’ll talk to you later.He end the calls with a smile.. Rahul entered in cabin and sit with Kunj. 

Rahul: hows you bro.. you look more dull than twinkle ???.. 

Kunj: what??

Rahul: are you fasting??? Kunj look at him in aghast.. 

Kunj: what.. no why I’ll.. 

Rahul: don’t lie I know you are fasting. Look at your face lost your charm?. I understand at breakfast time only .

Kunj:hmm.. twinkle is doing so much for 

Me and my family Rahul. Even you all keep fast for your wife’s if I tell everyone you know na pa didn’t let me allow to do. And I wanted to do all those things with twinkle how much she needs me even I too needs her same to same so why not I. I can miss one day medicine it will not effect me. ??. Rahul smiled. 

Rahul: acha mere saale tum toh pure Romeo ban gaye matlab biwi me pyaar me lut gye haan.. ???

Kunj: haa toh biwi hai meri uske liye nahi karuga toh kya tere liye karuga??.

Rahul: haan you can do also for me I’ll not mind ???.. 

Kunj: shut up ? fast or tere liye Chal na.

Rahul: haa baby I’m only your partner in crime ???. 

Kunj: Kamini jija ????.. 

Rahul: hehe Bastar saala ??..acha Leave this all. What are you going to gift twinkle as it’s her first karwa chauth na.

Kunj: not decided till now.?.

Rahul: Chal we both will buy something for our wives.

Kunj: has good.. 

#Even same happening at Taneja Mansion as well.While Bebe and Lata decided to celebrate together karwa chauth they think go to their traditional mandir and celebrate their only. After Rahul and Kunj think to go for shopping. 

Rahul: lets go Rohan come there. 

Rohan: I’m too coming.. 

Kunj:Chalo I wanna see my wife soon. Rahul and Rohan giggles to see Kunj desperation for his wife.

Rohan: Rahul he is our Kunj only see him he changed so much man??. 

Rahul: haa bhai pyaar me dooba hua hai.

Kunj: I’m going huh.. he went while they both too run behind him they sits in car and left for mall.They went inside and finding gift for Their wives while Kunj feeling uneasy he had dehydration problems started sweating he didn’t said anything manage.Kunj went in shop and see traditional dress for twinkle. 

Rahul:nice one.I’ll too take.They both take dress for their wife’s Kunj take hand bag for twinkle her favourite brand one.They done with shopping and left for Sarna Mansion they hide the gifts and keep in side.. twinkle come and see Kunj. 

Twinkle:you come back.Kunj went towards her and hugged her. 

Kunj:are you fine he cupped her face. 

Twinkle:haa Baba.Anjali and Avni couching ahem ahem.. ???.. 

Anjali:what happened to you kunj why you sweating so much haa. 

Kunj:nahi bas heat bhut hai na.Heena girls comes.

Priyanka:I’ll too apply.. 

Twinkle:come with me.. she hold her hand and take him in side.. 

Kunj: Kya hua.. 

Twinkle: kuch nahi.aise haal kyu bana ke rakha hai.tabiyat toh teekh hAi.. 

Kunj:haa but see my phool puri murjaha gai hai.. 

Twinkle:chalta hai tumhare liye.Let’s go. 

They went in room twinkle went towards wardrobe and take out kurta for Kunj. Wear this I bring for you when I went for shopping last time it will suits on you. 

Kunj: nice.. 

Twinkle: I know go and get freshen up fast now I can’t wait for moon?. 

Kunj: pizza lau?.. 


Kunj:I’ll come he take his clothes and went in washroom while Avni come take twinkle down they all ladies sit for Heena.All men’s get freshen up wear kurta’s Kunj come downstairs she see twinkle who applying mehndi on her hands. 

Anjali: handsome brother. 

Kunj:thanks di.. he went and sit beside twinkle.

Twinkle:see my mehndi looking hot feels like eat you??. 

Kunj:wait for sometimes I’m all yours o my in low voice??.Kunj see twinkle Heena. How much you loved this. 

Twinkle:very much.You only told me you love on my hands. 

Kunj:haa but smells leave it. 

Twinkle:you go and have something.. see they all keep fast for their wife’s how romantic is it Kunj ??.they done with their Heena and sit for Heena get dry.After sometimes later twinkle went in her room she closed the door and her eyes went on bed and see parcel on her bed she went near and take in her hands and see the note twinkle open the door. 

Kunj:this is for you my lady love hope you’ll like ??.Just wear this and increase this dress beauty more after. Waiting for my twinkle Your gift.Your love kunj?.She smiled and open the parcel and see the dress get stunned it’s so beautiful. 

Twinkle:awww it’s so beautiful lehenga Babaji Kunj is the best.she kissed on dress and take and went in washroom she get freshen up and wear went towards dressing table and started getting ready while looking at Kunj photo.While all others left for mandir only twinkle left she said she’ll come alone with Aayat.She get ready fully like a bride.Hope Kunj will like me.than she get busy in something and lock the door of her room and went downstairs. She went and see everyone went she hold Aayat and left for Mandir. 

At [email protected] 

Kunj:where is this twinkle she didn’t come till now i hope is fine.. everyone looking so beautiful all dressed up very traditionally. 

Mahi: Anjali di your dress is so beautifu.

Rahul: after all I gifted her ??. 

Yuvi: where is twinkle?? 

Kunj:she is coming.Kunj stand in side his forehead drenched in sweat. Tej see him. 

Tej: Kya hua Kunj seemed like you aren’t okay. 

Kunj:no pa I’m fine.. 

Rahul:idiot hope he didn’t get ill.Soon twinkle and Aayat reached they coming upstairs.Everyone see twinkle get stunned. 

Rudra: bhabhi aww.. Kunj turned after listen twinkle name:as soon as his eyes went on twinkle he get mesmerising to see her beautiful she looking absolutely beautiful I mean no words for her.she covered her head with veil wearing red colour lehenga.she holding her karwa chauth tali.. she went towards all.

Bebe:ahyee my twinki looking like a bride aww so beautiful.Kunj smiled at Bebe compliment.Twinkle raise her eyes and meet with Kunj.She is shy same to same At her wedding time. 

Avantika.Haa my daughter in law is always best.. she went and stand beside Malika.

Malika:aw today Kunj going to kill ??. 

Twinkle:aap bhi na.. 

Anjali:no words for you than she gestured Kunj how she looking it he lisping beautiful ?. Give her shy smile. She went and stand beside him. 

Twinkle: Kya hua.. 

Kunj: waha you make me speechless haa. Looking truly amazing.

Twinkle:acha ji all credit goes to you only I mean how bring this for me. Thanks Kunj. 

Kunj:anything for my love ?.Now you make tough for me to control yaar twinkle ??. 

Twinkle:bas karo shameless aadami. Why this moon didn’t come till now Kunj. 

Than they all ladies sit and performed all rituals before breaking fast.All admires their loves. ❤️❤️. They all waiting for moon eagerly.. 

Rahul: why this moon take so much time.

Rudra: hehe G than why you keep fast haa. 

Twinkle: this moon come so soon but why today. 

Kunj: Arey moon agaya. 

Twinkle: kaha. Kunj point his finger on water pond in side twinkle finding. Kaha hai Kunj stand beside her. 

Kunj:yeh raha mere chand toh twinkle face reflecting in water. She blushed. 

Twinkle:acha ???.Kunj this moon.. 

Kunj:for sometimes.they all sit and waiting for moon and clicking their photos.Kunj started feeling dizzy he control.Kunj don’t.Than moon come. Arey moon is come he scream. All turned and look towards sky and see finally moon has come.. all get happy. 


Lata:Chalo.. finally moon come.They all stand and with their partners.Twinkle holding her pooja tali he give to Kunj and than did moon pooja and see moon through circular sieve than she see Kunj face did Kunj his Pooja than she touch Kunj feet’s others too did same.Kunj hold her shoulder.He made her drink water with his hands. 

Twinkle:see happily I finished my karwa chauth fast. Kunj smiled and kissed on her forehead.


Twinkle:I’m hungry Kunj feed her sweet. After this all sit and Starving so badly. Everything blurred in front of Kunj eyes. He holding water glass which falls down.All get shocked he started breathing heavily all get shocked tej and Avantika rushes towards Kunj. 


Tej:Kya hua.Rahul come with lemonade. 

Kya hua. 

Kunj:pani… he sit in side chair twinkle and all get shocked to see Kunj.Rahul made him drink lemonade.Avantika wiped his face. 



Rahul:I told you na don’t keep the fast see now yourself as soon as everyone listen this get surprised as well shocked. 

Tej:what.. fast..  Kunj looking at Rahul while he making puppy faces. 

Prithviraj: Kunj tum bhi na.. 

Lata:now understand why since morning he looking so low.twinkle had tears in her eyes she don’t know about this.  

Tej: you know na you are diabetic patient still. 

Lata: Arey tej if you keep fast for your  wife than he is your son only walk on your footstep only I’m feels so happy. 

Leela:haa??.While Kunj didn’t look at up. 

Tej: hmm. Good now are you okay na need anything. 


Tej:don’t do this next time.Caress his hairs. Avantika see him. He went from there. 

Avantika:mera bacha cupped his face. I’ll bring food for you. 

Kunj:now I’m okay na. 

Avantika: sure. 

Kunj:haa mummy.. 

Avantika: feels really really very happy. My son too kept fast for his wife haina. 

Kunj:hmm like pa did for you every years. 

Avantika:has kissed on his forehead. While all just standing. 

Kunj: ab bas don’t give me footage pa will get worried and scold me.. 

Avantika: kaam hi aise karte ho sometime she about to slap him Kunj closed his eyes Avantika giggles and cuddles him. Rudra and Omkara come.

Omkara:amazing Kunj haa.

Rudra:bhaiya you didn’t tell us about this surprise for us..??. 

Avantika:chAle lets have dinner they all went from there twinkle just see Kunj. Kunj look at her she went towards him and sit opposite him.Avantika send food for them. 

Twinkle: pagal ho kyu kiya yeh sab haa kuch ho jata tumhe haa pata hai na. Medicine bhi nahi hi twinkle cockroach haa yeh ta tumhara cockroach. She get sad. 

Kunj:Arey sorry na see I’m absolutely fine. He hold her hands. 

Twinkle: I didn’t like it if something happened to you haa. 

Kunj:hua toh nahi na when you can stay whole day without having anything can’t i twinkle haa.Even I too want you rest of my life without I can’t live like same too you.She look at.So I think my dadu saying always husband and wife is equal they doing so much for their husband can’t a husband keep fast for his wife the way she did for him. Saath toh dono ko chahiye na ek dusre Ka twinkle that’s why pa and chote papa too did even Rahul Than why not I even I want you too. Tears escaping from her eyes. Arey sorry don’t worry I didn’t wanted to hurt you. She started hitting on his chest. 

Twinkle:sadu kunjj why you are like this haa really I find myself of lucky to have life partner like you haa you love me this. Did this didn’t think about yourself.

Kunj:my life connected with your heartbeat ? twinkle.I love you meri siyappa queen socha aaj meri siyappa queen Bhukh hadtal pe hai toh why not I too support her??. Meri foodie panda. 


Twinkle:sadu huhu I’ll not talk to you.

Kunj:acha ji. Ab I’m very much hungry let’s have and I know you also too. He started ticking her she laughs out. 

twinkle:kunjj??. Bas lets go to everyone haa. 

Kunj:nope now your and me time just if pa see me na he will scold me.

Twinkle:good you deserve I scared when I see your condition idiot kabhi phir mat karna jaan basti hai meri.

Kunj:aur tu toh meri jaan hai?.. lets have. Bhukh lagi hai. 

Twinkle:haa she take spoon started feeding Kunj feels so good to see. I’m blessed with best Kunj. Make pouty lips 

Kunj:same. Bas kar nahi toh I’ll start here only. 

Twinkle: Kunj I’m thinking let’s cancel the plan see Baba your health isn’t well. 

Kunj:noo I’m absolutely fine..

Twinkle:hehe haa sadu have your food. 

Kunj:yes he feed her too both feed each other’s happily.Moon light flashing on them.  

Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone we find it with another.

Rahul: this husband and wife busy with each other’s only. 

Anjali: let them they are so cute. 

Kabir: you should tell about Kunj. 

Rahul:marna hai Kya now only he’ll not leave me he didn’t told me I find out?. 

Tej: playing with his health acha laga he thought so much about his life. 

Rudra:pota kish Ka hai papa ??. Gesturing towards Prithviraj. 



Kunj:pata hai na.. aaj meri chalegi Samji he get up and lift twinkle in his arms. Twinkle look at him he went down and goes towards his car. And both sits in car and left for Sarna Mansion. you know I booked honeymoon suite for us. 

Twinkle: what.. why. 

Kunj: why what!? You understand ?. She smiled.

Twinkle: if anyone ask about us. 

Kunj:Leave everyone for tonight just you and me.. 

Twinkle: okay ji.. just than Kunj get call. He pick up the call.

Kunj: what how can you do this with me at last moment he cut the call. 

Twinkle: what happened.

Kunj: woh hotel se ta booking hui nahi shit I planned so much for us. Twinkle giggles.

Twinkle:koi na ghar chalte hai. 

Kunj:huhu I’ll kill them. Kunj driving with off  mood. 

Twinkle: in heart Kunj I have something for us how can this will happen this is our special moment should be celebrated in a special way only na. Soon they reached Sarna Mansion.Twinkle went inside goes in her room. 

Kunj:she must be upset.Leave he went to

His room Kunj entered in his room.Closed the door twinkle lights kyu off hai. Kunj on the lights as soon as lights on Kunj take his step back he get surprised to see his room condition he turned and see whole room decorated fully in romantic style candle everywhere lit bed decorated with rose petals and canopy on bed.He amazed to see all ambiance.

Means twinkle did this uff where she is.Kunj finding her he went in balcony and see her she standing. Twinkleee she turned and see Kunj. Twinkle humming the song. 

/{Aaj Agar Milan Ki Raat Hoti

Jaane Kya Baat Hoti

Toh Kya Baat Hoti}  

She went near Kunj hold his hands. Roaming around him. Kunj smiled to see her. She cupped Kunj face. 

Twinkle:how’s  my surprise Kunj anything is wasted I planned this for you for us our special moment.??. 

Kunj: very good I really love when you did this: 

Twinkle: now you asking me questions only whole night haa.

Kunj:na na.. ??. He cupped her face caress her cheeks.This moon get jealous today.Both stand in titanic pose. Twinkle turned and kissed on Kunj chin. She about to go Kunj held her hand while she run inside Kunj behind her too. He hold her veil edge twinkle stop Kunj went near her.

Sunte Hai Jab Pyar Ho Toh
Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Tann Mein Mann Mein
Aur Nayan Mein
Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Aaja Piya Aaja Aaja Piya Aaja Ho
Aaja Piya Aaja Tere Hi
Tere Liye Jalte Diye
Bitaani Tere Saaye
Mein Saaye Mein Zindagaani
Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein Saaye Mein


Both standing near mirror. Kunj come closer to twinkle he removed her veil let falls down. Kissed on twinkle neck from back only.He make her turned toward him.He take out her earrings and kissed on her earlobe she breathing heavily.Kunj take out her necklace and kissed on her neck all over. Twinkle closing her eyes.He open her hairs 

Which falls on her shoulders Kunj take her hands in his hand kissed on her hands twinkle see him.Kunj taking out her bangles one by one let falls on floor. 

Twinkle turned she hugged wall her back facing to Kunj. Kunj side her hairs moved his finger on her back. 

Twinkle:kunjjj..Kunj kissed on her nape.He turn off the lights now only candles light. He take off her mangatika kissed on her forehead.Twinkle hugged Kunj.Both hugging each other passionately caressing each other bones.heat developing in their spines.Twinkle started opening Kunj kurta buttons.She take off his kurta And falls down.Twinkle push Kunj and run give him naughty smile Kunj run behind her both running in whole room.Playing with curtains they started closing the widows and Kunj blowing candles.He caught twinkle.Lift her in his arms her hands around his neck.Kunj moves toward bed he side the curtains and place twinkle on bed about to come upon twinkle she turned and her back facing to Kunj. Kunj lay beside her his feet’s moving on hers.Kunj went closer to near neck he slide her sleeves and kissed on her shoulders.Twinkle hands went on his hairs Kunj make her lay down straight on her back on bed.Kunj side her hair stands caress her face she look at him. 

Twinkle:Kya hua. 

Kabhi Kabhi
Kabhi Kabhi Aise Diyon Se
Lag Hai Jaati Aag Bhi
Dhule Dhule Se Aanchalon Pe
Lag Hain Jaate Daag Bhi
Hain Veeraanon Mein Badalte
Dekhe Mann Ke Baag Bhi
Sapno Mein Shringar Ho Toh
Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Khwaahison Ke Aur Sharam Ke
Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Aaja Piya Aaja Tere Hi Tere Hi Liye Jalte Diye
Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein
Saaye Mein Zindagaani
Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein Saaye Mein

Kunj:kuch nahi..twinkle raise her face went near Kunj lips.She sealed his lips with her. Kunj come fully upon her.Both kissing each other’s fully.Nibbling each other’s lips Kunj bite twinkle lips.She moan his name.She open her mouth Kunj entered in her both playing with each other’s tongue sucking Their lips.They make the kiss so deep after lack of oxygen they break the kiss. Kunj immediately grab her neck. Kunj giving her wet kisses on her neck and giving love bite twinkle caressing his hairs with her one hand and clutch the bed sheet can’t bear Kunj torture. He Bite her she moan. 

Twinkle:hah Kunj.he suck the part to soothe her pain.He did same with her other side neck.His hand went on her blouse dori in one go Kunj open her blouse dori twinkle breath hitched up. Only single dori holding her blouse.Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s. Slightly Kunj sliding twinkle blouse from her body.He gestured her she give him smile.Within no time Kunj take off her all clothes she warped herself with silk sheet even Kunj too.He linked their fingers and take off the sheet and look at twinkle head to toe.. he get mesmerised to see her.

Twinkle: why you looking at me??

Kunj: you have a prefect curves ?.She blushed. 


Kunj:don’t be nervous.. 

Twinkle:hmm.he kiss on her jaw while his hands travels on her bare body which make twinkle shivered fully. He kissed on her cleavage.Romancing with her bosom biting them twinkle chucked and moaning in pain Kunjj stop. 

Kunj:I told you already when I start I’ll not stop didn’t let you escape tumne mujhe bhut tarsha ya hai??.. 

Twinkle: shameless ??. 

Kunj:acha ji shameless okay fine ?. Let’s prove it na?.Twinkle hit on his back playfully. He kissed all over on her body than twinkle can’t hold anymore she push Kunj and come top of him. 

Twinkle:now it’s my turn.She started kissing on Kunj chest ticking him lot.Bite his earlobe Kunj enjoy her torture. She pinch on his tummy.Going down Kunj roller her down. 

Kunj:mere saath. His hand moving on her lower parts.Twinkle started to kiss him while Kunj going to kiss her but before Their lips meet he backoff she get irritates she cupped Kunj lips and captured his lips fully and kissing her wildly.Kunj get surprised to see her this avatar ??. She get aggressive showing this kunj not less he too kiss her with same passion. Both fully turned on.break the kiss, kunj look at her Ready.Don’t worry. 

Twinkle:hmm.. Kunj went near her ears said her something. Acha ji.he kissed on her forehead.He linked their fingers he process to entered in her.Twinkle closed her eyes.Kunj entered in her twinkle scream in pain Kunj close her mouth with his:.Aha.she hugged kunjj.. when she become normal Kunj apart their lips.

Kunj: okay.. 

Mera Nahi
Mera Nahi Hai Woh Diya Jo
Jal Raha Hai Mere Liye
Meri Taraf Kyun Ye Ujaale
Aaye Hain Inko Rokiye
Yun Begaani Roshini
Mein Kab Talak Koi Jiye
Saanson Mein Jhankar Ho Toh
Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Jhaanjharon Mein Kanganon Mein
Diye Jal Utthte Hain
Aaja Piya Hmmmmmm Jalte Diye
Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein
Saaye Mein Zindagaani
Bitaani Tere Saaye Mein Saaye Mein
Saaye Mein Saaye Tere
Saaye Mein Saaye Tere
Saaye Mein Saaye Tere
Saaye Mein Saaye Tere.

Twinkle:hmm wiped her tears.kissed on her forehead.Kunj pulled blanket with his toe and covered them she started thrusting in her.He nuzzles his face in her neck kissing her while twinkle digging her nails on his back.She moaning Kunj name.Whole room just filled with moan and groan twinkle moan making him more go crazy enjoying their pleasureful moments in each other embrace. Finally they made love ? ❤️❤️❤️..finally bodies become one soul. Saaye mein saayeeeeee

screen get blurry. ( this much enough ????) 

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.

marriage isn’t about two bodies, it’s all about two hearts which will beat like one it’s about two souls which will become one.Three knots can change two lives.

Their arrange marriage when they falls in love for each other’s it’s so pure.today madly in love with each other’s.. go with flow it’s always best we don’t know what life hold for us.. but always best.. ??. 

Rahul: Arey where is this Kunj and twinkle went? 

Rudra: ha I didn’t see bhaiya and bhabhi. 

What they doing it. 

Rahul: god knows.. 

Episode freezes~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~




Finally I’m done with episode. 

Uff finally even give your twinj romance I make you all wait so much sorry guys. ???. They consummate their marriage at last happily.I’m not good at romance I just try whatever comes here only where my hands stop not good I know this leave your poor kiya ??try my level best.. 

Happy.. ????.. I feel good give finally headache ta ??.. 

how’s the episode do tell me please guys and thanks for your comments.He is not despo only but a caring and loving husband. 

Thanks for ipkknd..????.. 

bye love you all and no proof time nahi Sunday ta So writes for you all guys. 

Bye love ??? try to post if I get time soon. 


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