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5months later..

happiness back.. ??

Everyone like this going on so beautiful now at India as well they used to talk to each other’s and missing each other’s like anything now Kabir and Malika baby is 6months old she started crawling now. All family members behind her Hansh and Bebe enjoying lott with their great grand kid they sending photos to Lata and Prithviraj they get happy and thinking about when their time will come.Hope before god call not come for them.Omkara and mahi fully busy with each other’s whole night at call they missing each other’s.While Priyanka and Rohan condition was same but Priyanka didn’t understanding why she get happy when she get Rohan call for official work. Anjali was pampered by each and everyone now her baby bumped too come out now she is 6months pregnant. Twinkle does each and everything for her all teased Rahul and Anjali they all siblings used to went for drives and movies and like old twinkle and Kunj they didn’t leave a single Chance to do romance many times caught by elders but they get happy their twinkle is now

Back fully.Now even drs too said she is absolutely fine.

Rudra and Soumya don’t know what happening them they started feeling something different and get happy as well they both started dating each other’s twinkle used to teased them lott secretly.One day rudra get confused so he come to twinkle.


Twinkle:haan bolo kaha at this office me.

Rudra:Arey I take half day. He hold her hand come and sit na here you just busy in Aayat huhu.

Twinkle:acha jealous like your bhaiya. They sit. Bolo why my jolly Rudra looking so tensed like intense lover??.he giggles.

Rudra: Kya aap bhi Acha suno I’m confused.

Twinkle:acha why.

Rudra: samjo na aap..

Twinkle:arey aap samjaye na devar ji ?.

Rudra: bhabhiiiii.

Twinkle:Rudraaa she giggles acha don’t be angry at least let me think matter is about you and Soumya she said and look at Rudra he nodded in yes and he blushed. Hoo my Rudra baby blushing how romantic ?let me talk to Soumya what spell she did on you.

Rudra:whatever bhabhi help me I didn’t understand what I have to do I mean I like her and you tell me last time we should go and spend sometimes with each other’s will know each other’s more.

Twinkle: haan and I know you both going for dates ???.

Rudra: not dates probably..

Twinkle:achii smart with me huhu. Now tell me Kya Hua hai.

Rudra:hua toh kuch nahi I mean should I really take her for dates I mean they going with our friends.

Twinkle:Hmm Haan you both go alone na.That’s cool acha I have one idea she tell in his ears and he get happy.

Rudra: wowo bhabhi tussi great ho. Kissed on her cheeks.

Twinkle: bas bas Kunj will see ???.

Rudra: koi na you are my bhabhi ?. You know you get to know I mean.

Twinkle: I’m your bhabhi I recognised you and Soumya many times how you both gazing each other’s understand something is going on agar nahi bhi hai hum kardege??.

Rudra: yeah I feel happy with her didn’t feel what I fell for her that for any girl bhabhi. Ab don’t know what is this.

Twinkle: you don’t be hurry go with flow enjoy na together okay cupped his face now go fast today you have to give presentation alone and your bhaiya will come back at anytime.From Netherland today so be careful you go office leave everything I’ll set kissed on his forehead.

Rudra:okay bhabhi thanks acha I’m going.He said and left.Twinkle smiled and she arranging their clothes.

Twinkle:look at this sadu he takes 2 days name and went now it’s been 4 days passed away he coming today

Let him come now I’ll teach him good lesson.Missing him lott.I can’t thanks babaji in words for giving me Kunj as a my husband my anniversary gift and every day he affecting for me so much.

Kunj went Netherland due to some work.

Twinkle finished her work she went and call someone and tell him each and everything she went downstairs and see Anjali she sitting and having her fruits. She smiled and went towards her.

Twinkle: good di you having.

Anjali:Haan so hungry this baby na he started giving me kicks see now.Twinkle keep her hand on her baby bump and feel baby giving her kick she nodded in yes and give smile.

Twinkle: it’s so amazing na di.

Anjali:Haan twinkle when I get first kick scream so loudly ?.


Anjali: acha when your pati Dev is coming?

Twinkle:today only don’t know why he didn’t come back till now.

Anjali:don’t worry he will be. Just than twinkle phone beep she check and see Kunj message

{twinkle I reached london stuck in airport} she read and smiled.

Twinkle:I’ll come see dinner She said and went in kitchen aww he come let’s make his favourite dessert parfait.she make his favourite dish and his favourite dessert as well.After long hour she done with food she went out of the kitchen.She went in her room.Just than Kunj arrived he entered in living room. Everyone was come back from office and sitting.

Om: Kunj come he get up he come hugged Omkara and take all elders blessings.

Avantika:how’s your meeting haan.He sneezing.Cupping his face aww my son again cold?.

Kunj:nahi fine.He sit Priyanka bring water for them. How’s you all haan.

Prithviraj:good missing you.Take 2 days name and went for 4 days not fair Kunj.

Kunj giggles.

Kunj:dadi even you too talking like twinkle her complain was too same.?.

Lata:haan she is right bichari.

Kunj:meeting got delay due to some work that’s it. Where she is.

Tej:how’s your meeting.

Kunj:great from our side everything is done now it’s their time let’s see what they will plan.

Rahul:yeah our dream project once this gay end successfully I’ll give party.

Rudra: huhu every cheap?.

Kunj:you leave this how’s your meeting he did everything well.

Priyanka: Haan bhaiya eat my whole head me and bhabhi help him even pa too.

Kunj:good duffer.

Rudra:bhaiya don’t call me duffer huhu.

Kunj looking for twinkle here and there.

Aayat: bhaiya bhabhi wasn’t here ?. All giggles Kunj pulled her cheeks.

Rahul:haan his eyes finding his wifely only he knows how he sitting with us here ??.

Avantika: you go and get freshen up let’s have dinner now.

Kunj:sure he get up and went for upstairs.Where is this siyappa queen haan she must be angry damn.margye.

He went in room and looking for twinkle just than his eyes went on twinkle she doing something in wardrobe he see her and smiled my queen is here.He went near her without doing any noise.And give her hugged cuddles her tightly. Hamm where are you haan I finding you. Rest his chin on her shoulder twinkle smiled.

Twinkle unjj.

Kunj:haan me kunjj.Come back to my queen.

Twinkle: huhu ?.She turned and look at him. Because your work got over than you come get it. For me you will come.

Kunj:acha sorry Baba. He hold his ears and apologise her in cute way she see and get melted and give him smiled hold his face.

Twinkle: Leave look at your face within 4 days you become so dull didn’t have your medicines and food on time haan?

Kunj:nahi I take medicine and have my food as well but ek tu nahi ti waha so become like this ??.

Twinkle:achii pulled his cheeks. Pulled his on his red nose kissed on his cheeks and hugged him.I miss you lott.

Kunj:even I miss you Lot Meri jaan.

Twinkle: you must be tired na. Go and get freshen up.

Kunj:yeah.Kunj keep his bag in side twinkle give him his clothes and he went in washroom. He get freshen up and come twinkle bring his coffee he smiled and both sit beside window beautiful view coming from their room window.

Acha what you did in my absence..

Twinkle: nothing much just busy in Aayat she take part in dance na and get trophy as well. You know even Rudra and Priyanka or Soumya MBA internal exams result come yesterday they performed so well even Rudra amazed.

Kunj:haan I know he told me good na.



Twinkle:i m thinking let me declare your result too today.

Kunj:which result??

Twinkle:wait i’ ll tell She took out a sheet .

Chlo now i ‘ll tell you how much marks i had given you First in how much time you spent with me in this whole year ??

Kunj:kitne % diye hai siyappa queen tune atleast 70 % toh hone chaiye..

Twinkle:ohh pleaseee haan just passing marks…only 40 %…?

Kunj :: what ??


Now second is you gave me surprises in this year ?

Kunj:it should be more than 60 % .

Twinkle:really kunj sarna only 35 %.

Kunj:what? That’s not fair.

Twinkle:fair enough kunj Now next…

How many time you took me for long drives , dinner etc …

Kunj: isme kitne diye hai pass toh hu na ..

Twinkle:just 45 % …

Kunj:what yaar in this way toh  i will not pass your exam with first division…..

Twinkle:Now the last one is  how much you supported and luv me whole year ?

Kunj:now in this how much marks you had given me ?? Hopefully i had passed this..

Twinkle:you got in this 200 %..

Kunj:what really in excitement.


Kunj:so prize toh banta hai.He lean towards her  for a kiss.

Twinkle:first close the door..

Kunj:okay He shut the door.

Kunj:now chalo give me my prize.

Twinkle:haan chlo close your eyes…

Kunj:hmm sure he closed his eyes …

Twinkle tip toed went to washroom..

Kunj:twinkle give me na i m waiting twinkle

Twinkle giggling inside the washroom…

Kunj opened his eyes. twinkle not fair baby.??

Twinkle:everything is fair in love and war from washroom..

Kunj:huhh i ‘ll see you syappa queen.

Twinkle:haan haan dekh lena.Kunj laughs out and went downstairs.

After sometimes later everyone sit for dinner they come and take seats expect Rudra he went with Soumya out.

Om: today we will get special food by Kunj wife her husband come na ?. All giggles twinkle come and served them they all making temping face.

Tej: where is rudra?

Twinkle: woh papaji he went for dinner with his friends they wanted treat so he asked me.

Tej:Hoo okay.

Om: nowadays toh he going lott.

Priyanka: Haan even Soumya too joint him?Rahul giggles twinkle with him. Twinkle sit beside Kunj and they having their food with a smile.

Kunj: in low voice ahem ahem yummy chef ?twinkle Kunj Sarna.

Twinkle:Acha sadu Kunj Sarna ?.

Kunj:huhu.He give her smile she too.

They all finished their dinner and they all sit in living room chit chatting. And twinkle bring parfait for everyone. Kunj see get surprised.arey from where you bring this.

Avantika: not anywhere my one and only bahu made for you.

Kunj:hoo great.It’s my all time frozen dessert. I’ll have later okay.

Twinkle:okay while all others have and praise lott.

Rahul:really really delicious?twinkle.

Scene shifted in side.

Rudra bring Soumya a place fully peacefully.

Soumya:Rudra where you taking me blind folding her eyes.Okay wait they come Soumya open her eyes and she see the place and get stunned to see the place it’s so beautiful near water lack.Itself Rudra too perfect date setup. It’s so beautiful who did this all Rudra look at her and bite his lip.

Rudra:me only sorry bhabhi ?in heart.

Soumya twirl and admire the place and smiling like anything Rudra click her perfect shot.. ?he went near her keep his hand on her waist like slightly back hugging. ?. She look at him he too.

Rudra: did you like this.

Soumya:I love it rudra it’s totally amazing I don’t have words for whom you did.

Rudra:hmm ek sumo hai meri life me ?.

For her ?.He said soumya look at Rudra with weird face. Rudra giggles to see her expression.

Soumya:very lame Haan cry baby.He pulled her cheeks. I’ll tell twinkle bhabhi.

Rudra:sorry in cute voice. Kiss on her cheek from side slightly she blushed.He hold her hand and take her towards table he pulled chair for her she sit and he too.

Soumya:by the way this place is awesome suddenly you bring me here alone where is our gang yours that fit me collection. In annoying way.

Rudra:sometimes I feel your get jealous with mariya ?fit me.. what a name.

Soumya:perfect for her she is like that only try to fit everywhere like her makeup.

Rudra:acha cool you notice her more than me.

Soumya: not at all she is your friend not mine where they are tell me na Rudra.

Rudra:today they will not come just you and me come.

Soumya:what why ?.No fun.

Rudra:murmured see this girl I bring her for DATE but she missing that veggie markets. ?.

Soumya: where you have lost haan?

Rudra:nothing leave na. You and me na here let’s enjoy together I don’t want there company when sumo with me I’m giving you treat we get pass na in exams that’s why.

Soumya:hoo ahem talking like matured one interesting okay nice treat. Rudra open champagne ?bottle and the champagne cap fly in sky Soumya giggles Rudra pour champagne for them in two glasses and give her. She resting her hand on table Rudra keep his hand on her hand she look at him he looking other side purposefully she smiled and let him in mind Soumya now he totally changing we fight lott usually every second now as well but now the time come totally different getting new fluffy feelings when he is with me so amazing this place and fully date set up ?.

Rudra:sumo lets play a game what’s say.

Soumya:haan What.

Rudra:scrabble what’s say.

Soumya: cool where is?

Rudra:wait he went and quickly bring the scrabble and set on the table.Both get excited.See who will Make the word fast and win from another person than who will win the game for winner have to do something whatever he will asked okay.

Soumya:okay sound fishy ?.They start the game Soumya thinking she make the word immediately.You lose Now Rudra turn he thinking.Something click and he too make the word.Like this both playing happily and giggling as well Rudra making romantics words Soumya admiring him. Side by side taking sip of champagne as well. Almost Rudra winning over Soumya yeah maybe she itself losing for him?.

Soumya madeROMANCE. Rudra smirked.

Rudra: sumo fast.

Soumya: yes she get confused didn’t finding any clue.

Rudra:should I ..?.

Soumya: okay.

Rudra: wowo he made the word LOVE..

Soumya: hoo shit.

Rudra: yup..?I’m the winner he drink whole glass of champagne and stand on table and scream now you will do what I have.

Soumya:haan.Fast I don’t have time see the time na. Rudra come down and went near her.

Rudra:your punishment is you have to give me kiss??.

Soumya: what are you made.

Rudra: yes fast make pouty lips.

Soumya: not at all push him cant asked something else for do.

Rudra: no that leave it in puppy way Acha Chal: lets have something they both sit and having dinner together Rudra bring all her favourite food. She get happy both feeding each other’s and pulling each other’s legs they share eye locks many times than they dance slightly cozily. Chal somo lets go home. They went near their car.Soumya stop and look at Rudra:

Soumya: he did so much for today this all things I should she went slowly near her she part on his Back he turned.

Rudra:what happened? She look at him.

Wanna say something he asked her she nodded in yes.She went fully closer to him Rudra was busy in side.She cupped his face he look at her she immediately grabbed his lips and lock with her lips he get shocked and both looking at each other’s she blinked her eyes and about to pulled back but Rudra hold her and turned the position and pinned her towards car. He winked at her she blushed and closed her eyes both started kissing each other’s. Rudra share kiss with many girls but he didn’t feel this which he getting from Soumya.Both kissing gently Rudra bite her lip. She moaned his name. He kissing her fully she get shy and push him both breathing heavily. She looking down Rudra ruffles his hairs and look at Soumya.

Rudra:Soumya lipstick you also applied butter chicken flavoured??. She blushed and slightly gaze at him and run from there heyy thanks. She turned and look at him and gesturing her hand in no.

{Dil Leke Dard-E-Dil De Gaye, Tum Jaan Jaan Kehake Meri Jaan Le Gaye

Hey Hey Hamse Hamaari Pehchaan Le Gaye – (2)

Tum Jaan Jaan Kehake Meri Jaan Le Gaye}. Both left from here..

At Sarna Mansion back.

At twinj room.

Kunj was sitting just than twinkle entered in room with parfait she went near him and sit beside Kunj.

Twinkle: your parfait.

Kunj:yeah he take the parfait and she too having. Hmm it’s amazing how you made Haan.

Twinkle:I watching some cookery show from there I get to know so made for you.

Kunj:amazing twinkle like this it’s looking from outside looking so tough but from inside so softie.

Twinkle:Haan like you ?from outside sadu but from inside sugary pulled his cheeks. Meri Parfait ?.

Kunj:acha than what about you sweet chilli ?like chilli great siyappe that in tummy when over and you in world ?. She hit on his arms playfully.

Twinkle:very lame.Both giggles out and enjoy their dessert and feeding each other’s slightly parfait applies on twinkle lip while having. Their parfait finished.

Kunj: I want more.

Twinkle: now end Kunj will make more tomorrow.

Kunj: no now only like a baby.

Twinkle: now how. Than Kunj ways went on lips he see and smirked.

Kunj: I got enough ?she get confused he come near her face still she didn’t get it kunj peck on her lips and lick it. ?. She understands.

Twinkle: kunjjj tum bhi na.

Kunj: this one is more tasty winked at her she beat him. They giggling lott. Rudra was about to going in his room Kunj see her heyy Rudra stop. He stop and look at Kunj come here.

Rudra: me Haan bhaiya he went towards him.

Kunj:where were you are haan see the time don’t flying too much. See this hand.

Twinkle: Kunjj tum bhi always on different tangent.

Kunj: you didn’t tell me where were you are,

Rudra: woh bhaiya went with friends.

Kunj: always parties at all’s nonsense. He giggles twinkle gestures Rudra. What’s going on nowadays I’m seeing something cooking up between you both,

Twinkle: acha ji did I ask you you toh always stuck with them they are your baby kangaroo and you mamma ?. Rudra laugh out along with twinkle Kunj make faces.

Kunj: go and sleep be on time at morning okay.

Rudra: yes bhaiya goodnight he said and went from there twinkle and Kunj lay down.

Twinkle: Kunj tum bhi na always taking his class.

Kunj: I should that Priyanka madam I saw her she busy in her phone at midnight. What she doing it haan.

Twinkle:kunjj she is girl maybe talking with her friends na you really very possessive brother.

Kunj:yes I’m ?.

Twinkle:goodnight about to turn.

Kunj:kaha goodnight see tere pati bimar hai make puppy faces. She pinch on his nose.

Twinkle: acha ji bimar Than toh you shouldn’t have eaten parfait it’s cold na. Baby.

Kunj: huhu.

Twinkle:okay tell me na let me sleep.

Kunj: Kya sleep i come back after 4 days wanna spend night with you and you wanna sleep not good.

Twinkle:kunjj tum bhi na. Didn’t you get tired of your romance ?

Kunj: never will vanish my tiredness ??. Nuzzles his face in her neck. Bite her.

Twinkle:ouchh hit on his back.Kunj kissing on her neck.She enjoying both get busy in their romance ?. After sometimes later leave me now bas.

Kunj: huhu very bad you get tired so soon. Young lady still.

Twinkle: yes not like you lott energetic in this ??,both giggles Kunj captures her lips and both kissing each other’s. And sleep after long deep make out.?.

At [email protected]

Sunlight coming on twinkle and Kunj face they both sleeping fully in each other’s embrace.kunj get call from Tanisha.He wake up and take her call.

Kunj:haan Tanisha bolo.In sleeping tone he talking with her twinkle too wake up and see him.He take Tanisha name she make faces like she will kill her.She about to get up Kunj pulled her back. But she get up and went in washroom quickly she take bath and come out of the washroom see Kunj still busy on his phone she went near dressing table and started getting ready Kunj end the call keep the phone in side and take pillow and cuddles observing twinkle expressions ?.

Kunj: why you went and leave me like this.

Twinkle:acha full day I’ll sleep with you in this position have some shame go in washroom it’s a morning.

Kunj:acha didn’t you think whole night sleeping with me ?in no VASTRA ?.

Twinkle:impossible man. Kunj get up twinkle closed her eyes he look at her and giggles throw blanket in side she open her eyes and look at him found him in his pj.

Kunj:don’t give this look okay palming your eyes haa he do like her.Don’t forget I’m your husband and you are my wife

We discovered about each other’s ?. Discovery ?. She too giggled.

Twinkle: jaoo na sadu.he went in washroom pagal she murmured and take out his things he come back after bath and get ready she help him.Than both went downstairs.kunj went to Rahul while Rudra was come downstairs twinkle caught him.

Twinkle: kaha after last night bulgaye bhabhi Maa ko.?he giggles and went near her.

Rudra:kaha bhabhi aap bhi na. I didn’t ever you.

Twinkle: okay how’s your date with devarnani ji ?.

Rudra: what was that and who is devarnani ji..

Twinkle:idiot Soumya ab my pyaare devarni mad behind her and i m doing this

For her only to make her my devarni ?ek side mahi and another side Soumya make them run lottt?rules like queen wow. Cool na.

Rudra: hehe full planning funny. Thanks bhabhi for last night your did each and everything so beautifully she loved it and sorry I take my name ?.

Twinkle:okay don’t worry after shadi I’ll tell her ??. What you both did enjoy or not.

Rudra:hmm Lot playing game just for her than have food dance everything perfectly.

twinkle:game interesting for your selfish I knew it you win and what demand from her ?. Winking at him he get shy.

Rudra:Kya bhabhi aap bhi ?how you know I mean.

Twinkle:because I m a girl more you are sadu sarna brother without his own matlab he didn’t give you khass ??.

Rudra:hoo really. Bhaiya also demand for kiss ?twinkle arching her eyes he stuck and bite his tongue. No. Woh.

Twinkle: bas I get it everything Rudra show her their pictures of last night Kunj or Rahul and Omkara come there and see them from side and think.

Kunj: what’s going on between them see.

Om: Haan really.?,

Rahul: go and stop flood?Both siyappa holders ?. Rudra kissed on twinkle cheeks.

Rudra: thanks bhabhi.

Twinkle: no need of this I’m happy more than you Rahul and Omkara give Kunj look and arching their eye brows and they went near them.

Kunj: what is Haan.

Rahul: giving her cheek.. why any reason.

Twinkle: why can’t he can.

Kunj: acha pulled her near him ?.Biwi hai meri.

Rudra:meri bhi bhabhi hai. Twinkle hold his hand.

Twinkle:chalo Rudra you will get late for your office linked their arms and went from there Omkara and Rahul laughs out Kunj shocked ?.

Rahul: jab tak this two and Aayat she have In her hands your band bajo like this only ?lets nacho??. Kunj push Rahul. They all come and sit for breakfast having their breakfast. Just than there Tanisha come.

Kunj: hey Tanisha you.

Tanisha:haan woh I come to give you this card mom and dad kept party tonight. So.

Kunj: great come let’s have breakfast he said and giggles fully making twinkle jealous she didn’t like her. She come and sit. Kunj talking with her nicely just to show twinkle she see him and gritting her teeth at them.

Twinkle:see this shameless till now his shameless remain till in room only now come out of the room for her??. Tanisha huhu my foot street light ?.

{ Tanisha is Kunj and Rahul classmate ?.

Twinkle didn’t like her from the first day.

They both couples Rahul and Kunj along with their wife’s they went in Kunj and Rahul reunion college party. Their she meet with Tanisha and didn’t like her because she just Kunj and Kunj this and that ?and calling her street light always showing her teeth ?32.. Kunj enjoyed this. Tanisha is good no bad eyes at him}


Rahul & kunj went to their college reunion party with their wives.All went to party….

Everyone was enjoying the party kunj introduce his wife with everyone….

A girl came who was wearing a short dress.she was behind kunj from college only …

She  hugged him….hey kunj how are you darling…she said Twinkle was looking at her

Twinkle:h?ow dare she hugged her husband..Kunj didn’t respond. to her hug..

Kunj:hi…i m fine how are you Riya

Riya:i m as usual hot and s*xy …

Twinkle rolled her eyes….

Kunj:good meet my wife twinkle..

Riya:making faces at twinkle..ohh so she is your wife..But why did you marry this behen ji type girl….See na she didn’t have any dressing sense.she is not even hot and s*xy ..Look at me i toh proposed you to marry me and now look at your choice..Twinkle eyes filled with tears…

She was going to leave the party but kunj hold her hand…

Kunj: Just one sec riya…What you were saying .about my wife so she is not like you right….she i m very happy because i don’t want my wife will be like yours…who didn’t care about family respect…who don’t know …how to love their family members..My wife is far better then you and all…for me she is the most beautiful girl…I feel like i m very lucky to have a wife like her..So don’t to dare to say anything about my wife smjhi…Riya we from there with attitude..lShe was happy that her husband took stand for her..but now she was feeling sad….so she went

outside..leaving the party .while rahul and  anjali were not knowing about this incident as they were busy with others at that time…

Kunj saw here and there…his eyes were finding his wife.He went outside to check her…She was sitting in garden on bench ..Kunj too came and sit beside her….

Kunj:tu aise party chodh ke yha kyn aa gyi …

Twinkle:bas aise hi..

Kunj:twinkle kya hua bata.

Twinkle:kunj tumne mujhse shadi kyn ki ..mujhme kuch bhi special ni hai

Kunj:ye kesa question hai twinkle…you know na i love you .and why are you asking this question after so many months of our marriage…

Kunj:ohh got it…because of riya words….

Twinkle didn’t said anything…

Kunj:please don’t pay any heed to her words…she is like this only..


Kunj :: or wese bhi koi kuch bhi bole….tujhe pta h i love you and my family loves you….toh hum duniya ke bare me kyn soche….

Twinkle:: hmm she rest her head on his shoulder…

Kunj :: ab chale …party mein..

Twinkle:: kunj can we sit for some time here…i want to sit here …in your arms……for some time …plz..

Kunj:ok They both were enjoying cold breeze silently.Sometimes it’s not necessary to talk…sometimes its better to feel the luv without speaking anything..

Than after sometimes later they went back in party. And enjoying fully there Tanisha come and meet with Rahul and Kunj they made her meet with twinkle specially and Anjali. Kunj think something to cheer up twinkle mood so he asked for dance to Tanisha she get ready and they both dancing Kunj making her jealous ?and she get as well.

Twinkle:Tanisha huhu?see her fully looking like tublight twinkle too dance with Avinash Kunj got her while changing the partners.

Kunj:Kya why moon is so off battery is drain ?.

Twinkle:my batter why will ?you are so charged na because generator with you na??.

Kunj: what she looking at Tanisha duck she is.

Twinkle: yes damn f**k she is not duck ?.Flashback end.

After breakfast Tanisha left.They all about to leave for office.

Aayat: pa bring chocy for me okay.

Tej: yes: bye Kunj make pouty lips twinkle give him frown look and he giggles.

Kunj: byeee he said loudly.

Rahul:chale twinkle ne sunliya hai take care of my diljani ??.

Anjali: huhu. Kunj gesturing twinkle and they all left.

They reached office and like every time get busy in their respective work Kunj submitting all report related to project.

Twinkle and Anjali went for walk near their house park they having fun their lott along with Aayat. Prithviraj and Hansh talking with each other’s.

Hansh: haan I talk to Guruji.

Prithviraj: good Yeh kish ki awaaz hai Khansa was with Hansh and playing in his arms.

Hansh:khansa now she started blabbering whole day passed mine and abeer dadi in her it’s so fun full with her.

Prithviraj:haan woh toh hai bacho ki Ronak.I’ll too talk Lata than tell you everything okay they end the calls.

Soumya and Rudra was waiting in side both gazing each other’s and remember last night and specially that kiss she get blushed. They sit together and Soumya explaining him work Kunj and Rahul standing near window and having coffee Rahul pulled the curtains they checking all employees working or not than at Rudra and Soumya.

Rahul: see them Kunj Nowadays kutta and billi bade aache lagete hai roleplay ??.

Kunj laughs out

Kunj: tu kitna kamina hai I’m thinking yaar what about your and di baby my nephew and niece toh gone ??.

Rahul: don’t worry whole night I m giving lori of my jokes to Anjali ?my coming out will be awesome. What about yours now don’t let any sham now started romancing in study room. Kunj look at him.

Kunj: your camera just stuck at me only haan ?.

Rahul: Kya karu khule me karo ke infection hoga ??.

Kunj: such poisoner insane you are.

Rahul: love you.

Kunj: hmm twinkle bhi baby ke bare me sochti hai but now she is fine after our anniversary all come she forget but sometimes still watching kids things with di and Aayat I didn’t said anything if she is fine than okay.

Rahul: good don’t worry you get more chances of romance hain??.

Kunj:yes any doubt biwi meri romance me karu khujali tujhe hoti hai itch guard laga ?. They both laughs out like this only. After sometimes later Rudra and Priyanka went in tej cabin they both sit beside tej and complaining them about Kunj and Rahul.

Rudra:pa let’s go somewhere.

Priyanka:Haan pa I get bored bhaiya scold me.

Tej:acha my baby. Just than Kunj entered in cabin and see them. Lo your bhaiya too come. Kunj Come and stand tej gesture him to sit he take seat.

Kunj: what happened.

Tej: nothing your brother and sister complaining about you and rahul.

Kunj: acha.

Priyanka: Haan pa

Kunj: this office not home.be official..

Rudra:we aren’t like you tej sir?. Kunj throw pen at him. Rudra too they trio started behaving like kids tej sitting and enjoying them.

Priyanka: ahah bhaiya.

Rudra: today I’ll not leave you both.

Kunj: acha I’ll fired you both.

Tej: bas karo Kunj and Rudra or Priyanka. Tej get up and went towards them.

Kunj: see them pa i m their elder brother still chanting bhabhi name huhu .

Rudra: see someone is jealous fully ?. Tej laughs out they cuddles tej and rest their heads on his chest he too cuddles them and they falls down on side couch.

Till now we having Brothers moments at home now after me in office pa and babies moments too ??. Thanks to me mere subh kadam.

Kunj:acha subh after you office floor break it ??.

Rudra: huhu. Rudra and Kunj pulled Priyanka hairs.

Priyanka: ahan pa see your sons they all teases me huhu started crying faking..

Tej smiled his trio kids resting their heads on his chest.

Tej: don’t teased my daughter.

Kunj: she is fireball.

Rudra: haan hatt.

Tej: hehe when she went and leave you all that time you both miss my prinku.

Priyanka: and I wouldn’t talk to you even huhu.

Kunj: by the where she going..??nobody will take this tears baby..

Rudra: Yeh pinku hai.

Priyanka:huhu pa you stay with me not let them and I’ll not call them.Tej giggles even Rudra and Kunj too.

Tej:okay only pa call. My Priyanka.They kissed on tej cheeks.He get so happy his world around his arms ??.

After sometimes later at evening.

Twinkle running behind Aayat for her food but she denying and made her run behind her lott she isn’t well and dr said she have to have her food properly.

Twinkle: Aayat have little bit I will take you for movie haina mummy ji.

Avantika: tum jano aur tumhari Aayat Madam ?. Everyone sitting and watching them.

Rudra: Arey bhabhi why wasting your time give mummy she will just Kung fu with her and she will eat like innocent baby??.

Om: so mean you are.

Rudra:haan after mahi I’m mean. Maa this O didn’t get tired I mean he and mahi lage rahte hai puri raat and calling me I m running behind girls.

Lata: acha she is his fiancé.

Prithviraj: you all know Guruji take out their wedding date.. all look at Prithviraj.

Tej: it’s amazing.

While running behind Aayat don’t know what happened to twinkle suddenly she started feeling dizzy and she faint and falls down. Everyone heard sound of falling they see twinkle and shocked .

Kunj:twinkleeeee. They all run towards her. Kunj pick up her in his arms and place her on side couch twinkle wake up what happened to her so suddenly each and everyone get worried about her.

Rudra:I’ll call dr.Kunj patting on her cheeks.Soon dr come

Dr:I have to examine her. Kunj take her in side room and place her on bed.

Kunj: before going out of the room babaji she is na. He went and dr examining twinkle while rest of them moving outside of the room. She is toh fine na.

Avantika: Haan Kunj beta suddenly she faint Kunj hold Avantika hand.

Kunj: why this dr taking this much time she is fine na?

Tej:stop worried she is fine and she will be let dr check her.

Kunj:after so much things she get fine hugged Avantika each and everyone can understand Kunj situation.Dr open the door and they went inside Kunj see twinkle hold her hand. Dr what happened to her.

Avantika: yes dr she is fine na.

Dr: hmm calm down it’s normal in this condition. All get confused.

Avantika: means in this condition.

D: means your bahu is expecting Mrs Sarna. As soon as everyone listen this they get shocked and surprised as well.

Tej: what??

Dr: yes yeh Maa bane wali hai.. Kunj look at twinkle tears falls down from his eyes everyone mouth got opened. Avantika closed her eyes and tears falls down from her eyes as well. Tej side hug her.

Avantika: tejjjj..

Dr:take care of her I should take a leave she said and went. All look at twinkle than each other’s happiness tears coming from their eyes.Lata and Prithviraj holding each other’s hands.


Avantika:haan see god give us our happiness back ?. Kunj nodded in yes and kissed on twinkle forehead and cupped her face as well.

Rudra and Omkara hug each other’s and other’s as well. Just than twinkle open her eyes and looking here and there than at everyone.

Twinkle:hah Kunjj.

Kunj: Haan are you okay caressing her hairs.

Twinkle:why you smiling haan what happened to me Kunj. Avantika come and beside her in other side.

Avantika: because happiness arrives In our life again.

Twinkle: what look at Kunj.

Kunj: means twinkle tu MAA bane wali hai you are pregnant he said she get shocked and look at Kunj tears comes in her eyes.

Twinkle: what Maa..

Kunj: Haan twinkle you and me going to become parents kissed on her forehead I’m so happy we are so happy see everyone Kunj help her she sit and looking at everyone still can’t believe on this.

Twinkle: I’m pregnant ?.She look at

Kunj he nodded in yes twinkle clutch the bed sheet.Looking down tears falling down from her eyes everyone can understand what she feeling currently. She get up and didn’t look here and there and quickly went from there hold her mouth.

Kunj:twinkleee.. ?.

Avantika: kunjj puttar what happened.

Kunj:nothing let her I can understand her situation. All nodded and they went in living room.

Twinkle entered in her room and sit down near bed and rest her head on bed. And sobbing so badly Kunj and Avantikas words ranging in her mind and last time memories all running in her mind like anything.

Twinkle:I’m pregnant keep her hand on her belly.Just than Kunj come there and see twinkle he hold the door he too crying slightly. Babajiiii ba…byyy. Last time..??. Kunj went near her and sit beside twinkle.

Kunj:twinkleeee she look at him. She cuddles Kunj.

Twinkle: kunjj??.

Kunj:shh don’t cry I can understand you pain and emotions as well twinkle you just waiting for this you want baby see babaji give us again happiness so quickly ?. Tu maa bane wali she look at him Kunj cupped her face her face drenched in tears.

Twinkle:haan I wanted but Kunj again happened like last time I’ll die??.Kunj covered her mouth.

Kunj:don’t say anything like this okay nothing will happen samji. Leave whatever happened last time maybe he wasn’t in our destiny that’s why babaji send again him This time. I m so happy today you don’t know.

Twinkle: kunjj still I’m scared don’t leave me this time please she cuddles him more and more.

Kunj:shh it’s my promise Ek pal ke liye bhi tujhe apni nazaro se dur nahi hone duga and even not went anywhere.Always with you and our baby. Me huna twinkle trust me and babaji now don’t cry it’s happiness time so let’s welcome our baby with a happy smile like you did last time. She smiled Kunj kissed on her forehead stay happy twinkle.

Twinkle:hmm mera baby she cuddles her tummy.

Kunj:Acha Chal now get up he wiped her tears.she get up and Kunj take her on bed she sit. Now just rest you will listen na like a good girl promise me.

Twinkle: haan I’ll do each and everything but nothing wouldn’t happen my baby this time.

Kunj:again huhu. Siyappa acha tu rest kar. I’ll come back.. he said and went downstairs. Twinkle cuddles pillow and thinking Each and everything.

Twinkle: thanks babaji for this again.. ?.

Tej: how she is now.

Kunj: normal papa.

Usha:good Kunj we are so happy finally everything going so good.Kunj went near his dadi and dadu.

Kunj:don’t forget same excitement I want from each and everyone. Dadi and dadu happy. They hugged Kunj.

Lata: Haan pata hai I saw a dream at morning playing with baby see now babaji turned my dream into reality soon I’ll play with a baby?:

Kunj:Haan dadi. Your and dadi dream will fulfil even ours as well.

Rudra: I’m so happy bhaiya chachu?. Again no teasing bhabhi huhu.

Om: yeah.

Avantika:Haan everyday I was thinking this when she will get her happiness back can understand her pain.


Prithviraj: this time don’t leave her okay.

Kunj:haan dadu I will not leave her and go anywhere.

Lata:tu leave everything and do whatever she wanted Kunj now she needs you this time because of last time.

Kunj:right dadi.

Rahul:why you are so worry this time work like a team and I would suggest don’t think about last time she will remember more act like nothing

happened it’s first time we can’t change at least try our best.

Kunj:yeah they all share a family hug.

Twinkle resting her head on backboard while thinking about baby she slept.

Kunj:lets call everyone what’s say.

Tej:haan. Immediately tej call Tanejas and give this new about twinkle she is pregnant they get surprised and get hell happy. Even Avni and yuvi and others as well.

Leela:meri bachi thanks babaji for giving her happiness ?.

Rt: haan.

After sometimes later Avantika and Usha made healthy food for twinkle and give to Kunj.

Usha: go and give her okay.

Kunj:okay Maa.He went in his room and see twinkle and he smiled and went near her sit beside twinkle caressing her face. Due to this she wake up.good you wake up you must be hungry now toh twinkle see this maa send for you and baby.

Twinkle:hmm she sit Kunj feeding her her having happily. He smiled and she finished the meal. And give smiled. She rest her head on his chest.

Kunj:tu khush hai na.

Twinkle:Haan Kunj today I get my soul back. Acha you too have your dinner.

Kunj: haan you sit I’ll come.He said and went downstairs have dinner with everyone. After dinner all went in their respective rooms. After night dress Kunj and twinkle lay down twinkle cuddling him. Kya Hua.

Twinkle: kuch nahi ab thanking babaji he give me happiness back Kunj this time I will be careful lott. Kunj peck on her lips.

Kunj:yes and I will make your and baby panda ?bite her cheeks. Kissed on her forehead Chal let’s sleep.She lay down perfectly Kunj kissed on her belly she smiled and he too lay down.Today each and everyone sleep peacefully after

long times.

Avantika:I’m so happy tej.

Tej:Haan Avantika today get happiness back can see in my Kunj eyes.

Avantika: true tej.They both suffered lot but happy this time we will be extra careful tej because of last time tej I’m really sacred.

Tej:don’t worry nothing happened like this trust me both smiled and sleep took over them.

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Everyone wake up and they are so happy after get news twinkle is pregnant.Kunj wake up and kissed on twinkle cheeks due to this she wake up and give smiled.

Kunj:good morning.

Twinkle: good morning.

Kunj:my baby had good sleep na.


Kunj:chalo lets get freshen up. He lift her in his arms and take her in washroom made her sit and take tooth brush and brushing her teeth like a baby.

Twinkle: love you.

Kunj: even I love you meri jaan. You get freshen up okay. He went out of the washroom Kunj take out her clothes while twinkle take bath quickly she wear bathrobe and went out of the washroom. Good girl here your clothes. I’ll help you.

Twinkle:bas bas mr Sarna it’s enough I’ll changed. You go and get freshen up mumma and baby is hungry.

Kunj:okay he went in washroom till Than twinkle get ready fully and standing in front of mirror keeping her hands on her belly and last time memories flashing in front of her eyes. Tears falls down from her eyes Kunj see he wear his clothes and went near her give her backhugged. Rest his chin on her shoulder keep his hands on tummy as well. Twinkleee.She look at him both looking at each other’s only. Don’t cry you promise me na.

Twinkle:hmm just remember Kunj can’t control.I try to forget him but I can’t he is our first baby. Kunj cuddles her rest his head on her.

Kunj:I know this pain is not small. He make her turned she look at him.He wiped her tears from today you have to promise me you will not cry if I see single tears in your eyes I’ll do

something with myself after so much pain and struggles I get my twinkle back cupped her face don’t wanted to lost her again.you telling me Kunj give me baby see now we have baby if you giving stress yourself than think about baby he is inside you it’s effecting him.

twinkle:sorry she hugged him he too. After they went downstairs each and everything hugged twinkle.They all sit for breakfast like last time again everyone become mad totally.They all fighting like anything she will have this and that not that she look at Kunj happiness tears escaping from her eyes Kunj make angry faces she immediately wiped and hugged tej and Avantika who really support them at her time..

If you have family love and support with you every part of life then no pain and bad time is big..

After sometimes later Kunj and twinkle went to dr along with Avantika and tej they went to hospital and meet with dr she check twinkle and tell them everything is normal now she just need rest and full care that’s all.They get so happy.After this they all family members went to Guruduwara.And all praying for their new bundle of joy.Anjali and twinkle both give poor peoples food and clothes.Twinkle sitting and admiring all babies those playing in side of Guruduwara Lata and Prithviraj or Kunj come there and sit beside twinkle.

Prithviraj:Kya Hua beta.

Twinkle:kuch nahi dadu. Prithviraj too see that kids and lost in them he laughs out at them they doing Masti twinkle and Kunj see this they too smiled and hold Prithviraj hands.Soon even our baby will too play than you both too send dadu and Bebe photos like they used to send you of their with khansa. Lata and Prithviraj nodded in yes and get emotional sorry for last time I didn’t give you both happiness I know you both so excited more than us. Lata cupped her face.

Lata: why you saying sorry haan nothing is in our hands jo hogya wo hogya and leave it.Meri bachi ab shrif khushiya hi khushiya now I can’t wait to play with my Kunj kid..

Prithviraj:after that accident feels like my soul totally numb there is no energy in my body but from yesterday I get back. Twinkle and Kunj hug them.

Kunj:definitely I did some good things that’s why I get this much loving dadi and dadu?I love you both. After this they went back to home and all siblings prepared fruits cream for Anjali and twinkle they all circle around them they both fully stuck and they all feeding them with their hands.

A week has been passed away twinkle dotted with utmost love and care Kunj leave his office work he doing from home only nobody said anything even get happy.Each and everyone doing something something for her so she stay happy like last time Aayat telling her so many things she will do because Kunj tell their baby come back from holiday she get hell happy and didn’t teased her Bhabhi anymore and tell god.

Aayat: god don’t take my baby this time for holidays he enjoys lott with you now it’s our time haina bhaiya and bhabhi they both nodded in yes and get emotional cuddles Aayat tightly.Bhaiya we will play with baby okay one baby is yours and another one is di I will have two two babies.

Kunj:we have two babies one is my Aayat doll than our second baby pulled her cheeks.

Twinkle:yes our first doll.

Aayat:don’t send baby again please for holidays he take lott time. In cute voice they both giggles and nodded in no.

Everyone was sitting in lawn.Omkara was chatting with Mahi in side. Rudra takes Soumya more for date that he knows. She sitting beside twinkle they all sitting on grasses one side Rudra another side Soumya.

Soumya: I’m so happy happy.

Twinkle:haan even I’m too haina Rudra winked at him?. Now I had one wish before baby my last devarani too come telling this Rudra fine but he didn’t listen to me ??. Rudra look at Soumya: do you have any girl in your sight haan soumya tell me I’ll do his wedding with Mahi and Omkara mere pati ki mehant bachegi..??.

Soumya:nahi bhabhi I don’t have any girl asked him.. ?.

Twinkle:acha he had haina she is really pretty she get shocked and looking at him this make twinkle laughs out like anything ?. all look at them.

Kunj: Kya Hua.

Twinkle:kuch Nahi Kunj ??.Uff aww she hugged Soumya and Rudra.

Lata:now what did you all think Omkara and mahi wedding date has fixed.

Twinkle: Kya sochna hai dadi let’s go and enjoy fully. Kunj look at her. Haan I know.

Tej: than we should go India back.

Kunj:yes pa.They all started dancing and teasing Omkara fully. Other hand Kabir and Malika didn’t leave mahi as well.

Quickly they all started busy in their packings and in formed them they coming back.

Twinkle: I’m so happy going back to Amritsar.

Kunj:Haan siyappa is on the way??.

Twinkle: sadu huhu.

Very next day they leave for India each and everyone even Soumya family too went with them.Rohan was waiting for Priyanka like anything.

After long journey they reached Amritsar and each and everyone was hell happy. They come out of the airport and sit in car and drove off for Sarna Mansion. Soon they reached and all come out of the car and look at their home remember last time they went from here in what situation. Kunj holding twinkle hands they went inside and looking everywhere having eyes in twinkle eyes. Servant give them water after they went in their respective rooms. Kunj and twinkle entered in room and their laughs and romance giggles fun memories echoing in their ears.

Twinkle:our room back.Will set everything again like before Kunj.

Kunj:Haan twinkle.  Humhara romance..

Twinkle: you know this only sadu?.

Kunj:yup baby ?.Both giggles out.They get freshen up than each and everyone sit together have snacks and tea. Twinkle feeling sleepy so she went in her room with Aayat both quickly sleep..

Tej: we should get busy in wedding preparations.

Usha: don’t have much time.

Kunj: yeah you all do other work I’ll go and meet with Tanejas and discuss it with them as well.

Avantika: haan take twinkle.

Priyanka: bhabhi and Aayat toh sleep.

Kunj: hoo good she need rest let’s do Rahul. They both left for Taneja mansion.

They reached and went inside everyone saw them and get surprised.

Rt:Kunj puttar come.They come ahead and take everyone blessings. And sits.

Kabir: Kunj everyone and where is sista.

Kunj: everyone is fine and your sista sleeping so didn’t come with us.

Bebe:we are so happy Kunj puttar.

Rahul:Haan Bebe each and everyone is happy.

Kunj: now wedding mahi she blushed let’s discuss they all sit together and discuss each and everything about wedding.

Other hand Avantika and Usha get busy in all dresses preparation they call designer at home and selections dress for everyone Avni too come there and meet with everyone.Twinkle come and joint them she too select few dress for herself they all enjoying fully and twinkle select Rudra and Omkara and Kunj outfits as well. After dinner Kunj and Rahul had with them only they come back.

Twinkle sitting in her room and checking her clothes.

Kunj: again busy,

Twinkle: haan where were you are Kunj.

Kunj: I went to my sasural and have amazing dinner with my family missing you did you have or not.

Twinkle: haan papaji and mummy ji fully behind me I had and take my medicine as well.

Kunj:wow great babaji ?.Now you are on track.They talking with each other’s Than they slept.Omkara and mahi was hell happy sharing their happiness with each other’s.

Next morning.

Today mahi and Omkara haldi.

Twinkle was hell excited as her  devar ji & sis is going to marry soon .It was haldi day so twinkle woke  up early and  got freshen up fast.

She want to make everything perfect for them as because of her their engagement function went sukha sukha Her sadu sarna was sleeping so he covered him with duvet & went downstairs..Everyone was still sleeping as twinkle woke up very early..She prepared the haldi paste with her own hands.by mixing lots of gulab jal & milk .She keep the haldi bowl in the thal & decorate the thal as well .Then she went to kitchen prepared breakfast for everyone..She did all.the preparation of pooja .Still no one come downstairs.

Twinkle:baba ji what is this ..? Aaj ghar ke ladke ki haldi h or meri family ko dekho ..godhe gadhe sub bech ke so rhe h ..Twinkle i have to do something for waking up them She went to temple & start her bhajan..with bell as well…

Slowly slowly everyone came downstairs and were shocked as they are late..

Kunj too woke up and said ye adhi rat ko kaun gaa rha hai twinkle trying to find her while closing his eyes..He didn’t found her then think where did she went.

He didn’t saw the time he too went downstairs.no one was ready as everyone was in their night dress so kunj assumed may be becuase of her mood swings she is singing bhajan..Twinkle end her pooja going to say something…

Kunj: arey siyappa Queen mana ki tu bhut acha gati h iska mtlb ye ni ki tu aadhi rat ko gaa ke sbki neend khrab kregi …

Twinkle:aadhi raat haan …first see the time he looked at the watch .

Kunj:Ohh fish its 9 …

Twinkle:; yes fish …

Koi khega aaj hmare ghr me haldi function h …sub ke sub kese so rhe the …

Avantika :: true beta …we are very much late …chlo usha fast get freshen up then we have to do lots of thing…abhi haldi ka paste bhi bnana h ..usee phle bf bhi ..pr shagun ki haldi bhi tyar krni h uff kitne kam baki h …

Twinkle:: arey arey shant meri mother india …everything is done so relax…

Avantika:: what you did all the things ….

Twinkle:: yes …now go everyone get ready fast then we will have breakfast…

Till i’ll make tea for everyone…

Avantika:; but why beta in this condition you should rest na …

Twinkle:: are mummy ji …jithani banne wali hu abhi kese rest kr lu ..let my devarani come then i will give orders and rest …

Everyone smiling..Everyone went …for freshen up.Twinkle make tea for everyone & coffee for her patidev .She took coffee

mug & went to their room …

Kunj was getting ready in front of mirror …

Twinkle:bs bs sadu sarna jyada ready hone ki zarurat ni h tumhari haldi ni h …

Kunj:acha mjhe kch jlne ki smell aa rhi h ..

Twinkle:: mai koi jal ni rhi smjhe …

Lo apni coffee.she gave him and laid on bed with the support of head board…

Kunj :: kya hua ..tired…

Twinkle:: hmm little bit..

Kunj :: ab jb jhansi ki rani bnke sara kam akele kregi toh ye hoga hi na …He sit beside her …kch khaya piya ya bs jithani bnne ki khushi me kam hi kr rhi thi ..

Twinkle:: naah …mn ni h ..

Kunj :: huh i know tera man kesa h …he went to his side of bed & took out coconut water from the side basket..Chl have it this now ..it will give you energy..

Twinkle:: when did you went outside for this…

Kunj :: mrs kunj sarna …..i brought yesterday night only see…

Twinkle::she saw basket was full of coconut …

Kunj:: now you have to drink is one in morning & one in evening…and no drama ok drama queen….

Twinkle:: hmm drama king …

Both were enjoying there coffee and coconut water…

Twinkle make him have her coconut water as well…2 -3 sip ..m

Kunj :: kesi h na tu ..maine coffee pi h abhi or tu mjhe uske upar coconut water  pila rhi h ..

Twinkle:: don’t worry sub mix ho jayega tummy me ja ke ..

Kunj :: pagal …

Then they went downstairs….

Everyone had their breakfast…..

Rahul and kunj was looking the decorations …

Avantika: twinkle & anjali you both go & rest then you will not get time for rest ..as haldi will start after 12 …

Twinkle and anjali “: hmm..

Twinkle went to her room..snd saw packet on the bed…What’s this …

Twinkle open the packet and found out a yellow colour dress for haldi …

It was a yellow anarkali which will hide her pregnancy as well…as this time sarna didn’t inform any one a out her pregnancy….just luthra, taneja knew bs …

There was a letter as well…

Mere baby ki mumma ke liye ….with kisses ..

Twinkle: aww kunj this is so pretty…

She took out kunj kurta as well…

Later everyone got  ready for function ….

Everyone  wearing yellow dresses…and left for Taneja mansion they all meet with each and everyone and get so happy leela and rt get hell happy to see their twinkle Kabir tease twinkle lott. After mahi come along with her besties everyone smiled and teasing Omkara lott. Mahi wear yellow lehnga with floweral jewellery looking pretty …

Everyone start their haldi function….

First pandit ji did some pooja then firstly their mother apply haldi to them and all turn by turn…Twinkle was sitting in side with anjali enjoying every bit of the function..

Kunj & rahul were nicely taking care of their wives ….

Twinkel went for applying haldi to them ….she applied haldi to them…& she was going to turn ..& bumped with some lady …twinkle was going to fall down …bit kunj hold her in nick of time …

Kunj:: twinkle are you okay …

Twinkle:: hmm breathing heavily….

Kunj:kya aunty ji dekh ke chlna chaiye na…

Aunty:: twinkle bhi toh dekh ke turn kr skti thi na …

Kunj :: aunty you are not understanding the situation…..avantika gestures him no…

Avantika:: kunj you take her in your room ..and anjali beta you too go wese bhi

They all playing with haldi and Omkar and mahi applies each other’s


as well Rohan went near Priyanka she smiled he happily Applied her as well all started dancing on song thoda thoda pyaar ???.

[La la la la la ho gayi re,

Beija beija beija beija ho gayi re]- 2 times

Kudi hui mutiyaar, aayi roop ki bahaar,

Kar haar te singaar, jab nikli bazaar,

To la la la la la ho gayi re,

Beija beija beija beija ho gayi re,

La la la la la ho gayi re,

Beija beija beija beija ho gayi re,

Ahaa ahaa ahaaa ahaa…

Munde hue pareshaan, dekh roop ki dukaan,

Bole bhaari hai samaan, lenge bech ke makaan,

To la la la la la ho gayi re,

Beija beija beija beija ho gayi re,

La la la la la ho gayi re,

Beija beija beija beija ho gayi re,

Dekhe mujhko wo aane bahane,

Peeche aaye gali naapta,

Munda hai wo ya jhoka hawa ka kya pata o balle,

Yeh lage har ghadhi har jagah wo,

Jaise mujhko rahe dhoondhta,

Munda hai wo ya jhoka hawa ka kya pata o balle,

Hoo peecha bhi naa chore mera,

Chuppi bhi naa tode,

Keh bhi naa paaye dil vaali wo savaali,

Mera dil ka ,mere dil ka hua aisa mehram,

Thoda thoda pyaar aa gaya,

Hoo mere dil ka hua aisa mehram,

Thoda thoda pyaar aa gaya,

Shaava ahaa shaava ahaa…

[La la la la la ho gayi re,

Beija beija beija beija ho gayi re] – 2 times

Slowly twinkle and anjali as well. Rudra teasing girls Lot.

Ram: she is so cute.

Rudra: wife is cute when she is mute and husband is honey when he gives money ???. Only twinkle laughs out while rest of them throwing flowers at him.

Soumya: lame ?..

Rudra: acha like you ???. They all clicking many photos Kunj and Rudra hugged Om.

Kunj: mera bhai finally shadi hone wali hai.

Rudra: yes marne ke ready ??

Om: acha happily.

Kunj: tu Yeh bata what’s going on between you and sumo??.

Rudra: kuch nahi bhaiya bhabhi calling me she need something I’m going he run away from here and both brothers laugh out.

Kunj: really happy for you.

Om: this happened because of you.

Kunj: pagal Teri khushi me meri khushi hai samja.

Episode freezes on their face.


how was the episode.?

Finally happiness back twinkle is pregnant everything like before happiness just finally Omkara and mahi wedding bells their prewedding function taking the place ???. Now you all happy.?no proof


Eid Mubarak each and everyone from my side in advance ?enjoy your Eid fully.

Bye love you all

Allahafize ?

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  1. Loved it ????Amazing episode pls post soon .

  2. Awesome babes….luved it..
    Finally happiness arrived again in their lives……
    Now everyone fully happy…
    Rudra & somu too fast man…
    Without proposal kisses & all haan….bhabhi & devar bond too gud ….
    Jealous kunj sarna….hehe…
    Rahul & kunj masti & teasing ….uff luv them alot ….
    Madam which countdown…don’t tell me…jo mai soch rhi hu tu uski baat kr rhi h …
    Sochna bhi mt…..you very well know about me ….
    Luv u ….

  3. Firstly Eid Mubarak to you???
    Fantastic episode ?
    Twinkle bonding with her devers too good
    Finally twinkle is pregnant again..
    Twinj scenes were awesome
    Now om and Mahi wedding happening…
    Rudra and sumo scenes were also good..
    This time please don’t give any shocks …
    Please post soon ?

  4. Tashfia

    Eid Mubarak …..???????????? thnk u thnk u thnk u thnk u thank u very much u give our happiness back finally I am so happy ???
    …finally our dream come true Ab to bash bby ka intezzer hai … I want twins bby plzzzzzzz….. All section was outstanding … bevar bhabi ka bonding bhi bhot hi acha tha truly wooooooowwwsome… They come back india Wait to see om and mahi ki shabi ………….post sooooooooooooooooon ..???????????????? I want my eide???? and firsa advance eid Mubarak???

  5. Harshita Deo

    Awesome update waiting for next part eagerly please post soon.

  6. Amazing epi
    Again happiness comes
    Loved twidra bond
    Post soon

  7. Marvellous epi
    Post soooon

  8. Sirisha sadhu

    Mein booth lush hogayaas nice episode

  9. Muhammad Murtajiz

    Amazing episode dear post soon

  10. Shalu02

    Awesome chapter dear twinj scene is too good happy for twinj please post soon

  11. Awesome epi

  12. Amazing epi
    Post next soon

  13. Amazing episode ??????Plz post. Soon

  14. Vibhu

    Awwwiieeee … Finally twinkle got her happiness back! ????
    I’m so happy for her.
    Finally, happy days are back in Sarna family.
    Twinkle is truly best bhabhi❤️?
    The way she planned date for Rudra & Saumya is mind blowing!
    And om-mahi’s wedding diaries ????
    Twinj back in India ❤️?
    Wowww .. so many good things again!
    Let’s see what different track you bring now.
    But plz don’t give twinkle’s miscarriage track now.
    And give more scenes of Rohan & Priyanka ?
    Next should be their wedding! ??
    And is their any other family member of Sarna family who is yet to be introduced???? I hope it isn’t so ????
    To be precise, I loved the whole update ❤️
    Post next part soon.
    And .. it’s finally “Eid” tomorrow. So, Eid Mubarak in advance ??
    May God bless us all!

  15. Trivisha Choudhary

    Superb mind-blowing episode dear post soon

  16. Nice

  17. Superb

  18. Me_rp_27

    Amazing epi dear…….????
    Hayee twinkle bonding with her devars is jz best…..???
    Wah rumya are too fast kiss without proposal…..????
    Rohan wait for his lv will also fulfill soon ,it seems after all Priyanka started feeling for him…..??
    Woah…… Finally happiness arrived in twinj life???
    So now om n Mahindra wedding bell…??
    W8ing for next episode…??
    Eid Mubarak in advance…..??

  19. Superb mind-blowing episode dear post soon

  20. Fantastic episode dear please post soon

  21. Mind blowing epi
    Just wish you showed more romantic scenes of twinj like you wrote in LKHI
    Post soon

  22. TSY

    Yeeyyyyy twinkle is pregnent
    Happiness arrivess again hurreyyyy
    Twinj are going to be mumma papa
    Seriously happy for whloe families
    Everyone is happy
    But twinkle still scared bcz of past
    But kunj make her understand
    Rahul is really very mature i just love him
    Both the husband are crazy behind their wives
    Plz show us the mood swing scenes of anjili and twinkle both
    Omkara ki shaadiiii wow
    Our rudy boy is also in love
    RuMya scenes were amazing
    And their first kiss
    Otherside RohPri’s are also going good
    Best episode
    Show us the scenes of yuvni also
    And yes mahi omkara’s wedding romance also
    Nice episode man
    Sorry for the late comment
    Actually i m not well im still on the bed
    Thanks for the post
    Waiting for the next one soon
    Bye love you

  23. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!!!! Happiness happiness……..all around ….what. Amazing episode ?. truly said happiness arrives again … Feeling really happy after reading this…..??????
    Twinj’s scenes……????? And twinj baby awwww please please please appi jaldi jaldi twinj’s baby come in their life ….and now family members are so excited again and now they all are more care full ….now I m really excited to see more and more …
    Please itte jaldi mat end kriyega isko please please please now I m so much addicted to this ffs that I can’t stay away from this ….
    Thanks for posting fast fast and do post like this….
    Eid Mubarak ….. love you alot….

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