RAB SE SONA ISHQ:Twinj: episode 66



love is life..❤️

twinkle and Kunj reached Prague.From Paris to Prague Train duration is 10 hours and 36 minutes approximately. Twinkle and Kunj having lots of fun in train.They both were sitting twinkle see a lady who having little baby who is very cute. Kunj see her.

Kunj:what happened?

Twinkle:see this baby is so cute aww feels like cuddles him you know I love babies lot.

Kunj:acha ??.I don’t mind I’m ever ready.Twinkle look at him.

Twinkle:acha ji sadu.Kunj lock his hands around her neck.

Kunj:but now I don’t want anyone let me enjoy with my wife see this lady her baby didn’t let her sit. ?.Fully enjoy haina. Now i m takin you tantrums afterwards your baby as well??.

Twinkle:very funny.They had food and resting their heads in each other’s arms and sleep after long hours journey end. They reached Prague.Twinkle and Kunj come out of the train and take their luggage.They went out of the Station both take taxi and left for hotel.Twinkle looking out of the window and see the  Prague beauty it’s so beautiful old time architecture colourful buildings and all’s.They reached hotel.They take room key and went inside.I’m so tired.

Kunj:even I’m too. Both keep bags aside and went on bed and lay down.Sleep for sometimes than I’ll take you out.

Twinkle:hmm.They both sleep.After sleep Kunj and twinkle wake up both give smile to each other’s. I’ll take out our clothes you go first.

Kunj:waha today is my day???. Kunj get up and went in washroom while twinkle take out their clothes.Kunj get freshen up twinkle handover him his clothes.Than she went in washroom. Both get ready and went down.Kunj and twinkle sit in car driver take them. Charles bridge.They come out of the car. Both see the place and Kunj bring burger for them.Both having happily like this they visit many place.Next day having snow falls baldy twinkle and Kunj went and both playing in snow

they enjoy every bit of it having erotic nights Kunj fulfilled twinkle all wishes.Like this 2 days has been passed away.Kunj and twinkle went to sea side.Twinkle running while Kunj behind her she giving him naught smile.

Kunj and twinkle sing the song dhokha dhadi both romantically dancing.Than they went in yacht both stand and giving titanic pose twinkle feeling cool breeze both driving cool drinks.Both sit and looking the sea.

Kunj: aur?

Twinkle:nothing just wanted to sit with you in your arms that home we didn’t get time you busy even I too.Now let’s sit we roam enough this is best trip ever.

Because you are with me she peck on his lips.Twinkle hairs flying coming on Kunj face.You will always with me na Kunj I see many peoples after sometimes later they both behaving like insane..

Kunj:I don’t know about everyone but I can say one thing. If you fall I’ll pick up you, if not I’ll lay down with you ?.She smiled and cuddles him tightly.

Twinkle:I love you after you no one can love me this much.

Kunj:why anyone only I can he cuddle her kiss on her head.They spend whole day in yacht ?..

Twinkle: Kunj we are going tomorrow haina.

Kunj:yup time went so fast we’ll go soon anywhere.

Twinkle:haan.What about others they didn’t went back to Amritsar from goa.

Kunj:they might be today only.Chal you wanted to go for shopping na for others.

Twinkle:haan.Both went from there they

Went to mall they shop for each and everyone.Twinkle buy few things for Kunj and herself they shop like anything.

Kunj:uff you are express in shopping.

Twinkle:why not now my husband working what he will do with his money ??.

Kunj:acha than you will spend all what about future.

Twinkle:you are with me my future is the best.After shopping they went back to hotel.Twinkle went in their room while Kunj get some work he went for work while twinkle pack everything she sit. And thinking about Kunj he really make her feel so special.I have to do something for him after all he did so much.She think something and blushed.

Other hand in goa.Rahul came back to hotel after completing his meeting

anjali:you rest i m going shopping with others.

Rahul:hold her hand & pulled in his lap..what baby ….?


Rahul :arey i took you along with me here to spend some time alone with you and you are going again with others not fair.

Anjali:aww.mere baby ko bura lg gya.but what to do you were busy in your meetings so i thought to go with them only..

Rahul:but now toh i m here.na spent time with me only just you and me.

Anjali:acha ji so mr rahul kya irade hai apke.

Rahul:wahi jo apke hai. he leaned towards her..while anjali blushed and closed her eyes they were going to kiss.Rudra  call comes on anjali.which break their moment…

Rahul:what the f***? Who is disturbing my moment….

Anjali:saw the call Rudra is  calling..

Rahul:sala hai ek no ka ye bhi.She picked the call…

Rudra:di where r u come fast na we afe waiting for you.

Anjali:haan i m coming you get ready ..let’s go…

Rahul:naah you go i have to send some mails to kunj..Later anjali went .. they all went for shopping while Rahul sleep after some work.They had flight tonight for Amritsar they buy so many things Rudra and Omkara specially for Aayat and twinkle.Omkara buy earring for Mahi and put in her bag she saw while Soumya wanted T-shirt which someone take it was last piece. She like it very much. Rudra went to girl and request her and he give to her she get so happy give him hug. Priyanka buying for her but she get confused Rohan comemay I help you he said?

Priyanka: sure.She smiled Rohan help her like this they continued their shopping.After shopping they went  back hotel Anjali and all girls packed all things even boys also they left for airport afterwards.

Back to Prague. At [email protected]

Twinkle waiting for Kunj.Kunj open the door and entered in room he find darkness he take step ahead and see whole room decorated in romantic style candles and flowers petals and all’s. Kunj smirked to see his eyes went on twinkle who standing in front of dressing table Kunj went towards her and give her backhugged.

Kunj:what is this..

Twinkle:where were you haa I was waiting for you since long.

Kunj:I had work that’s why.

Twinkle:why you get wet..

Kunj:outside it’s raining. But you tell me what is this haa? Smirked?

Twinkle:you can see you have eyes ??.

Kunj:acha.Twinkle turned towards him Kunj eyes went on her. He get shocked to see her she wearing hot s*xy lingerie twinkle looking down. Twinkle???..

Twinkle: you wanted to see me in this?

Kunj: haan but.

Twinkle:now no buts and ifs I wear na happy.

Kunj:haa. She come closer to him.

Twinkle: now don’t waste my time ?. Kunj shocked completely to see her bold shade..

Kunj:wow twinkle killer. Than why this haa.He slightly slid off her shrug. She get shy hardly lingerie covering her body. She get shy about to run Kunj held her hand and pinned her towards wall. Kaha mrs sarna haa why you get shy now. He look her head to toe get mesmerised to see her hotness.You looking s*xy twinkle she blushed to hard. She side her face Kunj went near her face he nuzzles his face in her neck and started kissing her badly twinkle caressing his hairs he biting her neck she moaning his name loudly. Her body moving in motion.Twinkle turned her back facing to Kunj. She cuddles walls and taking breaths.Kunj side her hairs and moving his finger on her back.Kunj kissed on her nape twinkle gasped closed her eyes.Kunj started loosing the dori of her lingerie and kissing on her back.

Twinkle:aah kunjjj.Kunj made her turned towards him.She closing her eyes.Kunj kiss on her shoulder twinkle open her eyes. Now it’s my time.

Kunj: great ??.She tore Kunj shirt in one go he shocked.She pinned him and started kissing on his neck he giggles. She continued her torture.Now I come twinkle.she blushed.Kunj take her toward bed and place twinkle on bed come upon on her.She waiting for him. Kunj kissing on her shoulder and giving her love bite.He captured her lips both kissing each other’s badly twinkle entangled her legs with Kunj.And moving her hands on his back giving him nails marks.Kunj hands moving on her lower part.He biting her lips both playing with each other’s tongue. Twinkle was out of the breath.

Twinkle:kunjjj.They break the kiss. Kunj kiss on her cleavage bite her there too she clutched bedsheet.He off her lingerie.Kunj kissing on her tummy she giggles.Kunjj.Kunj bite her sensitive spot she scream and pulled his hairs.He playing with her bosom.She push Kunj in side.Pagal..??.She come upon him.pulled of his belt bite his lips.Kunj cupped her face they again share long passionate lip lock.Kunj entered in her they making love both lost in each other’s Kunj teasing her she give him back with her nails.Kunj increase his speed don’t become wild..

Kunj: you start..??.He pulled blanket hover on them. They Make love for sometimes later leave each other’s get tired. Kunj lay down beside her pulled her she cuddles him he sweating.

Twinkle: uff you too bad.

Kunj: but I love you today so suddenly why you get ready I mean you bring when I don’t know. She blushed

twinkle: woh that time only when you doing our packing ?. And you wanted so you did so much for me. How’s it.

Kunj:I love it if I get like this you will listen me Than life is awesome ??.

Twinkle:bas only in this your life will be awesome.Control on yourself the way you doing.??. Third come soon.

Kunj:you don’t care about this.I’m here, kissed on her forehead. I love you.

Twinkle: I love you too.

Kunj: chale back to the work???.

Twinkle: what. He come upon on her kunjj

Kunj: yes.


Kunj:Kya Baath hai babaji today she listening me ??Maze entangled their fingers hide under blanket.Again they made love whole night.They spend whole night in love.Whole room filled with moan and groan pleasure.??..

Next day.

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully.

Twinkle wake up first she look at Kunj and herself and blushed to remember last night.

Twinkle:I’m so lucky he is my husband babaji thanks for this she kissed on his forehead.Kunj too wake up he look at her give smile.Good morning.

Kunj:good morning. Just than Kunj phone ring he pick up and talk. Haa I’ll be there. End the call.

Twinkle: what happened?

Kunj:lets go we have to go airport in one hour baby.

Twinkle:fish we sleep so much it’s afternoon

Kunj:haa.Twinkle get up and went in washroom.She get freshen up later Kunj both get ready and check their

belongings things they had lunch quickly. And left for airport they did all security checking. And fly for India.

At sarna [email protected]

They all reached last night only but late. They wake up late they come down and meet with each other’s.

Avantika:how’s you all Rudra and Priyanka went to Avantika they hugged her.


Priyanka: I miss you.She went to tej and cuddles him too.They all sit servant bring food for them Usha and Avantika feeding Rudra and Omkara or Rahul while Manohar and tej Priyanka or Anjali Avni Soumya.

Aayat: when will my bhaiya come back.

Rahul: haan?

Tej:may be.. today.

Om: good.

Lata: without my kids this house become so dull.

Anjali: after your Kunj become fully bright haina dadi?.

Usha.Between you all enjoy or not they recalled their madness and giggles and nodded in yes.

Rudra:I just missing home made food.

Rahul:acha you toh said you get this act of doing hookha??.Rudra make helpless look.

Aayat:even we too enjoy here Lot.

Om: acha.

Tej:yes you all went and leave my doll alone.We too enjoy here.

Aayat:everyday mamma and pa or Choti Maa we all went out.

Rahul:this Time your favourite bhaiya leave you alone and went he play smart saala murmured.Anjali and Omkara giggles.After sometimes later in night they were tired laying down like laziest.

At night they all sitting for dinner. Lata and Prithviraj looking at Kunj chair.

Usha:mummy ji and papa ji just in a week you missing your grand song like this much. What about that time.

Prithviraj: hmm we can’t do anything tej look at them.

( guys Mahi went back to her house from airport only because rt and Leela come pick up her)

Twinkle and Kunj reached Amritsar airport they come out of the airplane. Due to luggage Kunj get irritated they going drama he look at twinkle who making helpless look 20 minutes went in this after they went Kunj call car for them he keep all bags inside the car.

Kunj:next time don’t bring this much things.

Twinkle:huhu.They both sit and drove off for Sarna Mansion. Soon they reached and see their house get so happy.

#Everyone finished their dinner and sitting in living room chit chat with each other’s.Twinkle and Kunj went inside. They entered in hall everyone see them and get so happy.

Prithviraj:finally my Kunj is back.He look at his dadu and smile who waiting for him Kunj went to him and touch his feet and hug him.

Kunj:daduuu. Twinkle come and meet with others. Kunj meet with his dadi.

Usha:we are too in line ??.

Kunj: haan. Kunj and twinkle meet with everyone. They all sit. Aayat come and cuddles Kunj.

Aayat: bhaiya I miss you. Elders look at Kunj and twinkle face they get so happy.

Kunj:even I miss you too. Uff I’m done

Om: acha what happened servant bring all luggage inside all see and get shocked to see so many bags.

Anjali: what is this.

Kunj:AHA because of this luggage I trouble Lot today in airport. Above limit she bring luggage here as well.

Rahul:she shop all pairs ???.

Twinkle:huhu you too like him.

Avantika: you both enjoy or not.

Twinkle:extremely mummy ji I love it we roam so much see so many things there.

Tej:we are so happy finally you both went somewhere and enjoy.

Rudra:birthday in Paris you didn’t cut cake with us. Huhu.

Avantika:who told you this wait a second. She went in kitchen and bring cake twinkle see and get surprised she giggles. Now let’s cut.

Twinkle:aww so sweet of you mummy ji.

Tej: me too. Omkara and Rudra held twinkle hand show to Kunj who sitting in side and resting they cut the cake and twinkle feed them they too applying on her face.

Rudra: bhaiya cake.

Rahul: Leave him he had enough sugar now ????don’t increase his sugar more?. All giggles Kunj get up and went from there.

Anjali: again he become same.

Usha: you go and get freshen up twinkle beta.

Twinkle:hmm.Twinkle went in room and get so happy.My room I’m missing.Her eyes went on Kunj laying on his

stomach.Kunj don’t be lazy head again go and get freshen up.

Kunj:I’ll you do yours.She take her night dress and went in washroom twinkle get freshen up.Kunj went afterwards twinkle make coffee and bring for him.Kunj take his medicine.He went in his dadi and dadu room there Rudra and Omkara resting their heads on Lata and Prithviraj lap Kunj entered in room went towards them. I’m too here.

Lata:come.Omkara and Rudra cuddles her tightly.

Kunj:ahah shift my dadi.trio cuddles her and Prithviraj both caressing their hairs. You dadu we enjoy you are right it’s so beautiful when you did something. Thanks and your plan work out.


Rudra:without you I didn’t getting sleep there.

Om:hmm even I’m missing my dadu and dadi.

Kunj:not me huhu.

Rudra:acha you take bhabhi didn’t think about me??.

Lata: Arey Rudra Leave Kunj for sometimes afterwards we wouldn’t.

Rudra: kyu What afterwards??

Lata: after Kunj babies he is all yours. Kunj closed his eye Omkara giggles.

Rudra:you mean you send bhabhi and bhaiya for babies. What a logic in this. He started thinking.

Om:idiot you Are.

Kunj:bas don’t make noise let me sleep.

Lata:you always said this.

Kunj:I’m tired this twinkle make me run Lot.All giggles soon they trio brother sleep in their grand parents arms. Avantika give twinkle gifts which they can’t give her on her birthday time.She collect of everyone and give her she get so happy Than she finding Kunj.She asking everyone.

Rahul:don’t where is Rudra as well.

Tej:did they went somewhere??

Twinkle:nope they went in Lata and Prithviraj room all see them and smiled to this beautiful scenario.

Twinkle: he is here.

Avantika: I’m thinking this only they were only here. Prithviraj and Lata too sleep with them.

Usha:we all know they just craving for each other’s.

Tej:right how they spend days without each other’s.Let them sleep they come out.And went in their respective rooms.

Twinkleand Avni sleep together she busy with yuvi in phone.

Twinkle: bas kar you should sleep now.

Avni:did you talk with Kunj bhai.

Twinkle:nope we never now he calls me he was the one who get irritate with calls.

Avni: hoo??. Haa he become romeo.

After sometimes later they too sleep.

In [email protected]

After their exotic holiday everyone wake up and get ready now back to the life.at breakfast table everyone sitting having their breakfast.

Manohar: you still tired Kunj?

Rahul:haan he will after all Kunj energy went.

Anjali: you always pulling his leg.

Rahul: you don’t know about him he speak less but give more ??.

tej:so now .you all enjoyed  right.

Rudra:yes paa very much…

Tej:so lets start from you only.

Rudra: what do you mean paa?

Tej:i mean my son..you enjoyed with 100 % energy..now start studying also for exam with 100 % energy no more complains now otherwise i will send you and this time your brother will also not able to save you.

Rudra: with socked face .yes paa.

Tej:kunj and rahul….now start working on that project we have to crack this deal any how 

Kunj & rahul:yes sir ??.

Priyanka:for me paa…

Tej:nothing you just enjoy and concentrate on you study.

Priyanka:thank paa love you.

Rudra:hunn. enjoy your life for Priyanka and warning for me not fair paa..??.

Tej:everything is fair my son.Lets go to office monu..

Manohar: jee bhai saab…

Tej:kunj and rahul come soon..

Kunj :yess sir ..

All.went to their work.kunj went to his room for taking his bag twinkle give him everything.

Kunj:so wifey i may get busy …so may be i don’t get time to call you so take care of yourself.Kissed on her forehead..

Twinkle:bye plz do have your lunch on time.

Kunj:ok…bye ..

Later all ladies get busy in their chores.

Kunj and twinkle give gifts to everyone those they bring for them and others even others as well.So once again everyone got busy in their life.

It was almost 1 week later twinklee and Kunj didn’t get time to spent.twinkle was also not feeling well because of tiredness.

One day❤️@..

lata: tej your  bua dadi is calling us as their is some function in the village so we have to go..

Tej:ok but kids.i know they will not be able to  cope up with village environment..

Lata:hmm yaa.so let them stay here only.anjali and twinkle will handle all the things..

Twinkle:yeah papa ji .we will manage..

Avantika:haan tej i think mummy ji is right..we know our kunj and aayat are toh most sensitive.so its better leave them here only we will go..

Tej:ok.Later all packing done…

Avantika:twinkle beta will you be able to handle all the things?

Twinkle:yes mummy ji. You don’t worry and anjali di is also here so don’t worry…

Tej:assigned kunj and rahul all the duties..

And Rudra don’t fly in air.if i got any

complain then you know better what can i do with you so better be in limits ok.

Lata:haan we will also go guru ji ashram while returning from village most probably we will come with the dates of marriage of yuvi & avni. Kunj and Rahul come.

Kunj:pa you call me.

Tej:haa we all going to village.


Tej:for some function.

Kunj: okay.

Tej: you kids staying here so you take care of Aayat and Priyanka here.

Kunj:what. I’ll handle Aayat but prinku.

Anjali:Kunj we all manage her.

Kunj:okay.When you going?

Lata:after sometime later we’ll come back in 2 days back.

Kunj:okay. After sometimes later

Rudra: bhaiya and bhabhi show us your photographs na.

Kunj:afterwards Rudra.That all pics is in my camera.All elders packed their things they ready to go.Priyanka went Taneja mansion to meet with Mahi.

Rudra:mummy and pa come back soon.

Tej:haa your bhaiya is here.

Rudra: yup.

Manohar:shall we leave. All nodded and they all left.While Kunj having meeting in out of the town.

Kunj:I’m going Rudra Aayat will come back in sometime from her dance classes so handle her.

Twinkle:you go and come back soon.

Kunj left for meeting while Anjali and twinkle get busy in kitchen for dinner.

Rudra and Omkara sitting and watching match while om lost in my thoughts after goa he didn’t saw her.Soumya come and teasing Rudra Lot. After sometimes later Priyanka come.

Rudra: you come back?

Priyanka: yeah. Where is other’s.

Rudra: they all went to village.

Priyanka: woh.

Rudra:even your papa as well.?.She get sad. Avni come and give her company.Twinkle and Anjali done with dinner they come and joint other’s it’s so silent.Aayat come back she running.

Rahul:Aayat Careful.she went towards all and sit on Omkara lap.

Aayat:uff today I dance Lot.

Twinkle:good girl come with me I’ll change your uniform.

Aayat:mamma and pa

Anjali:mamma and pa is here only. Anjali gesturing to Rahul.

Rahul:come let’s play Aayat want milkshake haa.

Aayat:no.Rahul give her his phone and play cartoons and she sit and busy in cartoons.Something later.

Avni:without elders so lonely.

Twinkle: right even I’m thinking this only.

Anjali:haa everyone went bade papa and badi Maa bhi. we used to send Maa and papa but didn’t them.All giggles. Aayat listen this and get shocked.

Aayat:kaha where is my pa went? All get shocked how she listen and hold their heads. Other side Rudra pulling Priyanka hairs she screaming at him loudly he bite her finger and run down Priyanka come while crying.

Twinkle:Kya hua.

Priyanka:bhabhi this Rudra bhaiya scold me and bite my finger. She started crying.

Om: Rudra.

Priyanka: pa..

Rudra: pa toh went for two days Baby.

Rahul: bas karo you Rudra.

Aayat:my pap???. All get shocked where he went and leave me. All closed their ears she crying so loudly.

Rahul:hogaya siyappa ???.

Twinkle: Aayat don’t cry come to me. Omkara take her in his arms.

Rahul: you don’t cry Priyanka she will more after see you.

Twinkle: I’ll make chocolate shake for my Aayat she went in kitchen and make quickly milkshakes for her and bring. Take. She deny to drink just crying and crying.

Aayat:pa bhaiya ??.

Om:bhaiya will come even pa too don’t cry you are my good girl na my bacha cuddles Aayat sobbing all try many things but she didn’t stop.At last anjali call Kunj who was busy in his meeting.

Kunj see Anjali message he get shocked.

Kunj extent the meeting he rushed for Sarna Mansion. Rudra teasing Priyanka and Aayat like anything Aayat screaming at him he laughing all get shocked to see rudra.They all closed their ears within no time Kunj reached he heard Aayat voice who running behind Rudra and crying as well Kunj entered inside and see the scene.

Kunj: what is this.

Rahul: great you come back see this Rudra what he doing it with this girls Kunj went towards them Aayat pulling Rudra hairs

Rudra: bhaiya see this Aayat she beating me.

Kunj:Aayat Leave Him.

Aayat:bhaiya this Rudra bhaiya is so bad he teasing me.

Kunj:wait I’ll see him. Kunj take Aayat in his arms I’ll not leave him. Kunj take cushion and throw at him he run away from there. Just hours passed to them you people started now only.

Om: no one did anything just this Rudra.

Kunj:let him come.Why you crying.


Kunj:I’m here na what you wanted.See you didn’t change your uniform as well.

Twinkle:I told her come with me.She deny and cuddles Kunj tightly.

Kunj:koi na did you have anything.



Anjali:come lets have dinner.

Rahul:haa I’m very much hungry.They all went towards dinning table and settled down.Rudra come and sit beside twinkle while Priyanka and Aayat holding Kunj hands.

Kunj:pinku don’t talk to him.lets have dinner.Kunj feeding his both sisters with his hands they having happily.All get happy to see them and finished their dinner.After they all went in one room and lay down together Aayat didn’t leaveKunj for a moment like kangaroo baby she cuddles him.

Twinkle:now sleep Rudra and Priyanka you both have college get it.They all nodded in yes and playing games for someone than they sleep.Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s they wish goodnight to each other’s and sleep took over them.

At morning they all sleeping peacefully twinkle wake up so fast she rushed in her room and get freshen up finished all work breakfast everything Kunj wake up and didn’t found him he try to get up but Aayat didn’t leave him so he lay down back.Anjali and others all wake up and get freshen up.Omkara and Kunj give bath to Aayat make her ready for school. Rudra and Priyanka again fighting Kunj scold Rudra.He make face and they had their breakfast and both leave for college along with Soumya. Kunj and Rahul too leave for office but they take Aayat with them because if she stay here than she will miss tej and Avantika and cry lot so she is happy with Kunj. While Anjali and twinkle get busy in house chores both handling each and everything beautifully.

In village Prithviraj and lata with their sons and daughters in laws they attend the function which bua dadi kept. After function. They all sitting in lawn.

Bua dadi: why you didn’t bring your whole family haa?

Lata: aap ko toh pata hi haina they can’t here doing drama.

Bua dadi:huhu aur how’s everyone.


Bua dadi:ab tak tej koi khush khabari nahi sunai tere bête aur bahu ne.they look at each other’s.

Usha:bua dadi aap bhi na.You know nowadays kids they will when they wanted it. Let them enjoy their life first even we don’t wanted.

Bua dadi: Tum Log bhi na. Pata Chala Maa hi nahi ban shakti hai baad me all get shocked.

Avantika: don’t say like this bua ji..

Tej: Leave papa and Maa here work is finished why not leave today than we meet with guru ji in evening at night we reached Amritsar..

Lata: why so hurry.

Bua dadi: haa?

Tej: nothing Maa you know Aayat even Kunj message me they both crying you know Rudra in my absence they trio fight Lot.

Prithviraj: haan he is right.After listen bua dadi words Prithviraj mood is off. They meet with each other’s Than left.

Yuvi and Avni meeting with each other’s in Avni clinic.They both having lunch together. Mahi who lost in Omkara thoughts fully nowadays. In office Rahul and Kunj busy in work and handing Aayat too. Anjali and twinkle sitting alone.

Anjali: aur? You didn’t tell me how’s your honeymoon??.

Twinkle:I didn’t get time after come back still I’m tired.

Anjali: this happened.

Twinkle: amazing. She telling her few things and blushed.

Anjali:hoo I never thought Kunj will be like this aww ??.

Twinkle:haan I love him he make me feel so lucky.Anjali tell her about Rahul bring lingerie for her twinkle get shocked. What means this Rahul jiju giving idea to Kunj as well both followed and work together now in romance as well both Hifi and laughs out.

Anjali: Chiii they have so dirty mind.

Twinkle:yeah I never knew this means they both doing this ??. Kunj and Rahul work finished soon so they take Aayat out she had ice cream and all’s Than they went home with her they both get surprised to see them at this time.

You both here?

Rahul:yes we don’t have work Lot because Hitler isn’t here na.

Aayat: I’ll tell pa. Haina bhaiya.

Rahul:really bhaiya ??.They sit beside their wife. Now busy life I’m missing holiday there also this gang did my pachka??.

Anjali: haa and our Kunj enjoy Lot winks at Kunj. Kunj giggles.

Kunj: di think about something else now he toh just thinking he get marry last night only ?.

Rahul:what about you should I open my mouth.They continue like this and laughs out.

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all elders come back as soon as tej entered Priyanka and Aayat went to him and hug tej tightly complain him about Rudra. Tej looking at Rudra who hide behind Kunj and Omkara while they both went in side and leave Rudra ??. They sits twinkle give them water.

Anjali: you all come back today only why? I mean..

Avantika:haa because function get over in afternoon only we leave from there meeting my babies lot.Twinkle served them tea.

Tej:finally I get my tea thanks beta.We have good news for you all.

Kunj: what.

Prithviraj: guru ji fixed date for Avni and yuvi marriage.

Rahul: great when?

Usha: we just have 1 week only.

Kunj: this guru ji give one week only ?.

Om: haa at your time as well.

Kunj: what about bua?

Avantika: we talk already with Anita and Surjit from aasharm only they too agree with us. All look at Avni and she blushed.

Tej:so everyone start your preparations for marriage.it should be grand.people should know sarna daughter is marrying.i want everything perfect.

Kunj and rahul you will specially took this charge and make sure everything will be as perfect as i want..

Kunj and Rahul :yes paa…

Avantika:so all sarna ladies we should start shopping..as i want everything best for my daughter…..

Twinkle:yes  mummy ji…

Avni do tell us if you have something in

Your mind.all get happy and feed each other sweets.Very next day So all were busy in arrangements…Twinkle was doing her job as a dil perfectly…

day everyone went for shopping except twinkle as aayat went to school so there must be some one to attend her…so she said she will take care of aayat you all go…( but actually she was feeling very week today , but didn’t tell anyone.as don’t want to spoil everyone mood & excitement)) so she took this excuse.

She some prepare lunch for everyone..

Everyone came with shopping bags.everyone had buy their marriage dress except twinkle.she said she is having so many dresses of her marriage …she will wear one of them….

( actually she was not having that much energy to went for shopping & all) so she made excuse….some how managing her in front of others.Kunj saw her….

After dinner everyone went tp their room…

Twinkle to went ….she just laid down & close her eyes…

Kunj:he came &  touch her forehead  are you ok twinkle…

Twinkle:haan i m fine…

Kunj:doesn’t seems so…

Twinkle:why ?

Kunj:you said no for buying new dress….

Twinkle:kuch bhi

Kunj:on a serious note are you ok na.i mean i saw you you didn’t had ur dinner too.

Twinkle: woh toh just ainvy !i m not feeling like to eat that’s it Kunj sit beside her.

Kunj:okay should I call dr?

Twinkle: Arey I went with Anjali yesterday.

Kunj:what you didn’t told me about this what dr said?

Twinkle:nothing Mr. Sarna I’m fully fine just because of weather changes this happening nothing else.Kunj kissed on her forehead. Both cuddles each and sleep.

So today is Avni and yuvi haldi function is there each and everyone was hell busy in preparation Kunj and Rahul fully busy.Whole Sarna Mansion decorate beautifully. Everyone was damn excited.Ladies were ready with their yellow outfit.boys as well..

Avantika told twinkle to prepare special haldi for avni .Which was consist of haldi +almond milk +rose water.it ..

Twinkle went to the kitchen for preparing haldi for function..she first grind the haldi as it was in raw form .so she converted into powder then she mixed milk & rose water into it.haldi was prepared.but she was not feeling good with the haldi smell…

put haldi in bowl & decorate it with rose petal.it was looking great.Everyone was ready except twinkle.Avantika comes to check on haldi twinkle haldi is ready.

Twinkle:yes mummy ji….

Avantika:go & get ready fast


Kunj comes down and saw everyone was ready except his wife.

He move towards twinkle..

Kunj:twinkle why are you not ready yet ? See everyone is looking so beautiful. my wife is looking pale & dull. why so kuch toh mere reputation ki fikar kar log kya khenge husband itna hot and handsome.or biwi kesu lag rhi hai


Kunj:strange ise kya hua …?

Twinkle:saw a packet there on the dressing table she opened it….

There was beautiful yellow colour dress kunj brought for her…

Twinkle:beautiful.kunj bhi na.

She get freshen now feeling better so dressed up fully like kunj love….simple and elegant.She comes down. Kunj looked at her. lost in her beauty.


Twinkle:blushed Thanks also for this beautiful dress. Kunj give phone to Aayat she click their one photo together. 

Aayat: bhaiya on like this give bhabhi hug?Kunj and twinkle giggles Kunj arching his eye brow and give twinkle backhugged

tej and Avantika see this and giggles.

Soon function started.firstly elders applied haldi to avni and yuvi.Then it was turn of siblings.firstly kunj & twinkle they applied very nicely.

Now turn was rahul he fully drenched yuvi in haldi he was looking like monkey even mallika does same with avni now everyone was in masti mood.

They started playing with haldi Rudra was behind Soumya he coloured her in haldi….

Rohan was behind priyanka firstly Priyanka got scared she thought he will drenched her fully but rohan admired her face as she had close her eyes.but rohan just applied on her cheeks very nicely after this he went while Priyanka smiled.

Om and mahi were applying each other. And fully engrossed in each other. doing ashiqui with their eyes.

But there was someone who was avoiding this haldi.she was escaping from.everyone. It was twinkle while Kabir and Rohan Smirked they both rub behind twinkle while she screaming Kunj name he didn’t said anything Kabir and Rohan drenched twinkle in haldi she making faces all elders laughs out to see this.

Some love birds admiring each other’s.

Like playing with haldi and all. Yuvi bring Dhol he playing all get up and started dancing like crazy. Tej and Avantika both closed their eyes recalled some painful memories and today this happy moment.

Tej: in mind you both aren’t here I wish from heaven you both seeing Avni see she is so happy.

Avantika: haa tej. He look at her. I know you also thinking about them. Wish that incident never happened in our life we are so happy in our life in one go they leave us.

Tej:today he is in front of our eyes because of them only Avantika.Avantika and tej look at Kunj Than Rahul.He is my life my bestie they both didn’t think

About their life.

Avantika:haa tej aaj rahul aur Kunj ek saath hai but your and my friend leave us.

Tej:they giving na perfect friendship goal. They both giggles to see Kunj and Rahul they both twirl Avni fully. Scene freezes here only..


How was the episode?

Finally Avni and yuvi wedding bells.Haldi ?.? Hope you all like the episode.

Do tell me about your views thanks for your comments in my previous episode. It’s means Lot really overwhelmed ??❤️. Bye love you all.


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    Superb episode…
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    Ye bua dadi… inhe toh anaconda ki dadi hona chahye tha ???huh
    Well now twinkle not feeling well…. pregnant ???
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