Today is Kunj and Rahul project launch party each and everyone was hell excited and happy for Rahul and Kunj they all knows how much hard work they have done.

But they were nervous as well launch have to be successful after all their all hard work and they invested so much behind this project if this project get successful it’s very huge profit for their empire.

Kunj and Rahul busy fully along with their pa for tonight event

Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle:don’t know where is this Kunj haan he didn’t come till now.twinkle take out her clothes and as well Kunj too.

Kiyan was sitting on his swing carrier and nipple was in his mouth so he get just in this.Just than Kunj entered in room fully tired he lay down on bed directly.

Twinkle: what is this haa?

Kunj: you didn’t get ready haan?

Twinkle: what about you why you get late.

Kunj:twinkle I was busy I have to see each and everything don’t want anything happened wrong.

Twinkle:okay you go and get freshen up.

Kunj:yeah.He get up and look at Kunj. Heyy kiyan bachii.he went near him take out nipple from his mouth. Kiyan screams.

Twinkle:kunjj why you all teasing him haan.

Kunj: what is this haan? New toy.

Twinkle:I give him pacifier him.

Kunj:Cool why don’t you give him last night break our moment totally huhu. Don’t fair kiyan.Now I’ll used this nipple only he put in his mouth back.And pulled his nose and run inside the bathroom.

Twinkle:Sadu Sarna kiyan making faces. Sorry baby your dada is like this.

Twinkle changed her clothes and wear a beautiful saree.She getting ready kiyan first he looking so cute.Before she get ready wanted he is full.She feeding him Kunj come out of the washroom.

Kunj: you didn’t get ready still why? We don’t have much time.

twinkle:I’ll get you itself I’m not like you na I have a son first I have too look at him.

Kunj:I know.Kunj take his clothes and he wear and went near dressing table he getting ready.

Twinkle:kiyan don’t playing.

Kunj: huhu always stick with you.

Twinkle:Kunjj you get jealous with others I can understand why with my son haan what he have done I mean you know I’m his mother so obviously he will stick with me only don’t say anything to my baby you know how much I love him. Always I’m just thinking about my kiyan.

Kunj:acha sometimes feels like I have to give you both a tag of humans kangaroo mamma and baby joey??HER baby inside her pocket he is too?.

Twinkle:very lame.After you I love him most love at first sight 9months I have wait for him each seconds I feels him inside me.After our first baby know nobody knows how much I’m dying for baby.Till than he didn’t come I’m so restless I can’t even express myself what I’m bearing that time.When I saw him na Kunj feels like I get my life back and reason again to live.Kunj smiled he wear his watch and went towards twinkle and sit opposite of her.

Kunj:I know I’m just kidding.After him I realised how much babies important for their parents they are their part after all.

Twinkle:yup.While having milk he making noise which make twinkle and Kunj giggling.

Kunj:see him.After see me he does more ?.

Twinkle:yeah jealous you ?more.Kunj pulled twinkle cheeks.She can see nervousness on his face.She cupped his face.Don’t worry everything happened all good you give your best Kunj.

Kunj:Haan twinkle everyone having hopes with us.Kiyan look at Kunj.He winked slightly Kunj smiled he bend down and kissed on kiyan cheek I don’t want anything my baby smile and his happiness is my good luck.Twinkle smiled.

Twinkle:chalo kiyan now sit here she place him on bed and Kunj and twinkle get up she closing his shirt buttons.

Kunj:get ready fast okay.

Twinkle:haa baba I’ll.Twinkle make him wear his tie Kunj kissed on her forehead.

Kunj: I’m at down only.

Twinkle:hmm.Kunj went downstairs.!

Twinkle went near dressing table and she started getting ready.She wearing beautiful saree.Get ready so beautifully filled her hairline with vermilion.

Each and everyone come downstairs.

They all looking so beautiful.

Avantika: where is my bahu and grand son?

Kunj:coming both of them.

Rudra:uff bhabhi will take 1 hour..

Kunj:acha what about Soumya haan.

Rahul: don’t say anything to about twinkle you know na. First Kunj twinkle ke palu se banda rehta ta ab kiyan dono baap aur beta same to same tied with twinkle palu ?. All giggles.

Anjali: see hanina how is she looking?

Kunj: cute take her in his arms and she give kisses on Kunj cheeks.


Kunj: aww who teach you this.

Anjali: I’m ?.

Twinkle get ready fully and take kiyan in her arms.

Twinkle:perfect tell how mamma looking?

Kiyan give her smiled and cuddles his face in her chest.She smiled and she went downstairs everyone just waiting for twinkle only.Finally she comes and looking damn beautiful. Kunj eyes stuck on her only. Both mother and son giving tough competition.

Rahul: Kunjj concertante on work okay don’t lost in your wife beauty he whispered Kunj come in sense and look at Rahul: Rudra Omkara and Rahul giggling.

Twinkle:Hoo looking killer everyone tonight.

Rahul:Haan less than you haina Kunj today for a change our crying king too looking cute.

Twinkle:very funny my son always.

Usha:haan he is our cutie pie.


Tej:now lets go before all guests arrive?

Kunj:yeah.They all left and sits in their respective cars and drove off..

@At venue..

All media’s standing there the crowd was much.They all come out of the cars and guards come giving them safety. Kunj hold twinkle hand tightly she holding kiyan carefully.Media clicking their pics

Kunj:covered his face.

Twinkle:why? Kunj show her his eyes. She understands and hide his face with his blanket. Do his face not come in media camera’s for his son protection.

Media try to ask them questions didn’t let them go.

Media:sir please??

Kunj:we will talk let event start.They went inside.Inside the venue arrangement so beautiful each and everything the best all sitting arrangement perfectly set from guest to media members.Luthra and Taneja’s come and security was so tight for safety they can’t take any risk.all family members sits while Kunj and Rahul get busy with their team members.Tej and Manohar or Rohan and Rudra meeting with all clients.

Kunj and Rahul went back side and checking all work.All media members take their seats. Now everything is set. Kunj and Rahul take mic and went on stage.

Kunj:hi everyone thanks for coming now we both going to introduce our project.

Rahul:yeah launch of our dream project.

Hope you all like.They sign sara she on the projector.She everyone looking at screen only. Kunj and Rahul telling them about their project work and all details what new they both made and bring. Finally end.

Kunj:now you can ask anything?

Media:sir after see your work it’s amazing but you both done already many big projects together all successful till now what so special in this.Because of technology?

Kunj:nope yeah we had done many projects together.But this is something special.

Rahul:haan.Because we put our all self in this project whatever we learn it from our all work till now.And special because it’s our parents dream. Hope we fulfilled their dream as well through this project.

Kunj:initially its not easy when we start it was really difficult for us but when you have everyone prayer and their blessings how can you don’t do anything.We give our best hope you all too give us same responseas well.

Everyone get up and started clapping for them. All clients and whoever is part of this project they all went on stage and give pose for media.Together they launched their project.Media asked them serval questions they answered as well very beautifully.They kept small party as well each and everyone enjoying party Rahul and Kunj busy with their clients.

Priyanka:heyy kiyan.He waving his hand.

Twinkle:see he get so happy after see his bua.. after honeymoon you glowing lott.

Anjali: true?.. priyanka blushed.

Priyanka:Kya bhabhi aap dono bhi na. Kunj and Rahul come and joint their siblings.

Kabir:amazing Kunj and Rahul.



Rahul:come Anjali I’ll introduce you with everyone.

Anjali:sure.Kunj and Rahul take their wife’s and introduce them with their all business clients.Everyone praising twinkle beauty lott. Kunj hold twinkle hand.

Kunj:murmured launch party was mine why you taking all limelight haan why looking so pretty.

Twinkle:acha ab me Kya karu I just try normal but you all find me extra ?but I’m beautiful since birth ?.Media taking their pics as well. Why you hiding him?

Kunj:why you wanted tomorrow his photos come on newspapers haan?

Twinkle:acha over protective..

Kunj:yes I’m any doubt he give her side hug.Looking beautiful.

Twinkle:thanks.They enjoyed launch party fully and hopefully event was too successful eventually.All siblings wanted treat so they all decided go for night out and elders went back to home.

They all went to beach restaurant and all take their respective seats and Oder food cool breeze going on.

Malika:I enjoyed lott finally till now whatever you both have done now it’s pay back time.

Rahul:yeah finally yaar. Still remember so many nights we just passed away without sleeping no enjoyments and trips just books and books.

Rohan: our bookworm Kunj ??.

Twinkle:still he is reading his books. Aha.

Kunj: why aha it’s good na see even kiyan too become like me.

Twinkle:sadu never he will become cool dashing boy.

Rahul: means like Rudra ??. All laughs out.Their foods come and waiter served them they all having food. Hanina smiling Anjali Oder plain noodles for her and feeding her she enjoying.While kiyan started crying.Ahah not again kiyan. Twinkle take out feeder from her bag she bring for him because she knew it he will cry for milk outside it’s so arduous with kiyan and he didn’t take name to stop that’s why.

Twinkle:don’t cry.She try to give feeder in his mouth while kiyan jerking with his hands.


Twinkle:you don’t look at him.He didn’t drinking and crying twinkle get irritate with him. Kiyannnn what is Haan you become so stubborn. She keep bottle in side and wiped his mouth while she show him anger face he closed his eyes and closed his mouth and sobbing slightly all giggling.

Rahul: did you see Kunj when we and you said something to him he screamed at us back now see when twinkle ??.Scared of twinkle.

Kunj:yeah.Give me.

Twinkle:nahi.She place him on her shoulder and patting on his back Kunj feeding her with his hands there Darsh was too there with his few friends rohan see him.

Rohan: he is also here.Today he wasn’t In party.

Rahul: are you mad we will calls him never.

Kunj: pagal aadmi.

Twinkle:what problem you have with him and even he as well.

Kunj:acha should I tell you why.People have enemies after ages  but we have since childhood ??.

Rahul:yeah he try to win with us but never happened that’s why he is jealous with us.

Kabir:hehe..hanina and khansa clapping.

Rahul: what happened to this two dolls haan?

Kabir:rowdy toh went on silent mode ?

They must be enjoying lott.

Rohan: so true.

Rudra:huhu Don’t make fun of our kiyan.

Twinkle:acha he is right he is so naughty just fighting with them sometime pulling their hairs and all’s happy with Aayat only.

Kunj:why you scold him see give me.

Twinkle:don’t touch let him.They finished dinner and they all walking on beach.Kunj holding twinkle hand tightly her hairs flying Rahul Anjali and lifting hanina in his arms.They all sit near shore on chairs and water waves echoed loudly.All couples enjoying rohan and Priyanka resting their heads in each other embrace.While khansa dancing Malika and Kabir holding her hands.Soumya and Rudra playing with water both giggling.And Omkara and mahi lost in beauty of nature.Avni and yuvi tickling each other’s.

Yuvi:lets dance after long we get time peaceful night together.

Rohan:yeah let’s sing.

Rahul:you do in your bedroom Priyanka will listen you.Rudra get up and in side he bring someone Guitar.


Anjali:hmmm Kunj you start.

Kunj: why?

Priyanka:Haan bhai you sing well.

Rahul:don’t take footage samja na.

Kunj:acha what should I sing.He look at twinkle. Kunj take guitar from Rudra all hooting. He started playing guitar twinkle looking at him she arching her eye brow while Kunj giving her smirked smile. Mangaan ae hi duavaan main


Channa tu mainu mil jaa

Tenu na bol pawaan main

Tu aape hi samjh ja (×2)..all clapping.

Saamne baith ja takda jaaun

Akhiyon mein teri guum ho jaaun

Mujhe dhoondhe na phir koi.

Kunj get up and hold twinkle hand she too get up he slightly twirl her carefully because kiyan was in her arms.Who was hell angry and become gloomy…

Rahul:Tu jo mere saath chale na

Manzil meri sav kho jaaye

O… mmm.

Lift hanina and throw her and catch her back all smiling.They all singing together and dancing with Their partners.

A relationship isn’t based on the length of Time you spend together its based on the foundation you’ve built together. ?

“Family”isn’t defined only by last names or blood.It’s defined by commitment and by love.It means showing up when they need it most. It means having each other’s backs.It means choosing to love each other even on those days when you struggle to like each other.It means never giving up on each other!?

They all different from each other’s even their love as well but one common thing between them is LOVE ?.Which connecting them together.7 lives they itself don’t know they will be together and become each other’s important part of life’s.Rahul and Anjali not less than KKHH movie.Same Rahul and Anjali unconditional love for each other’s their love not less than filmy ?.

Anjali who is happy sweet girl love her husband lot and understands him fully.

And Rahul totally opposite of her.

Loving boy always making everyone laughs he has bong qualities sometimes joker and pulling everyone legs didn’t leave single chance.best thing about him he is emotional but never shows anyone.

And extremely best in friendship and other relations as well.Our love bugs..

Kunj and Omkara and Rudra.Trio brothers is lifeline of each other’s dying for each other’s.Kunj who loves his brothers like anything and his siblings lott.He knows each and everything important of family and relationships well matured knows how to take everyone together in one knot.His first love his dadu and dadi and wanted fulfilled their all wishes.Walked on their footsteps keep their all small and small values and principles in his mind so gracefully he does everything he is the one who is best in everything.

He respect everyone and do whatever his family wanted never asked them back and he knows if he does anything wrong and it’s affecting his other siblings as well and they will learned from him only first.Kunj always thinking about this only keep every step carefully and leave a good example behind so his siblings learned from him.

For him family is very important part in this world.Apple of his parents eyes because he respect them never obey them.After all he itself his parents how they treated their parents he is same.

People wanted to become like this and that they have role model I think no role

Model better than parents because when time passed away than a time come we will be same place where they are than we can understand.Because we knows them perfectly and we are part of them.He is best in all relationships a good grand son son brother everything than a point comes in his life love marriage he never interested in this things because what he wanted and expecting from his partner he thinking he will not get in this world what type of partner he wanted.

And twinkle you all know her and see her as well she changed lott not from body style and something else she looked stubborn but when she meet with Kunj and their alliance fixed they both not happy because opposite direction but their family behind them and anyhow they tied in purest relationship marriage.

One good thing about them whatever they expecting from each other’s and from their marriage they told each other’s honestly no secrets nothing as well they are like open book.After marriage both fighting like Tom and Jerry.Kunj he look sadu as per twinkle thinking but he is like crunchy soft cookies they look hard but from inside extremely soft.Slowly

Slowly she knows him and understands Kunj how he is their thinking matching sometimes.A relationship can’t become perfect honestly and communicate.If they didn’t like anything about each other’s they frankly tell each other’s.And twinkle that bubble girl so many responsibilities comes on her shoulders but she respect his husband and does everything whatever he wanted not like as a duty but it’s her right.Their nok jhok best part of their love story.They always stood up on everyone expectations beautifully.After fall for each other’s increase craved for each other’s more both together in all ups Downs if they are best in everything even their families as well without them they can’t.This siyappa queen and Sadu Sarna is idol for everyone.

Rudra and Omkara yuvi Avni Mahi Soumya Malika and Kabir rohan and Priyanka they all same.Find happiness with each other’s and learning from each other’s from their elders.

Life is full package of everything tears happiness fun ups and downs.

They all laughing and enjoying fully.

Kunj:now lets go.They click group photo together all cuddles their partners.

Rahul:hmm they went towards car. Kunj take kiyan from twinkle.They bid bye each other’s Kabir and Malika or yuvi and Avni went together in one car while Priyanka and rohan left in their car. Rest of them sit in one car and sits. Rahul driving and Kunj sitting beside him.He start the car and drove off. Hanina patting on Rahul back. Heyy baby what you wanted haan. Kunj look at kiyan he closing his eyes he knows he didn’t sleep.He caressing his hairs .

Kunj:what happened this siyappa queen scold my son haan.

Rahul:good na radio is off?. Kunj kissed on his cheeks.

Kunj:huhu shoo him kiyan.He open his eyes and look at Kunj and making puppy eyes.They reached soon all come out of the car and they all went inside all elders sitting in living room.They all entered and went towards them. They all sits

Tej: enjoy.

Rudra: lyeah lott.

Manohar:everything happened all good thanks to babaji.


Avantika: what happened to my kiyan haan give him to me.All looking at twinkle and giggles.Avantika take kiyan and she faced him to herself. Kiyannn.He look at Avantika closed his eyes fully and his face become red. All knows what next will come.He started crying so loudly extremely loudly ??. Arey Kya Hua what happened to him haan.She cuddles him and patting on his back. He crying and blabbering in his babyish language like complaining about twinkle. Kya Hua. Take him maybe he is hungry.

Kunj: han??. Twinkle get up and try to take him kiyan cuddles Avantika nuzzles his face in her embrace all shocked. Shit twinkle ?.

Avantika: don’t want to go to your mamma haan why.

Kunj: because today kiyan mumma scold him ??.

Avantika: why??

Kunj: he teasing her.

Rahul:O my god since that time he didn’t said anything just controlling on his anger after come in his dadi embrace burst out what a baby??.

Avantika: huhu don’t worry we will scold mamma as well.She wiped his tears he rest his head on chest. Looking at twinkle with anger eyes she giggles.

Anjali:Abhi Yeh Haan hai don’t know what will happened after a years ??..

Twinkle:drama king.Acha kiyan sorry now come he is hungry. Kunj get up he forward his hand he ready to come in his arms.

Kunj:my baby ?Chal tera iss Ka Kangaroo role end ??.He lift him in air he giggles.

Avantika:Kunj he will falls.

Kunj:I’m he can’t.

Usha:now we should sleep it’s too late they all nodded in yes and they all went in their respective rooms. Twinkle changed her clothes Kunj playing with kiyan she come. And sit beside Kunj.

Twinkle:now give look at his face. My baby is damn hungry.

Kunj:nope he is damn angry ??.

Twinkle:koi na she bend down he knows I love him most my life he is I scold him because he teased lott now.Kiyan scream at her Kunj closed his ears.

Kunj:Kya thunder storm hai ??. Good na I never scream at you he doing my all work?

Twinkle:acha you never scream at me really always that also in front of everyone. I’m good wife who neglecting everything samje.

Kunj:woh toh hai without you can’t possible. Chalo kiyan now mamma sorry okay.Twinkle take off his clothes she ticking him he giggles and pulled her hairs.Le tu ab maze?.

Twinkle:bass my litter angry bird.She started feeding kiyan go and changed please.

Kunj:yeah.He get up and went in washroom Kunj get freshen up and come out of the washroom.Today I’m so happy.

He jumped on bed. Now leave my wife kiyan so I can spend something with him last night you break our moment and it’s so embarrassing your dadi too come?.

Twinkle: yeah ashamed on yourself naa. You know we have small baby still doing like before.Twinkle wiped his face and keep him in his nappy only they lay down on bed and Kunj lift kiyan and made him sit on his tummy.Twinkle resting her head on Kunj chest.Kiyan take his Sophie giraffe toy in his mouth.

Kunj: ahah kiyan.

Twinkle:don’t Sophie will cry haan.

Kiyan:hah.they Both smiles.

Twinkle: so naughty.

Kunj: yeah he too favourite of his dadi you know when mummy and pa scold me I do same like him.?later dadi and dadu take their classes.

Twinkle:hoo went on you only. Kiyan bite Kunj nose with his nose he kissing on his cheeks.He hold twinkle face peck on her lips. Aww my baby.She cuddles him

Kunj:huhu Kiyan twinkle giggles and bite his cheek. Ouch.

Twinkle:happy jealous dada??.Kiyan giggles and cuddles twinkle.Aww my kiyan Kunj cuddles them. Kiyan play with them fully even they too. His body get cold fully after all all naked ??. Cool cool.

Kunj: bring his clothes otherwise yeh cool cook bhut costly padega humhe?.

Twinkle: haan you bring.

Kunj:hmm kunj get up and bring his night dress and twinkle quickly made him wear.

Twinkle:cutie pie now sleep okay. He lay down in middle twinkle and Kunj both looking at kiyan he hold their fingers both smiled and while admiring him they sleep.

Next day.

Kiyan wake up first he looking his parents they both sleeping peacefully in deep slumber.Kiyan moving his hands fully.

Kunj wake up because of kiyan he rubbed his eyes and open his eyes and look at his son first he smiled kissed on his forehead.

Kunj:good morning my cutie pie. See your sleeping beauty mamma chalo today dadi and son will go for walk morning view you will love it.He went in washroom get freshen up and come out.And take kiyan place him in his carrier and say bye bye to mumma okay bacha.He went downstairs along with kiyan.He went in garden Kunj walking around near kiyan only while kiyan see bird humming and sitting on side pot plant he engrossed in birds totally and nipple was inside his mouth sucking them.By the time Rahul and Omkara along Rudra they come.

Rudra: heyy today kiyan here how?

Kunj:because I bring him down his mamma sleeping peacefully.

Rahul: acha Abhi ready kar raha hai isse marathon ke liye??.

Kunj: huhu very lame. For what you come here do that only get it don’t disturb him he is engrossed in his world.

Rahul:wait I’ll pulled first this.

Kunj: noo yaar. Why you teasing him haan. He push them don’t dare to come near my son okay. There tej come.

Tej: what’s going on haan?

Kunj: see him pa he teasing kiyan.

Tej: noo Rahul go and do your work.They all run from there tej sit beside kiyan.He admiring kiyan fully he smiled after see his dadu.Kiyan try jump but can’t he lock in his carrier.He get happy after see birds many more comes.Tej reading news

Papers.They four of them running Rahul didn’t let them he saying dirty things and they giggles out.

Aayat come there and sit on tej lap.She is sleepy fully.Tej read a article about Kunj and Rahul he get happy after Read about his son.

Twinkle wake up and she open her eyes and moving her hands on bed and didn’t feel anything she open her eyes fully and see bed was empty Kunj and kiyan wasn’t there.

Twinkle: where is Kunj and kiyan went

Today she get up and giving him voice she went in balcony and looking here and there than her eyes went on Kunj who running.He is here and where is my baby.

She rolled her eyes and see kiyan was in her carrier and he was so happy she smiled after see him. Hoo today dada and son went towards good I can take bath now.She take her clothes and went in washroom twinkle take bath and she get freshen up quickly and she arrange whole room.Everywhere kiyan toys and only. She take out Kunj and Kiyan things and keep in side and she went downstairs and till the time everyone come mahi and Soumya was in kitchen she went and join them.

Twinkle:good morning.

Soumya: good morning. Where is kiyan?

Twinkle: today father and son went before me only they are in garden. I’ll help you.

They trio together making tummy breakfast they gossiping about their husbands Anjali come and she too.

Hanina running with her small small feet’s while Manohar chasing her.Avantika and Usha smiled. Avantika went in kitchen and she tell twinkle make milk for Aayat.Anjali give her even hanina feeder as well she take and they went in garden and see others.

Avantika: tej her eyes went on kiyan my bacha here haan she sit beside tej. Take Aayat she take and having in lazy way.

Aayat: mamma I’m your baby na he is my


Tej: no he is too our baby you only said he is yours baby.

Aayat: acha than why you didn’t take him with us na. Tej and Avantika chuckled. Avantika cupped her face .

Avantika: now he is so small na baby once he grown up little than we will take him now they all toh become big even we too wanted someone than me and kiyan you and pa stay and enjoy we will go for trips.

Aayat:acha what about bhaiya and bhabhi??.

Avantika: let them enjoy ?.Avantika get up and giving tour of garden to kiyan. Anjali told them today they will have breakfast at garden.Tej and Aayat to went behind Avantika.Avantika moving fast with kiyan and kiyan giggles it’s like ride for him.Tej and Aayat laughing while kiyan jumping.

They come with breakfast and arranged on table and they all Avantika and tej become kids along with Aayat and kiyan.

Lata: now tej get understands Rahul and Kunj or Rudra and Omkara come to Lata and Prithviraj.

Kunj: yeah they used to make fun of us now see them sticking with kiyan only.?.

Om: he isn’t less see him seems like If he get wing he will started flying ?.

Twinkle: go and get freshen up.

Kunj: I’m damn hungry.

Rahul: even me too.

Mahi: eww. They didn’t care about them wash their hands and sits and serving each other’s while their wife’s mouth got opened. All come and sits for breakfast tej feeding Aayat and hanina with his hands and hanina is so cute she having so nicely one side Aayat sitting top of table and other hand hanina and kiyan chilling in his carrier ?.Again lost in birds.Birds Romancing with their beaks Rahul eyes went on them and see kiyan he moving his hands towards them.

Rahul:Kunj see your son he watching bride romance ??. You teach him this. He said in low voice.

Kunj:are you mad Haan.He is baby.

Rahul: yeah beak to beak ??. I think you both husband wife lage rahe te ho in front of him..

Kunj: hatt idiot man after him don’t know when we spend something with each other’s before share a kiss he wanted crying ?.You saying this nope after him pura romance pe locks. After baby it’s so difficult just get busy in him only.

Rahul:my condition wasn’t less you yaar achi khashi zindagi ti meri ??.

Kunj: kiyan you stick with twinkle only. All looking at them.

Rudra:what you both murmuring haan?

Om:Leave now they promoted they have many things to discuss?.All giggles. Bird come and sit near kiyan carrier he screaming and giggling.All smiled.

After sometimes they all finished their breakfast they went inside Kunj went in washroom and gesturing twinkle to come inside she giving him puppy look. He get freshen up and come out he get ready for office Kunj took his office bag and kiyan see him and screaming.

Kunj: now I’m going bye don’t cry okay. Take care of him.

Twinkle: come soon na..

Kunj:huhu boring what I’ll do after come you have your son.He said and run twinkle giggles.

They all left for office and get busy in their respective works.Same twinkle and all’s too.Twinkle give kiyan oil massage he do drama but she give him and than give him bath. After he gets ready she feeds him and he dozing off she take him down and sits with everyone both Hanina and kiyan dozing they sleep in their mothers embrace fully.

Soumya: lets go for shopping it’s been long time we didn’t went anywhere only girls.

Anjali: true.

Twinkle: what about babies with them it’s socongested with kiyan.

Avantika:koi na I’m here he will stay with me.

Twinkle:hmm okay.. they all get excited and call Avni and Priyanka and Malika as well.They all went in room and get ready they all left for market.

They all come at the same time and meet with each other’s Malika too leave khansa with leela they all girls and ahead and shopping like free birds even they shop for their husbands and babies

Malika showing them a lingerie.

Twinkle: no use of this

Anjali: Haan?.

Soumya: you take before lott??.

Anjali:haww.They all laughs out.They laughing others see them and click their pictures and post as well immediately.

While Kunj and Rahul work finished they all decided let’s go back to home. Even Rudra and rohan too joined them. They left for Sarna Mansion.

Hanina and Kiyan wakes up together and Usha and Avantika handling them Usha give hanina feeder and she become quiet. While kiyan licking his thumb.They reached and come inside.

Avantika: you all here at this time?

Kunj: yes free so come my baby where is your siyappa factory.

Usha: they went for shopping..

Rahul: what hanina too looking at Rahul.

Avantika: kiyan what happened.

Rahul: huhu they went and leave our babies here alone let them come I’ll take Anjali classes today.

Kunj: yeah.

Usha: acha you mean we can’t handle your babies haan than take huhu she give hanina to Rahul even Avantika as well and both of them went from there in Tashan. Om too come and see them.

Rohan: arey Arey Kya toofan le liya.

Rahul: huhu he sit and caressing hanina hairs while Kunj handling kiyan he is damn hungry kiyan crying fully.

Kunj: Arey hungry what I’ll do now.

Rahul: feed him??.

Kunj:Kamine. Rudra and Omkara go and make milk for him.

Rohan: acha go chachu’s. Rudra and Omkara went in kitchen they heat up milk more ??and filled in bottle and bring and give to Kunj.

Kunj:good see milk.try to put in his mouth kiyan throwing its hot more than his requirements. Kunj check and show him roar eyes you both duffers this much hot he will drink haan throw bottle on their face.Rahul laughing Kunj roaming here and there with kiyan. While just than hanina pee on Rahul because she didn’t wearing pamper ?Rahul see and making cry faces. They trio laughing after see Kunj and Rahul condition. Kiyan screaming in Kunj ears.

Rudra:hanina??why.Go Rudra and clean hanina.

Rudra: why me haan tell rohan.

Rahul: haan rohan come and clean her.

Rohan: acha maze tune liye and cleaner me saale.

Rahul: saale sab Bhul gaya haan kitni help ki mene teri after Priyanka showing me your real face???.

Rohan: yup. ?.Rahul call servant and tell her bring her clothes and other things she bring and give him Rahul clean hanina. Kunj get tired Rohan and Omkara see their post and show their husbands after see them enjoying here they stuck gritting their teeth’s ?. Kunj went in kitchen and he make milk for him itself and it’s fine and after so much struggles kiyan drink few drops.

Hanina running here and there while Rahul chasing her due to toys his leg slipped he falls down ??.Omkara and Rudra Laughs out after see Rahul hanina clapping in happiness Kunj too.

Rahul get up his back arching ?.He holding his back .

Rahul:hanina come here bacha.Kunj playing with kiyan.He take off his clothes and he is all naked Rudra sitting near kiyan he looking at him only he pee directly on his face ??. Boom..

Rudra: ahah.They see and shocked. Bhaiyaaaa. Kiyan giggles.

Kunj: Om yaar bring and clean this Rudra went and wash his face and making faces Rahul laughing Omkara clean all things and kiyan as well. Rudra pulled Omkara hairs because he too laughing.

Rahul:what a face-wash kiyan give you

??.They throwing things on each other’s. After sometimes later they both started crying together non stop they try to Pacific them but they aren’t ready ?open their mouth. They four of them crying inside their heart.

Rahul:why we come yaar it’s better we are in office??. They think something and went in near pool and went inside pool with babies Kunj and Rahul holding their babies perfectly.rudra bring float for babies. And small shades as well.

They place kiyan and hanina on them they both enjoying and made the wear small shads and looking super cool. Rahul play music servant give them cold drinks Aayat too come and they all chilling in pool.

At mall they all done with shopping went to food court and Oder their favourite things and they all enjoying forgot everything.

Avni:today we enjoyed lott. Other hand Kabir come and see khansa she crying he handle her but she isn’t less than kiyan and hanina.

Anjali: chalo we enjoy lott today our babies doing drama at home.

twinkle: yeah mine one too much if his baap get to know kill me. They all done and went outside and left together only while Malika and Avni went for their homes Priyanka come with them.

Aayat: maze bhaiya.

Kunj: haan my doll.

Aayat: you don’t love me huhu.

Kunj: who told you I love you always cuddles her.

Rudra: acha Aayat what is bhaiya name full if you said I’ll give full chocolate box Aayat get happy chocolates running in her mind?. Rohan look at Rudra he gestured him Avantika coming towards them only.

Aayat: acha why you know what is his name haan.

Rudra: na you tell na I think I don’t know what bhaiya name and she can’t take.

Aayat: acha.rest of them giggling. If mumma get to know she kills it’s bad to take bhaiya name ??.

Rudra: here no mummy you tell And take chocolates fast.

Aayat: hmm bhaiya.

Rahul: we know bhaiya.

Aayat: woh.. k…u.. Avantika come there.

Rahul: fast.

Aayat: in loud voice kunjjj bhaiya now give my chocolates.

Rudra: haww see mummy what she said she take bhaiya name ??.

Avantika: what.. Aayat turned and see Avantika and shocked they all giggling. Kunj cuddles her.aayat I told you no he is big why?

Aayat: mumma he told me.

Rudra: acha I’ll tell you die you will listen to me haan??.

Kunj: dog. You leave.

Avantika: hoo pool party and this two cuties as well.

Rahul: yeah there they eating our heads lott she running fully if she try to do here  than shidi she will went inside pool??.

Om: shit what a father.

Rudra: mummy you come and bring Maa as well we will dance on sunny sunny ??.

Avantika:no need of this you do with your wife.All laughs out at Rudra and she went.

All girls arrived and they went inside see the condition of living area. And get shocked and Usha and Avantika chilling out having snacks and watching movie.

Avantika:how’s your day?

Twinkle:good what is this?

Usha: hmm asked to who does this all.

Anjali: where is hanina and kiyan hope they didn’t teased you both. They give faint smiled.

Twinkle: yes where?

Avantika: poolside go.

Mahi: poolside they both how.they went near poolside as soon as their eyes went on pool and get shocked to see the scenario.They all boys chilling fully wearing shades and Their babies which makes them more they laughs out.

Twinkle:what is this?

Anjali: yeah what’s going on here. Rahul take out his shades and look at Anjali.

Rahul:can’t you see haan.

Anjali: I can see hanina..

Rahul: very soon you remember haan.

Kiyan try to jump..

Twinkle:kiyannn kunjj. Give me my baby.

Kunj:hoo look at her my baby guys let’s do shopping what’s say.

Rohan:yeah cool na leave babies at home and we can go like free birds?. Priyanka look at rohan.

Aayat: come you all let’s play.

Rudra: no no they must be tired now after shopping and sumo toh so much.Go baby sleep.All girls shocked.

Twinkle:acha ??.And Kunj when he get ill I will not wake up you only do everything get it let’s go girls.They all went from there. While Kunj mimics of twinkle.

Kunj:huhu this siyappa queen. They all come out of the pool and went in living room.

Twinkle: mummy ji why you give them babies.

Avantika: because they both thinking we can’t handle their babies we are careless hain na Usha she nodded in yes Rahul and Kunj chuckled and sit beside Avantika.

Kunj: Kya aap dono bhi mummy and Maa we just kidding.

Usha:acha if you remember we are your mothers we know each and everything. Chale bichare bache sambal ne?.

Kunj:sorry meri pyaari maa pulled her cheeks:Usha and Avantika laughs out after see kiyan and hanina ?.

Avantika: looking cool in shades.

Kunj:yup beta kish Ka hai?.Lift his collar Avantika playfully slap him.

Usha:you all sit.

Anjali:today we enjoyed lott.

Rahul:acha now real maza. Anjali

Making faces and Rahul went in room she went behind him along with hanina. Kunj looking at twinkle giving her look.

Twinkle:don’t give me this look get it. See mummy ji.

Kunj:what.She making faces.And went upstairs. Kunj take kiyan he too run behind twinkle.

Anjali standing and Rahul giving her look.

Anjali: what happened if I went today haan cant you handle her.

Rahul: acha only I will handle everything office and now this too. And why you went for shopping when I told you let’s go for movie what didn’t you said Hoo Rahul I cant leave my baby alone and you know how much I love hanina he said in her voice Anjali chuckled ?.He hold her hand and pulled Anjali cheeks.

Anjali:yup go in pool chilled yourself ?. She push him and went in washroom.

Twinkle throw her clutch on bed and Kunj entered with kiyan.

Kunj: see your mamma kiyan.

Twinkle:what haan. And you kiyan without shirt haan showing your body haan when you catch cold Than time too give lose..

Kunj went towards her and keep kiyan on bed and hold twinkle.

Kunj: you don’t think about him. What is this he show her their recents pictures which they uploading..Haan enjoying like free birds.

Twinkle: yes I get bored you went office and chill out there and here I can’t so I went.

Kunj:hoo chill karegi tu and you leave kiyan here alone didn’t think about him. He crying do you know for milk.

Twinkle: I give him to mummy ji and she can handle him if you come and can’t you handle your son for sometimes haan?

Kunj:hoo sometimes I can handle what about milk haan. When I told you Chal twinkle lets spend sometime together what did you said that time kunjj if Kiyan wakes up than what we will do noo he will cry for milk now you didn’t think of it. She looking here and there Kunj cupped her face.Kya Hua. Kunj push her on bed and come upon her kiyan beside twinkle only.

Twinkle:what is this.Kunj you didn’t let me go.

Kunj: yes because I come early to spend sometime with you but what I get.

Twinkle: acha poor but cool na you get time to spend with kiyan she laughs out. Kunj pulled her cheeks.. Kunj leave me

Kunj: Abhi mene pakda hi nahi hai..??.

Twinkle: acha I’ll not go next time.

Kunj: haww you enjoy she nodded in yes

Yup now it’s my enjoyment time ?. She look at him confusedly. Kunj arching his eye brow and give her naughty look. He caress her hairs. Kissed on her collar bone. Twinkle closed her eyes.

Twinkle:kunjjj please not now see kiyan.

Kunj: what kiyan haan he will stay with us only you mean we can’t romance?

Twinkle: haan in front of him we can’t and see even door is open.leave me she push him and get up.See this kiyan come with me she take him and went in washroom she get freshen up and made kiyan as well.Kunj laughs out.

Kunj changed his clothes and lay down on bed. He was tired whole week today he get time so he wanted to sleep.Without wasting anytime he slept. Twinkle come and see Kunj she making faces because she expecting this only from him.If not romance he will sleep only she murmured and feed kiyan.

After sometimes later Kunj wake up and he went downstairs and lift hanina she giggles after see Kunj. Twinkle give him his coffee and kiyan was in Rudra arms watching cartoons in his phone as he understanding fully engrossed and Rahul tickling him lott Rohan and Priyanka left long back.

Avantika: what you all shop..

Anjali: I’ll show you. She bring all shopping bags and all men’s shocks after see. Anjali and twinkle showing them even Mahi and Soumya as well whatever they bring. And even for others as well. Anjali see Kunj this suits on you.

Kunj:everything suits on me I don’t want.

Twinkle:Leave na di.Sadu.everyone get happy hanina and Aayat see their things.

Later they all have sit for dinner and they have. Kunj feeding Aayat she complaining him that he didn’t give her time all smiled both bhaiya and doll having good time. Than Kunj take her out for ice cream and show twinkle and Anjali.They bring ice cream for everyone they all have chit chat with each other’s after they all sleeps..

Next day Sunday.

They all sleeping till late Kiyan wake up first and he playing with himself only.He blabbering so loudly. Door was just closed Avantika was passing from room she heard and stop there she knocked but didn’t get any response than she opened the door and see twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully on their sides. She smiled and see kiyan who busy in himself she giggles kiyan look at Avantika and forwarding his hands. She take him in her arms and see twinkle and Kunj she remember there was a time they both just tie in this knot for everyone but Not together from their hearts their one decision make this and they get kiyan. Even they both happy she kissed on kiyan cheeks and take him and went from there.

Avantika take him in her room and there tej and Aayat sleeping Avantika make kiyan sit on tej tummy and kiyan tickling him and tej sleep get disturbing him and Avantika enjoying. Tej open his eyes and making faces as soon as he sees kiyan and his weird face turned into happy.

Avantika: see your grand son wake you.

Tej: yup you bring him.

Avantika: yes he kissed on kiyan cheeks

Kiyan hold tej face and playing with his nose and eyes he enjoying fully. See yourself tej you always scold my kids now what about your grand son.

Tej: na he is my son son double love.

They playing with kiyan Aayat too wake up and they trio playing with kiyan and he too enjoying fully.

Other hand twinkle wake up and she didn’t found kiyan near herself. She wake up with jerked and see Kunj too sleeping.

Twinkle: where is my kiyan Haan.. babaji. Kunjj wake up na kiyan kaha hai.

Kunj: in sleeping tone I don’t know tere pass hi hoga chupa hoga?. Let me sleep.

Twinkle: what sleep find my son go.

Kunj: twinkle yaar what you both mother and son wanted from me haan. He can’t walk so he itself toh not went maybe anyone tAke him.

Twinkle: huhu maro I’m going she said and went downstairs. Twinkle finding kiyan at downstairs and asking Lata and Prithviraj than she went in tej and Avantika room there. Mummy ji kiyan is here she looking in tension.

Avantika: come here is kiyan she come inside and seeing kiyan with tej she get relief.

Twinkle: hoo he is here and I was so worried where he went?

Avantika:I was passing and you both sleeping and he was wake up so I bring him.

Twinkle: hoo good you play with them I’ll get freshen up. Twinkle went from there and she entered in room and find Kunj in sleep slumber twinkle throw cushions at him and but not affecting him.She went in washroom and get freshen up.She take bath and come out and get ready. She opened curtains and sunlight coming on Kunj face and irritating him.At last he wake up  and making faces.

Twinkle went downstairs and she get busy in kitchen along with sister in laws.

Aayat and kiyan playing with water in bathtub Avantika and tej laughing to see them. They made kiyan and Aayat get ready fully and all come down for breakfast Kunj get freshen up while gritting his teeth’s at twinkle.

He too went downstairs.Everyone having breakfast Kunj join them and looking at twinkle and kiyan he was sitting on her lap and smiling and she having Tashan.All smiling and finished.They all sitting and playing with kiyan and hanina.Half day passed till afternoon after lunch Kunj was hell irritated because he didn’t get time to spend with his time. Twinkle entered in room Kunj smirked and he closed the door and cuddles her from back.

Twinkle: kunjj what is this.

Kunj: today is Sunday and we’ll spend in each other’s embrace she blushed and turned and look at him.

Twinkle: at this time haan?

Kunj: yes at night kiyan is with us and he didn’t let us do anything now I can’t take chances. Please he making faces.


Kunj:see kiyan is downstairs with everyone we have time don’t wasted. She smiled and lock her arms around Kunj neck both looking into each other eyes.

Kunj cupped her face and he caressing twinkle cheeks bones sensually.Both smiling she closed her eyes and Kunj slowly slowly going closer to her face Kunj closed his eyes and learn for kiss he place his lips on her lips.

She apart her lips Kunj grab her lower lips. Both started kissing each other’s slowly. After it’s turned into wild Kunj pulled twinkle In himself more from her waist and both kissing like there is no tomorrow forget everything.After long they get time with each other’s.While kissing they moving and falls down on bed and twinkle upon Kunj he side her hairs and both sucking each other’s lips fully like thirsty for this only. He open his eyes and even she too both smiled he winked her she blushed Kunj rolled down her. They break the kiss Kunj grab her neck he nuzzles his face in her neck and started kissing her fully giving her love bites.Twinkle moaning his name she moving her hands on his back.Kunj take off his shirt.Kunj kissed over all on her face she enjoying his sweet torture.They entangled their legs and fingers and. Kunj take off twinkle clothes and she blushed.

Kunj:Kya twinkle it’s not first time now you are mother of my son still shying ?.

Twinkle:because the way you look at me it’s make me blushed He giving her wet kisses on her body over all she moaning loudly just.

At downstairs everyone was in living room.

Tej and Manohar called Taneja’s and Luthra’s even rohan and Priyanka too come they all chit chatting with each other’s and kiyan was sleeping in Avantika room with Aayat.

Avni:where is twinkle and Kunj? Busy in son


Rahul:kaha they busy in each other’s only ?. All laughs out.

Twinkle kissing and bite Kunj chest and he giggles.Both teasing each other’s and fondles her fully.Both lost in each other’s and making love. After sometimes later:

Passed from 30 minutes twinkle telling Kunj leave her.

Twinkle: Kunj please leave me now.

Kunj: last 10 minutes promise.

Twinkle: I’m listening this passed from 30 minutes what everyone thinking about us everyone sitting together and we both are here and think about kiyan as well.It’s enough for him away from me he will cry Kunj.

Kunj: Kya twinkle today we got time still. He look at her.

Twinkle: acha what about kiyan. He must be hungry na?

Kunj: even I’m hungry for my wife love?. She slap on his cheek playfully.

Twinkle: Bas karo shameless sarna now leave me this isn’t time for romance it’s enough for you.

Kunj: nope grab her lips they both share deep lip lock.

Kiyan wake up with jerked and started crying Priyanka bring him and she pacific him but he didn’t but Avantika too try.

Twinkle: Kunj my kiyan crying.

Kunj: acha how you know.

Twinkle: I’m his mother I can feel leave me she push him. And composed herself. And went in washroom.

Kunj:yeh kiyan toh uff meri romance life Ka villain ban gaya hai ??.

Quickly twinkle get freshen up and come out.

Twinkle:don’t laugh go and take bath.She correct room and run downstairs. Kiyan crying so loudly she can listen.She come.

Anjali:twinkle see your son.

Twinkle:haan she take him immediately she didn’t stop there went in side room and feeding kiyan who crying like anything after get freshen up Kunj come down he see everyone and changed his route because he knows if they see him and started teasing him. He went in side and busy in his phone twinkle come there after feed kiyan she sit beside all siblings went towards them.

Rahul: hayee Kesha jamana aagaya hai Rudra and rohan now parents busy in romance didn’t care about their baby who crying for his mumma so poor ??. Great we don’t have this type of people in our family and I’m not at all.

Kunj: acha Kamine clearly bola na why you taunting.

Rahul:acha If you taking on yourself I’ll not deny ??.Kamine don’t care about kiyan he crying. All giggles twinkle give kiyan to Kunj and went from there.

Kunj: what you wanted it’s my life I’ll do.

Rahul: acha we will not handle your son and you enjoy your romance haan.

Anjali: Bas karo.

Kunj:look at him he is so innocent as if ?. Should I opened my mouth today hanina will sleep with Omkara.. why Anjali shocked ??.

Anjali: eww you both just thinking about this only.

Rohan: keeping eyes on each other romance life?.

Kabir: yeah. I think they discussed everything like they discussed other things ?. Twinkle come with coffee for everyone.

Rahul: my Kunj is toh bullet train ruk ne Ka naam hi nahi leti hai. Pulled kiyan cheeks kiyan soon you will get siblings ??.

Twinkle drenched in shyness. Rahul push her in Kunj.

Avni: aww.

Kunj:see your husband di.

Anjali: Acha Kunj changed so much he is the one who running after listen Shadi name ??.

Rahul: now opposite he running behind his wife ??.Kunj pulled his hairs they all laughing. He said something in Kunj ears so cheap both laughs out.

Kunj:shit what a cheap man he is.

Om:he is your bestie only. Kunj get up with kiyan.

Kunj:my bad luck.

Rahul: acha Kamine. You spend your half life with me only.

Kabir: you both should get marry with each other’s.

Yuvi: fuck ??.

Rudra: haha.

Kunj: what haha kam Bol padegi Abhi he making puppy faces. Kunj pa come with files. She went towards Kunj and stand.

Sara:sir your file.

Kunj: hmm kunj take what about other work?

Sara: done I send you all mails.

Rahul: even I give you work.

Kunj:she is my pa not yours.You come with me in study room finished all work. And this Rudra and rohan didn’t finished their work fire them they shocked.

Rahul: today is Sunday I’ll not do anywork.

Kunj:yeah you continue your cheap chit chat sessions bro. He went with kiyan.

Come sara.

Sara: yeah sir she run.

Rahul: huhu. Romance end now work don’t know what Maa eat at his time.

Kunj keep kiyan in his swing chair and he and sara working.Kiyan just looking at his father.He get bored Kunj lift him in his arms and explaining everything to sara. The room wall was of glass everyone can see him perfectly kiyan so calm in his father arms twinkle smiled after see him.

Even others too. Sara note all things.

Lata:see my Kunj he can handle everything together.

Prithviraj: he is crown of my head.

Rudra:you both just love bhaiya why.

Lata:because he is very Precious for us. He never obey us.Before said anything he understands us.

Prithviraj:bolene kiya he is my grand son but for me he is my son.All sibling making jealous faces. Kiyan laughing loudly Kunj smile after see his son.

Sara: sir you handle everything together son and professional life.

Kunj:hmm try ?.He sit and typing something in his laptop and kiyan looking with his buttoned eyes.

Rest of them playing in garden many games and chilling out having ice creams and pani puri. Later Kunj finished his work he and sara come out and see everyone having fun. Sara left. Kunj went towards twinkle she having pani puri.

Twinkle:what my baby did with papa.

Rahul: he learning from now only how to do business haina kiyan than he will become ceo of sarna empire ??.

Kunj:all lame joke comes in your mind only.

Still head is only Dadu.

Rudra: yeah boss of ours??.

Twinkle: pani puri.

Kunj:sure.Twinkle feed Kunj with her hands. Kunj feel chilli?.Kya twinkle it’s so spicy.Kunj sit down on grasses kiyan sitting on his lap hanina come and cuddles kiyan he screaming at her all giggles they all lay down and spending family moments.

Days were passing so quickly hanina fully chatter box she eat everyone ears but all loved her specially Kunj he come and asked what she does and she tells him in her cute voice kiyan is so possessive about his father he get angry if Kunj talk anyone apart from him.

Even kiyan started crawling increasing everyone worked Lot specially Avantika she and tej running behind him.They keeping their eyes at him he didn’t falls .

Kunj and Rahul dream project is successful they get hell happy their hard work worth it at last.Omkara opens new art gallery he wanted to keep name on kiyan name Kunj get happy and he give him permission and scold him as well he don’t need of any permission he is their baby as well before him.Even Manohar and Omkara difference also lessen with passing time.They all celebrate khansa 2nd bday with grand way.

Aayat having chocolates everyone knows she is crazy and when she playing with kiyan even feed him as well even kiyan Obsessed with chocolate he love.

Aayat having Maggi kiyan and hanina sitting on mat hanina and kiyan having plain Maggi with their hands like wild animals ??looking extremely cute.

Kunj and twinkle come and see them and surprise their naughty boy.

Twinkle:see your son he does so much drama while having milk.

Kunj:yup ??. Drenched  in Maggi?. Hanina look at kiyan bowl kiyan give her look. Tej and Avantika laughs out and kissed on their cheeks.



Kunj click their funny pictures now their day passes behind them only.3 babies first Aayat their head and this two is uff man kiyan pulled hanina hairs and when she and Aayat make block house he break with his tiny hands ??.Kunj bend down and kissed on kiyan face he giggles and show his gums.

Kunj:acha bye papa going office.

Kiyan:hmm.Busy in his Maggi.

Rahul:chal they busy in their work.

Kunj and Rahul left for office they both selected best business man of the year Both was fully excited because they wanted this only.

Twinkle:chalo kiyan you play lott with Maggi. She clean him and take him with herself hanina went to tej and looking at him. Tej smile and Anjali take him and Aayat she run before Avantika scold her.

Twinkle clean kiyan and give him bath.

She sits on bed and feeding him with bottle just than Kunj call her she pick his video call.

Twinkle: hello mr sarna?

Kunj: hi where is my baby.

Twinkle:here only.She show him.Kiyan look at Kunj and leave his bottle and smiling fully.

Kunj:my bacha give him flying kisses. Kiyan making pout lips twinkle peck at his lips.They talk for sometimes twinkle put kiyan in his baby cot she doing her work.

After sometimes later Kunj and others come back from office. Kunj come in his room and see kiyan playing in cot he went near twinkle and backhugged her.

Twinkle: you come.

Kunj:hmm see today i plan movie date for us.

Twinkle:cool with kiyan.

Kunj:now we can go he can stay with mummy until we come back.


Kunj: good na.

Twinkle: hmm it’s been long time we didn’t went for movies.

Kunj: haan ab tere bête ki movie chalti hain every night twinkle pulled his cheeks.

Twinkle: always making fun of my baby. Kunj went near him.

Kunj:heyy kiyan he giggles back.

Kunj making faces while kiyan laughs out fully. He become cutes baby .

Twinkle:yup mera baby hain na.

Kunj:mine Samji.He lift him and take him downstairs.He playing with his toys and crawling here and there.He went and hide under the table and peeping out Kunj laughs out he hide his face with his both palms.Kunj tell them about movie plan they get happy.

They have their dinner Kunj and twinkle make sure kiyan wouldn’t see them if he saw that started crying and didn’t let them go as well.Avantika take him in room. They all left and went for movie and others couples too come they all holding their wife’s hands and bring popcorns and cold drinks for them all went inside and take Their respective seats .

Kunj: Rahul don’t spoil my movie I don’t want any commentaries.

Rahul: Yeh Bol don’t spoil my romance.

Kunj: huhu. Soon movie starts Kunj hold twinkle hand and movie was romance one they all enjoying movie and side by side Romancing as well.

At home.

Avantika Pacific kiyan he crawls on bed tej and Avantika sits beside him.

Tej:they will come late.

Avantika:yup.Make us busy in them.Usha and Manohar condition was too same handling hanina.Tej and Aayat play movie it’s cartoon movie the lion ?king..?kiyan sitting on tej lap.He too enjoying movie fully Avantika see it’s Kiyan milk Time she went in kitchen and make popcorn for Aayat and coffee for tej and milk for her small cutie pie.she come with their things and take kiyan on her lap and give him milk he having and looking at tv only Aayat having popcorn.Avantika caressing his hairs.

Tej: something seemed like our parenthood’s never end I mean at our time we handle our own kids now when we become old and handling our grand kids and you know I love him and hanina more than all kids me and Manohar always complaining Papa And MAA why they love their grand kids more than us today understands why.Grand kids sunshine to the SOUL?.

Avantika:true see our Kunj he too stay with mummy ji and daddy ji and kiyan too same apart from me and you he didn’t went to anyone leela ji always telling me he just love his dadu and dadi ??.

Tej:hehe.While having milk kiyan dozing off slowly.

In movie Now it’s break time twinkle look at Kunj.

Twinkle:I should call mummy ji and asked about kiyan.

Kunj:twinkle he is sleeping now see the time and you know he is happy with mummy and pa.

Twinkle:acha okay baba. Movie again started funny scenes comes all laughing like anything. It’s srk movie when he take off his shirt twinkle whistling after all

her favourite actor he is. Kunj arching his eye brow.

Kunj: badi whistling aarahi hain when I do that time you never.

Twinkle:?woh srk hai tum sadu hoo. Kunj peck at her lips huhu public me hi.

Kunj:because me Kunj hu.. ?. Rudra sleep on Soumya shoulder she making cry faces.

Kiyan in deep slumber Avantika carefully place him on bed and covered him with blanket.Later Aayat too sleep tej and Avantika lay down beside them kiyan sleeping beside Avantika and nuzzles his face in her embrace as he does with twinkle.She smiled and peck at kiyan temple.

Later movie over they all get happy with movie it’s nice they all come out.

Malika: nice movie.

Yuvi: yeah.

Rohan:you get chances na do romance ?.

Yuvi: acha.Guys there is late night food restaurant let’s have its tummy i enjoy last time .

Avni:acha when you went didn’t told me.

Yuvi:I went with Rishi baby.

Kunj:uff Avni.Chalo.My panda is ready haina twinkle.

Kabir: haan??.They all sits in car and left soon they reached there and all went and Oder foods soon their Oder comes they all jumped on foods all having feeding each other’s.After this they all left for homes it’s quiet late now.

Kiyan was sleeping peacefully he wakes up with jerk and crying loudly. Avantika wake up.

Avantika:Kya Hua haan. She take him in arms and try to calm down him but he crying badly and started sobbing she get up and moving here and there try to feed him milk but he throwing it.This Kunj and twinkle knows they have small baby they shouldn’t take this much time.

Tej: call your son.

Avantika: Leave bas Mera Bacha see dadi is here what kiyan wanted haan.

Anjali: we get late today. Hanina tease Maa and papa.

Rahul: maybe not.Once she slept didn’t wake up much.

Kunj: hmm but mine one wake up lott.

Twinkle: I told you now don’t plan this things. We aren’t anymore free couples.

Omkara:parents ?at morning bade papa takes your class.They reached and all went inside.With extra key Kunj open the door and they went ahead.Kiyan crying sound echoed fully twinkle and Kunj understand there baby crying.Avantika come outside along with tej.He crying so badly.

Avantika:you all come.Tej look at Kunj he scared.

Twinkle: I’m here kiyan. She take kiyan. He crying more and more she take him upstairs and others too escape from there tej and Avantika went back.

Twinkle and Kunj entered in room.

Twinkle: bas kiyan. She sit on bed and patting on his back see I’m here only I’m sorry.

Kunj: he wake up in raw sleep.

Twinkle:hmm you go and bring milk for him.

Kunj: okay Kunj went in kitchen and prepared milk for him he bring quickly he still crying and give to twinkle she feeding him.And patting on his chest he drinking and closed his eyes try to sleep as well. Kunj changed his clothes.Kiyan sleep twinkle check him and place him carefully she too change and come and lay down beside kiyan he screaming in sleep. Hold her finger 

Twinkle: haan im here she cuddles him.

Kunj:neendh me bhi he can sense you.

Twinkle:unique connection between baby and mother.Later sleep took over them.

After [email protected]

Kiyan started taking baby steps twinkle and Kunj cherish their parenthood totally.

He run here and there and falls down can’t walk properly.Break his bums.

Get angry as well soon and throwing things like his father and he and Rudra enjoy cartoons together Rudra bring cars for them and made him sit and give him tour of in toy cars.After see this all Lata and Prithviraj overwhelms by suddenly their health get ill.Because of this they

Hospitalised Kunj and Omkara breaks down they leave everything just praying for them.Taking care of them day and night.Kiyan loves to pulled Prithviraj moustaches.Jumping on his tummy he too enjoy. When Kunj show him fake anger he too give him angry look.Everyone is like yeh tera bhi baap hai?.If he is a lion mufasa than he is too cub simba his son ?.Usually calling them with this name.

Everyone having breakfast twinkle bring kiyan baby food she feeding him and he doing drama lott she scold him slightly he brings tears in his eyes and tej come and looking at his dadu and making puppy faces everyone OMG what a baby ?he too knows where on whom he should used trump card?..


twinkle feed him again and he giving her Roar look.

Kunj: kiyan what you wanted haan.

Twinkle:nothing see him always drama for everything Kunj didn’t drink milk even not have anything.

Lata:he will have. Hai na kiyan he nodded in yes??.After breakfast Kunj and twinkle went in room with kiyan. Place kiyan on bed and he playing with his toys

Kunj smile and kissed on twinkle forehead and he left for office: after sometimes later twinkle busy in her work and she take kiyan and went to mandir even she called Kunj he too come they went mandir together and pray for their happiness lives and give food to poors.

They went for long drive with kiyan and having lotts of fun there kiyan too get happy.After lunch they come back.

Kunj and twinkle holding kiyan hands and helping him to take his first steps but he stop and crying they giggles and lift him kiyan kissed on their cheeks.Kunj become baby and playing with kiyan and act like as he does.After see her son and husband twinkle thanking to babaji for each and everything.All family members sitting. Kiyan blabbering this and that.

Kiyan: da.. da..all shocked.

Kunj: what did you said haan.

Twinkle: he said dada.really she cupped his face. Kiyan say mumma they both become mad everyone laughs out their craziness this all things is special in parenthood’s. Say mu.. mma.

Kiyan: mu…mma.

Kunj: hoo my baby say again dada.

Twinkle: first me. Avantika come and take him.

Avantika:say dadiii.

Kiyan: MAA he cuddles her.

Avantika:aww.tej and Avantika teach him everything.

Kunj: you all listen my calling me dada.

Lata: Haan.

Rahul: should I distribute sweets huhu.

Kunj: jealous man.

@twinj room…

Kiyan is sleeping and twinkle is totally engrossed in something.She was watching something in laptop.Kunj tiptoed entered in the room.and what his two jaan are doing.He saw kiyan is sleeping but twinkle in engrossed in something.He uplift his an eyebrow.Kunj thinks now

Kunj:what syappa , syappa queen is planning…

He silently went towards her and stand beside her…

He saw she is watching some yoga and dieting videos..

Kunj:twinkle.Twinkle didn’t respond..

Kunj :twinkleeeeee….shake her…

Twinkle;what ? Can’t you see i m watching something very important..?

Kunj:important? May i know what is this?

Twinkle:: see after delivery still i m looking like a panda..Huhh…so much fat…so thats why i m thinking to start dieting and yoga…

Kunj:yoga toh theek hai but dieting is not necessary baby …

Twinkle:: it is .see showing her belly and waist or cheeks.How much i had gain because of pregnancy and kiyan.

Now i have to loose..

Kunj:who said you are fat….infact you look more cute now ..

Twinkle:: woh tum aise hi bol ho otherwise toh tum bhi mujhe panda bolte ho.Kunj make her stand..

See baby its nothing like that.look this your waist perfectly fit into my arms .so how can you say that you had gain too much..

Twinkle:but this fat…

Kunj:arey baby its normal…i toh love more this chubby chubby twinkle..i can bite your cheeks as well…while biting her cheeks…

Twinkle:: tum toh bas humesha on rahte ho….hatto ..

Kunj:aahh …don’t spoil my mood now i want a kiss….after kiyan you don’t love me any more…

Twinkle:: haan again you started your emotional drama .

Kunj :: make frowned look..

Twinkle:: huh sadu …gussa toh naak pe rahta hai humesha…

She give quickly gives peck to him on his lips ..

Kunj :: huhh …i m not kiyan  you are giving peck to me ….i think day by day you had forgotten how to do kiss? Let me teach you …

He pulled her and both got engaged in passionate kiss.After 5 minutes.

Kiyan woke up and started crying.Twinkle pushed kunj.

Kunj:huhh.always disturb my romance…

Twinkle:: giggles.Twinkle lift kiyan in her arms.He stopped crying..

Kunj:beta what i have done wrong to you .why you always broke my moment….

Kiyan smiled at him.Twinj too smiled and kissed kiyan…

Twinkle:mera baby …

Kunj :: kya tu hmesha bolti rehti hai mera mera karti hai mera bhi hai meri bina kese aata ye .

Twinkle::blushed …acha .humhara baby..ok now khush.

Kunj :: hmm meri jaan ..

Kiyan: mum..ma and da..da.Twinkle and Kunj get happy more and more day by day this cutie pie bring happiness everyday in their life’s.They joint foreheads. Kiyan look at laptop he too pressing keyboard?.

Kunj:beta let me do this I’m cursing myself lott??.

Twinkle: haan this laptop is his sotan you don’t bring anyone shoo..

After 2 days later there is a award ceremony where all business world people comes after keeping for them and give them honour.Kunj and Rahul damn excited for this.Kunj gifted twinkle a necklace and she wear as well.

They all set to go and left.They reached there after see the crowd Kunj and Rahul get nervous as well many more business mans are here who more talented and achieve as well more than them.They give pose for media all take their respective tables.Ceremony started.Lavanya and one more lady hosting the function.They both calling everyone and give them awards even Kabir and rt company too win.Kunj holding Lata and Prithviraj hands.

Rahul: see her Kunj yaar.

Kunj:haan yaar she become so successful business women.

Rahul:do remember you and she having Cold War always at our training time.

Kunj: yeah wanted to completing with each other’s?miss Anaisha ahluwalia. There is some performance as well all enjoying very bit of it.

Lavanya:so now I’m calling for another award. She smiled

Anaisha: hmm amazing enemies ?she said Kunj and Rahul get confused.So for best business man of the year award goes to mr KUNJ SARNA AND RAHUL MALHOTRA SHE Said all surprised and looking at Rahul and Kunj they didn’t said anything just shocked.

Twinkle:kunjj you win. He look at Rahul. Kunj just hugged Lata and Prithviraj.

Kunj; daduuu.

Prithviraj: you did it Kunj. Go.They all push them they totally freeze at that moments. They went on stage and become fully cold they share a hug with duo.

Anaisha:congratulation my teammates ?.

Kunj: thanks she give them their dream trophy Kunj and Rahul hold tightly all family members standing and having tears in their eyes. They both kissed on trophy and went towards mic.

Kunj: uff finally today we got this.

Rahul: I can’t describe through words what we feeling right now it’s like dream come true.

Kunj: it’s our dream only both take deep breathe wowwww.We wait lott and work hard to reached till here.

Rahul: give ourselves in this only.Because wanted to hold this.

Kunj:kehte hai har successful man ke piche ek aurat ka haath hota hai wouldn’t deny it is.But in our case it’s totally opposite having tears in their eyes.We have behind our success just my PA hands this dream he saw for us.

Rahul:our Hitler without his hard work and he push us lott sometimes we get irritates as well. He wanted we get all things and become successful persons.

Kunj:my dadu and dadi my inspiration my life they trust me always whenever I get low and think I can’t do this they were the one who make me believe no Kunj you can do it not myself I get up but for them because they having lotts of hopes with me and I wanted to fulfilled their all wishes. Even he said jab ek time aayega when I’ll understand each and everything why my parents did with me and today the time has arrive I understand and got all my answers pa If you not do anything today maybe we aren’t here so thanks for each and everything for making me like this.Tej and Avantika having tears and even smile as well

Rahul:for me badi Maa and papa is like angle we didn’t see them but I saw here in front of my eyes they standing.This is just for you lift his trophy.Tej nodding in yes.

Kunj:this all happened because of my family their love and support give me energy.My wife twinkle big thanks to you who understands me so well.Twinkle giggles.Now I think I don’t want anything more my all wishes fulfilled.Last but not least he hold Rahul hand.We promised someone we will stay together see we are together only this all for you uncle and aunty. Rahul and Kunj wiped their tears and share a hug.All clapped for them.

Lavanya: big congratulations you both.

Rahul: thanks. Anaisha and Rahul laughs out. And she was our big competitor ??.

Anaisha: yup and I m happy my both competitors wins.They pulling her legs and laughs out.They went towards their family

And hugged tej both of them so tightly.

Kunj: see pa we win finally.

Tej:yes you did it.My sons all get happy. Kunj cuddles Lata and Prithviraj.They enjoy whole function after they went outside Rahul and Kunj share there happinesses with Media.

Media:sir you both always come together?

Kunj:yes we does everything together only both laughs out?.

Rahul: hmm?yeh dosti hum nahi todenge. After this they all went to Sarna Mansion they bring cake and Rahul and Kunj celebrate their success with everyone Rudra and Omkara cuddles Kunj and they share brothers hug. Kunj and Rahul went near saanvi and Atul photo which hanging on wall. They keep trophy near them.

Kunj:uncle and aunty your last wish we fulfilled you and pa wanted na today we did it.

Rahul: your prayers and papa hard work give us this all things.They smiled.

Kunj rest his head in Lata and Prithviraj lap.

Kunj: dadu and dadi are you happy.

Lata: yes lott you always make us proud kunjj.

Avantika: haan.

Tej: I’m so happy today I can’t describe you both.They all family members share a group hug and click pictures together.

Now their life’s just fulfilled with happiness and happiness only. Happiness is everywhere and in everything just needs a sigh to see.. ?.

Kunj lift khansa and hanina in his arms they both dancing in his arms kiyan see them and started crying.

Kiyan: da:,da.. moving his hands towards Kunj.

Twinkle: ale kiyan what happened.

Rahul: jealous king huhu.He started crying Kunj immediately leave them and lift him in his arms.

Kunj:okay baba happy kiyan he nodded in yes.

Malika:give me kiyan see him he is damn cute man. Everyone drooling for him.

Kunj: never you can take anything but him never ever cuddles his son tightly.

Kiyan is carbon copy of Kunj like him only fully.They all celebrating fully having dinner together. For a chance hanina kissing on kiyan lips he let her all shocked


After spending time with famjam all went back to their places.

@ twinj room…

at late night..@

Twinkle was feeding her son kunj was working on his laptop.Outside rain started.while kiyan slept.

Twinkle:kunj bas na now come lets sleep….

Kunj:just 5 min baby …

Twinkle see its raining outside and went to close the window..

She was standing in the balcony.enjoying rain Kunj saw her.

Kunj:are you mad itni rat ko barish me kaun bheegta hai.

Twinkle:arey kunj phali barish hai season ki .isme toh sbko bheegna chahiye come you too..

Kunj:twinkle don’t forget you are now mother as well.if you will get cold then baby will also get smjhi na..

Twinkle::haan i know only for few minutes.please kunj Kunj melted her pouty face.

Twinkle:pta hai abhi mera man kya karne ko kar raha hai.

Kunj:kya ??

Twinkle:dance .

Kunj:so do na who stops you …

Twinkle pulled kunj towards her and both enjoyed rain while dancing….even enjoyed their kiss as well.Kiyan started crying ..

Kunj:junior sarna woke up…Chal

Kunj immediately changed and took kiyan in his arms .while twinkle too went …

Kunj changed his nappies..

Kunj:i think he is hungry ..

Twinkle:: give me i ‘ll bring his feeder…

Twinkle:: hmm…lets go downstairs i ‘ll make coffee for both of us ..wese bhi kiyan will not let us sleep for some time …

Kunj:yup …chal They went to downstairs…

All siblings were there siiting in the hall..

Kunj:what’s going on.you all sitting here at this time .

Rahul:we will tell youfirst you tell …ye tum dono ke bheege bheege baal kuch or hi kahani byaan kar rahe hai.

Kunj:hehe ho gya .jesa tum soch rahe ho wesa kuch bhi ni hai.

Rahul:rahne de i think you both are very much eager to give us one more good news…

Twinkle:what jiju?

Kunj:don’t listen him go you made coffee…

Wese what you all are  doing here ?

Om:arey mere bhai look at the mausam …season ki phali barish h so humne socha kyn na enjoy kare le

Rudra:haan bhaiya …mine toh first one after marriage….

Kunj:acha ….ji….kam ke time toh tumhe ni dikhta ki you are married now so become responsible haan …

Rahul:leave na yaar lets enjoy..

Anjali ,mahi and Soumya  are making maggi and coffee.awesome combination hai na …

Kunj:hmm …

Rahul :: wese you didn’t tell me..?

Kunj :: what ?

Rahul :: tumhare bheege bheege balo ka raaz….

Kunj:kamine…kuch ni twinkle was enjoying rain and she pulled me as well in the rain so that’s all….

Rahul:: hoo that’s all ya fir ashiqui 2 bhi ki ….??.

Kunj:shut up man …

Rahul:: rudy …this is your first bharish after marriage na …

Rudy:: yup jii…

Rahul:: but here your bhaiya and bhabhi are enjoying…as this is their first barish….

Om:: kya baat hai bhai…you are fast haan …we toh come here enjoying coffee with barish  but you toh enjoyed fully haan …great man….

Kunj:: acha ji…you all are na very much speaking after shadi ….

Om :: arey we learnt from you only …..

Rahul :: hehe gud one om both hifi…

Meanwhile everyone came with maggi and coffee….

Anjali :: why are you laughing this much haan …someone crack some joke kya ?

Rahul :: haan…this small brothers are telling kunj what they had learnt from him…

Twinkle:: acha ji…what tell me also ? My husband is best i know that…

Rahul:: arey haan why not he was going to tell everyone…kunj out his palm on his mouth to make him shut ….

Anjali :: what happen?

Kunj : nothing dii…you control your husband nowadays he is flying too much….

Anjali :: acha ….

Twinkle:: hoo not then you ….

Om and Rudra laughed…..

Mahi and saumya :: acha have you coffee and  maggi otherwise it will become cold coffee ….

Meanwhile kiyan was enjoying…smiling while looking at them.Everyone enjoyed their coffee and maggi Kiyan started sucking his lips ..

Twinkle:you all continue i m going ..

Kunj:i m also going .he took his and went behind her ..

In room ….twinkle feed him milk  kunj and twinkle enjoy their coffee from same mug…. after kiyan our life become so beautiful thanks for giving me him.

Twinkle: I should thanks to you kunj for Each and everything I feel so lucky have husband like you. Today fulfilled uncle and papaji dream its so big.i wanted my

Kiyan to went in and he become fully like his father.

Kunj: soch le??,

Twinkle: yes Kunj tum jeshe bhut kam hote in this world.

Kunj: acha tere jeshe bhi meri soulmate. Kiyan try to take his toe in his mouth


Twinkle and Kunj laughs out because he gives them many things to laughs out.

Next day.

Tej and Avantika invited Lavanya for lunch she come and meet with everyone and specially with kiyan she get so happy.

Rahul: see twinkle teri sautan ke saath your son is so happy ??.

Twinkle:huhu Avantika take Lavanya with herself.

Avantika: thanks beta for each and everything.

Tej: yes if you not help us in jealously part today my son and bahu never come together didn’t understand anything.

Avantika: haan Lavanya because of you today we are so happy and they are too.

Lavanya:bas uncle and aunty if I do anything because of Kunj nothing more don’t say thanks and all’s please. I’m happy because of me and that jealousy drama you called me India all Those things I does and twinkle feel jealous because of me. They laughs out twinkle and Kunj heard this all things and shocked.

Tej: haan kya kare my son is so innocent he marry because of our happiness but we can’t let him stay the way he going and twinkle too it’s our responsibilities so she think this and call you and you did best now the time come my Kunj can’t stay without his wife twinkle and she too.

Avantika:haan we thought If we said anything they will listen but we are their parents and bring you.They hugged Lavanya.Twinkle and Kunj damn shocked but happy because who does this all things just for their kids.Twinkle feel bad she thought all bad about Lavanya she did this all because of them only.Yes true today she and he is together because of her only.

Twinkle: mummy ji and papaji is the best.

Kunj: yaar kaun karta hai both laughs out.Later Lavanya going twinkle hug her.

Twinkle:thanks for everything she get confused and look at Kunj he smiled she understands all things. Sorry as well.

Lavanya:don’t be please can I take your son ?.

Kunj:everyone wanted my son.

Rahul:Haan they will not want you old man???all laughs out twinkle and Kunj or Lavanya hug each other’s.

Kunj:thanks she left. All boys went in garden and playing cricket while kids too playing in living room.Tej become horse and hanina and kiyan sitting on her back ???. Manohar dancing funny..

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit.

We’ve got this gift of love, but love is like a precious plant. You can’t just accept it and leave it in the cupboard or just think it’s going to get on by itself. You’ve got to keep watering it. You’ve got to really look after it and nurture it.

Kiyan see butterfly he running behind her and fly run while kiyan went under the dinning table and holding chocolate bar he sits under the table and having chocolate.

While twinkle searching him everyone she asked everyone they don’t know she get shocked and started panicked she called kunj.

Kunj: Kya Hua.

Twinkle: Kunj my kiyan where he went haan.

Kunj:what do you mean where he can went ha he must be here only go.

Twinkle:Kunj I check him everywhere. He wasn’t anywhere. She started crying.

Avantika:arey wait.She too check all shocked twinkle crying loudly while kiyan don’t care he busy in his chocolate world ??. Kunj too worried he too looking here and there giving him voice he bend down and his eyes went towards dinning table and see his cub under the table and having chocolate he went near and see kiyan.

Kunj: this boy kill me one day he is here everyone look at him and shocked. You naughty cub come here he deny Kunj bring him out and kiyan making faces. Twinkle get relief she went towards Kunj.

Twinkle:kiyan pagal ho.

Kunj: he enjoying this chocolate haan your mumma Started crying.?.Twinkle kissed on his face.

Twinkle:my baby all too laughs out.she place him down he started running and Kunj and twinkle behind him now their life’s just starts behind him only and end as well.

Rahul and Kunj thinking to go for small work now rohan and Rudra handle work nicely even twinkle and Anjali too demanding after babies they didn’t get time to go anywhere tej and Avantika tell them they should go. They get happy and Rahul and Kunj plan their mini family small vacation.They decided to go Verona.

They booked each and everything very quickly Anjali and twinkle was damn excited for trip they packed all things.

Very next they both couples left for Verona with their babies in aircraft journey both babies teased their parents lott.

Rahul: we should plan baby later ??.

Kunj: acha nobody give your invitation card.

Anjali: shame on yourself.

Twinkle: why we going Verona only.

Rahul: because for Romeo and Juliet the place is very famous for them??.

Twinkle: very lame.

Kunj: nice place you will loved.They reached and they quickly went to hotel and settled down they get freshen up and in formed to family.After sometimes later they both couples went to explore Verona Kunj and Rahul caring kiyan and hanina in carrier bag and twinkle and Anjali holding their hands they roaming here and there and spend best time with each other’s Rahul and Kunj totally forgot and behaving like bachelors just for fun they flirting with girls and twinkle and Anjali become roasted chicken they didn’t leave them as well.Both apologised publicly ?.

Life is full of colours.You should choose a colour which makes you happy and there’s also options for choosing so many colours.Whole week they roaming fully. Creating memories hanina and kiyan too happy.They too become Romeo and Juliet after come here ??Romancing publicly.

At night.

Twinj room.

Kiyan fast sleep today twinkle and Kunj sitting holding each other’s hands.

Twinkle: let me go and take bath.

Kunj: acha after come here toh at least become like Juliet ??.

Twinkle. Acha ji mere Romeo ?. She get up about to go Kunj pulled her and went in the washroom kunjj.

Kunj: not today baby.

Twinkle:what about kiyan. Haan.

Kunj:we are here only samji he pinned her towards side wall and on the shower tap both drenched in water.Kunj grab her wet lips and started kissing twinkle is too not less than.She too kissing him back and biting his lips and Kunj taking off their clothes both lost totally.He kissing her and she too twinkle turned her back facing to him and she hugging wall Kunj kissed on her back and moving his fingers twinkle shivered fully. He turned and she blushed and both falls down in bathtub which filmed with water and rose petals and they both Romancing.Twinkle and Kunj wear bathrobe and Kunj lift her and went in room.He place her on her he come top of her and kissing her again she pulling his hairs because can’t tolerate his sweet torture. Kiyan wake up because of him they too fullstop on their romance ??. Kunj take kiyan middle.

Twinkle:wake up my baby.He smiled.

Kunj and twinkle kissed on his forehead.

Kunj: now sleep after bathroom romance new experience ??.

Twinkle: kiyan your dada is big shameless. Kunj ruffles his hairs.

Kunj: kiyan you wanted siblings haan.

Twinkle: acha you wanted.

Kunj: I have lott??. Both laughs out. Later they sleep.

Next morning they wake up again went outside twinkle and Kunj holding each other’s hands they never thought their life become this much beautiful.They sitting on bridge and looking at water and view kiyan in Kunj arms twinkle resting her head on Kunj shoulder.

Twinkle: kunjj i love you.

Kunj: I love you too. Because of you life because of beautiful.

Twinkle: mine too because of you. Humhara pyaar kunjj. ??.

Only happy people understand love.???

Scene freezes on their back and they sitting..


Finally episode finished sorry for late: 

How was the episode???99?? 

I try to give each and everything 

Kunj and Rahul finally fulfilled their dreams as well their parents ?..

All siblings masti twinj romance and kiyan naughtiness ??..hope you all enjoy episode thanks for your comments in last episode. 

No proof reading. You all too enjoy this twinj parenthood scenes..??..

Phew man finally next will be my second 100 century ????. 

Bye love you all??



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