Episode: 98

All family members packed their things and check out the hotel.Kiyan was in Omkara arms he sleeping peacefully.

Kunj was with Avantika and Aayat in tej arms they all sits in cars and left for their respective places..

Rudra and Soumya reached hotel where they going to stay tonight.They come out of the car and welcomed beautifully send them to their honeymoon suite. They both entered inside and get mesmerised to see the room both smiled like anything Soumya looking here and there Rudra come and give her backhugged.

Rudra: yaar sumo I’m so happy finally become each other’s husband and wife she smiles and turned and look at Rudra lock her arms around his neck..

Soumya:haan rudra it’s not less than fairly tale we used to fight and pulled each other’s legs.

Rudra:yeah like crazy today crazy for each other’s and wanted to stay together as well.you are best thing happened in my life I don’t have words for you Thanks and promise me you will stay with me always and we both become like bhaiya and bhabhi. She smiled and hold his hands.

Soumya:it’s my promise Rudra.We stay same like till now we all staying with lots of love only no Reproach or complaint..

Rudra:haan.kissed on her forehead.just than someone knocked the door Rudra and Soumya look at each other’s Rudra smiled and he went and open the door and found servant..

Servant:sir this cake from our side for you both newly wedded couple.Rudra smiled and take and he left and closed the door back Rudra and Soumya look at cake and read name mr and Mrs Sarna they smiled and they both cut the cake together.They feed each other’s.Rudra apply on her face she become gloomy she pulled and her and lick her cheek she blushed.

Rudra: now what?

Soumya: I’m sleepy today man she about to go Rudra pulled her hands.

Rudra:acha sumo you eat and sleep lott not tonight Today is our first night.she look at him she blushed he left her and went towards bed and come upon on her and hovered her fully and busy in their love.. ?

At Mehra [email protected]

Rohan and Priyanka car stop in front of the mansion.Rohan look at Priyanka she is just keep quiet..

Rohan:Priyanka ghar? She look at him and blink her eyes rohan come out of the car and give her his hand Priyanka hold his hand and come out of the car.Let’s go our home.she smiled they went inside everyone was waiting for them standing at door entrance only. Rohan and Priyanka entered they see them and smiled.Misha bring aarti tali.

Alia:finally my bhabhi come. Misha does their aarti.

Misha:Priyanka beta now you do your griha parvesh rasam Okay.She nodded in yes.She does whatever Misha telling her. All smiled and she entered inside and leave her footprints.very nice beta they both took everyone blessings.

Ranveer:come we have to play games as well. All laughs out and they all went in side rohan and Priyanka sit opposite of each other’s and Alia drop ring in milk bowl.Now start the game.Rohan smiles and they both playing game and try to find ring rest of them cheering them. Rohan just look Priyanka she engrossed in her he smiled.

Babaji you don’t know what you give me. You listen everyone thanks. Itself he loss the game.

Priyanka:I finds out.she scream all smiled and she show ring.

Alia:aww not bad.rohan get happy after see smile on Priyanka face its totally amazing.

Ranveer:chal this ritual too end.

@At Sarna Mansion.

Everyone come Sarna Mansion they all were hell tired even as well..

Kunj:you come with me mummy.

Avantika:hmm wait.She and tej went towards Priyanka room they open the door and went inside it’s empty their breathe sound echoed in whole room.See tej even priyanka too went.

Tej: hmm

Avantika:she can’t Even stay without us for a day how she will stay here..

Tej:hold her hand you don’t worry ab uski Shadi hogi hai I can understand your pain and emotions as well but zindagi issi ka naam hai.He wiped her tears.went in room Mahi bring water for them and Kunj made his mother drink.

Kunj:acha now no more tears mummy me and Aayat toh here only.Kunj wiped tej and Avantika tears and both brother and sister cuddles them.

Avantika:you sleep Aayat.


Kunj:you must be tired you sleep now.

Tej:Haan Avantika sleep.

Aayat:bhaiya you sleep here only.

Kunj:acha.They both cuddles Avantika rest their heads in her embrace.Tej smiled.

Twinkle get freshen up and she come and change kiyan clothes as well he was sleeping beautifully.

Twinkle:Kunj must be with mummy ji papaji.

Avantika sleep peacefully Kunj raise his face and check her he smiled and kissed on her forehead.

Tej: you go and sleep.

Kunj:yeah goodnight pa.he said and went

Kunj entered in his room and see twinkle.

Twinkle:you come he went inside and closed the door.

Kunj: haan after mummy sleep.

Twinkle:hmm she is sad because of Priyanka. Kunj sit beside her.

Kunj:yeah hum sab me se she is only the one who can’t stay without mummy and pa anyone she wanted if not than without reasons she started crying not less than Aayat. Twinkle chuckled. Missing yaar it’s really difficult who made this custom..

Twinkle:acha sadu till now you making fun of me always what happened today when your time come haan.Now understand how you feel when you leave your family and everything.

Kunj:Haan siyappa queen.Twinkle cupped his face. And wiped his tears.

Twinkle; don’t worry rohan really good.

Kunj:I know but poor it she started crying like you and spoil his mood than ?.

Twinkle:acha what mood I know dirty brother.

Kunj:I’m talking about my friend ?. Both laughs out. Hayee my cutie pie sleeping.

Twinkle:haan good na today he didn’t disturb and tease me as well.Not well so just resting his head.

Kunj:hmm finally wedding too over last.

Twinkle:yeah Kunj very fun full. You go and changed okay.

Kunj:yeah.Kunj get up and went in

washroom he changed his clothes and get freshen up and he come and lay down on his side of bed.Twinkle covered kiyan with blanket.They closed their eyes and sleep took over them.

After all post marriage rituals done Priyanka send in her room.While all cousin didn’t rohan let him go in his room.He give them their sagun and went in his room he entered in his room and get shocked to see room condition his room fully decorated with rose candles beautifully ambiance.His eyes went on Priyanka she sitting middle of the bed cuddling her knees.He smiled and went towards her and sit beside Priyanka.


Priyanka:hi.Both look at each other’s.

Rohan:are you okay na.She nodded in yes.Priyanka I wanted to tell you something.


Rohan:I don’t know how to tell you I know you maybe get shocked and surprised as well but we going to start our new life together I wanted to be honest with you.

Priyanka:hmm.He took her hands.

Rohan:I can’t believe it you become my wife my life partner it’s dream come true for me.Priyanka look at him.What now I’m going to tell you it’s give you shocked but today I got time and chance as well till now I try but always failed and scared as well and just hesitation I don’t know when this happened and how I just come India to attend wedding don’t know I’ll end up like this.both looking into each other’s eyes.I saw after long time first time for me you are my bestie sister.Initially I was too confused thought maybe it’s my Infatuation but I was wrong totally.Whenever I see you it’s gives me peace always admire you.

When I get to know about you and Darsh alliance I was so shocked and thought again my heart break down. Priyanka just listening him.Thanks to god nothing happened babaji was with me and he listen everyone that’s sure..

than Kunj bring you in office and joint I was so excited and happy I don’t have words because I can see you everyday inside her she chuckled.This all sound lame but Priyanka I don’t know when

I fall for you. And your and Darsh alliance break down I understand A ray of hope I see and we both working together and i get chance to spend time with you. I was shocked when I get to know my alliance going to fixed with you but happy as well babaji did everything for best and he bring you in my life anyhow. Love at first sight So I wanted to tell that I LOVE YOU priyanka she was shocked but happy as well.No force on you priyanka I’m loving you it’s my way not yours. Didn’t tell you till now because of Kunj and tej uncle because you know your bother and father she blinked her eyes.Whatever is in my heart I tell you priyanka that’s all. She smiled.

Why you looking at me like this. Sorry if I said something wrong. She immediately hugged rohan and give him shocked.

Priyanka:even I don’t know anything rohan.when you are near me it’s give me positive vibes and you always make me feel comfortable and understands as well. When bhaiya tell me about my alliance with you I was shocked but my heart was happy really and I don’t know why giving different feelings as well. I don’t know about this and that yeah I know one thing even I have feelings for you in my heart.Love to spend time you. You aren’t like other boys who make me feel uneasy. I’m happy with you and I got life partner like you.Yes even I love you rohan he was shocked cum surprised today he get all happiness together.She caressing his back and rohan cuddles her more.They break the hug later and both looking each other’s than Priyanka looking other side . Rohan cupped her face. I don’t know you like me I’m so different from other girls I mean.

Rohan:yes you are different from all girls but unique.Whoever not like you he is dumbo she giggles.I love you fully and wanted to give you all happiness and stay with you rest of my life.She just blushed. Both look at each other’s. So.

Priyanka:What.In low voice.

Rohan:I mean you wanted? She blinked her eyes rohan kissed on her forehead and kissed on her cheek she get shocked just blushed fully.He take off her veil and all her jewelleries. Priyanka lay down on bed and rohan come upon her both just looking at each other’s eyes.Priyanka turned her face rohan kissed on her forehead and cheeks he nuzzles his face in her neck and her hands immediately went on his nape hairs he kissing her fully while Priyanka caressing his hairs rapidly.With his toe Rohan pulled blanket and covered them.

And they both lost in each other’s embrace and get busy in their love world ❤️..

Next at morning.

Rohan and Priyanka sleeping peacefully Priyanka wake up and she look at rohan who sleeping peacefully she smiled and remembered last night she blushed and kissed on rohan cheek.

Priyanka:thanks babaji for giving him and I get pArtner like him he really loves me. She composed herself and went in washroom she get freshen up quickly and went downstairs.

While in living room Sumit and Misha sitting and having tea. Priyanka see them and went towards them.

Priyanka: good morning mummy ji and papaji she takes their blessings they get so happy.

Misha:good morning beta you looking so beautiful. She smiled.come sit with us.

Priyanka:nahi I’ll bring tea for you both.

Misha:acha chalo my bahu come at least I can do rest now your husband to never let me do they giggles. She take Priyanka in kitchen and show her everything. Today you have to make something in sweet dish so I’ll help you beta.

Priyanka: nahi mummy ji I’ll make itself don’t worry.

Misha: are you sure beta?

Priyanka: yes.

Misha:okay.She said and went from there.

Priyanka make tea for them and take and served them they get so happy she again come and get busy.While Priyanka look at herself she take carrot in her hands.

Priyanka:hmm.She started grating the carrots.

In room rohan sleeping peacefully he wakes up and look at Priyanka side of bed and it’s empty he move his hand.

Rohan:where my beautiful wife went hmm he get up and smiled recalled last night their moments he get so happy thanks babaji for each and everything and I love you lott.He went in washroom Rohan get freshen up and get ready as well he went

Downstairs and went in living room nobody was there.Rohan searching for Priyanka only.He look at here and there than he thought maybe she must be in kitchen only.He went and stop at door and rest his head against the door and look at Priyanka she is fully busy and pissed off rohan see and giggles she making puppy faces seems like this kitchen work out of her zone.

Priyanka:mummy was right I should learn everything I told mummy ji I will do but how.

Rohan:aww my poor wifey. Without doing any noise he went towards her and give her backhugged which scared Priyanka.

Priyanka:ahah.. she turned and found Rohan. Tummm..

Rohan: yeah me. She hit on his chest.

Priyanka:dara diya mujhe.

Rohan:acha what’s going on here wifey ji. He look at here and there and see kitchen condition everything is messed up. Arey Yeh Kya Hai.

Priyanka:woh I have to make sweet dish so I’m making gajar Ka halwa I prepared all things but I don’t know how to make and I told mummy ji I’ll do itself.she make puppy faces Rohan take carrot and have.

Rohan:hoo so bad.

Priyanka: what are you doing here haan if anyone see you here than what they will think about you.

Rohan:what why they will think I’m your legally husband and you are my wife.I can’t leave you alone in this situation.

Priyanka: why?

Rohan:because you are my wife na.

Priyanka: you know.

Rohan:hmm I don’t know but I can help you don’t worry.

Priyanka: how?rohan take out his phone from his pocket.

Rohan:we have google baba he will help us.He searched how make gajar Ka halwa and recipe come. I’ll tell you and you make you have 30 minutes before everyone come for breakfast okay.

Priyanka:okay rohan sit on kitchen slab. He telling Priyanka each and everything and she doing whatever Rohan telling her. After sometimes later finally halwa was ready.

Rohan:hmm smell coming awesome.

Priyanka:jhoote.Rohan pulled Priyanka near himself by her waist.He try to kiss her.Aha leave me she push him.Rohan giggles while Priyanka blushed he went out of the kitchen.Alia and Ranveer coming down they see rohan who coming from kitchen they went in living room.

Alia: good morning bhai..

Rohan: ho good morning di.

Alia:Ranveer did you see rohan he coming from kitchen what are you doing haan usually you never went how today.

Rohan:I have work di.

Ranveer:we all know.Winked at her and rohan ruffles his hairs.

Alia:I know liar ?..

At Sarna mansions everyone was sleeping peacefully. Till late.

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping kiyan wake up and looking at twinkle he moving his hand on he face and nuzzles his face in her embrace and sniffing her. She didn’t wake up still he had to On his tape?. Which make twinkle wake up.

Twinkle:hmm kiyan what.in sleeping tone.

She open his eyes and look at him.Kya Hua.He look at her open his mouth.Hoo good morning my baby.Peck at his lips.

Hungry duck. She kissed on his forehead and started feeding kiyan.She caressing his hairs.Kunj too wake up and see mother and son.

Kunj: good morning.

Twinkle: good morning.

Kunj:hoo mr junior busy in his work.

Twinkle:haan.Good he didn’t disturb us whole night so he will be hungry na.

Kunj:hmm. Kiyan tummy full but he still doing drama.

Twinkle:ahah she stop feeding him. You naughty head tease me enough why you toh love mamma still.

Kiyan: haa..

Kunj:hoo.What a communication. Maa and beta. She get up and kiyan making faces .

Twinkle:what don’t make faces like cry baby she is so smart haan bring tears in his eyes.

Kunj:yeah that day when mummy asked him and make puppy faces and show his dadi. Both giggles.Went on you drama king definitely without no doubts.

Twinkle:yeah but on you acha you see him I’ll take bath.

Kunj:hmm she get up and went in washroom.Kunj take kiyan on his chest and he playing with heyy ladko ke siyappa king?. He patting on his back and kiyan rest his head on his chest while doing this they drowse off..

Twinkle come out of the washroom and see father and son.

Twinkle:again sleep uff.She wear her clothes and get freshen up.She went downstairs.Everyone come till now mahi bring for them but Omkara and Rahul or Kunj still sleeping.Avantika come with tej both looking so off.They all sits together and having tea.

Usha: what happened today Omkara and Rahul didn’t wake up?

Anjali: nahi maw sleeping and I to let him and hanina as well.

Twinkle:same they wake up again sleep.

Tej: you get Priyanka call?

Avantika: nahi.

Lata: bas karo tej and Avantika don’t worry about her. She must be busy.

Prithviraj: Haan you both become like kids.

Tej:what to do you all know my Priyanka.

Twinkle:haan even I was so tensed.

Anjali:Haan you cried so much and Kunj ?.

Twinkle:your brother so annoying but good as well she chuckled all smiled.

Avni:what about our bhaiya and bhabhi.

Twinkle:haan Rudra and Soumya uff.

@ hotel.

Rudra and Soumya wakes up together both look at each other’s.

Soumya: good morning cry baby.

Rudra: even you too good morning sumo pulled her cheeks.

Soumya:we slept Lot now get freshen up everyone must be waiting for us.

Rudra:yup.They both get up and Soumya went in washroom she get freshen up than Rudra went. She get ready beautifully in saree Rudra come and she give him his clothes from bag and he too get ready. Rudra give her backhugged. I wish this moment stop here only.

Soumya:acha bachu stop your cheesy line  on me. I’m hungry.

Rudra:always you are.she giggles they both went down and sit in restaurant and Oder breakfast soon their breakfast come they both happily enjoying.

Twinkle get up and went In room and still Kunj and kiyan sleeping she make faces and went near them.

Twinkle:Kunj wake up na please.

Kunj:hmm he open his eyes.Kiyan.

Twinkle:I’ll see him she take him in her arms kiyan making faces in sleep.Junior sadu wake up fast.Kunj rubbing his eyes and get up.

Kunj:give me towel please.

Twinkle:Kunj I’ll handle him or you.

Kunj:me.Omkara was passing from room. Kunj see him.Arey Om come here na.

Om: haan. He went inside what?

Kunj:take kiyan na and give her to dadi.

Om: okay kiyan didn’t wake up.

Twinkle:wake up again slept.

Om: hoo: he take him and went downstairs.

Twinkle:ab bolo kiyan ke pitashree he pulled twinkle and rubbing his nose on her face.

Twinkle:kunjj stop go and get freshen up.I’ll do your work.

Kunj:huhu boring lady he said and twinkle handover him his towel and Kunj take and went in washroom.Twinkle giggle he never improved.She arranging  room and take out Kunj clothes.

Omkara bring kiyan down he give him to Lata.

Lata:hoo Mera Bacha.Kissed on his forehead.Avantika checking her phone and seeing Priyanka photo only. Kiyan wake up and open his eyes and look at Lata she give him smile.While kiyan look at her he too giggles. Avantika taking to tej kiyan heard and turned his face and look at her he moving his hands for her like she take him immediately.

Usha:lo avantika your joey. Avantika smiled she take him.Kiyan get so happy and shaking his hands.

Tej:you get sad and see we have our little babies.Na now we have to stay with them only.

Avantika:haan.You didn’t take bath haan why? He moving his face.Acha good now dadi will give my baby oil massage okay. Priyankaaa she stop and realised now she isn’t here she went. Everyone look at her. Rahul come and sit beside her.

Rahul:you need anything badi Maa.

Avni:I’ll bring she went and bring oil.

Rahul:your girls went now we are here for you she smiled.Avantika take off kiyan clothes and she sit on floor Anjali take off hanina clothes as well lay down on mat. Avantika started giving them oil massage both giggling than this massage irritates them.

Kunj come out of the washroom he take his clothes and get ready soon.

Twinkle: come let’s have breakfast.

Kunj:hmm they both husband and wife went downstairs together and they come in living room and their eyes went on Avantika and see she giving oil massage to babies.Kiyan crying and shaking his hands and legs fully they both giggles and went ahead and sits in side.

Avantika:Arey kiyan what happened don’t cry. Hanina too not less.

Rahul:today you too baby its make your muscles strong than you can shoo this kiyan easily all giggles.Twinkle look at Kunj.

Twinkle:bas kiyan what happened.

Lata:he isn’t less than Kunj see your son screaming at us.

Kunj:he is your great grand son na ?. They all laughs out.Kiyan become reddish twinkle went towards him.

Avantika:take him and give him bath as well.

Twinkle: hmm twinkle take him in her arms.Okay no more crying baby.She take him in their room give him bath he crying fully all the time. She take him down. Bas see kiyan get angry with dadi haa.You toh love dadi na.They all went towards dinning table and see Priyanka chair everyone missing her.

Kunj:without Priyanka feeling so empty.

Om:yeah.If something didn’t get immediately Priyanka kaha hai tu.All smiled and they all finished their breakfast Anjali feeding hanina baby food.

Priyanka finished all her work she smiled.

Priyanka:mummy I should call her. She dial her number. Avantika immediately pick up Priyanka call.

Avantika:Priyanka how’s you.

Priyanka: Haan I’m home how’s you all.

Avantika: all okay. You wake up on time.

Priyanka: Haan where is pa. Avantika give call to tej he smiled and take phone.


Priyanka:paa both closed their eyes.

Tej: haan are you happy? Do you have your breakfast haan?

Priyanka: nahi we will now. You have na. Don’t worried about me okay I’m fine. Here everyone is so good pa. I’m missing you and everyone.

Tej:acha even we too missing you. Acha you have your breakfast I’ll call you later.

Priyanka: okay.They end the calls. Priyanka went towards dinning table set all things Alia come.

Alia: hi Priyanka.

Priyanka: hi di..

Alia:any help?

Priyanka: nahi done. All come they all take sit Priyanka served everyone they all taste the halwa and they all loved it. It’s really yummy.

Sumit:I don’t know you so good at cooking as well.She smiled Misha and Sumit give her present she take and sit beside rohan he gestures her both smile all praising all breakfast lott. They all having breakfast.

Rudra and Soumya left for Sarna Mansion.

Mahi and twinkle doing their welcome preparations. Rudra and Soumya reaches and everyone was waiting for them.They standing near door entrance they arrived all smiled to see them both looking really beautiful.Twinkle bring aarti tali and mahi other things.

Twinkle:looking awesome you both they both smiled.Twinkle does their aarti.And keep Kalash in front of Soumya feet’s. Mahi tell her she kick the Kalash with her right feet’s.Now Soumya leave your footprints she lift her saree and keep her feet’s on red kumkum water and leave her footprints all smiled.They both take everyone blessings. Kunj and Omkara hug Rudra tightly.

Kunj:I still can’t believe it you get married man Rudra now don’t cry because cry husband ??.

Om:haan now no more ghost.

Rahul: haan ab real ghost with him only Soumya look at Rahul and they all laughs out.They all went and sits in living room.

Soumya:heyy kiyan what happened why so gloomy?

Twinkle:he is like only as you know him.

Rudra:pinku didn’t come till now.

Kunj:nope haan why even that ritual pag phera..

Usha:she will come don’t worry.

Rahul:acha Rudra in low voice. Tell me I’m your jija what’s your night it ?.Omkara and Kunj making faces he never changed man.

Rudra:Kya jiju bhaiya will beat me.

Rahul:acha saale bhaiya will beat you didn’t you think before haan.Hanina sit on Anjali lap and making faces while looking at kiyan who resting in his swing automatic Carrier.All girls teasing Soumya just she just blushing.Soumya and Rudra went in their respective room.

While twinkle take kiyan in room Kunj went behind her kiyan doing noise.

Kunj: what happened this baby kangaroo haan.

Twinkle: nothing. Kunj sit beside him and he sucking his thumb..

Kunj:he must be hungry twinkle.

Twinkle:nahi I fed him long back.

Kunj:acha I think don’t stuck Kunj kissed on his nose he lay down and ticking on kiyan tummy with his mouth he giggles loudly while twinkle laughs out she arranging their clothes back in wardrobe.

Priyanka and Alia finished all work than they all sits in living area Aleena Tell Priyanka today she love all breakfast. Priyanka get happy after see her she missing Aayat because she just behind her do this and that.

Misha:Priyanka beta you have to go your house for your peg phera rasam.She nodded in yes.


Sumit call tej and they talk to each other’s.

Misha:you go Priyanka and get angry.

She nodded in yes and went upstairs.

Tej Tell Avantika she get happy and call Kunj and Rahul.

Tej: you both go and bring Priyanka haan take Omkara as well. Om come.

Om: bade papa let them go I’ll go and bring Priyanka all favourite things she coming very first time after wedding so.

Avantika: haan even her favourite pastry as well.

Om: haan.

Kunj: haan bring everything Omkara today just Priyanka ?.They all giggles.Kunj and Rahul left for Mehra mansion. While Omkara and Aayat went to market.

Priyanka entered in her room she take out dress and went in washroom she get freshen up quickly and come towards dressing table she is so happy finally going to her house rohan entered in room and look at Priyanka.

Rohan: hoo Prinku busy.

Priyanka: why you calling me pinku he went near her.

Rohan: why? Pinku.

Priyanka: who calls his wife pinku I mean he giggles.

Rohan:you are really cute pinku ji.She giggles as well.Looking pretty she smiled.

Priyanka: thanks for helping me.

Rohan:anything for you mrs mehra she blushed. Kunj and Rahul coming to take you come soon don’t stick there only.

Priyanka; acha maybe ?.She cuddles him.Thanks I’m so lucky firstly I was so worried what I’ll do but you help me.

Rohan:don’t need of thanks and all’s, if I’ll not help my wife than whom I’ll helps. He cupped her face and kissed on her forehead she smiled and Rohan tucked her hairs they never thought they will be so close and happy with each other’s fully. Rohan kissed on her cheeks she clutched his shirt. She look at him and lock her arms around his neck both just looking at each other’s eyes deeply.

Priyanka:you look so innocent but not at all you are..

Rohan:acha you speak lott ?Rudra was right.even your brother not as well like me he winked at her. Both laughs out Priyanka kissed on his cheeks.

Kunj and Rahul reached Mehra residence. They both went inside. Sumit and Misha or Ranveer welcomed them.

Sumit:come beta they meet everyone and went and sits..Alia bring juice and snacks for them and give them.

Kunj: Priyanka??

Misha: she is coming. Rohan and Priyanka coming down both looking so happy rahul and Kunj eyes went on them they get happy to see her happy with rohan. She went towards them and hugged Kunj and Rahul.

Priyanka:bhaiya.she cuddles them tightly they smiled and cupped her face.

Kunj: how’s you?

Priyanka: fine..

Misha: she get so happy. Rahul meet with rohan.

Kunj:hi rohan jija??.While rohan giving him death glares.Priyanka sit beside rohan. Kunj can see true happiness on Priyanka face he knew it she will be happy with rohan definitely.

Rahul:yeah maza aaya in their weddings lott. After later.

Kunj:lets go everyone waiting for Priyanka like anything specially mummy. They all smiled.They get up Priyanka take everyone blessings Misha tell servant keep all gifts in Kunj car.

Misha:okay beta enjoy your day.

Rohan: bye.

Rahul: you too come ?.

Rohan:no you take my wife I’ll come later.

Rahul:acha Kamine Don’t fly lott Priyanka giggles.They take Priyanka and went outside sits in car and drove off for Sarna Mansion.

In Priyanka happiness Usha and Avantika hell excitement everyone can see on their faces tej and Manohar not less after all their daughter come whom they pampered lott.Mahi and Soumya went in kitchen they both making lunch twinkle and Anjali seeing their babies. Hanina take her revenge back from kiyan she pulled his small hairs and he scream at her loudly twinkle and Anjali hold their heads.

Anjali: see them.

Twinkle:yeah di totally opposite their father besties of each other’s and seems like they will become each other’s enemies ??.

Anjali:what Soumya and mahi doing?

Twinkle:lunch even Soumya making something sweet for us.now I’m free my two devaranis come finally ??.Anjali and she Hifi and they laughs out loudly.

Soumya:see mahi bhabhi don’t??

Mahi:you call me mahi only.

Soumya:okay mahi. Mahi taste.

Mahi: great not bad.

Soumya: I asked twinkle bhabhi she tell me already ?.

Mahi:good.They both finished all work. Omkara and Aayat to come back from market and keep all things in kitchen.

Avantika: when this boys come?

Tej:don’t worry. Just than Kunj and Rahul entered with Priyanka. As soon as everyone eyed went on them and they see Priyanka all get so happy.She coming towards them only after see Priyanka everyone overwhelmed. Avantika open her arms she rushed towards her and hugged Avantika tightly she feels so good she was so restless since the time she went away from her eyes.

Avantika:Priyankaaa. She closed her eyes.

Priyanka:mummyyy.. she cupped her face and see her fully and kissed on her forehead.

Avantika:see tej my daughter looking so pretty. I still can’t believe she get married.

Rudra: see bhaiya we thought this girls are pa princess and we are Mummas prince but see here some other channel is on??.

Kunj: yeah. Avantika having tears in her eyes. Kunj and Rudra give side hug to Avantika.Koi they just come and out ?we are here only. Avantika slaps them playfully. Priyanka hug tej as well.

Priyanka:I missed you lottt.

Tej:I know.your mummy toh didn’t like sleep peacefully just waiting for her daughter how she manage there. Priyanka smiled with each and everyone.


Lata:god bless you. Rudra pulled her hairs.

Priyanka: ahah again see him.

Rudra:acha yesterday only you were saying whom hairs we will pulled see we can now as well pinku??.She making faces Rudra smiled and open his arms she hugged him.Precious love and bond brother and sister.

Anjali:my sister looking amazing waha pinku. Where is rohan?

Rahul:jija ji must be sitting on Himalayan mountain Everest ??and Thanking to babaji fulfilled his all dreams ??. Kunj and he laughs out.Priyanka see them and giggles along with them.

Priyanka: where is kiyan haan?

Twinkle:here only see kiyan bua come. Priyanka take kiyan and give him lots of love.They all went and sits.

Usha: how’s your new family.

Priyanka: nice.

Anjali: and your first. kitchen

Priyanka:good di she told them each and everything how rohan helps her tej and Avantika get so happy and their daughter is really very happy from bottom of her heart.tej look at Priyanka. she keep telling them everything.

Tej: In low voice see Avantika Priyanka Kitni Khush hai.

Avantika:haan tej we cant find better life partner than rohan for our daughter.

Tej:Kunj finds best life partner for his sister I can see happiness in my daughter eyes. Served bring all things.

Usha:pinku have this everything your favourite.

Priyanka:acha why.She have few things.

Rudra and Soumya passing jokes they all laughs out loudly.Aayat come and meet with Priyanka.She sit on her lap. Priyanka give everyone their respective gifts which her in laws send for her.

After sometimes later everyone sit for lunch.Mahi and Soumya served them. Tej and Avantika feeding Priyanka she having with bright smile. Prithviraj and Lata was so happy to see their family so happy with each other’s in this time where people didn’t get for their family so they can give sometime all busy in their life’s find happiness away from each other’s but thanks to god their kids aren’t like this.They know real happiness come with whole family.


Mahi:haan soumya made.

Tej:really Soumya beta amazing food. Anjali feed slightly to hanina she making faces.They all finished lunch with lots of love and laughs all give sagun to Soumya she get happy.Later Priyanka went in room rest her head on tej lap Avantika caressing her hairs she spend sometimes with her parents.Kunj went there he sits beside Priyanka. Tej and Avantika went outside.

Kunj:aur pinku happy na.

Priyanka:Haan bhaiya she hold his hands rohan is really good.

Kunj:yeah pyaar use karo jo aap se pyaar karta ho. She nodded in yes.

Priyanka:hmm bhaiya.Thanks for finding him for me. He understands me lott.She rest her head on his chest Kunj caressing her hairs.

Kunj:I know he keep you happy.He cupped her face.You always makes us proud of us.Take your family together Priyanka keep our family all values and their upbringings in your mind.

Priyanka:yes bhaiya don’t worry. Later Soumya cousin brother come he take her for pag phera she went and Rudra making faces Aayat sitting and making faces and kiyan seeing her just.

Twinkle:now I understand from where he learning this all see Kunj.Kiyan make exactly same face which Aayat making all laughs out and kissed on kiyan on his cuteness.Priyanka spend gala time with everyone twinkle give kiyan to Kunj they all ladies busy in Dinner preparations.

Rohan come he meet with everyone and take everyone blessings twinkle made twinkle ready she looking extremely pretty she see rohan and blushed.

Lata:sit rohan beta..

Rahul:special treatment ?..

Rohan:hehe jealous king.Servant bring juice for rohan he take.

Prithviraj:good you come.

Anjali:he come to take his wife dadu ?.

Priyanka sit in side rohan and she sharing eye locks. Rahul and Kunj sit beside rohan.

Rahul:aur rohan bhai how’s your wedding night you glowing lott?.

Kunj:Kesha hai tu.

Rohan: haan shame on yourself.

Rahul:acha you both did enjoying fully ?iss Ka result in front of you kiyan making noise yours too soon?.Acha rohan I have something for you.


Rahul:you should give him to something.


Rahul: yeah because without Kunj you can’t get your dream girl Priyanka ?Rohan showing him eyes. He knows pagale everything.

Rohan: means?

Rahul: he knows you love Priyanka..he get shocked?

Rohan:what how you tell me he get scared?

Rahul:do you remember we were talking in office he heard our conversation.He shocked fully.

Kunj:don’t be shocked jiju.I thought Before only about you and Priyanka when I get to know you loving my sister it’s like cherry on cake ?.What else I wanted I’m happy that someone loving my bestie this much.Woh bhi my bestie I get angry ?it’s not good.Rohan giggles.

Rohan:sorry.Kunj give him side hug.

Kunj:happy for you my sister is really happy with you.

Rohan:even I have something for you.

Kunj:acha Bol teri love story one sided?

Rohan:nope I thought maybe same but last night I get all happiness together.

I told her last night each and everything I thought maybe she get shocked and  if she didn’t reciprocated my feelings.

Rahul: than?

Rohan:but you know even she too having feelings for me she told me even she loved me.It’s good na. Kunj and Rahul shocked.

Rahul:hayee only you are arrange marriage wala ?our pinku is too smart.

Kunj:yeah but happy na for her she is happy with him.

Rohan:yeah I’m so cute??lift his collar.

Kunj:bas bas?..

Twinkle: what’s going on between you two haan?

Kunj: nothing.

Avantika:come lets have dinner now.

Rohan take kiyan in his arms and making faces.

Kunj:he is master in this ?.

Avantika:so true..

Rohan:but very cute.Rohan pulled his cheeks kiyan making faces.They all went towards dinning area all take their sits meantime Soumya too come Rudra bring her back they too had good moments with her parents.Twinkle serving just rohan.Bas bas twinkle I’m not only here?

Rahul: na you are damaad of this house so have twinkle give him more.

Rohan:very lame.They all started having dinner.

Om:so tomorrow is their reception cool na one day relaxation we have.


Rahul:acha ??.Rohan giving him death glares. But Rohan remember one thing in office no damaad ?relation workout.

Rohan: pata hai mujhe.after become father he speaking lott.

Anjali:Yeh kab se nahi bolte hai ?all burst out.

Kunj:Kya di ?. Priyanka just admiring her husband.

Tej: bas have your food. All become silent but kiyan started ?ahahlala.

Rudra: ab pa ?. You scold us lot what happened on your grand son I mean?.

Lata: he scold his kids Lot we wouldn’t let him scold our babies ?.

Kunj: waha dadi at my time ?you all just loving him.

Rudra: not fair before him we are your kids.

Twinkle:haww so mean my baby is special so everyone love him only see he is so cute and look at yourself ??.

Rahul: acha yesterday toh you saying Kunj is very cute?.Kiyan get all cuteness from Kunj only ?.

Kunj:yeah siyappa queen.Their nok jhok continue like this only. After dinner they all sits together mahi and twinkle bring dessert for everyone they give them.

Kiyan didn’t let Kunj have dessert. Arey Kya hai what you wanted now haan?

Twinkle:Kunj get up he will stop you know when he wanted to stand than you  have to do it. Kunj get up and kiyan stop.

Rahul:he will make you dance on his moves bro?.

Kunj:hmm..twinkle went bring all gifts.

Twinkle:this for you and your family pinku.

Priyanka: arey again.

Lata:haan take.

Kunj:take now afterwards you will not get anything ?. Rohan see the time.

Rohan: now we should take a leave.

Tej:yeah it’s getting late.They all get up Priyanka meet with each and everyone. She hugged Kunj.

Priyanka:bye bhaiya.

Kunj:haan stay happy and call me anytime if you need if he didn’t listen you Than I’ll handle him she nodded in yes Kunj kissed on her temple.Priyanka kissed on kiyan cheeks.

Priyanka:bye everyone they both take everyone blessings. Om bhaiya bye.

Om:haan take care of yourself pinku. Rohan and Priyanka left.

Kunj: now you must be happy na.

Avantika: haan after see her she is so happy with rohan.

Lata:my Kunj find best for his sister. All nodded in yes.

Avantika:chalo kiyan now we will play games she take kiyan with herself even hanina and Aayat too.Rest of them smiled and they all went in their respective rooms.

Tej and Avantika spending time with kids..

Rohan:lets go for long drive.

Priyanka:okay.His Car was open roof. He increase car speed and Priyanka just laughing her hairs flying fully.

Rohan: maza aaraha hai na.

Priyanka: Haan. Bas karo. Now lets go home everyone must be waiting for us.

Rohan:huhu.They left for home Priyanka rest her head on rohan shoulder he smiles. Soon they reached and went inside give them their gifts all get happy they spend sometimes with them than both went in room and get freshen up and come lay down.Talking about here and there randomly sharing things with each other’s. Side by side they Romancing as well with each other’s.

Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle and Kunj get freshen up both sit on bed.

Kunj: without your son this room so empty.

Twinkle: yeah Kunj. I’m so happy for Priyanka you know she is really happy with rohan.

Kunj:yup you know I have share something with you.

Twinkle:what you didn’t hide anything from me Haan.

Kunj:Arey Baba wait na.. he hold her hands and tell her each and everything she get shocked.

Twinkle:really rohan already love Priyanka.

Means that’s why you bring his alliance for Priyanka?

Kunj:nahi i saw them as I told you already Than I think about this if rohan and priyanka it would be good because Priyanka is like me nobody is in her life so she will have problems if we will bring alliance for her. And I know rohan how he is and he will keep my sister happy as well I was busy in my own world than I heard rohan and Rahul conversation fully when I get to know about he loves my sister what else I wanted more.Without knowing about Priyanka feelings he loving her this much than toh great na.

Twinkle:yeah.You did best even pinku too have feelings for him that’s great Kunj. They both happy with each other’s that’s important.

Kunj: same twinkle my sister is happy I want this only yaar. Avantika bring kiyan back.

Avantika: lo he play lott today now feed him he is hungry.

Twinkle:hmm.She take kiyan and Avantika went. My baby is hungry naughty boy. First change your night dress haina. She went and bring his night dress twinkle take off his clothes and made him wear his night dress. They lay down twinkle feeding kiyan after sometimes later.

Twinkle and Kunj were very much tired .so they wanted to sleep but their baby was not in mood to sleep..First twinkle feed her  tried to make him sleep but he was not ready to sleep .Baby was looking at her with his big big eyes…

Twinkle:see this small sadu sarna is in no mood to sleep.Just looking at me …

Kiyan making sound in his babyish language..and started crying when twinkle said sleep beta ..we will talk tomorrow.

Kunj:seems like he want to talk to you …

You both continue your talking..i m sleeping..i m very much tired

Twinkle:what haan ? Baby kya mere akele ka hai or i m also very tired..Help me in pacifying him..

Kunj:acha give me .i ‘ll make him.sleep in 2 minutes.Twinkle gives kiyan to him..

Kunj was trying to make him sleep but kiyan again start telling something in his babyish language….

Twinkle:kya hua …tie tie fish ?..bola na aaj uska mood ni hai sone ka abhi ..

Kunj:soja mere baap or mujhe bhi sone de.dada is hell tired beta..He started crying..

Twinkle:sadu sarna don’t scold my baby huh..give it to me.She took the kiyan and went to balcony.She sat on the swing and talking to kiyan see baby stars and moon .how beautiful they are …talking to him.kiyan also giving respones as he is understanding everything…Kunj too came as he can’t sleep alone…Both were talking to him and slowly slowly he started closing his eyes.and he slept..

Kunj:finally so gya …chal hum bhi sotein already half night nikal chuki hai.

Twinkle:hmm.chalo.Later trio slept cuddling each other.

At morning they wake up again and get freshen up Their as usual routine.Today is rudra and Soumya or Rohan and Priyanka reception is there  grey decided to do together.

Whole day they busy in all preparation girls like what they will wear or not.Rahul and Kunj handling kiyan and hanina because their mommies busy.

@Later at night.

Everyone get ready beautifully and they all left for venue.Luthra’s and Taneja’s or sarna’s meet with each other’s even their new families Kapoors and Mehra’s as well.

Newly wedded couples meeting with all guests.They really looking pretty.They enjoy fully dancing pulling each other’s legs teasing Rohan and Rudra fully but they were too shameless giving Rahul and yuvi or Kabir back as well ?.

Yuvi: this Kunj busy in his son?

Kunj:acha beta when you become father than I’ll asked you samja.Yes I’m busy in my son.

Twinkle: my cute joey ?kissed on his cheeks fully his face become red due to her lipstick??.

Rohan: this suits on Kunj face ?.

Twinkle: hayee see he too not less all shameless comes in our family only?

Malika: haan you know today rohan and Rahul uff no one can beat them. ?.

Kunj: hmm.

twinkle:acha you weren’t less than him ?.

Avni: lo Kunj bro acha Leave this what they planned for their honeymoon?

Kunj: hmm see I’ll suggest no honeymoon ?go office.

Twinkle:don’t make everyone likes you after wedding he went for his meeting not for honeymoon?

Kunj:acha you went with for honeymoon only and I take you everywhere did you forget who takes you Paris and Prague for your bday me only.

Twinkle:haan very first time only now what?

Rahul:now he make you busy in kiyan so he can’t leave you go anywhere ?.

Anjali:bas karo you too same.

Rohan:we didn’t plan anything?

Kunj:koi na we all have something for you newly wedded couples.

Rahul:yeah. Om?? He take out something from his pocket.

Kunj: this is for you both couples from all sibling side your honeymoon trip from our side.

Soumya: wow..

Kabir: where you sending them?

Rahul: we will send them individually because they will spoil my rohan mood ?.There also Rudra pinkuuuu., I can understand because I bear this ?.Rudra and Kunj or Omkara giving him death glares.

Kunj:acha when we disturb you haan shame on yourself.Rudra and Soumya going Milan.And Priyanka and rohan Switzerland ?.

Malika: amazing places.

Twinkle: yeah I wish I can go huhu.

Kunj:I’ll take you for world trips let them go?.All like aww twinkle blushed.They all have food and tell everyone about their honeymoon plans everyone like it.

After 2 days later Priyanka and rohan left for Switzerland and Rudra and Soumya for Milan. And rest of them again busy in their normal lives.

Kunj and Rahul extremely busy in their office work they don’t have time to sit and have their meal on time.

Rohan and Priyanka enjoying fully in Switzerland they exploring every bit of it.

Roaming here and there Romancing rohan give her all happiness and she is overwhelming by rohan she is too not less.

And Rudra and Soumya as well their fighting on there too but their love increasing for each other’s day by day more.After one week later honeymoon couples come back thanks to each and everyone for send them and they really enjoyed.Everyone get happy. Soumya and Priyanka doing work from home only because they don’t wanted they ignore their family in this all things no one stopped them itself they made this decision and everyone happy as well. Rohan and Priyanka do all office work together and Soumya helping Priyanka lott.

Passed from two days Kunj and Rahul didn’t come back from office because of their pa silly mistakes they lost their project CD.they have all information and data in that cd kunj get hell angry he scold them as well both again do everything because of this they didn’t come home day and night just busy in their work even not responding anyone phones as well.Twinkle and Anjali get angry as well more twinkle because kiyan wasn’t well.

And more over everyone went in someone in someone function in their relatives twinkle deny to go because of kiyan.She stay alone and when kiyan health getting worse she take him to hospital alone and try to call Kunj and like same he didn’t picking his call.Than she thought to in formed family members and nobody answering her calls finally mahi pick twinkle call and she tell her to tell tej and Avantika about kiyan they have to admit him and mahi listen but she didn’t tell anyone and twinkle was just waiting for her reply and she get busy and forgot totally and twinkle get hell angry at Kunj and everyone as well more on her sister how can she become so careless.She admitted kiyan and stay here only.She called Kabir and he immediately come and stay with twinkle. She cry as well after see kiyan. Because he having cold so badly and even can’t breathe properly because of this doctor giving him nebulizer.After sometimes later dr give discharged kiyan and Kabir and twinkle take kiyan back to sarna mansion and even Kabir tell her go with him at Taneja mansion but she deny and stay alone at sarna mansion with kiyan only.

Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle feeding kiyan and he taking breathe with lots of difficulties.

Twinkle:Kunj is so mean he just busy in his work even didn’t bothered to asked me once how’s his son even I called him and message about kiyan Heath everyone went Chandigarh and they knows still didn’t call me or Mahi.she get hell angry my baby mamma love you lott I’m here na for you leave everyone.Twinkle feed kiyan medicine and she slept along with kiyan.

At late night everyone come back from Chandigarh they went in their respective rooms and sleep.Next day twinkle went downstairs and didn’t talk to anyone everyone feels strange and see drip on kiyan hand because dr prescribe him glucose bottles so because of this drip injected on his hand..

Avantika: what is this she take kiyan in her arms. Haan kiyan? Twinkle beta??

Twinkle:woh mummy ji I told you na yesterday I take him to hospital and dr admitted him that’s why. Each and everyone was hell shocked.

Avantika: in anger little and you aren’t bothered to in formed us haan.

Twinkle:nahi mummy jiii I call you everyone

But you didn’t answered my calls than I tell mahi.She look at mahiiii.

Avantika: acha mahiii?

Mahi:sorry badi Maa di calls me but I forgot totally about this I’m sorry.Omkara get so angry on Mahi this act.Twinkle weeping slightly Avantika didn’t said anything.

Avantika: leave it now he is fine? I told tej cancel this and what about Kunj??

Twinkle: even I call him he too didn’t pick up my calls than I call bhai he come and stay with me after dr give him discharged and I bring him back.

Lata:acha kiya it’s it good na. Twinkle take kiyan and went from there.

Tej: you shouldn’t talk to her like this it’s our mistakes.

Avantika:what I’ll do suddenly I saw this so my reaction come out like this tej and mahi beta if something happened more than what we will do she is all alone here even Kunj this kunjj tohh you made your son likes you only tej she went in her room.

Twinkle crying slightly and even angry mahi come in her room.

Mahi: di I’m sorry? She get up.

Twinkle:what sorry mahi. Because of you mummy ji take me wrong first time.I toh call you still you didn’t tell anyone it’s so bad mahi how can become so irresponsible haan.If something happened to kiyan what I’ll tell everyone I was waiting for your call like mad.You hurt me really I don’t want your sorry leave me alone please.

Mahi: dii please.Twinkle turned her face mahi feels bad and went from there she went in her room Omkara come there and asked her everything she tell him.It’s my mistake om.

Om:fully it’s yours only.

Mahi:di is really angry with me.

Om:obviously she will na.Acha don’t cry now I’ll talk to her.

Twinkle sitting with kiyan in her room he didn’t doing anything just laying down on bed quietly. Anjali come there with hanina and asked her about kiyan Health twinkle give answer in yes and no.

Anjali: lets take him in garden he will feels good?

Twinkle:nahi di he is okay here if not than he will do drama.

Anjali: okay: she went from there.

Rahul and Kunj work almost finished.

Kunj: finally my all work done I’m so happy.

Rahul; yeah look at our condition didn’t take bath from two days in same clothes Chal today lets go home and I’m so angry and my wife will eat me raw.

Kunj: yeah same mine too I didn’t talk her and didn’t asked about kiyan as well Chal. They both warped up all work and left for sarna mansion.

Nurse come and give injection to kiyan. She went afterwards.Twinkle caressing his hairs.

Everyone sitting and get worried about kiyan so suddenly what happened to him.

Kunj and Rahul come back just than looking terribly tired.

Kunj:hii everyone?


Rahul: hii.

Tej: finally you both come.

Kunj:all done over finally.

Avantika: great kunjj finally you get time haan passed from two days you weren’t bothered to come home and at least call us.

Kunj:what happened to you so suddenly I did something.

Avantika:only work isn’t important every time.

Kunj:why you showering at me haa what I have done I just comeback.Don’t know what happened to you so suddenly.

Lata: Avantika leave na. Kunjj kiyan isn’t well.

Kunj: whattt what happened to him?

Avantika: go and see him if you have time for your son twinkle calling you and you didn’t answering her calls why?

Kunj: I was busy in my work I told her already. What happened actually him? Tell me.Leave I’ll see myself only.He went in his room and Kunj entered in room and see twinkle sitting beside kiyan. He went ahead.kiyannn this come out of his mouth twinkle see Kunj and look at him.What happened to him twinkle haan. He sit beside kiyan and check he burning in fever like anything. Itna fever keshe haan in loud voice. Twinkle get up.

Twinkle:don’t dare to raise your voice at me.

Kunj:acha than what should I do haan look at him.

Twinkle: don’t tell me this I’m toh looking at him only you think about yourself haan now you get time so you come and asked me.He went near her held twinkle hand.


Twinkle:yes.You just care about your work only not about my son.I was calling you and you didn’t bothered at least asked me once why I’m calling you.

Kunj:my phone was off twinkle. Let’s take him to hospital. Twinkle jerked Kunj hand.

Twinkle:no need of this and don’t show your fake concern about my son.Kunj shocked tears escaping from twinkle eyes.

Kunj: what fake concern kab se are you thinking what are you saying twinkle.

Twinkle:I’m saying absolutely correct you just love your work and work kunjj you don’t know you have a family and wife son behind you as well.After your work you can’t see anyone. Mummy ji get angry with me why without any reason what I have done kunjj nothing they all went and I’m alone here with kiyan.He can’t even take breathe properly I take him to hospital there dr tell me have to admits him and I was shocked because nobody was with me. I called you but you didn’t pick my calls than I call each and everyone they too same lastly Mahi picked up my call and I told her and Informed everyone I’m admitting kiyan in hospital and what she did she didn’t tell anyone and I was waiting for her call like mad. Afterwards bhai come.Kunj was shocked fully he closed his fist.

Kunj:really I don’t know about this I’m sorry twinkle.

Twinkle:I don’t want your sorry Kunj.

Kunj:please last time if I know my kiyan not well I didn’t sit immediately come.

Twinkle:Leave Kunj.You must be tired rest please. She said and went from there.

Kunj:shit kunjj she is hell angry with me after all matter of her son. Kunj sit beside kiyan and caressing his cheeks.My baby kissed on his forehead I’m sorry last time now I’ll not go anywhere and leave my bacha alone.

Kunj get freshen up quickly while twinkle bring coffee and something to have for Kunj she keep in side table and didn’t said anything and once looked at kiyan..

Kunj:twinkleeee I’m so sorry na see I’m holding my ears.

Twinkle: I tell you na don’t do this please. He went near her and cupped her face twinkle grabbed his collar. Please kunjj stop right now I’m not in god mood please.

Kunj:what I have done in this yaar nothing.

Twinkle: Than leave Kunj when you know. You go office it’s important for you not we.

Kunj: who tell you this haan you know how much I love you and kiyan still thinking this about me haan.

Twinkle:yes she jerked him and throw things at him. Kunj went downstairs while holding his head everyone was there only.

Kunj: what is this haan. You all went and leave her alone with kiyan?

Usha: we asked her but she said she stay here we don’t know that kiyan health become worse.

Kunj: hmm Maa. He sit in side.

Avantika: how he is?

Kunj: having high fever suddenly how he get ill.

Tej: don’t worry this weather na.

Kunj:hmm but twinkle toh become angry bird.

Mahi: haan even di not talking to me as well she said in sad voice.

Kunj: it’s okay mahi and you know her she is over possessive about kiyan after her miscarriage.

Avantika: and what you have done.

Kunj:why you both behind me Haan there she saying me I don’t care about the fake concern for kiyan now you too.

Rahul:Leave badi Maa.Mahi bring for Kunj and she give him.They all sit together while Avantika went and asked twinkle about kiyan even apologised her for her behaviour she said it’s okay. Due to medicine doses kiyan sleeping fully after dinner twinkle didn’t have she is that much angry didn’t take kiyan down as well.Kunj entered in room with food and see twinkle giving kiyan nebulizer and he crying so badly Kunj went towards her.

Twinkle:bas hogya kiyan.She off the machine and take him in her arms.

Kunj:Kya Hua.take him to dr na.Twinkle just look at him and didn’t said anything.

Kunj sit beside her.At least show me I didn’t him twinkle I know you angry. Twinkle show kiyan to Kunj.Kiyan looking at Kunj his nose and eyes fully red.Give me kiyan you have your dinner.

Twinkle:I don’t want.

Kunj:bas kar acha Baba sorry Kunj get up and doing sit-ups and saying sorry. Twinkle look at him after see Kunj like this kiyan giggles.Twinkle see her son and she too smiled along with him.

Twinkle:stop kunjj please..

Kunj:you forgive me..

Twinkle:nope don’t do this things.He sit beside twinkle.

Kunj:please twinkle he hold her hands. I know you angry with Mahi as well she totally forgot that’s why.

Twinkle:Leave his hands I don’t know about my son is very important for me. And you know this once I lost my baby again not Kunj she cuddles kiyan. Kunj look at her.

Kunj:I know even I can’t too forget our baby. Sorry.

Twinkle:it’s okay.

Kunj:than have something.He tore morsel and take near her lips she looked at him she open her mouth and have it tears falls down from her eyes and Kunj wiped twinkle tears.He feed her she have.After twinkle give kiyan his medicines he doing drama and throw up back. Kunj clean everything after that they lay down on bed twinkle feeding kiyan and caressing his hairs Kunj looking at him.

Twinkle: how’s your work?

Kunj:finally done passed from 2 days continuously working day and night than happened. Sorry again.

Twinkle:Leave na Kunj.Kunj kissed on kiyan temple no he don’t have fever.

Kunj:Thanks to god he is fine.

Twinkle:hmm sleep you must be tired.

Kunj:hmm goodnight.Kunj said and closed his eyes.Twinkle patting on kiyan back so he can sleep he try due to cough irritating him lott. Twinkle too slept. Later at mid night kiyan started crying twinkle wakes up with jerk.

Twinkle: Kya Hua haan she check him again he having fever ho babaji what happened to my kiyan: she get up and went downstairs goes in kitchen take cold water bowl and handkerchief and went back in her room she come and went towards bed and sit beside kiyan she dip handkerchief in cold water and place on kiyan forehead twinkle doing this only after sometimes later Kunj turning his side his open and he see twinkle sitting he opened his eyes fully and see twinkle he get up.

Kunj:twinkleeee.He see her what she doing it. What happened to him again?

Twinkle:again fever kiyan shivering fully in fever.

Kunj:really.Kunj check kiyan.

Twinkle:you do I’ll bring warm clothes for him.Kunj take and starter keeping wet cloth on his forehead while twinkle bring kiyan warm clothes she come and made him wear. Heyy babaji What happened to my baby please get well him soon.

Kunj:don’t worry he will be.You sleep I’ll see him.

Twinkle:nahi.Kiyan open his eyes and looking at twinkle and Kunj.While whole night they both didn’t sleep for a second just wake up and sitting beside kiyan and keeping wet cloth on his forehead after sometimes later fever temperature decrease.Kunj lift kiyan and roaming in whole room here and there.Twinkle looking at them kiyan crying slowly.

At morning.

Twinkle get freshen up and they both went downstairs went in kitchen twinkle making coffee for them. Just than there mahi and Soumya come and found Kunj and twinkle along with kiyan.

Soumya: arey aap dono yeha itni subha what happened?

Kunj:kiyan having fever that’s why.

Mahi:acha take him to dr.Dii I’m sorry na please.

Twinkle:it’s okay mahi. I’m sorry as well both sister share a hug and smiled twinkle pour coffee in two mugs and take and went outside Kunj too went behind twinkle they both sits in living room.Twinkle patting on kiyan chest so he can sleep in her arms now. Kunj call dr meantime each and everyone wake up and they come. Soon dr come and examined kiyan said it’s normal fever don’t worry.He give him medicine and left twinkle went in her room.Avantika give kiyan his medicine and he vomit on her clothes she and tej giggles.Kunj went behind twinkle she give him his clothes he get freshen up quickly.

Soumya bring small baby bathtub and Avantika lay down kiyan in tub water is warm good for him tej and Avantika giving him bath and kiyan giggling.Twinkle and Kunj come mahi bring kiyan things. Everyone see kiyan who was so happy in water he stamping his hands on water.

Avantika:see my kiyan is so happy tej.

Tej:haan see we all sorry for our mistakes. Mahi give Avantika towel she wrapped kiyan in towel fully.And sit on couch and wiped his Body and apply his lotions and all’s.Than she dressed up him he looking cute.Twinkle feed kiyan and he slept happily in his baby cot and rest of them sit for breakfast they all having breakfast.

Manohar: now you both submit your project.

Rahul: Haan hope everything happened successfully chote papa.

Lata:don’t worry your hardwork worth it.

2 and 3 days has been passed away now kiyan is absolutely fine in this days Kunj didn’t give any attention to his work leave everything both husband and wife taking care of their baby..

Leela call twinkle and both mother and daughter talk for sometime she tell her to come tm to stay with them as well.

Twinkle: MAA I’ll talk to Kunj today come surely today.

Leela: okay beta bye they end the call. Kunj entered in room he going to office.

Kunj:take your son.She lift him in her arms. Kiyan crying. Arey now I have to go office kiyan.

Twinkle:you know na in front of you don’t go.. see mumma is here acha Kunj MAa call me.

Kunj: hmm.

Twinkle:what hmm she calling me and kiyan there can I go now please Kunj after kiyan I didn’t went there one time as well you promised me after their wedding you will send me Than also I didn’t said now at least please.

Kunj:hmm it is necessary to go there.

Twinkle:Kunjj this isn’t fair I mean they are my parents even they missing me.

Kunj: acha okay for..

Twinkle: a week at least.

Kunj: are you serious how I’ll stay without you both haan.

Twinkle: it just matter of some days.

Kunj:okay but after there don’t dare to forget me and call me time to time and take care of my cute pie. Kissed on kiyan cheeks now dada going office bye.They went downstairs twinkle gestured Kunj. Woh dadi Leela Maa calling twinkle and kiyan for some days.

Lata:haan she call me as well for twinkle send her na she didn’t went her house.

Rudra: don’t take kiyan.

Rahul: acha who will clean and do his work.

Rudra: we will do bhabhi you go and leave kiyan with us.

Twinkle: acha and he will stay with you.

Aayat: he stay with mumma haina.

Avantika: let her even kiyan nanu and nani wanted kiyan spend sometimes with them you go twinkle okay.

Twinkle: thanks mummy ji hanina slightly walking. Suddenly she said pa..pa.

Rahul: what didn’t you said hanina he sit and hold her hands. Say again.

Hanina: pa.. pa. He cuddles her see my baby calling me papa first time.

Kunj:congratulations Than toh amazing.

Rahul:yeah my baby cutie pie kissed on her face over all.

Twinkle: aww.

Anjali: even say mamma too.

Hanina: pa.. pa.

Anjali: not fair.

Rahul: she is my girl. Now bye take care of yourself I’ll come soon.

Kunj:yeah bye he look at twinkle. And she hold kiyan and waving to Kunj ?.All giggles all men’s left for office.

Mahi too request even she too wanted to go Usha agree later twinkle and mahi packed their all stuff and they didn’t informed them wanted to give them surprise ?.

Avantika: take care of my baby okay.

Twinkle:everyone just love kiyan hai na you stay with dadi what’s say kiyan. He nuzzles twinkle..

Lata: you both go and enjoy okay don’t think about your husband.

Twinkle:yeah and handle kunjj mummy he calls me lot and didn’t let me stay there.

Avantika: haan she kissed on kiyan cheeks they bid bye everyone and left for Taneja mansion with driver.

Soon they reached Taneja mansion both get so happy.

Twinkle: see kiyan nani house first you come here your sadu dada didn’t allowing us.

Mahi: yeah Omkara not less they both went ahead. No one was in living room without doing any noise they went inside. And leela was in kitchen and Malika was in her room and Bebe and Hansh with Khansa in their room.

Twinkle:where is everyone haan?? Maaa.

Twinkle and mahi giving her voice leela listen and come outside and found her both daughters get so happy She went towards them. Maaa she hugged her.

Leela:I’m so happy when you both come haan?

Mahi: just now where is everyone haan?

Leela: here only in their rooms you both sit my kiyan too come they sits. How he is now?

Twinkle: fine Maa he teased us lott Maa.

Leela: good na you get to know how me and your papa handles you all kids ?.

Twinkle: acha Maa but your grand son is too much now kiyan wanted his dada..

Mahi:yeah didn’t let jiju go anywhere.

Leela:Haan. Bebe and Hansh come out and see them they both too get happy and went towards them. Mahi and twinkle meet with their grand parents and take their blessings.

Bebe: finally you both get time to come haan?

Twinkle: yeah still Kunj didn’t sending us.



Twinkle:see kiyan your elder sister khansa.She is almost 18months old. Khansa kissing on kiyan cheeks and he making faces all giggles she went slowly upstairs and goes in her parents room.

Khansa: in cute voice mamma..

Malika: haan baby?

Khansa: mamma ki..yan..

Malika: kiyan is come she nodded her head in yes Malika leave all work and lift khansa and went downstairs finally my two sister-in-laws come haan she sit.

Kiyan as well.

Mahi: haan you and bhai enjoy Lot na she come to disturb you both. Bebe take kiyan and he looking at twinkle.

Bebe: even I’m your great grand mother don’t looking at me like this kiyan.

Twinkle:he is like this only Bebe.Jiss ke pass Jana hai na issko us ke hi pass jayega..

Bebe:haan he is so small.They all chit chatting with each other’s Than they all sit and have their lunch together twinkle and mahi having with leela hands after long time. And kiyan was laying down on his cot and khansa looking at him and went near him and tickling him and come back she giggles and kiyan screaming at her all laughs out.

At [email protected]

Finally all clients come Kunj and Rahul was so nervous they all went in conference room and all take their respective seats and Kunj and Rahul starts the presentation everyone engrossed in presentation after all very big project it is.in nervousness they finished presentation after long hours all clients whoever invest in this project.Their silence making Kunj and Rahul panic. They all just get up and started clapping so loudly.

Clients:we never thought about this you both terrific man hats off you Kunj and Rahul.Amazing work and used technology so nicely people will loved it our this project thanks to god we are part of this project. How you balance each and everything people takes years and you both just in 2 years finished everything perfectly.Rahul and Kunj get hell happy.

Kunj: thanks.

Rahul: yeah you liked our work what else we wanted more.

Tej:well done.

Clients:lets do one media conference there we will do launch of our product after a week is it okay?

Kunj:sure sir. They meet with each other’s Shake their hands all get hell happy. Rahul and Kunj happiness has no boundaries. Clients went tej hug Kunj and Rahul.

Tej:always you make me proud of you. Congratulations your dream project successful.

Kunj: not now pa if anything is lacking in launch party than.

Rahul: hmm.

Tej:think positive till now everything happened successfully na.Even launch as well okay. Tej went from there.

Rahul: today toh celebrations Banta hai our all hard work worth it.

Kunj:yeah they hugged each other’s.Still one more thing is left I wanted that trophy in my hands and can say loudly yes I deserve it. And even I won as well.

Rahul:soon after this project we will selected than award as well he will get it and that Darsh just see us haina.

Kunj:yup Hifi.

Rt and Kabir finished all work it’s daily routine of rt bring chocolate and cookies for hanina while coming back home.They reached and went inside finding hanina.

Rt:where is my doll see what dadu bring

for you. Hanina come.

Hanina: daduu he cuddles her and left her.

Rt: what my doll doing haan? Leela come with kiyan.

Leela: see kaun aaya hai aaj.

Kabir:kiyan keshe. He went and take him in his arms. Heyy baby nephew how’s you haan.Where is your mummy haan.She send you alone..? Mahi and twinkle too come.Rt meet with his daughters.They get so happy.They all sits. Rt play with kiyan and hanina. Kabir take him and try to take him with himself he started crying!

Twinkle:bhai he will not go anywhere leave him.

Kabir:Kesha baby hai tera haan.

Twinkle:best hai samje give me my bacha. She take him and he making puppy faces.

Malika bring tea and snacks for them they all having happily khansa try to give kiyan he can’t have baby.

Hanina: w.hy..

Mahi: he is small na and you know if something happened to him his dadu and dadi shoo us??.Twinkle hit on mahi arms playfully

Leela: acha everyone loves him.

Twinkle:very much Maa.Apple of everyone eyes my cutie pie. They all laughing and pulling each other’s legs.

At Sarna [email protected]

After kiyan and mahi or twinkle whole mansion become so lonely.Avantika missing her grand son Aayat same to same.Later all men’s come back from office Kunj run towards his dadi and dadu and cuddles them he give them news they all get so happy for Rahul and Kunj they all knows they both just wanted to fulfilled Atul and saanvi dreams. Omkara and Rudra bring cake they all cut together and having. Missing kiyan and two ladies twinkle and mahi as well.

Kunj:without my son huhu.

Rahul:bas kar..

Prithviraj:proud of you both ❤️.

Kunj: without kiyan so boring huhu.

Avantika: haan.

Aayat: bring them?

Kunj: maaregi meri saasu Maa??. All giggles.

Kunj went in his room and see empty feels bad his baby and love not today at home he went in washroom get freshen up later they all have dinner together they all sitting and chit chat with each other’s.

Same at Taneja mansion Kabir teased twinkle lott they all laughing sisters and brother spend time with each other’s and feel happy. Kiyan started crying.

Twinkle:acha I’m going bhai.

Kabir:Haan even I’m too.They all get up and went in their respective rooms.

Twinkle went in room and changed kiyan nappy and she started feeding him and resting her head on backboard.

Kunj come and lay down he take

His phone and see kiyan photo.

Kunj: lets call my baby. He call twinkle she immediately pick up his call. Hello?

Twinkle: hi..

Kunj: you didn’t call me once haan get busy there ?

Twinkle: nahi just sitting with everyone after long I get time to spend with my family. Top of your son he didn’t let me sit in peace.

Kunj: good kiyan where he is? He do her video call.

Twinkle: I’m feeding him kunjj.

Kunj: heyy kiyan. He heard and raise his face and look at phone. My bacha. I have a good news for you?

Twinkle:what.Kunj tell her each and everything. Aww congratulations Kunj.

Kunj:I’m so happy but you both aren’t here my happiness incomplete.

Twinkle:acha good miss me now.

Kunj:huhu kiyan get happy to see Kunj.

Twinkle:aur bolo. He making pouty lips.

Kunj:after kiyan you become so unromantic yaar huhu come I’ll not leave you.

Twinkle:acha bachu?.He said something naughty twinkle blushing fully.Shame on yourself Kunj now toh.

Kiyan sleep on twinkle chest.They both talking with each other’s till late.

Twinkle and kiyan sleeping till late leela didn’t disturb them but khansa went in her room and she went on bed and tickled kiyan he wakes up in raw sleep started crying due to this twinkle wake up and khansa giggling.

Twinkle: khansa good morning. What happened kiyan she take him and get freshen up both of them.Than they went downstairs kiyan get irritated the way khansa wakes up him he just teasing twinkle didn’t let her have breakfast.

Somehow have Kabir and rt left for office.

Mahi and twinkle take kiyan and khansa in garden there they playing.Avantika called twinkle she talk to her and see her grand son in video.he get so

Happy and jumping after see his dadi he is too crazy for his dadi like his father. Avantika get so happy and she making faces and kiyan too copy her.

Kunj and Rahul get busy in work.

Rohan and Rudra same to same rohan talking to priyanka in between work he scold by tej lott but laughing ?.

Rahul and Rudra or Rohan Oder pies.

Rahul:Kunj have this mango pie.

Rohan:this pumpkin pie??

Rudra:nope this apple pie.

Kunj: I don’t want any pie I wanted my cutie pie kiyan. Acha I’m going to meet with twinkle you see work.

Rahul: haww you become so restless in one day only haan.

Kunj: Kya karu majbur can’t stay without them. He giggles and take his car key and left.

He buy few toys and chocolates than drove off for Taneja mansion.

He reached and went inside meet with leela and Malika.

Malika: hoo so papa can’t stay without his son?

Kunj: you where is twinkle and kiyan?

Leela: she is in her room only you go.

Kunj:thanks Maa.He went upstairs and goes in twinkle room.Kunj entered in room and see kiyan who laying on bed and looking extremely cute he smiled and went towards bed.My bacha..

Twinkle come out of the washroom. Khansa come from balcony.

Twinkle: kunjjj.

Kunj: haan me ? Where are you haan leave my son alone?

Twinkle:I’m here only. She sit beside Kunj. Tum yeha?

Kunj:yes I’m missing my baby that’s why come to meet with him.

Twinkle:hoo just missing kiyan what about his mamma haan.

Kunj:acha should I show you how much I’m missing you he winked at her and see khansa is here only.Twinkle bite her lips.

Twinkle: bas..

Kunj: see this for kiyan.And khansa this

Isfor you.He give her chocolates.

Twinkle:why you bring toys you know we have so much already don’t have place to keep them.

Kunj:Leave na I bring for my baby. Cuddles him today looking extra cute haan. Mahi come with coffee and snacks she give Kunj. How’s you mahi?

Mahi: good.

Kunj: Om missing you ?. She giggles.

Mahi:acha I don’t know about him but you surely missing di so you come here to meet with her.Twinkle and Kunj laughs out.

Khansa playing with kiyan she try to love him but he making faces and pulling her hairs Kunj laughing.

Twinkle: likes you he hate girls see how he hitting her haan.

Kunj:haan there hanina here she is?.  Mahi and khansa went down.Twinkle and Kunj sitting and resting in each other’s embrace. Kunj caressing her hairs now come back everyone missing you both.

Twinkle:kunjj I just come yesterday only let me stay here please.Kunj nuzzles his face in her neck and started kissing twinkle. Kunjj: she moaned his name.Both look into each other’s eyes kiyan busy himself Kunj grab twinkle lips and started kissing her wildly she isn’t not less door was closed Kunj hovered twinkle fully and kissing her deeply.Twinkle caressing his hairs. They break the kiss due to kiyan he making noise.

Kunj: always broke my moments why haan you are good baby na. Twinkle take him. Kunj lay down beside her.

Twinkle:very bad tell your dada.Just romance haan.

Kunj:what very bad Haan darling without romance he wouldn’t come??.

Twinkle hitting on his chest playfully both kissing on kiyan cheeks and he pulling Kunj hairs and biting his nose with his gums.He spending quality time with twinkle and kiyan.After sometimes later Kunj went from there.

Like this one week passed away briskly

How everyone controlled on their selfs they all missing kiyan.Tej and Avantika talk to him daily before sleep.

Today they finally coming back tomorrow is Kunj and Rahul project launch party.

After dinner Kabir Leave twinkle and mahi at sarna mansion he went back from outside only they went ahead.

They entered as soon as they see them get happy. Kiyan looking at everyone he saw his dadu and dadi and moving his hands towards them everyone like one more dadu and dadi lover ?.

Tej: my bacha come he take him.

Avantika: missing you so much what you have done haan.

Twinkle: just teasing khansa only bichari like hanina ?.


Kunj: kam Bol.

Rudra:see chachu.He take him and lift him in car and catch him back.Omkara too not less. Hanina cuddles twinkle they both teasing kiyan but he was busy in his great grand dadu moustache ??.Didn’t give them heed.After all went in their respective rooms.

Kunj come and cuddles twinkle from back.

Kunj: finally you come yaar. Can’t sleep without.

Twinkle: don’t buttering what you wanted he turned her.

Kunj: I like this thing about you always come on point ?.

Twinkle: I know.

Kunj: wohi bhi bata na padega Kya twinkle I mean tu or me he whispered something in his ears.

Twinkle:kunjj kiyan.

Kunj:so what..I control enough now can’t. She pull his cheeks. good you come …lets start…

Twinkle:wait na baby let me get freshen up and change my dress as well….

Kunj:freshen up is ok….but what’s the need of dress change you know how going to be removed blink his eye ..

Twinkle:besharam sarna very funny let me change first She changed.She was going to check the baby.kunj pulled her on bed .as baby was in the craddle….

Twinkle:let me check him once

Kunj:he is sleeping..if u will touch him ..then he will start crying again…

Twinkle:kuch bhi bolte ho.i was thinking to feed him..other wise he will start crying .then again you will say he always break your moment…

Kunj:he is sleeping you are wasting time.

Twinkle:baad me mujhe mat bolna kuch samjhe ….

Kunj:he didn’t said anything just shut her lips with his .kissing her very passionately..it was like as if he was hungry for her kiss….later twinkle to give in..Kunj was kissing her like ..he is not gonna leave her .twinkle feels short of breathing..she pushed him…

Twinkle:kunj…what wass that ….itni wild kiss..

Kunj:it will happen….you didn’t let me kiss from so many days …now shut up and let me take my kiss..he again kissed  her  .this time both were enjoying.Today kunj was wild.he was kissing her everywhere.while she just moaning his name. Before they can go  further kiyan started crying..both were looking each other.

Twinkle:come out see kiyan is crying…

Kunj: yaar??.He was not ready to leave her….

Kiyan started crying on his full mode..

Avantika was passing from the twinj room she heard kiyan is crying..she thought twinj are sleeping in deep slumber..so thought to wake them.Avantika knock the door..twinkle beta see kiyan  is crying wake up…see him… kunj …she was continuously knocking….

Here twinj were in very wrong position….

Twinkle was looking at kunj angrily …

Kunj leave her and she went to washroom for changing her dress..Meanwhile kunj wear his t – shirt and pj……took kiyan in his arms .and opened the door…

Avantika:what happen haan why he is crying so much …Itna bhi kya sotein ho tum dono.bche ke rone se bhi fhark hi nahi padta ..

Twinkle come out from washroom.she took kiyan .

Twinkle:woh mummy ji i was in washroom ..

Avantika:or kunj tum…if she was in the washroom .you can take care of  kiyan na ….

Kunj:sorry mummy…Avantika left …

Kunj closed the door.Huhh baby always disturb my moment ..Twinkle was feeding him…

Twinkle:i toh told you but you were in so eager to do this ..huhh..What will be thinking mummy ji you always make lassi of my image..

Kunj:acha.as if you were not enjoying. And what will mummy think..its natural …

If we had not done this toh this baby had not come huhh..so chill.. ??. Kiyan showing his gum.

Twinkle: don’t become like him okay.

Kunj:even not like her ever ?.Siyappa queen. My all mood off huhu.Twinkle feeding kiyan and he making noise shhh kiyan. Twinkle and Kunj talking randomly just than kiyan bite twinkle and she screamed.

Twinkle: ahah.

Kunj: what happened? She look at kiyan.

Twinkle: kiyann. Noo.

Kunj: Kya Hua.

Twinkle: he bite me.. Kunj arching his eye brow.

Kunj: mr Sarna junior one meri biwi hai samja ??. Twinkle laughs out. And kissed on kiyan cheeks.

Episode freezes

To be continues..


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