After fire incident everyone was shocked more when they get to know about Atul and saanvi death story it’s really painful for each and every person who was presented their. 

Kunj cuddles tej and Avantika he sobbing can’t remove that day all pictures from his mind which shaking in his soul when he think about that night.He was very small at that time today whatever happened same scenario hopefully they are fine but giving glimpse of that painful and cruel night. Avantika and tej look at each other’s feeling really very bad for their kids and they too get emotional but controlled on themselves.. 

Twinkle sitting in shocked kiyan was in mahi arms who crying slightly.Omkara bring water for her. 

Om:twinkle drink water you will feel better  he said.While twinkle look at Omkara. He sit besides her and wiped twinkle tears. 

I can understand your pain even we’re in shocked he knows that Kunj and Rahul scared of fire but the reason why don’t know today get to know it’s really painful. Twinkle rest her head on Omkara chest. 

Twinkle:haan Omkara I just thanks to babaji my Kunj is fine even Rahul.I never try to asked him why he don’t wanted to celebrate his bday when today I get to know the reason feeling really crestfallen. 

Omkara made her drink water and composed herself and look at kiyan. 

Mahi:What happened baby?

Twinkle:mahi give me.. 

Mahi:hmm.Mahi gives kiyan to twinkle she take him and look at his face making faces like he was angry with her because she didn’t take him since long time she caress his face.Omkara went out of the room.Twinkle sit in side and feeding kiyan. 

Rahul was all in silent zone.he didn’t said anything just went to pool side and sit on floor and rest his head on table.Tears regurgitated from his eyes. 

Kunj: you both go to Rahul. Leave me alone please.

Avantika: Kunj you take your medicine you will feel good okay I’ll send twinkle and kiyan. 

Kunj: no let me stay alone please. He get up and went in washroom. Avantika look at tej.

Tej:let him.they both get up and went downstairs everyone sitting in tension.

Anjali and Avni looking at Rahul through mirror.. 

Avni: bhaiii.. 

Usha: Avni beta you sit handle yourself.

Avantika and tej come downstairs they look at everyone.They went near them. 

Tej: where is Rahul..?

Avni:bhai she pointed her hand.they see Rahul. 

Avantika:tej what we will do.why we went today if not nothing happened.Avantika hold side pillar and tears escaping from her eyes.Today feeling so bad tej

everything has been finished that night. Avantika went near Rahul she keep her hand on Rahul shoulder he feels and raise his eyes and found Avantika she sit down beside him.Why you sitting here and this tears.Tell me haan.Avantika see Rahul holding his parents photo frame in his hands.She feels really bad can’t even describe in words.Avantika rake frame in her hand she caress the frame tears falling down on frame.I can understand your pain Rahul really I don’t have words. 

Rahul:why you saying this.Avantika hug him. 

Avantika:somewhere we are the reason we just wasted the time listening them if we take them hospital early than today they are with us.for Kunj they leave you both too. 

Rahul: nahi badi Maa why you thinking this I m sad because hum sab kuch nahi bhule hai it’s been years past away to them still feelings like that incident happened yesterday only.Avantika caressing his face.She cupped his face. 

Avantika:look into my eyes we can’t change this fact Rahul but look at me and tej we are your parents that day we promise to Atul and saanvi truly everyone watching them twinkle too feeling bad.. 

and whatever we doing for you both not because of any regrets or burden we doing because we love them lot and you both as well from than all kids.. 

Rahul: hmm you both give us everything all love and care never let us feel their absence I’m really lucky. 

Avantika:even I m lucky to have son like you.You give me and tej all love and respects.

Rahul:but sometimes feels really bad when my daughter grow up she don’t have grand parents.Avantika pulled his cheeks. 

Avantika:who told you this haan.When I’m your Maa and you call me as well. I’ll become both. Nani +dadi = dani. 


Avantika:haan dani.don’t think this things okay.I don’t know about anyone but me and tej really love you and Avni from bottom of our hearts.If I’ll change with you both We will cheat with our besties rahul. She wiped his face and kissed on his forehead. God bless you forget everything.If you do like this than who will handle Kunj you both promise na saanvi and Atul always stay together? Rahul nodded in yes. Rahul cuddles. 

Rahul:aap don’t leave us badi Maa please now we don’t have anyone in this world.In front of my eyes Maa and papa Leave us. Why god did this with us I try my level best I don’t have strength in myself like Kunj to look at their photo.Everything comes fully which scared me badi Maa.Today I understand one thing without parents everything is empty thanks to god we have you both in our life nahi toh can’t survive. Avantika caressing his back.Avni crying while seeing his brother nobody see him like this it was first for them.Anjali hold Rudra hand. 

No matter how much the time has passed away to any mishap which happened with you.The memories and pain always stay with you and the wound never heal always fresh forever.. 

Avantika break the hug and look at Rahul she wiped his face with her saree palu his face fully drenched in tears. 

Avantika: you just calling me MAA for namesake haan. 


Avantika:good promise me you will never let this things comes in your mind Rahul me and tej always with you and Avni don’t forgot this.we can’t bring Atul and saanvi but we are here for you both.She said we don’t have only 3 kids that day but 5.You all are our babies. 

Rahul:I promise you badi Maa. 

Avantika:good boy.Get up now.Rahul get up and help Avantika as well.She bring him from there to living room. 

Tej:now no more tears. ?

Avantika: koi na aankhe shaaf hogi All giggles with tears.Tej give Rahul side hug. 

Avni wiped her tears. 

Avni:bhai today you get enough footage.

Rahul:acha.you take every time what about that.. both brother and sister share a hug. 

Anita:now lets go and rahul take care of yourself.Where is kunjjj?

Avantika:in his room only., 

Leela:twinkle beta don’t worry she nods and they all left.Omkara and Rudra or Priyanka cuddles Rahul. 

Avantika:now you all go and sleep.All went in their respective rooms. 

Rahul went in washroom Anjali come with hanina she place her in her baby cot.Take out her night dress.. 

Twinkle thinking whether she should go in room or not she went in Priyanka room and sits with them.. 

In washroom Kunj just standing under shower let water flow on him.He closed his eyes and feels so helpless.He throw mirror.And he changed and went downstairs and goes in outside and went to sea side and sits there only.Later twinkle went in her room with kiyan who slept in her arms already. She didn’t found Kunj in room think maybe he is balcony twinkle place kiya on bed and went in balcony to check Kunj but he wasn’t there as well than she went in washroom and see the washroom condition mirror pieces on floor she understands this all done by Kunj he leave his angers on things.She get worried about him if he hurt himself than what will happened. She went in room back. 

Twinkle:where is this Kunj went babaji please take care of him.Right now he isn’t in his sense.She sit in tension and see his car key and phone keeping in side table.

Understand he must be at home only but wanted to stay alone.Let him.She said and lay down beside kiyan in sitting position thinking about just Kunj. 

Kunj sitting and looking at sea moon light flashing fully the cool breeze sound echoed fully. 

Rahul come out of the washroom Anjali see him she get near him. 

Anjali:you want something?

Rahul:nahi why you don’t sleep till now haan. 

Anjali:how can I sleep without you.He look at her see tears waving in her eyes. He wiped her tears, 

Rahul: don’t cry Anjali how many times I have told you haan. 

Anjali: acha you can’t  see my little tears what about yours Rahul she cupped his face. You keeping this truth in your heart never try to tell me why itself bearing everything alone haan why Rahul?? You promise me we will share each and everything with each other’s you toh just give me happiness but not your sorrow.I feel bad.see him his wounds.Are you mad who crying like this Rahul.We can’t change it whatsoever happened in past.I’m with you why you think you are alone badi Maa and bade papa with you.Today for them in my eyes respect and love increased fully really dadi is right they both are really angel.Who does this all and even uncle and aunty as well. I’m lucky to have husband like you.She hugged him.Next time I would leave you alone Rahul.For a second my breathe hitched up when you and Kunj stuck in that fire.Rahul closed his eyes and let his tears fall today.They both cuddling each other’s. 

Tej and Avantika sitting and admiring Atul and saanvi photo which hanging on wall. 

Tej:really Avantika inhe bulna impossible hai. Never I saw their photos feels like my buddy will come and pulled your legs. Than we will laughs at you and saanvi together.They both remember something and laughs out. 

One day saanvi mixed something in Atul food whole day he just walking around washroom and when tej and Avantika come to meet with him and saanvi tell them they all laughs out loudly because Atul making fun of Avantika and hers so revenge back. 

While laughing tears too falling they stop and look at each other’s. 

Avantika:they always stay in our heart tej. They both are really very precious for us. 

We will fulfil their last promise and wishes as well. 

Tej:hmm Avantika whatever I have done just for them so Kunj and Rahul can fulfil Atul last wish and our promise as well. 

It’s really hard for him and Kunj to digest this fact. Whatever happened in front of their eyes only. 

Avantika:in our hands tej they die we can’t do anything today I feels same when Kunj and Rahul was inside for a second felt like today once again I’m going to lost my important part of my life.. 

Tej:no Avantika nothing will happened like this one time I can bear this pain not again because of Rahul and Avni I become strong no one was theirs apart from us Avantika.she nodded in yes they both husband and wife too get emotional today. 

Anjali console Rahul he rest his head on her lap she caressing his hairs he closed his eyes and she kissed on his head and later Rahul sleep.. 

But Kunj whole night he was fighting with all painful memories.. 

Next day in morning. 

Sunlight coming on twinkle face she wake up and scream Kunj name she open her eyes and see Kunj wasn’t in room he didn’t come till now. 

Twinkle:still he didn’t come.She kissed on kiyan forehead and keep pillows around him she went in balcony and looking here and there than her eyes went in side and see someone sitting his back facing to her she understands its Kunj only.She feels bad she get freshen up and went downstairs with kiyan. Lata and Prithviraj was sitting in living room they were to in pain because of last night.Twinkle give kiyan to Lata she went in kitchen and made tea for everyone by the time mahi too come later Avantika and tej wake up. Anjali didn’t disturb Rahul. She went in kitchen. 

Twinkle:how’s jiju now?

Anjali:fine sleeping.Usha and Avantika with their husbands they went in living room twinkle and mahi takes tea for them they both give them. 

Tej: Rahul is fine na?

Anjali: haan bade papa.. 

Avantika: and Kunj twinkle?

Twinkle: he wasn’t in room. 

Tej: what where he is.. 

Twinkle:mummy ji and papaji since last night he was in backyard sitting at sea side. Everyone understands. 

Lata: it’s not easy for him too come out from this all things Last time too he takes lot time to forget everything. 

Avantika:hmm you both go mummy ji and daddy we all know he is every close to you both and share everything with you both only.They nodded in yes immediately they get up and went outside goes to Kunj and see Kunj sleeping in sitting position on sand. They sit beside Kunj and caressing his face due to their touch he wakes up and found his dadu and dadi. 

Kunj:dadu dadii..

Lata:haan Hum.What you doing here Haan Kunj. 

Prithviraj: everyone was worried about you. 

Kunj:Kya karu dadu feelings like suffocating inside that’s why I come here to heal myself. Kunj cuddles his dadu. Me Kya karu dadu and dadi I can’t forget that night ever.I still remember each and everything dadu and dadi uncle and aunty stay in fire because of me only they didn’t leave me alone.If we didn’t went there this wouldn’t have happened.Today we all stay together Rahul and Avni have their Parents with them and most mummy and papa have their besties with them.They always stay together people giving their examples friends are likes them only. What I have done separate them from everything.I can’t forgive myself yes I’m the reason.Who was responsible for each and everything.I can understand Rahul pain he never shows but can see in his eyes.Dadu and dadi because of their friendship they save me and didn’t think about their kids and themselves what I have done for Rahul.Even he is so good like his father.

Lata:even my Kunj as well who told you this all happened because of you haan not at all look at me she cupped his face and made him look herself.You are very small at that time Kunj. 

Kunj:nahi dii we can’t change this fact as well na if I wouldn’t stuck there they will be here. 

Prithviraj:acha why yesterday you and Rahul stuck even come safely.because Kunj whatever happened because of some reasons only see na Atul and saanvi Leave is it’s really painful for us. But see god give tej and Avantika to Rahul and Avni did you see them they crave for love and care no na Kunj tej and Avantika doing everything if you thinking this than they too feels bad na.And my Kunj is the best he can’t even try to hurt anyone.You still think than become like your pa and mummy see them. Years has been passed away but they never Partial with anyone. Give same love and care to Rahul and Avni and whatever my tej has done with you and rahul he wanted you both become successful person in their life.He teach you both everything made you both learn each and everything whatever is in his hands because Atul wanted this they both saw dreams they will Don’t this and that together everyone see their friendship.But this can’t happen god didn’t wanted but you both are here to made their all dreams in real fulfilled their all wishes.At least Atul and tej not but their sons.life has not stop for anyone.Tej and Avantika made themselves strong person.Maybe you both sometimes fees tej is very harsh with you both.But when time passed away fully than a time comes Kunj you both sit and remember each and everything and understands if you both are successful and happy mature persons because of tej hard work only that day you both really feels whatever tej has done with you both it just for your goods only. 

Lata:Haan Kunj.Leave everything even whatever happened last night that too. 

Don’t remembered them in a pain but always in happiness. She wiped his tears and kissed on his forehead Kunj rest his head on Lata lap. 

Kunj:I know dadi I remember each and everything they wanted me and Rahul stay together I will never leave his hands. Aunty stop because of she didn’t leave my hand till when I didn’t come.Today I’m alive because of them only.It’s so hard for me forget they take their last breathe in pa and mummy hands only.For Rahul toh I cant describe dadi and dadu in words. Very few peoples are like this those have such a big heart and he was the one. When me and twinkle can’t forget our unborn baby still how can he and Avni their parents.It’s easy to say dadi but impossible.Kunj wipe his tears and cuddles Lata and Prithviraj they hugged with tightly twinkle was standing behind tress she heard each and everything. She thought her husband is sadu even he is emotional and understands values of relationships and family but today she get to from where he learn and get. She smiled like anything.. 

Lata:now lets go inside no more.He get up and hold Prithviraj and Lata hands.Twinkle went inside wiped her tears.Lata and Prithviraj take him inside.They entered with Kunj everyone see him. 

Prithviraj:twinkle beta breakfast.


Kunj:you all have I’ll get freshen up. He said and went from there.Lata gestured everyone they understands all went towards dinning table. Kunj went in washroom and get freshen up he didn’t went down stay in his room: 

While Rahul get up he come in living room and see hanina and kiyan was in cot and both busy in their loudspeakers. He smiled. 

Tej: Rahul come. He look at them and went towards them. 

Twinkle: have your breakfast my dear jija ji. He sit and looking for Kunj. 

Rahul: where is Kunj??

Twinkle:he went to get freshen up let’s have breakfast she served him. Rudra and Priyanka sitting beside Rahul. 

Rudra; G have this today my favourite pancake. 

Priyanka:Haan with Berries.. he look at them.Today I’ll feed you and have in my style as well. She take and Rahul look at her.

Rudra: no you have eggs it’s give protein. 

Aayat:acha likes you less Brain😂.All giggles Rahul too. Rahul open his mouth Priyanka feed him he smiled and keep his hand on her face. 


Aayat:G no you drink this smoothie yummy 😛yesterday I give hanina little bit Anjali shocked sorry di she looking at me and mummy told share with everyone 😝. All chucked. 

Om:have egg..

Rahul:hmm.He hand with Rudra hands tej and Avantika get happy.Twinkle looking at staircase Kunj didn’t come till now. They all finished breakfast all try to cheer up Rahul mood. Rudra and Priyanka with him only. 

Rudra:Shair arz kya hai When dada was so daring..when dada was so daring..pote bhi hongein riskbaaz.Woh the lahore ke ladykiller aur hum mumbai ke ishqbaaz ishqbaaz ishqbaaz”. All laughs out Rahul extremely fully. 

Rahul:bas kar Rudra. 😂😂. All admire Rahul laughs.

Priyanka: jiju you stay like this only always happy. 

Rudra:haan sadness doesn’t look good it’s girls copyright not ours.He smiled and give them side hug. 

Priyanka:acha than why you are cry baby haina jiju.He nodded in yes.See kiyan and hanina too giggling at Rudra bhaiya hehe. 

Rudra:acha after engagement she speaking lott he pulled her hairs.


Rudra:bas karo tum Dono.. Rahul become normal. 

After sometimes later 

Twinkle take food for Kunj with kiyan. 

Kunj sitting on bed in living position.


She entered in room and see Kunj he just looking straight no emotion nothing. She went near her lay kiyan on bed.

Twinkle:kunjjjj have your breakfast please he didn’t said anything. Kunjj she sit beside him and shake him he come in sense. 

Kunj: haan. 

Twinkle: your breakfast.. 

Kunj:I don’t want.he turn his face. Twinkle keep the tray in side and sit beside kiyan. 

She talking to kiyan and telling him about his dada. Past from 2 hours Kunj busy in himself like twinkle didn’t said anything just looking at Kunj only.Kiyan looking at Kunj and he making sound in his baby language. 

Twinkle:Kunjj see na kiyan looking at you for my baby look at him. She get up in anger and went near him. And cupped his face. Kya Hai from last night you making yourself like mad haa why.

Kunj: leave me alone please. 

twinkle:no I wouldn’t at all I did and give you your alone time now not more.She sit beside him: Kya Hua kunjj look at yourself this injuries.You aren’t well.I can understand your pain Kunj.Why you doing this all things with yourself leave everything.See our baby he looking at you.You know what Kunj from last night he didn’t tease me at all after see you he too sad nahi toh you know your son how he is. Didn’t let us sleep peacefully now see him become so silent.Kunj look at kiyan who looking at him only with his small eye balls.Twinkle hold his hands Kunj look at her.Tears escaping from twinkle eyes. 

Don’t Kunj I can’t see you in this condition you don’t know what going on me after see you like this haan.You know Kunj when you stuck in that fire my heart beat has stops just thinking about you only Kunj if you stay like this than I’ll go to Maa house with kiyan.. see baby too can’t see his dada sad for my baby at least smile. Twinkle weeping Why you does with yourself haan. If something happened to you how I and kiyan live she cupped his face and see his injuries.Why you always hurt yourself I can understand your pain you never think about me at least for our son.she cuddles him.Kunj closed his eyes please Kunj forgot everything see Rahul jiju he is so strong for him at least. Because of you everyone is sad.Twinkle kissed on Kunj hands he look at her. 

Kunj:I’m fine I’m not Going anywhere to leave you both don’t think this.How’s Rahul?

Twinkle:fine everyone cheer up him. I don’t like this sad Kunj I love my Sadu Sarna. Your son is enough for trumpet you don’t become silent trumpet 😛.Kunj smiled and wiped twinkle tears.Mummy ji and papaji is really best till now I heard about their friendship kisse but it’s beyond expectations Kunj.Friends should be like them. Kunj nodded in yes. 

Kunj:Haan twinkle you are right. Kiyan started crying because they both busy in each other’s forgot him fully. 

Twinkle:see him he is start man.Kunj smile and take him in his hands.He look at Kunj. Kunj smiled and kissed on kiyan forehead and cuddles him in his embrace and give twinkle side hug.they stay like this for sometimes.Kiyan moving his hands and blabbering ahah.Twinkle look at Kunj.She kissed on his forehead and wiped his tears and kissed on his ears.she take tray in her hands and gestures Kunj.He look at kiyan and blind his eyes twinkle take spoon and take near his lips he open his mouth twinkle feed Kunj with her hands she smiled.He have little bit twinkle give him water and bring his diabetes medicine. She give him with her hands Kunj take.. 

Twinkle:you should rest please don’t become sad again..🙃.Kunj nodded in yes. She about to go. 

Kunj:kaha ja rahi hai sit with me na I need you.She look at him he hold her hand. Twinkle smiled and sit beside Kunj.They sit properly Kunj rest his head on twinkle lap and kiyan was on his chest.Twinkle caressing his hairs Kunj holding twinkle one hand. 

Twinkle: should I change your dressing?

Kunj:I’ll do later don’t go anywhere don’t leave me alone.. 

Twinkle:haan I’m not going anywhere.? I’m here with my Kunj kissed on his cheeks. And peck at his lips.Kunj lift kiyan in his hands he looking at Kunj.Kunjj he will cry you know him.. 

Kunj:nope he will not.Kissed on his cheeks kiyan hold his face bite his nose with his gums.Kunj giggles twinkle smiled to see his lifeline so happy with each other’s. Kiyan hold Kunj hairs so tightly and pulling with his small fingers but grips was so strong..ahah kiyannn what is this Aayat is enough for this even you too.. 

Twinkle:hoo because of you last night my baby mood was so off good kiyan. 

Kunj:see what type of wife she is haan taking her revenge by kiyan.. 

Twinkle:hah.After sometimes later they trio went downstairs.everyone get happy to see Kunj.They all sit for lunch.Avantika feeding Kunj and Rahul with her hands. Rudra teasing Priyanka fully. 

Avantika:stay happy you both they both smiles.They done with lunch all went in garden and sits there weather was extremely so good and cool.they all having fun. Malika and Kabir come with khansa and yuvi and Avni too joined them as well they all get happy. Avni hug Kunj and Rahul they all sitting and playing games.Khansa wanted to play with kiyan but he was in his dadi arms and cuddles her. 

Avantika: sorry baby but your brother don’t wanted. 

Twinkle:Sadu Sarna carbon copy. Rohan too jointed all hooting and teasing Priyanka she get red and hide her blushing.Kunj went in side he take badminton and tej come there. 

Tej:you play with everyone today with me let’s see you can defeat me or not. 

Kunj:sure.Tej too take position they both start the game and playing with full energy. Everyone looking at them. 

Rohan: hoo cool see tej sarna and Kunj Sarna. 

Rahul: Kunj will win.. 

Avni: how so sure?? 

Rahul: I know na.they both playing so well all watching and cheering up them. 

Tej:I’m your father?

Kunj:and I’m your son.. 😎.All enjoying. They both engrossed in game fully. Playing like actually they playing wanted to defeat each other’s.Tej get tired and Kunj won the game proudly. So sorry pa you Lose the game.. all smiling. 

Tej: yeah and I’m happy in your victory as well. 

Kunj:yup without you my victory cant possible na both share a hug.All clapped for them.All looking at Rahul. 

Rahul:don’t give me this look. He itself lose because he wanted to see that smile on his face which come after win.. its quiet impossible to defeat tej sarna he is master and he learn from him guru humesha guru rehta hai.. babies 🤣🤣. All laughs out. 

In side Omkara colouring his murti. All see him it’s so beautiful and he had amazing skills.Kunj come and sit sweating fully. Priyanka give him water. Hanina show him tongue Kunj raise his eye brow she laughs out and make it Kunj as well. 

Twinkle:aww Om is the best see When kiyan grown up I’ll made him learn this things from Omkara as well. 

Kunj: acha great.

Twinkle:haan you just knows business only see and learn from Omkara something creative.Kunj looking at twinkle.He laughs out slightly he get up and went near Omkara nice Om.give me as well. 

Om:yeah.he look at twinkle and give her look. 

Kunj:twinkle you stay like this only okay don’t move.. 

Twinkle: acha okay you making my painting she laughs out..😂.Kunj didn’t said anything he take paint brush and started making twinkle painting she thinking he will just makes something funny. 

Kabir:siyappa queen ki painting we will send in museum 😂😂.All giggles after so much time Kunj made her painting finally twinkle turned her face Kunj giving final touch up. 

Kunj: mrs Sarna?? 

Twinkle: Kya.Kunj shift in side and shows painting which he just make it.She was stunned after see and others as well.. 

Kabir: what a painting I mean jija ji you have this talent as well. He went near him and keep his hands on his shoulder. 

Kunj:yes my dear solo saale saab😝. You sister doubting really.she come near and see painting fully it’s exactly same to same he make so beautiful.

Twinkle: how.. 

Kunj: what how in front of eyes I made. Ab Bol. 

Twinkle: how you know. 

Kunj:I know everything he push her in side all laughs out.He and Omkara colouring the murti together having fun together. They both put colours on each other’s and laughing all admire them Rudra come he show his talent as well. Kunj and Omkara laughs out.Rudra you just knows how to patao bas this leave 😝

Om:yes protein powder. Rudra applies on their cheeks and he run while they run behind him Rahul catch him.

Rudra: G leave me. 

Rahul: Acha call sumo maybe she will come to save you 🤣

Priyanka: Haan she wouldn’t at all.Beat Rudra bhaiya Lott.Rohan laughs out.She too went and Rudra lay done on grasses they four of them lay down and laughing everyone so happy to see them just praying they stay like this only forever. 

We should share each and everything with each other’s whether it’s pain or happiness.Pain decrease and happiness increase more and more.Anjali and twinkle happy too see their husband so happy. They cuddles each other’s Aayat smirked and she and Khansa went near water pipe she take and showering on them fully. They see water?

Rudra: leave me rain ho rahi hai. 

Rahul: nope this done by Aayat Sarna. They all look at her she shows tongue Rudra and Rahul get up and running behind Aayat while she hide behind Kunj. 

Aayat: Bhaiya save me from this two mongoose all laughs out. Khansa clapping in side Kunj lift Aayat. Aayat show them Tashan. 

Rahul: don’t laughs too much let his son grown up his son will pulled your hairs baby. 

Rudra: Haan than see what bhaiya will do😂

Aayat: huhu Kiyan will not like you. He will play with him. 

Rahul: Acha go school you both together as well 🤣when anyone asked you na tell he is my elder nephew 😜and I’m his bua. 

Om:Acha what about yours??😂

Rahul: same mine too😂.. 

Anjali: so smart he is.they all went inside. Avantika place Kiyan in his carrier and he playing with hanging toys. Khansa pulling his cheeks he get irritates with this and making faces. 

Twinkle:bas Khansa no more he will cry.. 

Kunj:Haan he don’t like.. 

Rahul: you do even teach Hanina as well. She cuddles Rahul she is Rahul arms. 

Anjali: she will become exactly like him. 

Rahul:good na one more entertainer in this house.they on the tv and watching randomly something just than there is a news coming about Darsh and he giving interview.Kunj see and remember what he has said what about his wife and son. Kunj of the tv.They all having snacks and playing with kids Kunj and Omkara making  Hanina hairstyle her hairs is so small still they making just for fun.Khansa and Aayat playing with Kiyan they teasing him 😂. He making faces lastly he brings tears in his eyes and started crying Khansa pinch on his cheeks. 

Twinkle: kiyannn.. Khansa smiling. 

Malika: no baby he is small baby na say sorry. 

Khansa: so..

Kabir:rry.she hold her ears and say solly. all giggles.Twinkle take Kiyan in her arms and she consoling him. 

Twinkle:Acha sorry next time Khansa will not do anything with my baby.Kiyan scream at twinkle showing his anger.He making puppy faces.Twinkle smiled and kissed on his face she patting on his back he hold her dress and resting his chin on her shoulder. 

Kabir:uff totally mammas boy Kunj.😜

Kunj:Haan kangaroo baby.he scream as he understands everything all laughs out.

Twinkle: you take him I’ll come.. she give kiyan to Kunj. He take and Rahul and Kabir showing him finger. 

Kunj:huhu shoo them. My baby.. 

Rahul:hey trumpet. 

Avantika:arey he is not trumpet he is kiyan hain na.. 

Rahul: nope for us he is trumpet. 

Kunj:acha than hanina toh ninja 😝. All laughs out. 

Rohan: Haan Maa Patanjali and beti ninja😂. Kiyan give smile to Kunj. 

Kunj:my baby get happy aww. Rahul take him and try to talk kiyan he shows him tongue Kunj laughs out.

My son he is after all.😎.Twinkle come with kiyan clothes. She take him and changing his clothes.He doing drama.Twinkle changed his clothes finally and take him inside she feeds him and come back and give to Prithviraj and went she and Priyanka again made tea for everyone and they bring and serving everyone Priyanka give rohan he take and look at her their hands touch.Both share small eye lock.Hanina was sitting in twinkle lap she playing with her duppta

They all chit chatting with each other’s. 

Days passing so quickly everyone get busy in their lives.Kiyan become more cute day by day and he become naughty as well.Twinkle and Kunj enjoying their parenthood’s fully same with Anjali and rahul hanina love his father lott she always with him when Rahul going for office she started crying and took whole mansion on her head Anjali like omg.. 

kiyan is 3 months old but his weight not increasing.which made twinkle very much worried about kiyan.Priyanka and rohan just loving to each other’s through their eyes only.And hanina is 8 months old now. She started crawling and going here and there made everyone run behinds us sometimes she hide under Than tables all get worried and at least find her and all get happy and laughs out on her cuteness she and Aayat playing with sand in garden and Avantika and Usha scold them. 

Kiyan both chachu’s too his favourite now after so much please and spend time with him. He is very attached with twinkle and Kunj or Avantika really When Avantika around him he doesn’t went in anyone arms.Tej get jealous sometimes.Lata and Prithviraj adores this little cuties.Kiyan just wanted to play with his moustache only. 

Priyanka and rohan or Soumya and Rudra wedding date has fixed everyone was hell excited for wedding because it’s last wedding in their family in this generation 😝

Normal day:: 

Kiyan was in tej lap he sucking his thumb he take out his thumb again and again but kiyan didn’t stop at all. 

Tej:kiyan what is this haan. 

Twinkle: ahah kiyan Leave this habit its bad na. 

Kunj:yeah my cute baby.Come to me he take him and kissed on his lips and sit in side.Now what you all waiting lets start the preparations we don’t have enough time.We just have 15 days for wedding.. 

Tej:Haan now you start the preparation. 

Twinkle: yes we will do best wedding of their after all my Priyanka ans devar ji wedding.. 

Kunj:haan everyone see my sister wedding. 


Rahul: chalo me and Anjali will take rohan and Priyanka for shopping. 

Om: cool me and mahi or Rudra and Soumya along with Avni and yuvi what’s say?

Kunj: great me and Kabir will see other’s side as well.

Twinkle: what about me. 

Kunj: you stay and handle your kangaroo baby. 

Twinkle: huhu not fair. Even I wanted to go for shopping. 

Kunj: we will do later.

Rahul: hmm twinkle you handle hanina okay pinku go and get ready fast. She nodded in yes and went in her room. Rudra come and he get to know and get hell happy. 

Rudra: awww amazing today I’ll buy everything pa. 

Kunj:haan no limits 😝😝. Priyanka get ready Kunj went towards her. Good pinku he give side hug.Acha Sun don’t be conscious take whatever you wanted. 

Priyanka: bhaiya you come with me na. 

Kunj:I have to see other things as well. 

Priyanka:okay. I’ll not go anywhere she cuddles him Kunj smile.

Kunj:Haan we will bring you back after next day of wedding. 

Priyanka:hehe.Kunj kissed on her forehead they went downstairs. Rahul and Anjali too come. 

Anjali: chale sister ji. 

Priyanka:Haan they bid bye and left. Rudra and Omkara or Mahi to come.They making faces and teasing twinkle she making puppy faces.All smiled they too left.Twinkle take hanina and kiyan in her room along with Aayat.She place all toys on bed  both hanina and Aayat playing and kiyan laying in side.Moving his hands and legs. 

Rohan joint Rahul and Anjali or Priyanka in designer shop. They both smile.

Rahul:see I bring her alone no saale🤣.

Rohan:amazing kissed on his cheeks Rahul make faces.They sit. 

Anjali:show outfits for them for their wedding.They both smile designer started showing them outfits they get busy. Priyanka take and went for trail she take trail of dress rohan come and covered her head with veil she looking perfect she smiled and look at rohan through mirror. 

Rohan:now perfect my to be bride.. she blushed he give her backhugged nobody was there she get shocked and looking down. Don’t be shocked I’m your to be husband Priyanka madam.She blushed more and more he make her turn held her chin she bowing her eye balls.I wanted to say you something Priyanka. 

Priyanka:whattt. In low voice.Her hairs coming on her face rohan tucked her hair strand. Just than there Anjali and rahul come and both see them and they coughing they both come in sense. 

Rahul:bhai rohan I give you chance not fully Kunj will kill me if he saw you both 😝

Anjali:Haan do your romance later. Priyanka blushed she show outfit to them. Perfect sister.She smiled they both take trial of all dresses which they had selected. 

Same with Rudra and Soumya or Mahi they too having fun during shopping. 

Kunj call Kabir and they went and get busy in other preparation… 

After sometimes later finally their shopping has done they all having fun and have coffees and burgers.Priyanka and rohan holding each other’s hands Rahul teased them lott. 

Rudra and Soumya started fighting there too mahi and Omkara hold their heads.. 

Kunj and Kabir finished all work Kunj take Kabir with him.. 

Kabir:where is babies today. 

Kunj:kangaroo with his mamma only.Chal lets go.They went in room.Twinkle handling babies.Hanina drinking milk from her bottle.Kunj and Kabir entered in room they went ahead and sits. 

Kabir:hey babies?


Kunj:yup acha twinkle bring coffee for us please. 

Twinkle:acha what about this babies. 

Kunj:I’m here you go fast.. 

Twinkle:huhu okay. 

Kabir:hehe.she get up and went downstairs and goes in kitchen she making coffee and snacks for them as well.Kabir playing with hanina while kiyan busy in himself only. 

Kunj:what happened my bacha haan see dada.he faced him.He started jumping in happiness after see his papa. Twinkle come with coffee and snacks she give them and sit beside hanina. 

Aayat:why everyone not come see hanina. 

Twinkle:they enjoying huhu. 

Kunj:nice coffee..with his leg kiyan hit hanina 😝and her bottle falls from her hands and she started crying twinkle and Kunj or Kabir shocked kiyan smiling 😂

Twinkle:haww so bad kiyan huhu she take hanina bas bas Mera Bacha… huhu kiyan. Twinkle feeding her milk from bottle holding the bottle.. 

Kabir:see Kunj your son he laughing. 

Kunj:hmm very naughty he pulled his cheeks and kissed on his face. 

Twinkle: see your son Kunj??

Kunj:acha whole day he was with you only your roo 😝😝.. 

Twinkle: not fair. 

Kabir:my nephew is so cute yaar Kunj send them at least.. 

Kunj:acha wedding now lets see afterwards.Twinkle make faces. Hanina cuddles twinkle. 

Twinkle: now don’t talk to mumma.bye I’m going come Aayat.She said no twinkle take hanina and went Kabir and Kunj laughs out and both give kisses to kiyan and Aayat.Kabir went while Kunj place kiyan on bed and Aayat lay down beside him.He went in washroom and get freshen. Kunj come and both bua and kiyan together he smile and went near them. He take kiyan on his chest.

Kunj:it’s bad na baby you makes hanina cry not good.My baby..I know this your Kangaroo mamma teaching you if his father will get to know he will shoo my baby 😛. Kiyan rolling his eyes which made Kunj laughs out.He patting on kiyan back. Aayat went down both father and son sleep. 

After sometimes later everyone come back from shopping as soon as hanina see Rahul and Anjali she started jumping in twinkle arms..

Rahul:my chick. Come to papa missing me.He takes her she cuddles him. 

Rudra:I enjoy Lot today. 

Om:Haan Both soon to be husband and wife fighting.Usha and Avantika giggles. 

Twinkle:and you priyanka Rahul and Anjali laughs out they get shy.Hoo I understand 😝😝.They all sit Priyanka went in room she get freshen up.Kunj wake up with his call. He attend the call and get up and see kiyan he lift him and come downstairs and give him to twinkle.he sit. 

Kunj:how’s your shopping session. 

Rohan:amazing.They all come tej asked Priyanka she shows him each and everything she was so happy they all can see the happiness on her face. She wear and come and show them she twirl.

Priyanka: how’s pa??

Tej: amazing my daughter looking the best. 

Aayat:what about me even I wanted as well pa you all loving pinku huhu. 

Rudra:haan she is going na soon. 

Aayat:where who will do my work than. 

Twinkle:I’m here my cutie pie.Twinkle sit beside Anjali hanina see kiyan she try to grab kiyan but he hide under twinkle embrace. You both become Tom and Jerry 😝

Aayat: you know g what kiyan did with hanina Kunj gesturing her no but she said everything they get shocked and laughing. 

Rahul:you trumpet handle your roo twinkle huhu. 

Kunj:bas.Your outfits was awesome babies.More preparation still left . 

Rahul: yeah ladies buys in each other’s while Omkara went to drop Soumya and Rudra take Aayat for ice cream. Kunj and r Rahul sitting together in side. Rohan is the best how this idea comes in your mind I mean.

Kunj: acha hua he toh not said anything I less his work he winked at Rohan. Rahul get confused he look at Kunj he giving him grin smile😛😛

Rahul: what do you mean. 

Kunj:I’ll tell you my bestie ji.he pulled him near himself and tell him each and everything how he heard their all conversations in office. Rahul get shocked. I’m thinking about this when I heard your and his conversation than  I sure it’s perfect if rohan and Priyanka alliance will be. He love her what else we wanted and he stay in his limits never shows because of me I respect and I know nobody can love prinku more than him. 

Rahul: waha Arey Kamine tu bada smart nikala I mean you know if you said this to tej Hitler he will think twice so 😝😝.

Kunj:haan 😝😝.See na today everyone happy. And I know he can handle my sister well. 

Rahul: yeah he really loves pinku lott. Kunj. 

Kunj: how you knows man?

Rahul: I can smell it😝😝

Kunj: acha kutta hai Kya 😂

Rahul: Kamine huhu. From the first day he met with Priyanka he was drooling for her love at first sight 😝😝. I used to tease him lott but he scared of you and bade papa you are very possessive na. But see she get gem. 

Kunj: my sister not less. 

Rahul: I know you are the best Kunj. 

Kunj: I know both laughs out rohan come and joint them. 

Rohan: what’s going on?

Kunj: nothing come jija ji. 

Rahul: today he toh Romancing 😝😝

Rohan: nahi kunjjj.They both laughs out more loudly after see Rohan expression.

@Like this they all get busy fully and done all preparations trio brothers Rahul and Omkara or Kunj see each and everything itself they wanted everything perfect. They select wedding invitation cards and distribute each and everyone.everything is all set now. 

Today is Soumya and Rudra or Priyanka Nd Rohan haldi function is there which happening at Sarna Mansion only. 

Rahul and Kunj see all decoration at garden.They all went to get ready. 

Twinkle getting ready she looking so beautiful kiyan was on bed.Kunj entered and see his wife he take his clothes and went in washroom.Twinkle all get ready she went towards kiyan and getting him ready Kunj come see her he crying fully he went towards her. 

Kunj: what happened why he crying now?

Twinkle: see na Kunj I bring this cute jeans for kiyan he doing drama wear this only. 

Kunj:twinkle he is small. Do your all experiments on you only. 

Twinkle:huhu you go and get ready. He went towards dressing table  anyhow twinkle made kiyan wear the jeans and he looking super cool. My bacha looking so smart she kiss on his cheeks.Let’s go now everyone just looking at you only. 

Kunj:acha first you take all limelight didn’t let others now making your son as well?

Twinkle:huhu my baby is so cute everyone just asking what I have eaten at his time. Kunj giggles.

Kunj:than toh all credit goes to me only I’m hot and dashing and he went on me see he looking like me only na. 

Twinkle:bas bas sadu.Kunj kissed on twinkle and kiyan cheeks and they trio went downstairs together.Each and everyone already went in garden their haldi ceremony going to take place. 

They went outside and see everyone come.Rohan family come even Soumya as well only Priyanka didn’t come.. 

Avantika:aww my little joey. 

Twinkle:see him mummy ji. 

Avantika:looking absolutely cute went on dadi na Kunj giggles.. 

Usha:where is our pinku let’s start the ceremony girls and boys. 

Twinkle:yeah.Mahi and Anjali bring Priyanka she wearing floral dress with floral jewelleries as well.She looking hell beautiful like a angel.

All smiled to see her rohan smiled.They both made Priyanka sit beside rohan.Rudra and Soumya too sit Lata and Prithviraj give them loves caress their faces and take off evil eyes. 

Misha:Avantika haldi.. 


Rahul:chalo Rudra get ready. Today I’ll make you yellow 😝. Ceremony process with Lata and Prithviraj first applied haldi on their faces they both couples smiled. Omkara and Kunj smiled finally their baby brother going to marry time really went so fast. 

Rudra:dadii.she cupped his face and kissed on his forehead. 

Lata:mera pota.Prithviraj too. 

Prithviraj:my pota going to marry now.than Hansh and Bebe come and apply haldi on their faces Priyanka making faces.Tej and Avantika come and kissed on their kids foreheads.

Tej: my kids having tears in his eyes. 

Rudra: pa do fast na.. 

Avantika:haan thy both apply haldi on their faces. Like this each and everyone come and apply now youngsters turn come. Kunj gestured Rahul and Anjali they both smile and went near them. Hug them. 

Rahul:I’m so happy for you all. 

Priyanka: g little bit. 

Rahul: hmm.He and Anjali apply on their face Rahul smirked and put haldi on rohan face fully he making faces Priyanka laughing.He went to Rudra does same with him too. All laughs.

Twinkle: chalo kiyan go to nani.She give kiyan to leela and she and Kunj went near them. 

Kunj:looking so beautifully. Kissed on Priyanka temple.Apply haldi on their faces twinkle too she tease Priyanka.Than went to Rudra and Soumya. 

Rudra:bhaiya.Pulled him Kunj sit beside him and cuddles him.Twinkle apply haldi on their faces.Omkara and mahi too come.One by one everyone.Kiyan look at leela.Than they click their pictures together Rudra take kiyan and hanina in arms give pose.Rohan apply haldi on Priyanka face she shocked but smile she too does same.Tej and Avantika smile after see them. 

{Banno Re Banno Meri Chali Sasuraal Ko

Ankhiyon Mein Paani De Gayi

Duaa Mein Meethi Gud Dhaani Le Gayi} 

Kunj and Rudra and Omkara click their pictures together.Rahul and yuvi bring haldi and smash over all on rohan and Rudra faces.All laughing. Aayat come and making faces. 

Aayat: what about me huhu. Rudra smiled he lift her. 

Rudra:how can forget my sister.She smiled and cuddles Rudra. He rub his cheeks Against her.. 

{Re Kabira Maan Jaa

Re Faqeera Yun Na Ja

Aaja Tujhko Pukaare Teri Parchhaaiyan

Re Kabira Maan Ja

Re Faqeera Yun Na Ja

Kaisa Tu Hai Nirmohi Kaisa Harjaaiya} 

Everyone dancing together. 

Rohan: Rahul Kamine. 

Rahul:let maze you wanted to marry na 😂.

Kunj:yeah.They pulled him and hold his hands yuvi and Kabir throw haldi water on him Priyanka closed her mouth. 

Rahul:see our jiji Abhi se pati ke liye pareshan😝😝.Ranveer come and save him.All girls laughing rohan running and Rahul behind. Rudra and Soumya dancing and sharing eyes locks both never thought they both fighting like anything they going to become life partners one day.Omkara and Kunj cuddles Rudra dancing fully with their brothers

.Rudra pulled mahi and twinkle dancing with them fully. Elders was hell happy to see their kids happy.

{Re Kabira, Re Kabira

Re Fakeera, Re Fakeera… (X2)

Tooti Chaarpai Wohi Thandi Purvaai Rasta Dekhe

Doodhon Ki Malaai Wohi

Mitti Ki Suraahi Rasta Dekhe… (X2)} 

Tej and Avantika cuddles Priyanka she having tears in her eyes Manohar and Usha teased them and make them

Laughs out.Ram and Avinash too come along their wife Avantika mother too come. 

Priyanka: naniii😍😍. She hugged her Rudra come and give her backhugged. 

Rudra: why you take so much time not fair nani..aarti with Avantika brother Sujal who Avinash father.. maamu.. 

Sujal:finally lady killer going to hitched 😝😝

Avantika:tum bhi na. Come.They meet with everyone.Twinkle and mahi meet with aarti. 

Avinash: hoo your son Kunj cute.. 


Ram: waha waha rohan I thought you will stay single whole life. 

Rahul: acha when you get siya than he is better than you and Avinash 😝😝

Avinash:Kamine you always taunt me.. ram hold Priyanka hand.

Ram: what you have seen in him haan pinku. She didn’t said anything just looking at rohan. 

Kainaat: you asking her what about you haan 😝😝. All laughs out fully.

{Re Kabira, Re Kabira

Re Fakeera, Re Fakeera… (X2)

Tooti Chaarpai Wohi Thandi Purvaai Rasta Dekhe

Doodhon Ki Malaai Wohi

Mitti Ki Suraahi Rasta Dekhe… (X2)

Ho Doodhon Ki Malaai Wohi

Mitti Ki Suraahi Rasta Dekhe…

Gudiya Ri Gudiya Tera Gudda Perdesiya

Jodi Aasmani Ho Gayi

Shagun Pe…} 

They all pushing each other’s.Having fun lott.ram and Avinash pulled kiyan cheeks again and again he become all red Avantika scold them and take her grand son and console him and give to tej. 

Sumit and Misha was too happy after see rohan happy like anything.Alia teasing Priyanka and rohan lott. 

Usha: you go and get freshen up okay.. they nodded in yes and went in side to get freshen up Kunj pulled twinkle in side. 

Twinkle: Kya Hai. 

Kunj:haldi I didn’t apply She smiled.  He went near her face and she understands Kunj rub his face against twinkle cheeks she closed her eyes he kissed on her cheeks and hands as well. Rahul and Kabir and Malika see them they went towards them. 

Kabir:sharam karo ab Maa and baap bangye ho still lage rahte ho😝😝

Rahul:seems like we will get another good news soon.Twinkle was shocked she push Kunj and Throw flower on Rahul and Kabir and went from there while they laughs out like anything.Rohan and Priyanka and Rudra and Soumya come back they all sit together and having fun together.Tej holding Aayat Hand in another hand kiyan was in his arms he handing his kids.While Avantika busy in hanina. 

Avinash:shame on you both you people sitting here and leave your kids on bua and uncle.. 

Rahul:acha Kamine😝😝.Shame word is very far from you get it. 

Siya:true.haldi function end happily.They all sit and had dinner together. Omkara and mahi handling kiyan because twinkle busy in work Prithviraj family too come from village specially bua ji😝😝.Without her can’t. 

Rahul feeding Priyanka food with her hands and yuvi and Avni handing hanina she was so happy with Avni.

Yuvi:see hanina is so happy with us what you thinking. 

Avni:acha you thinking lott after see babies😝😝

Mahi:kiyan what you wanted?? 

Om:maybe he is hungry.. 

Mahi: hmm she take him towards Kunj. Jiju where is di see kiyan is hungry., 

Kunj: acha she is busy give her and tell feed her first.. 

Mahi: hmm. She take him to twinkle she take him and feed him in hustle and give mahi back.Kiyan pulling Mahi hairs she giggles he see tej and Avantika jumping. She give him to tej. Rt try to take him he screaming.

Tej:okay okay we will not give anyone but he is nanu go. 

Rt:only Dadu not fair.khansa was in his arms and she showing tongue to kiyan. 

Aayat went to Priyanka: 

Aayat: pinku di? 

Priyanka: what?? She went near her ear and tell her okay come she take her in washroom. 

After sometimes later all left for their homes after all they have to do mehndi function as well tomorrow which happening in kapoor mansion.All get tired and went in their respective rooms.Kiyan screaming at twinkle lott: she giggles she changed his clothes he feels so good and moving his hands and legs Kunj come. 

Kunj:see him naughty boy.What is this he didn’t went to anyone huhu. 

Twinkle:Haan Maa and papa wanted but he started screaming.. screaming king. 

Kunj: you both same you are screaming beauty 😝😝. Twinkle throw cushion at him.They get freshen up.Twinkle take kiyan near her he hide under her embrace she smile and feed him.Twinkle and Kunj chit chatting with each other’s soon they slept. 

Rohan and Priyanka chit chatting with each other’s Avni sleeping beside her only. And Rudra and yuvi as well. 

At morning.. 

each and everyone wake up kiyan didn’t leave Kunj. 

Kunj:take your son I have Lot work. 

Twinkle:acha breakfast first.They went downstairs bua dadi see hanina and kiyan she smiled and give them gifts. Kiyan didn’t wearing his pamper. Bua dadi take he become silent Kunj and twinkle looking at each other’s before they can say something kiyan pee on bua dadi she feels wet and see kiyan. 

Bua:arey Yeh kiya kiyan. 

Rahul:Yeh kiyan Yeh yehi karta hai 😝😝

Twinkle:sorry bua dadi. 

Bua:koi na. 

Kunj:bua dadi Wanted grand son na see 😝.She smile twinkle take him and she went in room to clean herself.Good kiyan 😂.They all busy in preparation.Later at night everyone get ready beautifully. And left for kapoor mansion everything is so beautiful there too.They went inside and meet with each other’s.Soumya smile to see Rudra. In side ladies dancing and singing songs.Priyanka meet with her in laws Avantika and Usha caress Soumya face she looking so pretty after all. Twinkle and Kunj looking the best. And others as well


Misha and Avantika take Priyanka and Soumya towards heena girls. 

Misha: she is my bahu apply heena on her hands beautifully. 

Avantika: haan same.Priyanka and Soumya sit rohan and Rudra come and sit beside them.They share eyes locks. Heena girl hold their hands started applying heena on their hands. 

Anjali and twinkle with their naughty babies while Aleena and Aayat playing with khansa. Kunj and Omkara went near Priyanka they sit beside her. 

Kunj: do you want anything haan?

Priyanka: Haan juice bhaiya. Rudra get up and bring juice for her he made her drink with his hands she smiled Omkara side her hairs.Kunj bring fair near her so she can feel cool.She pampered by her trio brothers yuvi and Rahul bring dhol and playing with full happiness.Priyanka and Soumya smiled.All clapping some group of dancers comes they dancing.They all dancing along with them they set the atmosphere very energetic and gala time. 

Khansa and hanina started dancing hanina shaking her hands fully Anjali laughs out. While junior Sadu Sarna in his zone only.With his small hands he hitting twinkle this all sound he can’t bear it. 

Om was feeding her snacks and rudra was making her having juice and Soumya as well Kunj was sitting beside her telling heena girl apply best heena on my sister hands.Family members were admiring their bond….

On other hand rahul was handling hanina .as anjali and mahi were applying heena their  hands too.Everyone was enjoying..while our twinkle was busy with her baby as he was not ready to leave her…She was trying to make him sleep but seems sleep was far from his eyes….

Kiyan was irritating twinkle firstly he keep her hands on her dress.telling her that he want milk..but when she feed him.he didn’t having milk just hiding his face under pallu..

Twinkle:kiyan beta have your milk otherwise i’ll not give you next time …stop irritating mumma .see everyone is enjoying..you are irritating me huhu…

Kiyan giggling….

Twinkle:huh just like your father you too enjoy na when i got  irritated.she went out and see she went near girls all busy in heena Aayat applying as well and rohan feeding her snacks 😝😝

Anjali: what happened twinkle come sit apply heena. 

Malika: haan see my one. 

Kabir: yeah your favourite.. looking cute sister and jiju.. 

Kunj: thanks 😝.. 

Twinkle: kaha see him he didn’t let me sit.. 

Kunj:give me him what happened.. Kunj try to take hI. He hold twinkle tightly and turns his face. 

Rahul: haha Leave your mamma sometimes Fevicol huhu. 

Kunj:kiyan see what I have for you show him his favourite toy.. buy he wasn’t interested at all. 

Twinkle:ahah kiyan what is this.You go to your dadi and dadu only. Kunj take him forcefully. 

Kunj:now you sit I’m here only. She sits Kunj standing beside twinkle only kiyan looking twinkle and making faces tears escaping from his eyes.Heena girl take her hands in her and started applying heena on her hands twinkle looking at kiyan only.See she is here only kiyan. 

Rahul:my baby is so cute hanina who sitting in Rahul lap giving smile.

Kunj:see him he is just 3 months old and she is 8 months there is enough difference.kiyan started sobbing so badly. And make puppy faces

Kunj: acha sorry baby

Twinkle:give me Kunj he will not let me.. 

Kunj: na I’m here na you sit, Leave him. 

Twinkle: first you have problem now he is too same huhu. Kunj get up and went from there in side he went and sit beside Avantika.

Avantika:Kya Hua mera baby ko haan who scold you.He make sad faces more.

Kunj:damn sure he become drama king see him.

Avantika: hatt come to dadi he went happily and nuzzles his face in her embrace and sob she caressing his back: sorry see I’ll scold your dada she hit on Kunj arms play fully. 

Kunj:bete se jada pyaar pote ko not fair mummy. 

Avantika: acha call your dadi 😝😝. They smiled. Where is Twinkle.

Kunj: Arey kiyan didn’t let her apply heena on her hands that’s why I bring him here.

Avantika: okay where his back he must be irritates with this clothes haan?

Kunj:yeah this twinkle wanted to make him hero.. 

Avantika:it’s okay.She take him and went in side room and changed his clothes apply cream on his body he feel better. She take him and went outside.Everyone heena done mostly everyone having food. All men’s take plates for their girls and they went towards them. Priyanka was so shy so she having with Rahul hands and Kabir feeding Malika and Avni while yuvi to twinkle teasing her fully. Kunj and Omkara feeding Anjali and Soumya.Rudra feeding Aayat. 

Yuvi:where is your kiyan.. 

Twinkle:hoga pata nahi kaha.Avantika was passing from there kiyan was resting his chin on her shoulder.Avantika wash her hands because of kiyan. 

Misha:arey Avantika ji why you wash your hands your son and daughter wedding is you should apply na. 

Avantika:I know but see my grand son who will handle and twinkle busy so I can’t. 

Shilpa:Haan dadi after all.Rudra bring Lata and call heena girl she applying heena on her hands Omkara bring flowers and give to Lata she smiled. Lights went off Kunj and Rahul come 

K:R:Suno ik thi kanch ki gudiya

Suno ik thi pyar ki pudiya

Sadke Uss pyar ke

Suno ik tha pind da shera

Aaya kaske bandh wo sehara

Sadke Uss yaar Ke. 

They started dancing and singing all surprised bring rohan and Priyanka. 

Saji thi doli… wo

Chadha tha ghodi… wo

Khoya jaane kahan inna sona pyar baliye

Jogi maahi heer ranjhanna

Sabnu jaake main ye bolna

Baat bolke

Raaz kholna. 

Kunj caresses Priyanka face having tears in his eyes after thinking about she will went and leave them soon.. rohan look at Priyanka. 

Rohan:Dil thame hue

Wo tha khada

Chupke se yun

Door baithe hue

Umara gaiya

Jaane na tu. He look at Priyanka. 

Omkara and Kunj or Rahul come from back. 

Deewane ne di jawaani

Ke har ghum tu bhula de

Deta hi raha sadaye

Ke dil se tu bula le

Tu chhad de ve

Jidd hun chhaj hute aaja

Dil tuta jaata sun pyaar doliya.. 

Push Priyanka and rohan in each other’s he hold her hands.Anjali and Malika come they too dancing bring Rudra and Soumya.Kunj and Rahul lift Priyanka twirl her fully she smiled and laughing fully.

Each and everyone dancing towards twinkle gestures Kunj Kya Baat hai.she smiled and dancing with her.They all engrossed in dance fully after they all sit after get tired. 

Heena girls write Rudra and rohan hands in their brides hands.. now everyone asking rohan and Rudra find. 

Rudra: chalo sumo tell fast. 

Soumya: huhu find itself kill you. 

Rahul:aaja pyaar ke panchi😂rohan ji. Find name he sit beside Priyanka and started finding name in her hands.Rudra making faces fully. 

Twinkle: my dear devar ji fast. 

Mahi: haan what you doing Rudra. 

Kunj: fast idiot. Rohan find his name. 

Rohan: here. 

Kabir: hoo great rohan. 

Yuvi: Rudra.. 

Rudra:here is my name.He too find out all clapping for them.They clicking pictures Priyanka sit on her brothers lap and give pose of her mehndi.Twinkle heena still wet. Now it’s enough for kiyan she started crying Avantika give kiyan to Avni but he didn’t ready to stay in her arms as well .

Avni give kiyan to twinkle she place him on her lap. 

Twinkle:happy now. His face become fully red and nose too flowing. Kunj clean na. 

Kunj:hmm he wiped his tears and clean his nose as well. With his hand he hit on Kunj face. Arey what I have done it’s your mumma mistake na. 

twinkle:acha sorry kiyan why this tears haan. Now sleep see hanina too sleep. 

Rahul: why he can’t sleep you both make him zidhi ek do diya karo😝

Kunj: acha what about you. 

Avinash: arey Kunj you toh don’t like noise what about your son: 

Kunj: beta hai mera samja na. 

Yuvi: arey ab sab chalta hai bhai ko. After all he is his son nahi toh twinkle will kill him if he said something.

Kunj: really I wakes up at nights she toh sleeping.. 

Twinkle:true he is so nice handle him. Twinkle covered him with his baby blanket with one hand she patting on his chest so he can sleep. Kiyan sucking his lips. Aww sorry she looking here and there. She gestured Kunj: he understands and take him.They went in side room.Kunj help me na. 

Kunj:haan. She try to feed him but he turning his face. 

Twinkle:ahah Kunj i m done he doing lott. 

Kunj:what I’ll do.. 

Twinkle:Leave I’ll wash my hands. 

Kunj:Arey nahi due to heena smells kiyan started sneezing Kunj understand he too have allergy with this.Kunj help twinkle after so much drama kiyan become quiet. After filling his tummy he get relief and dozing off. Good so raha hai. 

Twinkle:hmm Bichara he can’t sleep in noise.Finally kiyan sleep.Let him here only na. 

Kunj: but alone?

Twinkle: maid will sit here na. 

Kunj:okay they place kiyan on bed carefully leave pillows around him.Twinkle call maid and tell her sit beside him she nodded in yes they went outside. 

They joint everyone all having dessert. Rohan feeding Priyanka with his hands. Tej click their pictures all smiled to see tej. 

Anjali: kiyan?

Twinkle:finally sleep di., 

Avni:great.They apply something on their heena so colour will come dark.yuvi and Rudra or Rishi mix vodka in their cold drinks and enjoying Soumya see them she told Omkara he pulled Rudra ears and scold him.All engrossed in each other’s. 

Maid went outside due to some work. While going with her hand pillow falls down.Kiyan sleeping near edge of bed only. 

In sleep kiyan slightly turned slightly and he falls down on floor and hit so badly. He scream so loudly he crying loudly get breathless. Shilpa was passing from there she heard baby voice she went in room and see kiyan and shocked she take him in her arms Nd went outside. 

Shilpa:where is twinkle haan? Twinkle see Shilpa and kiyan voice as well. She rushed towards her. 

Twinkle: kiyan what happened why he crying so badly. She takes him in her arms. 

Shilpa: you leave him alone and he falls down from  bed. I see him. They get shocked twinkle cuddles kiyan and rubbing his head. 

Kunj: what we Tell maid stay with him. Avantika Nd tej scold Kunj.Kiyan really crying. Nonstop his face drenched in tears after see him twinkle and Kunj feels so bad and curse themselves as well.Bas kiyan. 

Twinkle:I’m sorry na.where you hurt haan.She rubbing his head.. 

Kunj: it’s our mistake. 

Twinkle: hmm..take him I’ll come she went and wash her hands and take him and patting on his back after long he become quiet and sleep while crying.Happily mehndi function too end finally. 

After later everyone went twinkle and Kunj went in room changed their clothes and apply something on kiyan head. 

Twinkle:I’ll kill that maid.

Kunj:Leave na.They lay down after kiyan made he look at twinkle. 

Twinkle:Kya Hua sorry na see. 

Kiyan:hmm. She smiled now he don’t wanted to sleep twinkle and Kunj sit in balcony and playing with kiyan. 

Kunj:aur what kiyan wanted he tickles him he laughs out fully.They feels so good. 

Twinkle: my baby cry Lot today why. Haan. 

Kunj:he is cry baby hai na. 

Twinkle:no tell I’m small na that’s why.. kiyan smiled.

Kunj:my baby I can do anything for your smile cuddles him fully. Kunj look at twinkle he winked at her and make puppy faces she understands. 

Twinkle: shame on yourself.

Kunj:I wouldn’t leave 😂😜

Twinkle: lets see. He pulled her and bite his lip. Kiyan watching us. 

Kunj:I know. Kunj covered his eyes with his hands sucking twinkle lower lip. Kiyan scream twinkle laughs out Kunj making faces. She is enough kiyan why you don’t you want sibling.

Twinkle: acha ji ek toh sambhal nahi jata hai😂

Kunj: don’t worry I’m here😂. Both laughs out after they sleep. 

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They wake up and come for breakfast. They all have breakfast happily.Girls and boys get busy in dance rehearsal.Today kiyan mood was so happy he enjoying with Lata and Prithviraj they sitting with all elders near sea side.Hanina sitting on Lata lap she pulled kiyan littles hairs 😝😝

Kunj watching them while rehearsing he making fun of them Rahul too not less. Mahi scold Omkara for something.

Rahul: hoo so bad see your wife scolding become like me Anjali scared from me when I show her my eyes. 

Om: acha. 

Rahul: yes.. bheegi billi hai😝😝. Anjali standing behind Rahul Omkara see her.

Om: acha but I thought you from di. 

Rahul: I’m rahul mujhe dAr nahi lagta hai. 

Kya Anjali bachi hai. She making faces and tap on his shoulder he turn and shocked after see her. Anj..ali.. 

Anjali:what did you said just now I’m bachi😒.He nodded in no immediately escape from there all laughs out. 

They all packed their all things and left for hotel.They all settled and sangeet arrangement seeing by Omkara and Anjali. 

Priyanka and Soumya come and their respective maamus come and bring chuda for them.They covered their eyes and Shilpa brother and Avantika brother made them wear their wedding Chuda they both where hell excited but their chuda covered by handkerchief so they can’t see.After this they done all pre wedding all rituals their respective in laws give their daughters in laws sagun and they feed each other’s sweets everyone enjoying this than with rose petals and milk or water pour on grooms and brides they sitting position of each other’s but veil boarder between them. 

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Everyone dressed up so beautifully showing their fashion sense fully.


They planned sangeet in different way.. yuvi and Avni was host of the function. 

They all dancing with their partners rohan dance for Priyanka try to express his love through songs she blushed they dancing on romantic numbers while Rudra and Soumya dance on Peppy songs.Fully elders too not less Aayat dance on a song which made them cry.She looking so cute Priyanka cuddles her.Than they all take their seats.. 

Avni:so let’s play a game here some family mini iifa 😝award. What’s say guys??

Yuvi: yeah let’s Make the night crazy. All hooting. 

Avni:so let’s start our first award.Hasso aur Hastate raho.any guesses all look at each other’s. 

Yuvi:think.. Kabir raise Rahul hand. Yup Rahul Malhotra come please Hasso aur Hastate rahoaward goes to Rahul jiju. He get up all laughs out his funny photo comes on screen 😝he get up and went on stage and take laughing Buddha.. Rahul take and look at Avni and yuvi. 

Yuvi: after get this award how’s you feeling?

Rahul: feeling like strangle your neck. But can’t they make faces. Feels like I win oscar award wanted to thanks my parents

Love you all.

Kunj:bas drama king he come back. 

Yuvi:our next category is shy person of our family. 

Rudra:without no doubt bhaiya and Priyanka. 

Rahul: he is shy really shameless 😝😝

Kunj:hatt saale.they both get up and take award which was a veil😝😝.

Yuvi: covered your face with this 😂. Kunj throw at yuvi and they went back.They all enjoying lott. 

Avni:shor sharabagang award goes to.

Malika: all babies 😝.

Rahul: see Kunj like you your son too on top but in different way 😝😝.Yuvi and Avni come and give babies mouth tape😝. In bg baby crying sound playing. They all laughing. 

Yuvi: drama king and queen who is tell us please. 

Kabir:without no doubts twinkle and Rudra.

Rudra:yup come baby. He hold her hand they went and take the award which is camera.. 

Twinkle: very lame yuvi. Huhu. 

Yuvi: I know you feeling bad na drama queen. 

Rudra:I didn’t win any award in my life feel happy see mummy and pa all laughs out. 

Avni: darpok award any guesses ?? All looking at Kunj and Rahul they gritting their teeth’s at them. 

Yuvi: my dear saalo come and take your award please 😝😝

Rahul: see you later jije😒😒. They went and take the award which was bheegi billi face 😝😝. Kunj and Rahul hold yuvi and hit playfully on his backs 

Yuvi: guys they both are number one darpok I love maamu because of you this happened 😂😂

Like this they play lot and enjoying fully. 

Even sangeet night too over and all get hell tired but youngsters planning about bachelorette night. 

Kunj: you feed him and made him sleep. 

Rahul: even you too Anjali. They get award cut my nose 😂😂


Twinkle: huhu..they both went in room.

And feed their babies and made the sleep than they both went and all get ready beautifully in shot dresses. all get ready and Avantika take kiyan and Usha hanina. 

They all went in disco all boys see girls and shocked.Rahul and Kunj making faces. 

Yuvi: mummies looking killer

Kunj: acha. 

Rudra: enjoy. 

Soumya:haa bas jada enjoyment nahi samje.. they all went to dance they all dancing madly Kunj and Rahul went in side. 

Kunj:don’t tell anyone samje na. 

Rahul:hmm.They Oder whiskey and mixed in soft drink so nobody get to know. 

Rahul: Kunj if Hitler goes to know. 

Kunj:hmm what about them they see and see they all enjoying and drinking. 

Rahul:see Anjali besharm.. 

Kunj:acha 😝😝.They look at their glass. Agar reaction ulta hua toh??

Rahul:yeah we can’t handle 😂😂

Kunj: chal lets enjoy jade jade break some rules 😂😂Both hifi. And went in side and drinking and enjoying. Anjali and twinkle see their husbands. 

Anjali: see them bade doodh ke dule hue te na see them today. They went towards them. 

Twinkle: see di some one said me pe ta nahi hu rahul and Kunj shocked they look at twinkle and Anjali.

Rahul: tum dono??

Kunj: haan. 

Twinkle: what is this?

Kunj: orange juice.. 

Anjali: acha I don’t think so both took glass from their hands and drink and look at them. 

Twinkle: orange juice taste like whiskey.. 

Anjali: yeah.Rahul and Kunj shocked. 

Rahul: maybe changed with someone ewww that’s why I’m saying why taste coming so bad 😒😒

Anjali: acha smart Rahul. 

Kunj: acha don’t tell anyone he force me.

Rahul: acha Kamine.. 

Twinkle: bas today you can..😂pulled their husbands and take them towards dance floor they all dancing fully. Twinkle Romancing with Kunj. 

Kunj:good I didn’t drink just few sip look at them eww same Rahul. 

Twinkle: Kunjj babyy kiss me na.

Kunj: what no.. 

Twinkle: acha don’t come to me for anything.Rahul and Kunj come in side they all behaving like mads and throwing things on each other’s yuvi and Kabir tore Rudra shirt Omkara laughing.They both laughing Priyanka smiling she went towards them.Rahul and Kunj smirked they mixed red chilli power in their drinks and tell waiter give them they all take drink and screaming like wild animals 😝😂more yuvi and Avni. 

Kunj:hayee our poor jija.. award award khel na ta now play😝😝😂criticise karte hai Kamine 😝😂

Rahul: dj okay a tujhe mirchi lagi toh me Kya karu😂😂.They all drink water and become normal. Good tumlogo Ka hangover utra 😂.Whole night they just doing party. All dose of their only fully. 

At morning. 

Tej and mAnohar or rt finding all kids they weren’t in their rooms Rahul and Kunj see them they immediately escaped from there they come inside and see them and shocked all sleeping on floor 😂😂.they look at each other’s face. They throw water on them and they all wake up with jerk and shocked to see them they all went from there all stand in side.RAhul and Kunj come after get freshen up holding their babies having apple. All shocked to see them. 

Yuvi: rascals huhu. 

Tej: rohan what happened?

Rohan: nothing. 

Kunj: see him bada shokh ta bichare ko tej sarna na daamad bane Ka now see.

Rahul: enjoy as well😝😝Both giggling in side. Not good haina.. 

Tej:haan Rahul and Kunj you both are so nice Boys they smiled.All gritting their teeth’s at them. You both come here they get shocked and went and stand. I know you both run before us only. All smiled. 

Kunj: Arey when.. 

Rahul: haan.You always think about us only. Abhi bhi. 

Tej:baap tum dono apne bacho ke bane ho mere nahi samje😛😛 All laughs out. 

You all go and get freshen up.All showing them tongue. 

Kunj: huhu. 

Tej: what?

Kunj: nothing. 

Rahul: acha I have to give bath to hanina. 

Tej: good job. They both went from there and went in room. 

Twinkle:so bad Kunj. 

Kunj:what bad haan.. 

Twinkle:papaji knows you both. Kunj pulled her.

Kunj:lets do kiss now you wanted yesterday.. 

Twinkle: acha ji she push and he falls down on bed. 

Kunj: shit twinkle Kya Hai. 

Twinkle:huhu you deserve this only Kunj. She said and went in washroom. 

They get freshen up all get busy because today is wedding finally. Priyanka was so sad she was sitting in her room tej come with breakfast and went towards her and sit beside her she weeping slightly she look at tej. 

Tej: what happened my princess. 

Priyanka: nothing pa. He try to feed her she turn her face Arey what happened are you not happy?

Priyanka: no I’ll go and leave you all,, are you not sad?? 

Tej: hmm nahi im happy my daughter get pArtner like rohan. He hugged her and wiped her tears and feed her breakfast. 

Tej and Avantika controlling on their self same Kunj when he think about Priyanka today she will leave and go. Twinkle can see sadness on his face after all he is a brother. 

Twinkle: Kya sadu. 

Kunj:kuch nahi just thinking time went really very fast today Priyanka and Rudra too get marry and settle down but sad for Priyanka she will go and leave us. 

Twinkle:hmm I can understand your emotions.She hold Kunj hands every girl has to go one day see i didn’t come now engrossed in my family fully. He wiped his tears aww Kunj Sarna crying. He giggles. 

Kunj: bhai huna sAmji siyappa queen. 

Kunj and Rudra or Omkara spend sometimes with Priyanka.All running here and there in hustle bustle.


Twinkle went in Rudra room all presented there only.

All brothers help rudra to get ready

Twinkle tie turban on his head mahi does his aarti. All smiled.

Kunj:see dadi you smallest grand son finally become groom.. 

Lata:yeah he take everyone blessings and they all click photos while Priyanka and Soumya was in their room they getting ready with the help of makeup artist. 

Each and everyone get ready they extremely looking pretty.Each and everyone come at venue.They welcoming all guest in very beautiful way. Rudra and rohan come with all boys their mothers in laws waiting for them. They both take their blessing they both pulled rohan and Rudra nose and they chucked and does their aarti they entered in side and take everyone blessings.They both went to stage and sits there both eagerly waiting for their brides.


Kunj lifting kiyan in his arms who was not well little bit so resting his head on his arms.Pandit ji Tell call bride varmala Ka time ho raha Hai Avantika gestures Anjali and twinkle. 

Firstly Soumya take entry with her all cousin brothers.They holding her hands and girls holding the veil.While fog coming from fog machine it’s looking so beautiful all smiled Soumya looking so beautiful. Rudra smiled twinkle and Anjali went near her and take her towards stage and made her sit beside Rudra all smiled.

Twinkle:pretty devrani ji😂.She blushed. 

Kunj and Omkara or Rahul and yuvi went. Priyanka fully get ready she was so emotional but handle herself as well.Doli was waiting for her she sit in doli her brothers comes and hold the doli and take Priyanka. Everyone was waiting for Priyanka now.As soon as they entered with doli all get excited. They place doli down and they come at door side Kunj pulled up the curtains Priyanka sitting resting her hands on her knees. She turned her gaze he forward his hands Priyanka give her hand in Kunj hand she come out and they help her she stand as soon as her come fully everyone freezes after see her beautiful she looking so beautiful Avantika and tej hold her heart. 

Rudra to see Priyanka. Omkara and Rahul hold Priyanka one hand while Kunj holding her from her shoulder.She see Kunj having water in her eyes. Take baby step everyone having bright smile at their faces Usha gestured Avantika in no. Brothers take Priyanka towards stage made her sit beside rohan 

Avantika:see Priyanka she looking so pretty tej. 

Tej:Haan Avantika finally my daughter become bride.Priyanka was hell nervous. They get up for vermala.. first Rudra and Soumya. Yuvi and Kabir Rahul lift Soumya Rudra try out vermala in her neck Always failed Kunj and Omkara left Rudra finally put vermala in her neck all smiled and clapped. Soumya didn’t waste time she immediately put vermala in Rudra neck and he pulled her cheeks all made aww face.they finished first ritual of their wedding tej and Avantika standing beside Priyanka. Rohan blow down his head all like aww.. 

Ranveer:Abhi se see mummy ji. Priyanka blushed. Priyanka put vermala in rohan neck all clapped and in side fire crackers blast.Now rohan turned Rudra too joint all brothers lift their sisters fully all laughs out. 

Rahul: Chal Rohan babu you be one filmy 😂😂. Rohan look at them he jumped and put vermala in Priyanka neck so easy all shocked and clapping loudly for them. Priyanka look at tej he smiled.They sit and all clicking pictures with them than finally their wedding time has come. Avantika and tej made Priyanka sit beside rohan in mandap and Kunj and twinkle to Rudra and Soumya.Tears dropping from tej eyes. Pandit ji start all mantars.tej and Avantika does their kaniyadAn. Give Priyanka hand in rohan hands while Shilpa and raj give Soumya hand in Rudra.All standing they get up for 7 vows finally.They taking vows and promising each other’s they will support each other’s fulfil their all duties. All showing rose petals.Rahul and Avni giving side hug to Avantika.They take 7 vows again they sit pandit ji Tell them to fills Priyanka and Soumya hairlines. They both filled their hairlines little bit falls on their nose which give good sign.. twinkle give mangalsutra to Rudra and Alia to rohan they finally adore mangalsutra in Priyanka and Soumya necks at last pandit

Ji declares them husband and wife.Tej and Avantika smiling like anything they get up and take all elders blessings. Tej and Avantika give them hug. 

Avantika:I’m so happy for my both kids.  Than they went to siblings. 

Kunj:finally my second jija😝he smiled Kunj hugged them and kissed on Priyanka forehead. All congratulations them they went back to stage and sit sharing eyes locks Rohan hold Priyanka hand gestures her she smiled. 

Rohan:finally she become my wife dream come true for me.he think.Guest meeting with them and giving them gifts while all handling guest serving them food nicely attending them perfectly.Twinkle give kiyan to Priyanka she spending something with kiyan and Aayat sitting beside Priyanka she looking at rohan shoes without let him know she stole his shoes and Rudra too😝😝.Everyone done with guest than they all family members sit for dinner. Rudra feed Soumya with his hands. 

Ram:Rudra shy please do your love later 😝.Kunj and Omkara and Rahul feeding Priyanka with their hands she denying but. 

Aayat:see I bring this for you pinku di… they finished dinner all clicking pictures and teasing them hell. Priyanka and Soumya went in room to get freshen up till Than they do bidaai preparation. Priyanka and Soumya come stand beside their husbands. 

Rohan: where is my shoes.

Rudra: even mine Arey I don’t have saali still. Aayat come.

Aayat: I have shoes 😂😂.all hold their heads they all totally forgot but she not. 

Kunj: you know how?

Aayat: I see in your wedding na that’s why smart baby. 

Kunj:yup kissed on his cheeks. She went near rohan. 

Aayat: chalo give me money she said in very cute voice. 

Rohan: hmm if this monkeys asked me than I’ll not give but cutie ask me I’ll give you. Definitely. He bend down and take out his pocket.

Twinkle: aww really everyone learn from him please.

Rahul: abet rohan you decreasing us haan don’t apply too much butter later you will slip lott see us😝😝😝after wedding pocket ki o my mata bas.

Anjali: haww see Maa. Aayat take money from rohan. Kunj and Rahul went near him and take his wallet. 

Kunj: wait baby this much we Sarna’s not take. 

Rahul:promise us you will our sister happy if she cry na we will kick you, and hit you with your own shoes only all laughs out. 

Rohan:acha promise only happiness tears come out from her eyes only that’s my promise 😀. All smiled. 

Rudra: where is my shoes Aayat in your brother. 

Anjali: so what we are here Avni and Anjali went near him you were so excited na for wedding now empty your wallet baby 

Rudra:hoo.. Rahul went near Rudra. 

Rahul: give Rudra they will but Allow you to take Soumya 😂😂first night you will Make with ghost.He thinks and scream. 

Rudra:noo I’ll give na.He give them

Money all get happy. 

Misha:finally I’m taking my bahu.. Priyanka look at her.Tej went near Priyanka tears escaping from her eyes like anything.

{ Shagna di sham , ankhiyon ch leke mahi tera naam ,
Mai taah tur jaana tere naal …..
Taare mehman,channa ve tere khatir sara jhaan,
Chadh ke mai jana tere naal mahi ve ….
Jana tere naal ..ooo.
Babul di nikiya bahwaan,ammy di sariya duawaan,
Sakhiyan di yaadan nu sambhal ,
Mai taah tur jana tere naal dholna ….
Mai taah tur jana tere naal..oooo..

Tej:arey who will cry like this. She cuddles him. 

Priyanka: pa.. I’ll miss you. 

Tej:even I’ll too miss you are here only he cupped her face and kissed on her forehead don’t cry you are my strong baby she nodded in yes. Kunj turned his face and hide his tears she went towards Lata and Prithviraj and meet with them. 

Prithviraj:I’m so happy for my pinku.She hugged Avantika hold Omkara and Rudra hands. She meet with Usha and Manohar. 

Manohar:we will bring our pinku soon.. 

Priyanka:chote Maa and papa..Aayat wiped her tears after see Priyanka crying. She meet with everyone only her siblings and mother left.She cuddles Avantika fully and cry in her arms loudly.Tej gestured Avantika because she is already so sensitive. 

Avantika:look at me Priyanka.she look at her. Don’t cry you just going to your another parents. 

Priyanka:how I’ll stay without you and pa.. I can’t you know. 

Avantika:I’ll come and call you promise don’t cry wiped her tears. Kunj went in side. She meet with Anjali and twinkle Mahi Avni yuvi Kabir Malika.Rahul give her backhugged. 

Rahul:bas pinku.Omkara wiped her tears. 

Om:see your face what rohan will say my wife looking like ghost.She giggles and hugged Omkara too tightly he too cry. 

Avantika:where is kunjj.Twinkle call him he come. Kunj come towards her she weeping.After see him more. Kunj smiled tearfully. 

Kunj:my pinku pehlwan is strong na.. Rudra come., 

Rudra: haan she crying like baby. 

Priyanka; today also you both making my fun karlo now toh I’m going na.Whom you will teased now whom hairs you both pulled.You both said na you will throw me see I’m going finally Kunj and Rudra nodding in no.Both pulled her hairs.They hold her hands tightly she cuddles them fully.Bhaiya and Rudra bhaiya. All smiled painfully everyone having tears in their eyes twinkle remember her time. Tej and Avantika went and Joint them. They break the hug and both hugged Priyanka face. 

Kunj:I’ll tease you always nobody can stop us samji. 

Rudra:haan who will do my work.If ghost come than. 

Kunj:who will see my kiyan.don’t cry. Wiped her tears and kissed on her forehead.I’m happy for you and miss you like anything Priyanka.Meri jhalli behan. 

Rudra:rohan laughs out at you she make sad face they chucked and tej and Avantika and Kunj or Rudra and Priyanka share group hug and joint their foreheads. 

Kunj console her she kissed on kiyan and hanina cheeks. 

Priyanka: I’ll come to meet with you both. Aayat looking Priyanka she bend down. 

And you too take care of yours don’t go anywhere.

Aayat:why you going anywhere she nodded in yes.Tell pa he will not send you. If you go whom I’ll put all blame teased Nd who will do my work with whom I’ll sleep now  Priyanka cupped her face. 

Priyanka:you toh said na you don’t love me.

Aayat:ale just for fun you only play ghar ghar with me.See I have chocolates for you she give Priyanka she kissed on her cheeks and hugged Aayat.Priyanka get up and hold Aayat hand.Rohan come and hold Priyanka hand.She take puff rice in her hands and throwing while going Avantika waking behind her and puff rice falling on her palu.bid farewell ritual too done she hugged once again Kunj and tej. 

Omkara and Anjali help Priyanka and take her towards Car and made her sit she looking at her family with tears.Aayat too crying Rahul lift hers. Rohan meet with Kunj and tej. 

Kunj:please take care of her you know how she is. 

Rohan:I know Kunj don’t worry. I’ll keep her happy Nd she is very precious for me as well.He hugged tej and Kunj and sit.All brothers push wedding car finally Priyanka and rohan drove off. Avantika cuddles tej. Kunj went and console her. 

Kunj:mummy you crying.See after seeing you Aayat too crying kiyan see Avantika he too starts. Arey baap Arey.He wiped her tears. She become normal.Soumya and Rudra meet with everyone Soumya too crying. She was happy she going to sarna family.They will keep her happy. Soumya meet with her parents. Rudra and Soumya send for Their first night to another hotel there they booked honeymoon suite for then gent meet everyone left. Kunj and Rahul handle tej and Avantika.

Episode freezes here only.


Last wedding of this ff.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎

Finally done.

Phew 😊😊😊😊😊😔come.

How was the episode??

Hope you like episode

Do please tell me thanks for your comments..

my all seven couples set finally together 😍😎.. no proof post in hustle don’t have time lott.. hope your understand.

Love you all


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    Apologies and apologies 😭😭😭😭
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