RAB SE SONA ISHQ: twinj- episode: 83

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after mahi and Omkara roka each and everyone was hell happy and their happiness doubled by Anjali she too give everyone good news.mahi and Omkara was hell happy cherishing every bit of it. Till Now everyone behind twinkle now same with Anjali as well both overwhelming by love and care which they are getting it Anjali

Is more matured than twinkle she is carefully.While everyone have to look

For twinkle more.because she is so stubborn.After 4 days later..

Rahul om kunj were sitting at poolside enjoying their coffee in the evening.

Rahul:so om how’s going everything?

Om:everything thing is good everyone is happy…

Rahul:dumbo i m asking about you and mahi how you both are doing..

Om:good  this week your roka done why are you asking silly questions..

Rahul:stupid now you are officially together.so you can go for date and long drive no one will say anything..

Om:ohh but i toh already have a lot of coffee and lunch with mahi before only.

Rahul:budhhu ram woh toh friend type wala tha na now toh you are lovers so behave like them na.Unlike this sadu.

Kunj:oye meko kyn beech me la rha h everyone knew that how i am ? Huh.

Rahul:hmm pta hai but now toh you become na romantic king give some tips to your philosopher bro also..

Kunj:he himself is very  smart he don’t need my tips kyn Om..

Om:kya tum bhi kunj..

Kunj:wese you should go for date with mahi twinkle come.

Twinkle:haan om tumhe jana chaiye .after all you both love each other.Humhari toh arrange marriage thi.isliye hum shadi se phale kuch ni kar paye ..

Rahul:acha ji ..??.

Twinkle:haanji ..otherwise you toh know na jiju i m punjabi pataka …

Kunj:bas bas syappa queen wese jo humne shadi se phle ni kiya woh shadi ke bad toh kar rhe hai na …?

Rahul:kya family planing giggles..??

Kunj:chup sala humesha ungli krta hai usko then she will fight with me All went for dinner….

@twinj room

Kunj was sleeping. but twinkle was not getting sleep because.twinkle was feeling little bit pain her stomach she thinks may be again because of a acidity.so she didn’t tell anything about this to kunj..

And went to balcony.for having fresh air …

Twinkle was sitting on the swing & looking at the moon..She talk to her baby..

Twinkle:baby app thek ho na..

Why its paining .i toh didn’t had outside food from last incident.even taking proper care.Then why..??

Kunj try to cuddle her in his sleep.but didn’t find her.So he wake up.Where did she went.He checked washroom.he was not there.He saw door is also locked then where she went.Kunj went to balcony there she was enjoying cold breeze in moon light with baby.

Kunj:twinkle kya hua itni rat ko tu yaha kya kar rahi hai..

Twinkle:thinks not to tell him.he will come in tension.acidity hi toh hai woh kunj neend ni aa rhi tha na so i came  here with baby.

Kunj:haww and baby ke papa ko bhool gyi .?.

Twinkle:aisa kabhi ni ho sakta ki baby ki mumma papa ko bhool jaye .it just you were sleeping so peace peacefully so don’t want to disturb your sleep..

Kunj went to her and sat beside her….

He side hugged her.she keep her head on his shoulders..

Twinkle:see kunj na kitna peaceful hai na.


Twinkle:thinks dont know mujhe ye shanti kisi bade tufan ke aane se phale wali shanti kuyn lag rahi hai.

Kunj:chale baby andar..

Twinkle:can i sit here in your arms for sometime.its very much soothing to me.

Kunj:okay.he hugged her and sat for some time.Later they went to room and slept..

At morning.?..

Kunj wake up first he kissed on twinkle forehead she sleeping so cuddly and keeping her hands on her tummy.he smiled.And behind down he kissed on her tummy and than peck on her lips.

Kunj:after pregnancy news she attached with baby so.Chal let her sleep meri Queen.he get up and went in washroom Kunj wear his jogger’s and take his bottle and went downstairs.He went

For jogging. Omkara and mahi after their roka they talking with each other’s whole nights due to this Omkara sleep in his room so Rudra scared of his imaginary ghost so Soumya and Priyanka sleep with him.

Om:acha mahi now you sleep I have to go for jogging?

Mahi:you didn’t sleep whole night now sleep na?

Om:nahi I’ll manage.. you sleep okay bye.

Mahi:bye.they end the calls. Omkara too get freshen up and went for jogging while Rahul didn’t went now cuddling his wife.

Anjali: Rahul go and let me to get freshen up.

Rahul: I’m getting romantic with you and you doing drama not fair. ?.

Anjali: acha ji you do enough romance with me now go she push him and get up and went in washroom while Rahul making faces.He get up and wear his clothes and run from there.They went for jogging in park they trio doing jogging Kunj and Rahul talking about their pregnant pandas?. While omkara busy in mahi thoughts.

Kunj:what happened now toh your roka done baby??

Rahul:haan now he went more in her thoughts ??.

Om:acha I think I’m less than you twos..?.They jogging and drink their coconut water while Kunj see in side sweet jalebi and remember last night only she craving for this he smiled and didn’t take from here it’s not good for her.After sometimes later they went back to home each and everyone wake up expect Than Rudra and twinkle. They all sitting in living room.

Kunj: where is twinkle she didn’t wake up haan??

Priyanka: nahi bhaiya I went in your room but bhabhi sleeping peacefully.

Kunj:hmm due to acidity last night she can’t sleep properly..

Lata: don’t worry let her sleep it’s good for baby.

Rahul:my dolphin is the best didn’t teased me❤️. Said while looking at Kunj.

Kunj:don’t fly too much di is matured than you and her get it.

Usha:so true..

Avantika:Leave about this don’t say her anything.This Rudra uff again he sleeping you telling na you taking him with you office.

Kunj:today I’ll take don’t worry let me get freshen up. Usha and Avantika prepared breakfast already now they didn’t let anything do Anjali and twinkle. Kunj get up and went in kitchen Chal Kunj gets let’s start making her jalebi.. Kunj see the recipe and started making their Rahul and Omkara come Aayat already sitting on kitchen slab and seeing Kunj.

Rahul: what’s you making it bro??

Kunj: you can see bro??

Om: jalebi for whom..

Rahul:obviously not for your mahi for his siyappa queen who isn’t less than jalebi ???. Why today..

Kunj: Arey she demanding last nights so and she can’t have outside so making for her here healthy she will get happy na. They smiled. Kunj making it perfectly Aayat giggles.

Aayat: bhaiya please let me do too?

Kunj: acha you wanted.Kunj hold her hand and makes jalebi she get happy. And he write baby with jalebi batter.. after this done Kunj set in plate and went in his room and see twinkle was in washroom he smiled and take his clothes and went in another washroom. They both get ready Kunj went in Rudra room and wake up him he take time Rudra wake up I’ll throw you out of the house.

Rudra: bhaiya please na let me 5 minutes more.

Kunj: acha 1..2..3 before he said 4 he immediately wake up.Good boy go and get freshen up and come downstairs I wanted to see you in 10 minutes only. He went from there while Rudra went in washroom twinkle get ready and went out of the room she goes downstairs.Each and everyone come for breakfast she coming slowly Kunj see her he went near her and hold her hand.What happened are you okay?

Twinkle:haan I’m absolutely okay today I sleep so nicely she give smiled.

Kunj:haan that’s why I didn’t wake up you come with me he take her towards dinning area.Kunj Make her sit she sit beside him.By the time Rudra too come.

Soumya was feeling sad today she going to back London..

Rahul:twinkle today for you something special..

Twinkle:what?? Kunj open the dish Cap.

Twinkle see jalebi she get so happy and get up and started jumping in excitement and all get surprised and chuckled.

Kunj: Arey calm down twinkle sit here.

Twinkle: jalebi aww I wanted this only she sit and take the jalebi and have and closed her eyes and making tempting face and smiled yummy..

Rahul: halwai is your husband ji. ??.

Twinkle: what she look at Kunj him and he feed her more jalebi. You made this haan? She look down and see baby written in jalebi.. she smiled.

Kunj: yes I made you wanted na.

Aayat: and have this one I made..?for baby:

Twinkle:aww yes I’ll have whole???. All smiled and everyone take.all praise Lot.

Kunj: now leave this have your breakfast.

Twinkle: Kunj I’m done with healthy food in this condition all ladies having chatpata food hmm..

Kunj:bas I know have this.

Twinkle:see di na huhu??.

Kunj:because she isn’t likes you she having each and everything on Time get it.

Anjali:true ??.

Kunj: acha Soumya when you going?

Soumya: today only bhaiya in sad voice Rudra look at her.

Anjali: why you going yaar it’s so fun with you huhu.

Soumya: now you all come back there,,

Tej:haan we will go with our little two munchkins ??.

Lata: haan..

Anjali: now dadi is ready happily his Kunj is done Shadi done baby is on the way ??.

Lata:true can’t wait to hold his baby..

Kunj:dadi don’t they get jealous..?happily they finished the dinner.Kunj went in his room with twinkle she give him his things.

Twinkle: today come soon na?

Kunj:I’ll try baby ?if I get Time than surely.Kunj take his things and kissed on twinkle forehead take care of yourself and my baby.

Twinkle:haan papaji.bye love you and thanks for jalebi she peck on his lips he too back tightly..he went down while twinkle murmured shameless.. ??Rudra come and looking handsome.

Tej: see maa my sons I’m so proud of you great you going office  for the very first time.

Rahul:Tell now he knows how to spend the money now he will get to know real value or money.

Kunj:hell true chalo…they all left for office before going rudra look at Soumya. He went towards her.

Rudra: acha sumo bye take care of yourself.in sad voice…

Soumya:hmmm.they left.Usha take Anjali with her to mandir while telling servants their works.

Om called mahi and said hesitantly.

Om:woh mahi ..

Mahi:hmm bolo om..

Om:kya tum mere sath dinner me chalogi…

Mahi:dinner pe ya date Mr philosopher teasing him..

Om:huhh you are also like rahul and kunj pulling my leg..

Mahi:arey arey don’t be angry na

chalungi mai tumhare sath .bolo kab chalna hai.

Om:aaj rat 7 pm  be ready i ‘ ll come to pick you .ok bye ..

Mahi:smiling pagal hai pura but i love him babaji ..

They reached office now Priyanka knows all work Rudra meet with everyone and he too take his table rohan come after Priyanka joining office his every morning becoming good morning only ?.

Priyanka working with rohan he bring her favourite coffee she look at him.

Rohan:drink you like na..

Priyanka:thanks.?.they enjoying coffee.After sometimes later their work all most get over they thinking let’s for go office so they called Omkara even Anjali Aayat too and kunj tell don’t care to call his wife and don’t in formed her as well they all went for shopping expect than Kunj.They shopped lot and having fun together. Kunj think let’s go to home today early he went and see everyone was in their respective rooms so he went in his room and see his wife she playing with little baby toys he giggles and lock the door and went towards her

Kunj: what’s going on here haan? Twinkle look at him.

Twinkle: nothing tum at this time haan? He sit beside her.

Kunj:I’m free so come to spend time with my baby and you pulled her cheek.

Twinkle:hoo huhu..??.  Good.

Kunj: twinkle you are playing with toys haan?? What will baby do after come haan?. I don’t need baby you are my big baby kissed on her cheeks.

Twinkle:huhu just doing my time pass they all went don’t know here.Acha I’ll bring coffee for you…

Kunj:nahi I’ll manage..

twinkle: I can do this samje na huhu you go and get freshen up I’ll come quickly.

Kunj:acha ja.Kunj went in washroom while twinkle went downstairs she goes in kitchen and made coffee and snacks for Kunj soon Kunj get freshen up and sit on bed meanwhile twinkle too come back and closed the door and went towards him and keep The tray on bed. and sit beside Kunj.

Twinkle:coffee kunjj?? She give him he take and take the sip of coffee and made faces.

Kunj:after days I drink coffee perfect one Miss it lott..

Twinkle:acha I told you let me make you are the one who didn’t let me entered in kitchen huhu.. Kunj eyes went on Pickle bottle.

Kunj:again you wanted to have this pickle haan why.

Twinkle:what why everyone woman have baby wanted don’t blame me.She feed him snacks he too her.. thanks Kunj for each and everything because of me your sleeps get disturbed didn’t let you sleep.

Kunj:koi it’s fun full to fulfil your mood swings.you are the number one chatori and your baby too??.

Twinkle:yes like Mamma and like baby.. afterPrinku ,om , aayat and Rudra Anjali or Rahul all went to mall and come back.

Prinku purchase a doll for twinkle and Kunj baby Rudra purchase avengers type for baby.Aayat bought teddy for baby ..

Om bought a painting of baby ..who was looking very cute.After coming back to sarna mansion.all directly went to twinj room.While twinkle was lying on bed..

Keeping her head in the lap of kunj…

Both were spenting some lovey dovey moments with each other.Rudra knock the door.

Rudra:bhaiya bhabhi open the door..

Aayat :yes bhabhi… open the door fast..

Kunj:ab inhe kya hua …

Twinkle get up from his lap and correct her self and sat against headboard of bed.Kunj open the door.All directly went to the bed and sat around twinkle .

Rudra:See bhabhi what we brought for our baby …..

Aayat:first i will …

Rudra:no firstly me …

Priyanka:you both side .first i will show bhabhi..

Om:i m elder then you all so you all side…first i will..

Kunj:stop why are you fighting haan give turn wise who is the smallest one ..

Rudra:i am..

Aayat:really protein powder..

Why you forget i m your cute little sister..


Aayat:see bhabhi i brought this  teddy for our baby …its good na …i and baby will play with this teddy it will be fun …hai na bhabhi ..

Twinkle:haan so cute my doll

Rudra:now side please ho gya na now my turn.Huh baby will not play with teddy.he will play with this toy show her full kit of avengers..

Priyanka:you both side cry babies…

Now my turn baby will play with this  show her doll…

Rudra:hehe will not as i m sure this my champ is gonna come..

Om : hogya you idiots now my turn …show her painting of baby ..

Twinkle:wow om super cute..

Om:i heard somewhere..if mother saw cute photo of baby daily then her baby too born like him only..

Kunj:then toh no need .i m super cute and my baby will like me only …

Om:hehe .

Twinkle:om please you keep this painting in from of my bed.


Rudra:bhabhi where dis i kept my

toys which i brought for baby..

Twinkle:ohh baby ke sweet little chachu .abhi toh baby will take time na for coming in this world then keep it by yourself when baby wil born then you give him okay..

Aayat:no baby will play with my teddy not his toys..

Priyanka: haan even with my doll..he is toh cry baby..

Rudra: ohh shut up haan prinku…look at your self and doll..both are looking same…

My champ will not play with dolls and teddy..

Aayat:no with my teddy..

Priyanka:no my angel will play with my doll.Rudra pulled her doll and throw it..

Prinku too threw his kit..

Rudra:you prinku.wait he pulled her hairs.Prinku too pulled his hairs..

Aayat:uff now i m safe they both to thew their toys .bhabhi you keep this with yourself okay ..

Twinkle:okay .

Rudra:maine suna rat.he pulled her hair also.

Prinku:papa ..

Kunj:why pa haan you started na with rudra..

Priyanka:not fair bhaiya you are taking his side now toh i will definitely call paa paa…

Twinkle:bas bas don’t fight our baby will play with each and everything you all keep it here I’ll see them they get happy now..

Kunj:haan pagal team..

Rudra:good bhabhi..

Kunj:where were husband and wife?

Priyanka:ji take di for dinner out today huhu.

Twinkle:huhu see Kunj learn something from him..

Kunj:acha fire factory now you all go and let her rest..??.

Rudra:haan today toh our O too going for dinner date with Mahi… ?.

Kunj: acha great go go.Why you get jealous your partner changed ??.

Twinkle: you all leave today I’ll make your favourite noddles for you all let them go.?.They started hooting slightly twinkle teased Omkara.See baby chachu going to meet with Chachi he taking her for date never take us your papa toh huhu.??.They all laughs out. They all went from there twinkle and Kunj laughs out like anything to see their family they are fully behind baby.they really loved our baby lott..

Kunj:yes after all Mera Bacha hai they have to do.. ??.

Twinkle: huhu.Whatever it. Acha I m going down you come and please keep this all things in our wardrobe back. She said and went downstairs. Kunj see everything.

Kunj:chalo baby now I have to do this for you after you I’ll take my all revenge back from your mamma..

Twinkle sitting Lata And Prithviraj and others joint them than twinkle went in kitchen and made noddles for everything and even tej favourite food now she is fineso she Make it.Soumya packed her all things and come down. Each and everyone was presented there Soumya having tears in her eyes.

Twinkle: why you going please stay more na.

Soumya: I’ll come bhabhi soon.Rudra hiding his tears don’t know why he having tears for the very first time before also she goes.Thanks each and everyone don’t know how time went so fast I love you all and missed you. Thanks bua and Avantika aunty for love and care.

Kunj:acha now you saying thanks to us. Pagal ladki. She meet with each and everyone and hugged them too

Soumya:waiting for two babies..?buy protein powder ?.Controlling on herself..

Usha:don’t cry beta..

Kunj: I’ll dropped you Soumya..

Twinkle:Rudra will after all both fight Lot now it’s his time.. go Rudra.. miss you baby..

Soumya:bye she bit bye everyone and Rudra hold the luggage back and they went outside and sit in her car and left for airport.

Omkara and mahi Both get ready.

Om took permission from dadu and usha and went to Taneja Mansion for picking mahi. Om came …

Leela:arey om puttar come come mahi must be coming..

Om:thanks aunty..

Leela:thanks kyn ..

Om:for giving us permission…

Leela:ye toh achi baat ha na puttar tum.dono jitna ek dusre ko smjhoge utna hi acha hoga .Mahi came Om was just lost in her she looking gorgeous..

Mahi:chale om ..

Om: haan chlo Both left.

Rudra driving the car and Soumya admiring him.

Soumya: acha cry baby now work hard.

Rudra:hmm in sad voice and when you come back?

Soumya:it’s your time maybe.after maybe my Shadi ??.Rudra look at her.. vaaste song play in bg.. soon they reached to

Airport.They come out of the car and Soumya crying. Rudra look at her. He wiped her tears.

Rudra: don’t cry okay she hugged him.

Soumya:don’t know why I’m crying.he kissed on her forehead and she look at

Him with love eyes..

Rudra:okay bye with heavy heart. Miss you.

Soumya: me too. She take the her luggage and going Rudra too having tears in his eyes.

Rudra:think please don’t go please why I’m crying god.he give voice to her sumoooo she turned and look at him and smiled painfully and waving each other’s and she went inside the airport. Bye Soumya I will miss you but I’m missing you now only..

@ restaurant Mahi and Omkara reached and both went inside they take the sits.

Om:you are looking beautiful mahi.


Mahi:thanks …

Om:so what do you want to have …?

Mahi:whatever you like .i will be ok with this…

Om:no mahi today we will have what you like ..

Mahi gives order.while om was smiling .

Mahi:why are you smiling..

Om:isliye kabhi socha ni tha i mean we will end up like this Pta ha mahi mai darta tha pyar se ki kahin mera dil firse na tut jaye khin mujhe fir se dhoka na mile..but mai ye bhool gya ki pyar pe kiska control hua …ye toh bas ho jata hai pta hi ni chla kb tum meri life ka ek important part ban gyi …

Mahi:same here om..pta h mujhe in sub cheezo me kabhi believe ni tha mai toh kbhi bhi apni books ke alawa kisi cheez me interest liya hi ni but don’t know how my heart got hooked to you now my life is incomplete without you and i promise you today i will never break your heart ..

Om:i promise to you also ..my heart will hooked to you only for my life time…

Their order came …

Both started having their dinner…while talking to each other.Soon light got off and a singer came …

This song is dedicated by mr om to his love mahi .Singer started a song…

Ek din aap hjmko yun mil jaoge maine socha na tha .phool hi phool rahon mein khil jayenge …maine socha na tha …

They dance on the song.

Rudra come back home looking sad they all sit for dinner.Servant served them.

Tej: where is Rahul and Anjali??

Twinkle: they too went for dinner papaji..

Tej:good.. thanks twinkle beta for this dish I loved it..

twinkle:I know that’s why I made. Avantika feeding food to Aayat and Priyanka.while twinkle sad Rudra Don’t know why.after dinner everyone went in their respective rooms.

after enjoying their date  they left for their home.Om dropped her taneja mansion.

Mahi:thanks om.this dinner date was best she kissed on his cheeks and ran away to Taneja Mansion.

Om:smiled and touch his cheeks. He too left for Sarna Mansion..

Rudra watching a romantic movie and imagine Soumya in that while Priyanka too alone after Soumya went.She playing online game even rohan too with her they having fun.

Twinkle taking off her things Kunj entered in room he closed the door. He went near and her give twinkle backhugged

Twinkle: where you went haan?

Kunj:pa call me.

Twinkle: why??

Kunj: woh he have work so he sending me at his place to Chandigarh. As soon as twinkle listen this and make angry face.

Twinkle:I know this huhu leave me go.

Kunj:Arey Baba sun na I know please try to understand na.She push him and went towards bed and lay down Kunj went towards her and lay down beside twinkle. Acha Chal Leave this all things. Let’s romance you looking boom.in this nighty?.

Twinkle: don’t need of buttering haan.

Kunj: please na.he rest her head on his head and started kissing on her hand she smiled. Kunj take off her shrug and kissing on neck and shoulder everywhere she moaning his name.Kunj linked their fingers tightly. And grab her lips started kissing each other’s like anything. Kunj giving her love bites she too not less.. after romance session they get tired.. I’m helpless nahi toh wouldn’t leave you ??.

Twinkle:huhu you just remember me for your romance huhu. She resting her head on his chest. And he caressing her hairs. Kunj was shirtless.Kunj I’m so happy for Mahi learn something from them na you didn’t take me anywhere now I’m fully lock huhu.

Kunj: peck on her lips don’t worry baby after baby you are free to go anywhere just the matter for some months only..

Twinkle: huhu after baby I’ll get busy more in your bacha.. sadu Kunj we didn’t went anywhere before our marriage like other couples goes..

Kunj: our marriage is different and best as well. While talking with each other’s don’t know when they slept..


Each and everyone wake up and had their breakfast.They had off today so everyone was at home only twinkle was sad because Kunj again going leaving her. She getting ready for her dr appointment. Kunj come in room with glass of juice.

Kunj: twinkle drink this na I’m sorry na I’ll come.

Twinkle:you are like this only Kunj.Always went and leave me here alone huhu, learn something from Rahul jiju..

Kunj:Leave this all things get it.He cupped her face and forcefully made her drink juice. She drink.

Twinkle: sadu..???.

Kunj:good girl Chal.We will get late for your dr.. she get ready and they went downstairs twinkle carrying gloomy face.

Tej:take her nicely okay..

Kunj:yes pa chale.she went ahead without her Kunj rolling his eyes they went outside and sits in car Kunj start the car and drove off he holding twinkle hand and try to talk with her but she ignored him. Soon they reached hospital and went in dr cabin.They meet with dr and she examined twinkle and do her sonography Kunj seeing baby in monitor. After.

Dr:she is absolutely fine and baby as well better than last time good progress.

Kunj:hmm dr she is so mischievous.

Twinkle: no he is..

Dr:I’m changing some medicine take on time and now proper rest.they left after there in middle of the way Kunj think about ice cream she loved it na so he stop the car and bring ice cream for her from good place he come back and give her she looking at him.

Kunj: you love it na have this after cool down yourself..??.

Twinkle: huhu..

Kunj:sorry hold his ears.She melted down and having ice cream and peck on Kunj lips and he lick her lips.Nice ice cream..??.. she enjoying the ice cream and Kunj admiring her all the way and they reached home back and went inside and sit with everyone.Priyanka bring water please she went in kitchen and bring water Kunj give medicine to twinkle with his hands.

Rahul: aww see bade papa..

Kunj: huhu.. what.. ??.

Avantika:good you should take care of her look at her become so thin.

Tej:Acha Kunj you have to left in some time.

Kunj:hmm he look at twinkle.They went in their room twinkle packed his things. I’m going for one day.

Twinkle:no stay there only.please don’t go na it’s not urgent to go.you went everything this time I’m not well as well.

Kunj:it just the matter of one day wifey I’ll come quickly and you know it’s important otherwise I wouldn’t go and leave you alone here take care of yourself..kissed on her forehead I’ll come okay. Even baby Ka bhi wiped her tears. Twinkle started fighting with him Kunj didn’t said anything let her. Acha bye Meri Maa. Omkara and Rudra come in room.Acha listen I’m going now it’s your duty to take care of my wife haan and baby as well.

Om: haan don’t worry will take care of her and. Baby as well till now you did each and everything of ours now it’s our time bro we will be with her 24/7 hours.

Rudra: Haan bhaiya I’ll with bhabhi only and fulfilled her all demands too,

Om:tera baby Humhari Baby bhi hai. When you come back she will be fit and fine baby too like now it’s our promise.

Rudra:Yes bhaiya.Your Two body guards is here only. ??go happily.

Kunj: haan I’m going don’t leave her okay if anything happens to them I’ll kill you all. Twinkle smiled.They trio cuddles twinkle.

Don’t cry.

Rudra: yes bhabhi you only love bhaiya we are here na for you. Kissed on her both cheeks Omkara and Rudra. Kunj smiled.

Kunj: you have this two monkeys full entertainment.??.Kissed on her forehead they went downstairs.Please see my wife.

Avantika:haan we are here for her.

Kunj:I’ll come soon.twinkle only one day.

Twinkle:hmm go you too take care of yourself.Kunj left twinkle get sad everyone cheered up her mood. Whole day each and everyone was with her only time to Time Rudra and Omkara giving her fruits and juices and food properly.She get busy with them.After sometimes later Kunj teacher Chandigarh he went in hotel and get freshen up now only he started missing his wife and baby lottt.

Everyone sitting for dinner Rudra and Omkara feeding twinkle with her hands all giggles.

Rudra:bhabhi have na..

Om:Haan your husband will kill us..

Twinkle: I’ll get Moti bas.

Avantika:haan no more she will throw up.

Omkara bring her medicine he bring and Avantika give her medicines.After they all done with dinner. Twinkle sitting Avantika applying hot oil in her hairs and giving her massage she felt so good tej bring milk for her she look at milk glass feeling like puke.

Tej:chal bata drink this than sleep.

Twinkle:no papaji na please.

Tej:not for you but for our baby please. She giggles and closed her eyes and drink the milk.Same with Anjali. Twinkle missing Kunj her phone ringing she understands Kunj calling her.

Avantika: you go and talk to your husband he will gone mad haan I’ll sleep with you only.

Twinkle:okay. Twinkle went in her room and lay down in sitting position and pick up Kunj phone hello??

Kunj:Kya hello where you are Haan do you have your food and medicine everything… in one go..

Twinkle: bas bas Baba what about you haan did you take your diabetes medicine haan.

Kunj: yes I take what about your. Yours is more important than mine.

Twinkle: Both is same I’m fine and have my food and medicine as well you went and leave everyone behind me even papaji too.

Kunj: good na in my absence everyone is here to take care of you meri Queen.

Twinkle: Kunj please come soon na I’m missing you without you I’m not feeling good.

Kunj:don’t worry I can understand your mood swing after meeting I’ll come tomorrow only don’t worry.Even I’m too missing. Even baby too. They both talk to each other’s for sometimes. Twinkle put the phone on her belly. Baby papa missing you love you Mera Bacha.

Twinkle: bas what about mamma.

Kunj: let me come after I’ll tell you what about mamma ???. They all giggles don’t sleep alone okay.

Twinkle:hmm I’ll not okay it’s late you go and sleep and waiting for you.Like anything. Bye love you.

Kunj:bye love you too.They end the call.

After Avantika come in room with Aayat they trio sleep peacefully side by side in middle of nights Avantika wake up to see twinkle. But due to medicines she sleeping peacefully.

Another morning. Twinkle wake up and missing Kunj fully. See Avantika and Aayat was not beside her she cuddled her tummy.

Twinkle:good morning Mera Bacha mumma missing papa.Why I getting so bad vibes something going to bad happened. She get up and went in washroom and get freshen up quickly and went downstairs everyone waiting for her come and take seat.They all just behind Anjali and twinkle just telling them have this and that they both hold their hands..??twinkle was sitting with Lata and Prithviraj in garden.

Prithviraj telling her about his dream.

Prithviraj:you know today I saw a dream in that a little baby boy sitting on my lap and pulling my beards.he is totally look like Kunj.

Twinkle:acha dadu..??.

Lata: we are so excited for our great grand child??.

Twinkle:I’m so lucky have family like you all love me so much baby will be really lucky.?.Kunj asking Rudra and Omkara about his wife they giving him time to time details about his wife. Other hand guruji take out date for Omkara and mahi engagement date after get to know each and everyone get hell happy and they all get busy in preparation.

@anjali and rahul room

Rahul was sitting on the couch looking at his parents photos.He went to photo and said papa aapne suna na apka rahul papa bnne wala hai kash aap dono bhi hotein toh kitna acha hota aap log bhi bade paa or sub ke jese khush hotein hai na.With teary eyes.i missed you so much maa – paa..Bade paa had done best for me and avni you know papa we blessed to have them & family in our life i got the news of your grand kids.who will be related to you dad.aap dono ka ansh mai hu par mera or anjai ka ansh is duniya me aane wala hai jese mai aapse juda hu.wese his woh bhi apse juda hoga. Anjali listen this from door she was too emotional…

Anjali:kya aap bhi aise khushi ke mauke mummy papa ko emotional kar rahe Hoo

Rahul:look at her and clean his tears..

Anjali side hugged him..

Anjali:pata hai rahul mummy papa jha bhi honge aaj bhut khush honge..


Anjali:woh hmesha himare sath hai

Rahul:i know that biwi mera mood theek hai it just maa paa ke soch ke thoda emotional ho gya.

Anjali: hmm ..see baby how’s your paa….

Rahul:arey my baby knows…her father his a  rockstar ..

Anjali:: acha ji…why her ….?

Rahul:because i knew…my angel will come  ..this time ……

Anjali: woh …i toh want little rahul…aise kese chalega husband ji ….

Rahul :kya pta twins ho …

Anjali:hehe kch bhi haan ….

Ek smbhalne me halat khrab ho jayegi tumhari .agar twins hue toh tumahri o my mata ho jayegi …

Rahul:good one biwi..mere sath rah rah kar tumhara sense of humour bhi na kmal ka ho gya hai

Anjali:what to do i have to give you company also na ..

Rahul:haw anjali ki bchi .apne bhai ki trh jyada bolne lgi hai

Anjali:ohh master  anjali ki bachi abhi hui ni hai abhi hona. Both laughed.

@ sarna empire..

Prinku was doing her work in kunj cabin and rahul and rohan were too sitting and discussing something on the project..as rahul have to give presentation as kunj went to chandigarh for other meeting…

Rahul:rohan be here only as kunj is also not here and me and tej sir is going for some meeting and whispers in his ears .try your luck baby .you hava a good Chance to impress her……

Rahul:prinku if you have any problem in this then you can ask rohan ok ..

Priyanka:ok G.Rahul went for meeting …

Rohan thinks rahul is correct this time is correct to impress her…as kunj  and tej both are not here .But what to do baba ji .this sadu sarna sis is like him only….

Rohan was thinking something…

Priyanka comes to her and said rohan see this is it correct or not ?.

Rohan:haan wait let me check.

Prinku hair was flying and comes on the face of rohan.He side her hair and look at her.She was wearing specs as she was working on pc…

Rohan.wow babaji she looks more cute with this specs..He was totally lost in her…

Prinku nidge him.rohan

Rohan:: hmm..

Priyanka: kya hai haan where are you lost man….

Rohan:in you..

Priyanka:what ?..

Rohan:woh haan .you look more  beautiful with this specs …

Priyanka:thanks but i think maine tumse kuch or pucha tha…

Rohan:kya ?

Prinku:gosh rohan what happen to you ..? Are you ok na ..

Rohan:mourmur..kha kab se tumhe dekha h neend chain sub kho chuka hunn…

Priyanka: again you lost leave it ..i ‘ ll  ask G when he will come …

Rohan:arey nahi nahi …i will help you ..

Haan toh tum kya puch rhi this ye na ..this figures are correct..Let me tell you the short trick …by which you can calculate this fastly…

Priyanka:haan is it possible..

Rohan :: yes baby …

Priyanka:: what ?.

Rohan:woh i mean tej sir ki baby.

Priyanka:better.Rohan told her techniques..

Priyanka:wow rohan this will toh save lots of time thanks…

Rohan:haan but don’t tell your bhaiya other he will kill me …

Priyanka:okay okay top secret..

Priyanka:acha now can we have lunch ..i m hell hungry…

Rohan:let me order something for you …

what you want to have ..


Rohan:my favourite..

Priyanka:haan ..mine also .Soon order come .both enjoy their Chinese…

Rohan:thinks hope babaji she understand my feelings soon..after sometimes later everyone back to home..

Avantika called Tanejas and Luthras both families to discuss each and everything about their engagement.

Twinkle was in her room she try to call Kunj when he is coming.She message Kunj Omkara and mahi engagement is fixed.She is hell happy.

Twinkle: come soon mamma and baby missing papa Lot haina Mera Bacha talking to baby.She went out of the room.Everyone was sitting in living room.Twinkle coming down she looking straight suddenly her leg stuck in her something and she about to hold side holder but misbalanced and she falls down and rolling down on staircase. She screamed loudly ahha kunjjj.

Everyone listen her voice and get up and see twinkle she rolling down on staircase they all get shocked. Twinkleeeeee all screamed

Rudra and Omkara run towards her she falls down above on her belly.And screamed loudly come down..

Om:twinkleeeee.. ????.. she laying down floor and blood oozing like anything from her forehead. And winching in pain. Om take her head on his lap: all come:


Rudra: bhabhi..

Twinkle:ahah kunjjjjjj?????.She get unconscious. All in shocked.

Avantika:twinkleeee tejjj.Omkara and Rudra patting on her forehead… but no response.

Rahul: lets take her hospital before it’s get late.

Avantika:fastt meri bahu???. Omkara lift her in his arms. Last word come out of her mouth Mera Bachaaa Kunj….

scene freezes on here only..

{next.. dr sorry.. ?????}


How was the episode??

Boom ????finally.Arey  baap re twinkle falls down..??

Let’s see what will happen..

don’t be sad guys trust me you will love.

Please give your views not well and no proof reading thanks for your comment and in previous episode and concern for twinkle and Kunj baby ??. Take tissues. In next,,

Bye love you

Allahafize ??.

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