Everyone got so happy that Avni come back.Twinkle meet with Avni they both just meet formally..

Rahul:why you get late..

Avni:woh Bhaiyu you know her I met with her at airport so she talk so much.

Rudra: hoo she too come..

Avni:yes her whole family come you don’t know bade Papa..

Tej:yes I know they coming.

Lata:let’s have breakfast Avni beta come.

Avni:yup I miss your hands foods…

Kunj:you all have I’ll come till than..

Avantika:hmm. Kunj went upstairs goes in his room he directly went in washroom. While all others went to dinning table they all sit for breakfast. Usha and Avantika feeding Avni with their hands..


Kunj come out of the washroom after take bath he finding his clothes just than see twinkle already ready his all things keeping in side kunj give smile.

Kunj:impressive.Kunj take his clothes and get ready and went down joint everyone at dinning table.

Om:your surprise is awesome Avni.

Rahul:haa I thought you’ll not come directly went to London.

Avni:I plan that only than I thought let’s go India first time even you all here what I’ll do there without you all get bored.

Rudra:while laughing why you have your books😂😂😂.. for your entertainment.. Rahul and rudra hifi.

Avni:you both still same I mean..

Kunj:now just see your brother Avni. He and rudra is so annoying.

Rahul:acha Avni you can ask twinkle who is..?? Just than twinkle phone started ringing twinkle see caller id and get shocked.She don’t know how to pick up she off her phone.

Avni: where is Aayat..

Avantika:now her holidays starts na so madam sleeping whole night toh playing with her dolls.

Avni:she become more cute na.

Rudra:haa even chatterbox and complaint box too😂😂. Tej look at rudra..pa why you always give this look to us why not your girls..

Tej:because you deserve rudra this..


Rudra:O woh ladki kaun ti kal😛😛.

Rahul:very curiously ladki omkara ke saath kaun kaun tell me.. he find my second sister in law😂😂😂..

Om:he is mad even you too rudra she is come for art gallery work.

Rudra:hoo I thought something else..

Manohar:what about you rudra..

Rudra:Arey chote Papa all girls crazy behind my car me too.like dadu and dadi😝😛.Aall giggles while lata slap on rudra face playfully.

Lata:yeh ladka bhi na..

Rudra:kya dadi you both are our favorite couples😂😛😛..

Manohar: not us..

Rudra:I’m toh still thinking how can mummy and Choti MAA love you both

Something really wrong😂😂😂.they all laughing at breakfast table.After breakfast twinkle went in her room. She make faces because kunj throw wet towel on bed which she didn’t like it.

Twinkle:this sadu Itself do mess if I did than showring at me huhu.twinkle started arranging the bed just than there kunj come see busy in work but keep blabbering.

Kunj:what you blabbering twinkle Itself haa.I know Meri burahi kar rahi hogi..
twinkle turned and look at Kunj.

Twinkle:why I’ll do your burahi.what so special in you.still you are here not went office.

Kunj:haa woh today I’ll go late..

Twinkle:okay.Kunj sit in side busy in work while twinkle clean her whole room.while Kunj looking at twinkle she struggling with her anarkali it’s too long.He give smile. Twinkle bring table for alight the box from wardrobe it’s little keeping it upwards wardrobe shelf.Uff babaji it’s too high if I’ll get help of this sadu again his ego boost up huhu.She try to take out the box but not happening.Kunj heard her chuda sound he raise his face and look at twinkle who standing on table.

Kunj:what siyappa she try to do babaji.
Kunj see twinkle feet’s hardly on table and even table too shaking.twinkle loss the balance she about to falls down before kunj rushes towards her and she landed on kunj Arms twinkle scream she falls down today closing her eyes. But she open her eyes realised she didn’t fall down why?? than find herself in someone Arms she look at face. See she is in kunj Arms.

What is this twinkle haa if you fall down than what’s the need of this..

Twinkle: woh i wanted that box..

Kunj:you can’t do one work without any
Siyappa if i will not come on time you’ll fall down than Teri Shari miss Amritsar nikal jata samji..

Twinkle:I didn’t tell you to come and save


Kunj:it’s my mistake I should let you falls down than you’ll understand. Wait I have idea if you fall from table there is no fun. Twinkle get confused Kunj take her in balcony she get surprised cam shocked why he bring her here.

Twinkle:what?? Why you bring me here.

Kunj:I’ll show you na.. if you fall from here than mazani life Meri toh you’ll gone😛. Kunj went near railing twinkle get shocked should I.

Twinkle:kunjjjj are you mad please don’t. If I’ll die than you’ll become vidhwa Kunj look at twinkle I mean widower.so soon Kunj giggles.He act to throw twinkle she closed her eyes and cuddle kunj tightly. Mummmy jijiiiji… Kunj went back in room twinkle open her eyes.

Kunj:next don’t mess with me get it..

Twinkle:sadu you’ll throw me haa.. leave me.

Kunj:okay kunj Leave Twinkle she falls down on floor.

Twinkle:ouchhh.. how mean kunj you are just than there avantika come and see twinkle sitting on floor kunj laughing at her.

Avantika:what happened twinkle beta..

Twinkle try to get up but can’t due to clothes.Kunjjj.

Kunj:hmmm kunj forward his hand but twinkle did give her hand to him she Itself get up.

Avantika:why you sitting down.

Twinkle:mummy ji your son throw me.

Kunj:no mummy madam doing work she about to falls down I toh save her now showing me tantrums.

Twinkle:no mummy ji he toh about to throw me down from balcony.Avantika look at Kunj who giggles.

Avantika:you both just fight haa. Twinkle you come down I have some work with you okay.

Twinkle: yes. Avantika went from there while kunj look at twinkle.

Kunj:mummy jiiiiii mimic her..

Twinkle:don’t come to me sadu..

Kunj:who dying to come to you..

Twinkle: huhu. Sadiyal she went from there while kunj still laughing than look at box..

Kunj:madam 5.4 ki hai but kaam khali ke karne hai.Kunj take out the box and keep it on bed and take his bag and went downstairs.Everyone was sitting there.

Avni:where are you going.


Rahul:wait I’ll come..

Kunj: I’m going you come afterwards.

Rahul:okay.Kunj left.Avantika give some work to twinkle.she get busy in this work. After work she come and sit with everyone. Aayat come down.

Aayat:paaaaaaa.. she went to avantika.

Avantika:finally you wake up..

Aayat:hmm. I’m hungry..

Avantika:what you’ll have..

Aayat:noddles.. she about to get up.

Twinkle:I’ll make it.. she went in kitchen and make noddles for Aayat Till than Aayat get freshen up twinkle come with noddles.

Aayat:smell coming yummy bhabh… Aayat went to twinkle and she feed her carefully..

Avni:Till now i heard bhabhi MAA Love today seeing too.

Rudra:Arey Avni my bhabhi is the best.. rudra give her side hug..

Aayat:True Avni didi when you come back.

Avni:when you sleeping..

Avni look at twinkle.Usha and Avantika or Lata went for mandir.

Anjali:or my dear nanadh ji what you did..

Avni:what I’ll do bhabhi.just busy in studies..

Anjali: I thought till now you’ll find boy for you 😛😛.

Avni:I’m not interested in this all.. and you twinkle what are doing it.

Twinkle: me nothing..

Anjali: abhi toh shadi hui hai Kunj ki aur Twinkle ki..

Avni:yeah love marriage😛😛.

Rudra:don’t you know Bhaiya..

Avni:I know but from her side..

Twinkle:arrange marriage.. why don’t you come..

Avni:I wanted but what I’ll do my exams going on that’s why I didn’t attend kunj bro wedding.But I’ll see your wedding videos and photos..

Rudra:yes bhabhi where is your wedding videos and photos till now they didn’t come haa.

Twinkle:I don’t know.may be mummy ji knows about this all.

Om:you should come very grand wedding happened kunj and twinkle.We do lots of fun if you see kunj I mean you’ll can’t believe.

Avni:now I wanna see.

Anjali:I’ll ask badi MAA…

Rahul:Arey Avni dekh lena now what’s you plan next.

Avni: Till now I didn’t think bhaiyu..

Rahul:Arey why you worry your bade Papa haina😛😛. Okay I’ll go office Rahul left for office. Anjali and Priyanka went in room while Aayat watching cartoons only Avni and twinkle sitting.

Twinkle: you didn’t miss anyone.

Avni: I do but studies also important what about you..

Twinkle: just now my result too come I completed my graduation.

Avni:nice.. mean after wedding.

Twinkle:haa woh my dadu and Kunj dadu wanted our marriage take place soon as possible first they tell that after my studies but my exam postponed so.

Avni: you didn’t feel difficult i mean.

Twinkle:no I got world best in laws they love me so much and understand me too.

Avni: my family is best that’s true twinkle. You are very lucky you got such a beautiful family even voice come from back Prithviraj..

Prithviraj:even we are more lucky beta.

He come twinkle correct her duppta.

Avni:haa dadu..

Prithviraj:where is everyone went..

Twinkle:woh dadu mummy ji and dadi along with Choti MAA they went to mandir.

Prithviraj:okay.Twinkle Puttar today Kapoor’s coming for dinner.

Twinkle:okay dadu you don’t worry. Who they are??

Avni:you’ll see na..

At office kunj was in his cabin he thinking about twinkle and laughing to recall what happened today.

Kunj:babaji fully crazy wife you give me haa.Kunj take photo frame of his whole family twinkle standing in side its their engagement time.Kunj look at twinkle face.Beauty with bairn not only beauty 😂😂.Kukjn kunj keep talking with photo.started spying at me see this girl behaving like typical wife’s. Kunj see his laptop desktop screen wallpaper rudra set twinkle and his photo.Rudra come there and see kunj busy in his thoughts. He come to him snatch the photo frame and Kunj look at him.

Rahul:Hooo biwi ko nihayar raha hai..

Kunj: why do you have any problem biwi Meri hai koi tax thodi lagta hai..😛😛.

Rahul: yes biwi Teri hi hai padosee ki nahi hai if kunjjj than 😛😂😂😂.. Kunj throw pen at him.

Kunj:think this about you..

Rahul:what happened yesterday..??

Kunj:Arey if you listen na. Madam went from room and sleep with Priyanka.

Rahul: so soon she get bored with you😛.

I know this will happen but not so early.

Kunj:first listen. Madam started spying at me.

Rahul: what😛😛.

Kunj:yes we went to meet mrs Mehta where her friend saw me for this she getting angry with me..

Rahul:we went for work na..

Kunj:yes this you and me know but her mind went on different level. Top of this when she asked me I told her she is my ex fiancé 😛😂😂😂..

Rahul:than toh you gone kunj.

Kunj:little bite.. behaving like those typical wife’s.

Rahul:what do you mean she is your wife only Kunj. Itni Beautiful wife you got thanks to god😛😛..

Kunj:thanks hi karta hu me toh But in different way.

Rahul:kunj your Fevicol too come now.

Kunj:so what she come Rahul.

Rahul:be careful now your are married 😛. Their tej and Manohar come. They both immediately get up and become quiet.

Manohar: what happened to you both.

Tej:after see us their smile disappears.

Tej:so you both show me your files.

Both look at each other face.

Rahul:woh sir still in process.

Tej:great.Last tomorrow. Both nodded their head in yes.Tej went from there while Manohar rest his hand on their shoulders.

Manohar:it’s okay.Bhai shab bhi na.

Kunj:hmmm. Manohar went.

Rahul:today this second hitler become so nice why how??😛😛..

Kunj: shut up always in front of them also calling my both fathers hitlers.

Rahul: oyye I’m not calling your fathers but to my boss. And they are hitlers. Hatt saala he said and went from there.

Kunj:me saala even he too..

At [email protected] Mahi was waiting for her friend. Omkara was there along with rudra they both having coffee rudra eyes went on mahi.

Rudra:O yeh ladki Mahi hai na.. om see.

Om:hmm.What she doing here..

Rudra:maybe come here to meet with her boyfriend. Om look at rudra face.

Om: I don’t think so.. rudra give voice to mahi and she turned and look at rudra and omkara was sitting rudra waving to her gesture her to come.. mahi went to them.


Rudra:hi what are you doing here alone waiting for someone hmm.

Mahi:laugh at rudra yes my friend coming till now she didn’t so just waiting for her.

Smile appears on omkara face..

Rudra:aesha hai why not you joint us..

Mahi:good.Mahi sit beside omkara.. what’s everyone at home.

Rudra:see o is in front of your eyes he is fine and others too😂😂..omkara oder coffee for mahi.Waiter bring coffee omkara give mahi While giving her mug their hands touch some Sparkle they feels.They look at each other face..

Rudra: don’t know when this Yuvi bro will come.

Mahi:why he is coming??

Rudra:yes we call him..

Yuvi:I’m Here bro😛.. Yuvi take seat and pulled mahi cheeks. Hi cubby battery..

Mahi:hatt..Yuvi passing jokes mahi laughing omkara admiring her laughs.. (song play in bg O SAATHI💜💜💜💜.)
Mahi friend come. Okay you guys carry on I’m going.

Om:yeah.Mahi went with her friend after sometime later Yuvi or rudra and omkara too left..

At [email protected]
Usha and Avantika was busy with chef because Kapoor’s are coming tonight for dinner at their place so.Twinkle and Anjali seeing other things.Avni sleeping she was tired.Rudra and Yuvi or omkara come back home. They went in hall sit with lata and Prithviraj rudra or Yuvi talking totally nonsense.

Yuvi:nanu why you still so young.😛

Rudra:because of my dadi love😍.

Prithviraj:you both too find your love you both will too.Yuvi get someone call he excused and went in side he take his call and walking while Avni coming from her room yawning her eyes were closed Yuvi too coming from opposite direction. Both busy in their own self Yuvi and Avni bumped with each other Yuvi leave his phone and hold Avni before she falls down because staircase is very near. Yuvi hands around Avni waist while hers around his neck closing her eyes.Yuvi look at Avni get freeze in her beauty he look at her eyes and nose lips just blinking his eyes Avni open her eyes find herself in someone Arms Avni look at Yuvi face with confusing way Yuvi keep smiling. She push him.

Avni:who the hell are you.??How dare you touch me.

Yuvi:oyye I save you can’t you see and walk haa.Because of you my phone damaged.

Avni: what nonsense you speaking. She went from there.

Yuvi: who she is. He winked Itself. And went from there back to hall. While Avni went in kitchen and see ladies busy in work.

Usha:you here beta you needed anything.

Avni:nope just tea my headache.

Twinkle: I’ll make for you. Avni you go and sit.

Avni: no I’ll make Itself twinkle.

Twinkle:Arey why.

Avantika:Avni twinkle is your bhabhi so let her like Rahul.

Avni:okay I wanted perfect tea..

Twinkle:hmm.She went while twinkle making tea for Avni and thinking about kunj.That sadu too wanted perfect coffee and she too I find this two so different and others so jolly. She make the tea and fill in cup and went out of the kitchen she went in living area she Avni coming. Avni come twinkle give her tea.

Twinkle:hi Yuvi when you come..

Yuvi: long back where you busy nowadays haa.

Rudra:yesterday toh she come here..

Yuvi: hmm you know what twinkle he message and telling why we all keeping you there. 😂😂.

Twinkle:my devar love me lot na..

Yuvi:you are absolutely right.

Lata: kya hua Avni beta..

Avni:nothing dadi just little bit tired I’m. Yuvi staring Avni.

Twinkle: you all sit I’ll come she again went in kitchen.

Anjali: MAA I’m done with this now you all see because I can’t stay.

Avantika:you go I’ll do tadka. Anjali went.

Twinkle:mummy ji you tell me I’ll do it.

Avantika:thik hai you see this all and put this in this dish that’s it okay.She nodded her head in yes Usha and Avantika leave the kitchen while twinkle finished little bit work. She clothes all get dirty.

Twinkle:now everything is done. I’ll go and arrange the dinning table twinkle set whole dinning table with help of servants. She went to avantika. Mummy ji everything is complete.

Avantika: great beta now you go and get ready first time tej friends coming they will see my bahu.

Usha: they just shocked after see our bahu.

Twinkle: aap dono bhi na..

Avantika:you both too get ready Avni and Priyanka.They looking here and there while twinkle went in her room.They all come back from office.They sits on couch.

Rahul:what happened??

Tej: Avantika everything is done.

Avantika: yes tej everything.

Kunj: why anyone coming..

Avantika:yes your pa invite Kapoor’s for dinner.Rahul laugh out but pressing and look at Kunj.

Tej:they will come at anytime you all should get ready be on time. Kunj went in his room he get frustrated and throw his bag on bed twinkle look at him.

Twinkle:kunjjj what is this..?

Kunj:whattt..he lay down on bed closed his eyes while twinkle selecting her clothes. Twinkle sun..

Twinkle: suna O..

Kunj: mere Bhai clothes nikal dena.

Twinkle:she about to speak but remember what he had down with her at morning.

Twinkle didn’t give any answer back. Kunjjj please give me room.

Kunj:why.. I’m so tired let me rest for sometime.

Twinkle:kunjjj I wanna get ready if I’ll be late than it’s look bad na.

Kunj:I didn’t stop you.Hoja ready.. what so special you will do today just your Taam jhaam.

Twinkle:it’s none of your business it’s my room I’ll do whatever I wanted to do.

Kunj: twinkle you get ready in front of me also every time now what happened today.

Twinkle: I can’t tell you everything ha. I’ll wear my clothes in room now you listen please leave the room. Kunj open his eyes and look at twinkle.

Kunj:sab hadap liye iss ladki ne mere. Mere bed room everything saying in crying way.

Twinkle:chalo chalo yeh se sadiyal.

Kunj: give me my clothes at least.

Twinkle: come and take it yourself.
Kunj take his clothes Twinkle throw him out of the room. Shut the door on his face. Kunj closed his fist..

Kunj:what a girl babaji seriously morning ka badala nikal rahi hai I’m sure huhu.. should I lock her 😛😛looking at door lock.he went from there in rudra room where others all youngsters sitting kunj entered there with his clothes.

Yuvi:Arey kunj what is this?😂😂..

Kunj: can’t you see. Arey Yuvi what type of girl your friend twinkle ji haa.

Yuvi:Kyu what she did with you??😂😛.

Kunj:she is impossible that Mahi is so sweet and innocent aur see another one chalu second pe second tantrums shows karti hai..

Yuvi: she is like this only Kunj. It’s your luck you got her 😛😂. Nahi toh—

Rahul: even I’m telling him same line..

Kunj:what nahi toh… In very suspiciously way..

Yuvi:Arey kunj beta ladko ki line hai twinkle piche😛😛.

Kunj:I toh didn’t see this ladko ki line.. she Itself so self obsessed you all making her.

Yuvi:acha go and in our college still boys behind twinkle one look.everyday she got proposals.Kunj become jealous little.

Anjali:why you come here with clothes.

Kunj:Twinkle madam ne room se nikal diya princess twinkle ko ready jo hona hai. So waste of time di..

Anjali:kunj you are really boring. I’m going rahul please afterward don’t tell me. She went from there.

Yuvi:someone said right after marriage life ki toh f**k.

Rahul:right Bhai..you three still have time.

Rudra:I’ll toh not think about this shadi..

Yuvi:nanu hai na like kunj your and om time will too come..😂😂😂.

Kunj:kaha se guru ji ne find kiya ta Iss ko mere liye..Kunj went in washroom rudra and yuvi laying down. Using phone

Yuvi: who she is rudra??

Rudra:she is my friend. Bichari wanted to become my GF.

Yuvi: you should say yes. She is so pretty.

Rudra:my current is more hot than her, 😂

Yuvi: how many GF you have Rudra??

Rudra:don’t know never counted because everyday I changed my GF😂😂.. omkara throw cushion at him.

Om:this work he knows perfectly. Idiot go and get ready haa wear something good not need of to exposed your body.

Rudra:YEh mujhe se kitna jalte hai.. omkara give him look and went in his room. Kunj come and get ready see rudra and yuvi.

Kunj:rudra get ready..

Rudra:haa Bhaiya take out my clothes na please.Kunj take out his clothes. Kunj went down while rudra and Yuvi look at each other’s and smirked. You wait I’ll bring it.

Yuvi: yup rudra bring bottle and show Yuvi.

Rudra: I think you didn’t drink this I’m sure.

Baileys whiskey..

Yuvi: ab try karlege na..

Rudra:just little bit okay. Rudra pour whiskey in glasses and both cheers drink. Before anyone will come I’ll hide he quickly hind behind bed. And went in washroom while avni come to call Rudra.

Avni: rudra..

Yuvi:he is in washroom anyone tell me I’ll in formed him.

Avni:no need I can tell him Itself. She left while Yuvi ruffling his hairs..

Yuvi:what a girl first time I’m seeing anyone.

Twinkle come out of the washroom and wear her clothes started getting ready. She keep her make up very lightly. Looking beautiful like as always.

Everyone get ready come down while twinkle didn’t come.. just than Kapoor comes Tej and Manohar meet with them.

Kapoor family

Rahul:in kunj ears aagi kunj..😂😂.,

Tej: how’s you both.

Shlok Kapoor: I’m fine Tej what about you.

Tej:I’m too.

Avantika:and what about you asmita.

She went to avantika and both share a hug.

Manohar:you only come where they are?
Just than voice come we are here uncle. One girl and boy coming.While twinkle coming down girl firstly come and hugged kunj.Her name is lavanya Kapoor. Twinkle get shocked to see a girl hugging her husband so tightly she come stand in side and looking at them only.

Lavanya:hi kunj baby.. Kunj cursing himself.

Kunj:I’m fine Lavanya.. he break the hug.

Rudra:hi Lavanya didi😂.

Lavanya:uff ruday Don’t call me didi..

Rahul: in whispering in om ears. See kunj condition omkara. Don’t call me didi bhabhi bole😛😛.

Om:chup if kunj will listen gaye..
Asmita and shlok meet with everyone.

Om:Arey rubal hows you.

Rubal:I’m all good om.He shake hands with him. Aayat looking at twinkle.

Aayat:bhab Listen.

Twinkle:hmm.Twinkle bend down.

Aayat:even I too don’t like this LK.Twinkle give smile. Twinkle went in kitchen to see work.

Avantika:where is twinkle.They all settled down.Twinkle send welcome drink with servant.

Asmita:avantika and Usha now toh you both become mother in laws.


Avantika:wait you did see na our daughter in law..

Lavanya: you all come here didn’t miss us.

Rubal: Lavanya why they will miss you. Rudra nodded his head in yes😂😂..

Avantika gesturing to Priyanka go and call twinkle. She went in room but she was not there than she asked to servant they tell her that twinkle bhabhi ji is in kitchen Priyanka went in kitchen.

Priyanka:Arey bhabhi everyone calling you.

Twinkle:I’ll come just check this.Priyanka take her in living room.Priyanka and twinkle went towards everyone.Twinkle back facing to kunj because they all girls and boys sitting in side.

Avantika:asmita and shlok she is our daughter in law twinkle Sarna.Twinkle give them smile they too in return back.

Asmita:you got very beautiful daughter in law avantika.Twinkle take their blessing.

Avantika:Twinkle they both our friends.

Asmita:rubal and Lavanya come and meet with twinkle.Twinkle turned.

Lavanya: hi..

Om:Lavanya she is our bhabhi.


Rudra: yes don’t be shocked. Humare kunj Bhaiya ki biwi..😛😛. Lavanya look at twinkle than Kunj. Who busy in his phone.

Lavanya:hoo kunj you didn’t tell me you got married.

Rudra: why I personally send you invitation card but you were busy in your holidays 😛. See my twinkle bhabhi.He stretch the word of bhabhi.

Rubal:Lavanya your no more chance😂😂

She gives him death glares. Kunj leave his phone as soon as his eyes falls on twinkle he get freeze to see her she look extremely beautiful her wait time whatever is it but worth it.Kunj looking twinkle head to toe she wearing off shoulder anarkali dress in light peach pink her light makeup and open roll hairs amazing. He didn’t blink his eyeS


Rubal went to twinkle.

Rubal:hi I’m rubal Kapoor.

Twinkle:hi..rubal forwards his hand towards first twinkle think than when kunj can hug someone why not she.Twinkle shake hand with rubal Share a hug too. Quickly 😛.

Rubal:I must say kunj you are very lucky you have a such a beautiful wife. God must be showering off when he creates you.

Twinkle:thanks for your compliment.

Lavanya:kunjj baby.When you got married.

Kunj:1 month.

Lavanya: how can you get ready for marriage now..

Rahul:why did you have any problems Lavanya ab twinkle is in kunj destiny many girls try to become his wife but not happens hota woh hi hai jo kismat me likha.

Lavanya:it’s quite surprise I mean.When I’m asking him that time so he clearly denied he don’t want to marry anyone.

Rudra:Bhaiya get ready this time because love first at sight with my bhabhi 😂😂. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s. Twinkle beside rubal and they all chit chatting with each other’s.

Rahul: Yuvi you didn’t meet with Avni na.

Yuvi:Kyu.Who she is attitude madam ka toh aasmaan pe hai.just than Avni come there.

Avni: what did you said haa.

Yuvi: aap ne kuch suna hai kya..

Rahul: what happened.. Avni meet with Yuvi. He is Yuvraj Luthra uff Yuvi.

Rudra:humara cousin..

Rahul:she is my little sister Avni Malhotra.

Yuvi: achaaaa she is your sister.

Avni: in this also you have a problem.

Yuvi:na ji in very cheesy way..😂😂. Twinkle talking with rubal kunj keep looking at them only.Lavanya hand resting on kunj shoulder she sitting very closer to kunj.That twinkle see.After sometimes later.twinkle see dinner than everyone come for dinner they take their seats. Lavanya sit on twinkle chair which beside kunj.

Shlok:smell coming yummy😛😛.. servant served everyone dinner.

Asmita:arrangement is great.

Avantika:everything done by my bahu..

Asmita:you got bahu like you very classy.

I toh told you about Lavanya but.

Avantika:what we can say from our side it’s fine..

Shlok:much you all pleased Kunj this time.

Prithviraj:not very much.Mujhe jeshi bahu apne kunj ke liye aur Iss family ke liye chahiye ti weshi mujhe mil gai better more. She is gem.

Rubal:food is really amazing.While having dinner all time kunj and twinkle share eye contact.

Kunj:achi lag rahi hai aaj toh (in heart)..

Twinkle:look at sadu keshe chip ke beta ta Iss ke Lavanya ke saath huhu..ek number ka cheapo.they all like dinner after dinner.

All sit again kunj wanted water he went in kitchen found twinkle there doing

something with knife she cutting something.

Kunj:pani.. twinkle raise her eyes and look at him.

Twinkle:haa toh pe lo..

Kunj:haa pe hi raha hu.. Kunj take the water bottle. And drink water about to going. While twinkle thinking about Lavanya she didn’t see cut her finger winched in pain due to her scream kunj stop and turned and look at twinkle she holding her finger blood coming from her finger.he went to her. What is this 😡. Hold his finger.

Twinkle:ahaa😭😭.Kunj take her finger in his mouth and sucking her blood as

twinkle look at Kunj.Sajna ve play in BG💗
Kunj look at twinkle with concern eyes. Kunj take out twinkle finger and look at finger all most cut her finger even under skin too visible Kunj look at twinkle with anger eyes little.

Kunj:can’t you do one work properly what’s the need of do this all when you can’t now see what you have done cut your finger.Apni size toh bada knife you were using.

Twinkle:I’m fine. Servant come.

Servant: bhabhi woh dessert.

Twinkle:yeah I’ll give.

Kunj:twinkle he will do it you come with me.

Twinkle:nahi aana mujhe kahi.Just than there lavanya come there.

Lavanya:kunj you are here come I want to talk to you.After so many months we met. She hold kunj and taking him with her whole going kunj look at twinkle who change her eyessight.twinkle send dessert with servant.And went to everyone.

Twinkle:kitna hash ke hash ke baath kar raha hai mere saath toh kabhi nahi karta mere Time pe toh Iss ko saamp das jaata hai sadu..

Rubal:Twinkle sit na he pulled her make her sits. Twinkle laughing at rubal jokes

Twinkle:you are really funny rubal..

Rubal:even you too really cutie pie he pulled twinkle cheeks Kunj closed his fist. 😛.

Kunj:in heart mimic rubal you are really funny my foot. Rubal is funny and iss ka apna pati itna cute hai that she can’t see it. Puri duniya se ache happily baat karegi But mere se shirf haar cheez ke liye ladna hai siyappa Queen ko. After..

Shlok:okay Tej now we’ll take a leave.

Asmita:bye thanks for dinner.

Rubal:yes aunty.

Avantika:you can come any time rubal.

Lavanya: bye bye kunj baby.Kunj give fake smile.Kapoor’s left.

Yuvi:I’ll too go mom will be waiting for me.

Tej:now it’s too late stay here only.

Yuvi:never mind.. winked at rudra.

Avantika:thanks twinkle beta you arrange everything perfectly.

Twinkle:aap thanks Kyu bol rahe ho..

Prithviraj: right beti ko koi thanks bolta hai kya..


Aayat:mamma LK why come here..

Avantika: why baby.

Aayat:huhu.. make faces..

Rudra:Aayat our one thing is same.You don’t like her even me too.Elders went in their respective rooms.Again baby baby from which angle Bhaiya look baby.Rubal is better than her.

Rahul:just like you na ladki Dekhi nahi aur chalu..

Omkara: correct hifi both 😂😂.. twinkle making her face gloomy rudra sit beside her and pulling her cheeks..

Rudra:bhabhi you are so cute and soft. Kash aap Meri gf toh awesome. Hayee Itself imagine and rest his head with twinkle.

Twinkle: pagal.

Rudra: I’m serious if you didn’t marry with Bhaiya differently I’ll be..

Kunj:he burst out in laugh than your Jodi will be awesome bacho ki less brain people.

Twinkle:tum toh bade EINSTEIN ho..

Rudra:epic.. 😂😂..

Kunj:not less than EINSTEIN..😎😎you both empty skull.

Rudra:yeh Lavanya pe suit karega.Baby baby.Fevicol.meri bhabhi best hai.kissed on twinkle cheeks.

Rahul:kunj see rudra..

Rudra:aap ki Kyu jal rahi hai.😛.

Twinkle:yes even my devar too.Om and rudra give side hug to twinkle.

Anjali: inn teeno ka bromance and yeh ka bhabhi MAA romance😂😂..

Avni:hehehe Kunj bro.

Kunj:let them ek jeshe hai 😛😛pagal.

Yuvi:pagal devar bhabhi😂😂 ki Jodi.. Yuvi and Kunj hifi and give look at them.

Twinkle get up and went in her room.

Twinkle bring first aid box.And sit see her finger and crying it’s really paining.

Kunj:okay guys good night.Kunj went in his room and see twinkle.She applying savlon its burning.She little whimpered.Kunj went to bed take seat beside her and look at her while applying antiseptic on wound her hands shivering. May I?? Twinkle look at him and make face and turn.Kunj give smile. Matlab always you wanted footage. De I’ll do it siyappa queen.

Twinkle:I can do it I have hands..

Kunj:I can see kitna kar rahi hai. Kunj take her hand in his. Applying antiseptic.

Twinkle: haaa slow please jal ta hai.

Kunj: okay. While applying antiseptic he blowing on her finger. Twinkle admire Kunj. He applied ointment and bandage her finger. Hoya.twinkle and Kunj look at each other face kunj see tears drop stuck corner of her eyes he wiped with his thumb..

Twinkle:thanks. She get up and take her night dress went in washroom after her Kunj went twinkle removing her earring standing in front of mirror. She calling my

Husband baby in front of me only. And this sadu didn’t say anything in my time toh immediately become jealous. She keep blabbering Lavanya gritting her teeth’s on her. Kunj come and see twinkle talking with herself he giggles and went towards stand behind her in mirror they look like as if they backhugging .

Kunj:Twinkle stop staring yourself pagali mirror will be break down. Twinkle jerked she turned and their heads bumped.

Twinkle:ouchh. What are you doing kunj behind me.

Kunj: nothing just seeing you what you blabbering.

Kunj: nothing..

Kunj: I know this only na my and lavanya Pair is so cute😛😛😂..

Twinkle:fume inside. Acha cute pair I don’t think so. She trying to removed struggling due to her finger.Kunj didn’t asked her helping her he removing her earring twinkle just look at him. He is very closer to her.

Kunj:by the way aaj for a change you looking pretty.

Twinkle:I know I’m pretty no need of your compliments.I have many ones. Kunj hand went on twinkle chuda he about to removed while twinkle stop him. Kunjj no. Bas

Kunj:okayyyy. She closed the door and lay down on her side of bed kunj too come and sit reading book. Twinkle you removed everything before sleeping why don’t these bangles.

Twinkle:because I can’t. Samje..

Kunj: still why??this making noise annoying whole night.

Twinkle:go and asked your Lavanya😏😏.

Kunj:no need of this..

Twinkle:than don’t asked me.that rubal is better than you kunj.. so nice man. Kunj look at twinkle with cover of his eyes.

Kunj: jaa rubal ke pass hi..😏😏..

Twinkle: you go.. she closed her eyes Kunj get bored he went in Rudra room room lights was on and see Rudra or Yuvi and Omkara doing masti.

Om:come sit with us. He sit.

Rudra:where is Bhabhi..

Kunj:she slept. Kunj eyes went in side and see bottle and look at Rudra. He slowing went and take bottle. What is this Rudra. He and Yuvi shocked both looking here and there.

Rudra: I don’t know Bhaiya who bring this haa.

Kunj:Acha who bring this. Itself you don’t be smart. What if anyone see this haa.

Omkara: hundred times we told him not bring alcohol at home but still.

Rudra: ufff O if you both didn’t drink that doesn’t mean no one even pa and Chote papa drink in some parties why not me.

Kunj:they didn’t drink like you 24/7 hours. Kunj throw at bottle outside of the window Rudra shocked.

Rudra:Bhaiya it’s so expensive whiskey and you throw how easily..

Kunj:thanks to god I didn’t throw you both.
Rudra and Yuvi hide under in blanket.. Omkara laughing.

Yuvi: you should and sleep with twinkle.

Kunj:why I’ll sleep. Don’t worry Bhai..

Om:yes today Rudra sleeping without because they both will do something fishy.


Rudra:what fishy O your dirty head Chii.

In front of Bhabhi sister he act so innocent.Kunj look at Omkara.

Kunj: mean??

Rudra: after see Mahi Bhaiya O ke dil me Guitar bajte hai.. Omkara hold Rudra neck.

Om: ab bol..

Rudra:Bhaiya save me.. From Mahi ke saiyaa😛😂.

Kunj:Rudra giggles no she is my sister law.
Soja Bhai. He went in his room and see twinkle sleeping peacefully. Kunj lay down and see twinkle hairs coming on her face kunj tucked her hairs and kissed on her forehead. Jalkukdi😛. He stair her resting his head on his palm and looking at twinkle face.Caressing her face. Remembering her antics.TEDI HAI PAR MERI HAI😗🙂..twinkle turned towards Kunj. Her face resting her hand on bed kunj see her cut finger he kissed on it ..

And closed his eyes and sleep. In middle of night twinkle doing Kung fu.. she throw all pillows here and there break their pillow boarder too. In sleep she going to kunj. Clutch his Tshirt.. she cuddling kunj.. due to this kunj sleep disturb and open his eyes and look at twinkle.twinkle she cuddling him more and more Kunj can sense in sleep twinkle is apprehensive.

Twinkle:blabbering MAAaaa.. Kunj cuddles her back.

Kunj:twinkle sleep I’m here okay. Patting on her back.She nestled her face in kunj neck.Kunj feeling totally different twinkle is so close to him.Her each hot breath hitting on his neck skin.After sometimes later twinkle calm down.They sleep in this position only.Next [email protected]

At Taneja Mansion everyone sitting for breakfast Mahi was thinking about Omkara she lost in her thoughts unnecessarily she smiling Kabir and Malika see this..

Malika: Mahi what happened.

Kabir: hmm papa I’m thinking let’s find Mahi alliance too😛😋. As soon as Mahi heard this she immediately come out of her bubble world.. 😝..

Rt: why did anyone is in your Nazaar..

Kabir: nope properly.

Hansh:don’t worry for Mahi too we’ll find life partner like our twinkle Kunj is best…

Kabir: than toh omg😂😂..

Malika: Mahi ko toh koi philosopher hi suit karega😂😂..

Twinkle and Kunj sleeping in each other embrace twinkle fully on kunj his hand around twinkle waist.Priyanka banging door to wake up twinkle and Kunj.Due to this twinkle and Kunj sleep disturb.

{Lamha lamha mujhko ye ehsas hone laga hai.Dil ki zameen pe koi pyar hone laga hai} song..Kunj open his eyes and look at twinkle on himself fully while twinkle raise her face and look at Kunj.Both looking at each other face.

Priyanka: Bhaiya and Bhabhi wake up.

Kunj:haa pinku.. she went.

Twinkle: you cheapo taking advantage of me in sleep haa. Kunj didn’t said anything just rolled down her and come top of her.

Kunj:first I’m not interesting to take advantage of you and second you taking advantage of me in sleep.And whole sleeping on me as if I’m matrix..

Twinkle: haa I didn’t remember.

Kunj: what dream you were seeing twinkle behaving so aghast haa. Twinkle closed her eyes and Remember she thought in dream about Chirag which make her scared. Kunj read twinkle face.

Kunj:are you okay na.. why you looking so scared.

Twinkle:aeshi hi.. twinkle see the time..

Let me go you already too become late kunj for office.

Kunj:don’t worry I have enough time. Kal ki wajse you were still angry with me twinkle.

Twinkle:nahi kunjjj..

Kunj:than yeh shakal aeshi kyu bana ragi hai haa.

Twinkle:I’m fine kunj why you thinking about me this much go and think about your baby.She push him. Kunj giggles.

Kunj:don’t be jealous this much you will burnout.

Twinkle:very lame me aur woh bhi Lavanya se kunj. She take out Their clothes kunj you go and take bath first okay. She said this and went from there..

Kunj: aaj toh madam ne mujhe phale jane diya what a surprise.Kunj run in washroom.Twinkle get freshen up in Priyanka room.They wake up really late everyone already have their breakfast she went in kitchen and making coffee for kunj.Usha and Avantika come there.

Twinkle:I’m sorry mummy ji..

Avantika: for what beta..

Twinkle: I wake up late today so.. looking down Usha and Avantika smile slightly both keep their hands on her cheeks.

Avantika:today I’ll clear one thing you wake up late na at your mother house she

nodded in yes.Why because it’s your house na even now this house too yours. Never feel sorry.You do anything here now this house is yours.For this silly things don’t be sorry.Twinkle give smile.What are you making??

Twinkle:breakfast for kunj..

Usha:you both have your breakfast together okay.Twinkle put breakfast in tray and went to her room.Kunj getting ready.

Twinkle keep the breakfast on table. Twinkle went towards kunj who waiting for her.She closing his buttons looking here and there just than Kunj got call he didn’t see caller id directly pick up..

Kunj: hello..

Lavanya: hi kunj baby..

Kunj: Lavanya tum. Twinkle look at Kunj face.

Lavanya: woh I was calling you will you’ll come in office dad tell me to discuss something with you about project.

Kunj:In sometime I’ll meet you in office.

Lavanya:okay bye kunj baby.Voice coming outside of the phone twinkle listen it’s enough Audible.twinkle closed his buttons and went towards bring his blazer.Make him wear.

Twinkle:Kunj have your breakfast.

Kunj:yup where is yours.

Twinkle:here only. Twinkle smirked and take kunj coffee mug.. taking sip.

Kunj: it’s my coffee twinkle.

Twinkle: it’s my I didn’t bring yours go and drink in your office you should go fast Lavanya must be waiting for you.

Kunj: you😡.I’ll go but not leave my coffee kunj snatch the coffee mug from twinkle and take the sip while twinkle too snatch both fighting for coffee mug.. there Lata come and see twinkle and Kunj fighting she entered in room and laughing at them.

Lata: what’s going on why you both fighting ha..

Kunj: dadi she didn’t giving me my coffee mug.

Twinkle: dadi it’s my coffee I didn’t make for him.

Kunj:no dadi liar..give me my coffee.

Lata: bas karo you both always fighting like kids. I have a one solution you both can drink coffee with one mug it’s increase your love. Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and than Lata.

Twinkle:pyaar woh bhi sadu se huhu..

Kunj:same never huhu..

Lata:you both continue I’m going. Twinkle leave the coffee mug Kunj drink his coffee and look at twinkle.

Kunj:siyappa queen hatt.

Twinkle:sadu.Both have Their breakfast while doing fighting. Kunj take his phone about to go. Kunjj your handkerchief. She give him. Kunj about to go but stop he going near twinkle.Twinkle heart beating fast.Kunj went near twinkle face.She closed her eyes something stuck near her lips.He removed it. Kunjj what are doing.

Kunj:nothing in low voice she open her eyes they were very closed.. what did you think what I’m going to do,,

Twinkle: woh me…..

Kunj:you dirty head😂😂. I know what you thinking that I’m going to.he stop in middle and winked at her.She blushed don’t know why so suddenly.Kunj can see blush on twinkle face he give blush smile. Pinch her nose.


Kunj:jhali..he cupped her face kissed on her forehead like a gentleman twinkle closed her eyes.bye siyappa queen.he left for office..

At office. Kunj entered in his cabin see Lavanya already sitting he went inside. Lavanya see kunj and went towards him and hugged kunj.

Lavanya: aww kunj baby you come. Kunj break the hug. Looking hot fixing his collar. Kunj rolling his eyes..

Kunj: she is really a Fevicol but can’t do anything. Just than Rahul open the door and see kunj and Lavanya. He entered in cabin Lavanya see him.

Lavanya:hi Rahul.. Kunj went towards his chair and sit..

Rahul: Lavanya tej sir is calling you.

Lavanya: okay.. I’ll come soon kunj baby. She left from there Rahul take the seat.

Rahul: uff she is so chipku kunj..

Kunj:yes yaar.. suddenly hugged me.. I didn’t like it..

Rahul:now she should understand you are married man.Last night too getting close to you in front of twinkle. Nobody will like it.

Kunj:tabhi sochu kal se itni gloomy Kyu hai..

Rahul: even you should to tell Lavanya.

Kunj:what I’ll say she is like this from starting we all know about her.I’m toh gritting on rubal..

Rahul:Bhai and behan dono hi😂😂😂..
Kunj and Rahul get busy in their work..

Otherside twinkle finished her work and her mind just stuck on kunj and Lavanya.

Twinkle:she working with kunj in same office there also sticking with my husband why I care about him babaji I don’t care. She think yes I Care babaji it’s affect me why not he is my husband only I have right at him not on one else.should I call him and asked.She call kunj he busy in work cut her call.He cut my call May be busy with that Lavanya huhu😏😏☹️☹️.. after sometimes later Anjali and Priyanka went out usha and Avantika or Aayat in garden Lata and Prithviraj went to meet bua dadi she is not well that’s why.. twinkle went in her room and lay down her back facing to ceiling and look at Kunj photo she take photo frame in her hand..kunjjjj I’m missing him why. He just tease me.She caress his photo and kissed on photo.
Kunj get free he went in his cabin.

Kunj: I’ll call first my wifey before she get more angry. He call twinkle. Her phone ring twinkle see caller ID. And immediately smile appears on her face she pick the phone and put on her ear adoring Kunj photo.Hi twinkle.


Kunj: you call me.

Twinkle: yes but you didn’t pick up. Sorry if I disturb you.

Kunj: nope I was busy that time that’s why didn’t take your call. Now tell me what you doing it..

Twinkle: kuch nahi getting bored..

Kunj:why where is your pagal party went 😂..

Twinkle:don’t know where they are not at home even pinku and Anjali Di too..

Kunj:hoo than you are alone understand Arey you can entertained you Itself too😂.

Twinkle: tum se toh baat karna hi bekar hai iss se toh acha hai I’ll call some my friends.. ofish..

Kunj: what??

Twinkle: I forget today one friend bday is I didn’t wish him I’ll message him first. She messaged him while talking to kunj.

Kunj:what you message him in suspiciousness..


Kunj:nice with heavy heart. Lavanya come give Kunj backhugging her hands resting on kunj chest from back kunj see and turned. Lavanya.

Lavanya:yes me kunj baby.

Kunj:Twinkle I’ll talk to you later.

Twinkle:kunjjjj before she said anything he cut the call. Kunj removed Lavanya hand from him Stand away from her.

Kunj:Lavanya please don’t come closer to me. I didn’t like it.

Lavanya:why kunj baby we are friends na it’s normal..

Kunj:whatever Lavanya I you know me.I had work he run from there.

Twinkle: Lavanya Lavanya bas… 😡😡.

Episode end on twinkle jealous face..


PHEWWwwwwwwww🤤🤤🤤🤤😥😥..44350 words😛😛😛..I write more but today I’m not well😛still for you all. I have completed More than 1 year on telly update as writer

How was the episode??

Give your reviews please

Hope this new jealously track you all till like it..no proof reading. 😝.

Bye love you all..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️..

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